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Hello I'm Tl01 and I started writing a fanfic because I wanted to contribute to this comminity.

That is all you need about me. The rest of this profile will be used to poste the ideas of stories that I wanted to see, but can't write myself due to a lack of time. You’re free to take those ideas but I do ask that you send me a message when you publish a story of the idea. You don’t have to take my idea to the letter, it’s just my personal opinion of it. A lot of my ideas will be for Naruto because said world does have a lot of potential for stories: there a lot of concepts that are presented but most of them aren’t explained very well, this gives a fanfic writer a lot of possibilities.

Naruto no ninja.

The basic idea: What if Naruto decided after his first failure at the graduation exam that he can never use chakra properly and therefore decides that he will become a ninja without chakra, but instead of taijutsu he will become a ninja of stealth and deception( in other words the type of ninja that is in the real word).

Further advice/ideas:
- no chakra usage (maybe at later date some small things, like heating himself with chakra, but never ninjutsu)
- Almost nothing is too dirty for Naruto, he will cheat, lie, steal, seduce,… his way to his goal. He still will have sense of honor (like loyalty, no rape, …)
-Poisons are always welcome.
-Naruto will become a bit more insightful and subdued, but also cold and skeptical. He is a bit more selfish and will use every opportunity to get himself in a better position.
-Politics could be useful.

Naruto of the living genjutsu.

The basic idea: What if Naruto used his shadow clones and henge to imitate genjutsu.

Further advice/ideas:
-He uses the hidden mist jutsu for a small moment to hide the fact that he is using clones.
-His henge will improve over time ( smell, touch, chakra signature) this will continue till he practically clones the object or person in question and can imitate motion with his henge ( a growing tree, …). (Maybe it will fool doujutsu and sensor, otherwise the hidden mist jutsu will interfere due to all the chakra in the air.)
-His shadow clones will be able to either take some hits or will disappear by blurring out of existence.
-zombie apocalypse no jutsu: zombie arms will rise out of the ground and try to grasp his opponent after some time zombies will rise from the ground.
-(Mini-)Kyuubi assault: no explanation necessary.
-Naruto will conjure a lot of weapons with his shadow clone, henge combination (like he did with that windmill shuriken against Zabuza)
- Pervert’s paradise (Harem no jutsu v2): harem jutsu in a fitting setting and different people
- Nightmare of youth: Guy and Lee will hug the opponent while the typical sunset appears

Naruto X guild wars 2.

The basic idea: Naruto gain the abilities of one of the jobs in guild wars 2.

Further advice/ideas:
-make it unique due to a one-time usable artifact
-drop or shorten the cooldowns of some abilities
-don’t limit the number of abilities
-Let the abilities be learnt by the same tiers as in guild wars ( first he learns abilities from the first tier then the second tier, third and elite skills.), same with weapons.
- carry several weapons due seals.
-don’t be afraid to invent some new techniques/weapons.

The No-life-overlord

The basic idea: What if Alucard gains the powers of an overlord from the game overlord?

Further advice/ideas:
- best use TFS Hellsing abridged
-This was meant to be a bit more humorous.

Prototype X Hellsing

The basic idea: What if the blacklight was a bastardized version of Alucard’s essence? Alex goes to England to find out.

Further advice/ideas:
- Alex Mercer will at least try to meet Alucard and that alone will cause some chaos.
-Alucard take great interest in the virus.
-Alucard use of his body will cause Mercer to versify his abilities.
-Some member of the Last Battalion will have some blacklight creatures.

Naruto X Grandia2

The basic idea: What if the jinchuriki didn’t held bijuu but instead pieces of Valmar?

Further advice/ideas:
- there are only 8 pieces: the Wings, Tongue, Eye, Claws, Horns, Body, Heart, and mind of valmar. So you have to add another part I suggest the Tail of Valmar.
- Naruto/Millenia pairing (this is a personal request)
- The jinchuriki can use some abilities of the full form and if they use the full power of the piece they transform in said piece.
- don’t forget the special skills like the tenseiken slash
- you can give each jinchuriki a mana egg.

