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Kitsune: NEW BIO!!! CELEBRATE!! *celebrates while everyone stares* Okay... maybe not... Anyhow, don't worry, people. I'm not dead!
Kyoda: *coughs* Yet.
Kitsune: Hang on, what's that supposed to mean?!
Kyoda: Oh! Did I say something? It was only a cough.
Kitsune: You're planning another assasination attempt, aren't you?
Kyoda: No! On who?
Kitsune: *Holds up list of names with Kyoda's handwriting on them* All the authors who aren't updating.
Kyoda: Heh...
Kitsune: *looks at list* HEY! I'M ON HERE! KYODA!!
Kyoda: O.O; bye!
Kyoda: *gone*

Okay... I'm going to put up a list of upcoming stories, so check this out, and if there's anything that really interests you, tell me and I'll work on it! Here's the list!

1: Wrong spell, Yusuke (YYH/HP X-over)
The Reikai Tentai all have received invintations to go to Hogwarts, and join as 6th years! What kind of trouble will ensue there... especially when Voldemort comes up with a new plan, involving an ancient potion, a forbidden spell, and a specific fox? (Humor, Action, Adventure)

2: Youko's Tales (YYH)
When the Reikai Tentai are stuck in Makai and caught in a rainstorm, the group head's toward's Kurama's old lair, which just HAPPENS to be close by. And when they get there, Yusuke wonders how Kurama got all the treasures in the cave, and Kurama tells him... NOTE: All these are short stories told from Kurama's POV.(Drama, short story)

3: One Last Wish: YGO
Summary: Yugi has a secret. A secret that only he and his grandpa knows. He has leukemia. But the antibiotic stops working, and he's only given six months to live. What will Yami do? (Tragedy, Drama) NON-YAOI!

Okay, people. That's all the upcomings. Once I post a story, I delete it from the upcomings. If there's a particular story that sparks your interest, just e-mail me, and I'll try and work on it! I love getting e-mails!

Kyoda: HEY! I'm here...
Kitsune: You're my Yami! I NEED ANOTHER PERSON TO TALK TO!!!
Kyoda: I'm not human?!
Kitsune: You are the spirit that lives in my Milliennium Tiara. Get over it.
Kyoda: *gloom*

And... that's all I can think of now. See ya later!

~Koganeiro Kitsune

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