Naruto with a hint of Bleach

The basic idea: What if Kakashi reads his book so much it acts as a fullbring? What if his fullbring consisted out of two items? Behold the the pervert eye.

Further advice/ideas:
- used as suplement on Naruto/bleach stories
- is basically a sharingan with perverted enhancements

Ichigo: History strongest soul reaper ( spoiler warning)

The technique Oetsu used to send Ichigo (when he failed the asauchi test.) to Karakura, failed and he ended up in Tokyo. There he was picked up by one of the masters of ryanzanpaku. He will train to prepare himself for the future battles, too bad that being a disciple will atract some trouble.

Further advice/ideas:

-this scenario can also be used after Ichigo lost his powers.
-Ichigo's ki can be both sei and dou since the reflectons of his power, zangetsu and his hollow, posses both qualities zangetsu is always calm, which is common for sei fighters, and his hollow is a typical dou fighter. You could also let him channel those two persona's like Keichi does with the masters.
-Ichigo did do karate.
-If you don't want Ichigo being found by the gang you could say that Urahara send out Yourichi who went in cat form, but was hindered by Miu or Kisara.
-Ichigo is a prude, don't forgetthat one.

Hellsing X Kenichi: history strongest disciple

Alucard neutralized the seals when Integra's blood hit the course. Using his freedom he wandered around Europe looking for a worthy chalenge. Finding no one he went to Japan hoping that one of the martial artist is a good chalenge. He's not dissapointed when he hears of ryanzanpaku. Meanwhile Millenium decided to work together with Yami to eliminate Alucard and ryanzanpaku.

Further advice/ideas:

-Alucard wields a sword instead of guns
-if you want the police girl in the story: she could be on a vacation in japan.
-tere aren't much vampires in Tokyo since Japan is surrounded by water and vampires die when they cross oceaans/seas/rivers
-you could turn some yami/yomi characters in vampires.

Hellsing X Naruto: Konoha's paladin

Alexander Anderson was denied heaven due to using the nail and ends up in Konoha after his death by Alucard. In Konoha he hears the muttering of a demon and decided to hunt him down. Instead he finds a scrawny kid. Appalled by the treatment of the boy he decides to train him and indoctrinate him as a catholic. After Naruto's training is complete he leaves Konoha (to convert other people or he earns his place his place in heaven for planting the seed of catholicism). Naruto will turn the christians as well.

Further advice/ideas:

-Naruto's healing factor is artificially increased by Anderson.
-The bible can be used for a lot of techniques(like the bible clone, see konan's techniques)
-there will be friction between Naruto and Kakashi & Jiraiya(the duo are perverts and catholics are celibate)
-Naruto should quote the bible from time to time
-The Kyuubi could be purged from Naruto by a catholic ritual
-Naruto will use bayonets
-Naruto could use holy energy instead of chakra

Hellsing X Bleach: the Vampire in Hueco mundo

Instead of some void Alucard ends up in Hueco Mundo when he absorbed or purged shrodinger.

Hellsing X Naruto: Kakashi's worst team:hellsing style

Similar to The Psychic, The Swordsman, and The Sorcerer and A Freak, A Creep & A Psychopath, this time with Hellsing characters only: On the day of the bell he noticed that his team is completely different than the one on the previous day, they are all characters from hellsing.

Further advice/ideas:

this will be mostly team ideasNaruto is the first, Sakura is the second one and Sasuke is last:

- Team Millenium: The Mayor(Don't forget Ramen)/ZorinBlitz/the wolfman
- Team power: Anderson/(Seras or Yumiko)/Alucard
- Team Hellsing: Alucard/Seras/Walter
- Team mix: schroedinger(think him hounding Kakashi everywhere even in his dreams)/Yumiko(inner Sakura is her beserker's personality)/Walter

The fox of Hermes reviews
Naruto succeeded in bringing Sasuke back at the valley of the end, but instead of being welcomed with open arms, he's executed by Konoha. Three years later he returns, but as Alucard, the first vampire. Alucard/Hinata.
Crossover - Hellsing & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 23 - Words: 63,127 - Reviews: 770 - Favs: 1,901 - Follows: 1,824 - Updated: 6/1/2013 - Published: 9/30/2012 - Alucard, Naruto U.