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Author has written 17 stories for Suikoden, Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, Criminal Minds, Vocaloid, Digimon, Natsume Yūjin-Chō, Pokémon, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Lucky Dog 1/ラッキードッグ1.

I'm an old stalker on this website, and while I have been writing, nothing I write seems to ever come near being finished (it's like a disease of mine) so it's all just sitting in my lj. If you want to read other stories, trek on over there. And if you really feel like something is publish-worthy here, send me a pm about it. Not being finished (when it comes to me, at least) doesn't really mean that I've given up on it. It just means that (the great majority of the time) I wrote the story, got busy, didn't write it any more, found another fandom ... which just results in the original story staying unwritten.

Preferences? I like to think I'm open-minded when it comes to most issues. That being said, I prefer slash to straight, and fics about series I know (that's a given, but you'd be surprised at how well some fics from fandoms you don't know read, haha). I like many anime, manga, and video games, as well as light novels, although I tend strongly towards ones with a strong story and characters. Hobbies I indulge in less ever since I became a Japanophile (to use the term lightly) are movies and books. Plot and characters are a rule there too.

I like to draw, as well as translate. (And if using this site wasn't self-explanatory, I like to read and write as well.)

Feel free to contact me. I don't bite. Much. Promise. (Just don't spam? Then I will bite, and bite hard, hehe...)

(Oh! Oh! One more thing. My favorite authors and favorite stories list are horribly out of date, and I'm really too lazy to change all of them and add the new ones. I'm not too lazy to give out lists of stories if you ask for recommendations though, haha. Yeah, I know. I'm backwards =_= )

If you want to contact me, I'm on MSN, AIM and Twitter. All of them are the same screenname as my nick here.

I do not have a beta, nor am I really looking for one. (I am, on the other hand, actually offering beta services, so feel free to ask, though you'll have to respond once I ask you questions back.) This means that there will inevitably be mistakes. When you read my fics, please feel free to ask me about word choices that you don't understand/don't make sense or idiom usages because there's a high chance that I just made something up because my mind thought it was real, but it really wasn't.

And now, finally, before my long list of fics and their notes, my suggestions in writing (which will probably expand in the future):

1.) Think of everything you can about the fic. Plan the world to its utmost. Of course, don't write about it all or else you'll get an information dump, but ... plan, plan, plan. Why did this character do that? How did that character come to be? What was the culture like? How did the culture affect the character? The best way to include these details is through subtle references, if at all. Either way, it's best to think of everything to just avoid any plot holes. (This also means that writing a fic may take forever, but hey, tradeoff.)

2.) No idea is new. OK, maybe for a few exceptions, but almost everything nowadays is some conglomeration, combination, or permutation of ideas from previous stories, movies, books, games, TV shows, etc. And when you finally do come up with something new, you find some other series later down the line's taken the same idea because someone on their staff shares your brain wavelength (this has happened too many times for me to count with my original story). Anyways, point is, nothing is new, so ... make your own story/idea different. I'm a strong subscriber to the "It's not what you do, but how you do it" philosophy.

3.) This one's more of a personal goal, but I always try to write something different in every fic I work with. Challenge yourself, find the style you work best with. Work on those weak points (which for me are "mystery" and "romance" ... haven't touched those two genres yet =P).

4.) If you really really want to read about something, but it doesn't exist, write it. "Watcher" came about that way =P

5.) Writing is about dynamics. It could be dynamics between character interaction, between plot, but something is always moving forward. It could even just be the words. This was something I learned during my creative writing class. For example, in action scenes, the flow is much faster, so I tend to move towards shorter sentences, rapid paragraphs. Otherwise, in exposition, my sentences can be a two lines long or more. A character is always learning something new, and there's always a goal in sight. "I want the character to develop in this manner." "I want him to be less selfish." "I want him to learn to use his head more before acting." etc etc. Likewise, in a story (with plot), you have an ending in sight (...though sometimes I cheat and start writing before that happens. Oops.).

6.) When you're stuck in a roadblock, it usually helps to talk it out with someone who's a fan of the fandom. It'll just get you excited about the series all over again. Or you can watch AMVs, look up pixiv pics, read blogs... ... ... Again, you have "Watcher" to thank for this ;

7.) In contrast to #1, don't write something and rewrite it until you feel you're satisfied with every. Single. Little. Detail. Because that will take simply forever (for long epic stories) and eventually you'll lose both your motivation and your ideas. That is happening with my original story "Spirit Chronicles" and I just ... need to write. Write write write and get everything down. For the record, Chapter 1 has 4 drafts, Chapter 2 has 2, and I've only written up to Chapter 5 at most before I went backwards and started rewriting. It's endless.


(09-21-2012) - I have uploaded some fics to my blog. These are ones that I've started but no planned end is in sight. (By contrast, the ones published here I actually finish planning before writing.) As such, in an effort to keep never-updated to a minimum, they will be updated there until I get a working plan running.

Here's a list of what I have up here.

A Mere Centimeter and a World Apart

A Hetalia long oneshot with the pairing AmericaxEngland, although not quite in the traditional way. This is my first primarily emotion-based fic, without much action at all. It's also my first pairing fic. God help me T_T

Writing for this was harder than I'd thought, but that was more likely because of my odd version of a writer's block. Rather than not being able to write, my writing style changes into something that I absolutely dislike. I usually end up rewriting when I've gotten back onto my feet, when that happens. Likewise, I'll be rewriting this fic first before I post it.

This fic was inspired by Natsume Yuujinchou (see below) and the new Vocaloid song, from the album Kagamination, "Mahou no Kagami" by HitoshizukuP and Yama(delta). Also used for inspiration were the manga Hotarubi no Mori by Midorikawa Yui and Piece by Ashihara Hinako. (Check them out, by the group #dragon-voice!) (Yes, that was shameless advertisement.)

Status: In-Progress, high priority

On the Start of a Whole New Journey

My Pokemon fic, whose rough draft I've posted a bit of on my livejournal (which has a link above). I was inspired (read: pushed) by my friend bona who really loves the idea of a Pokemon fic. It's going to be a long one, and I'm planning on bringing in all the cliches I like and putting them together for a whirl.

Thus far (even before writing), the hardest part of the fic is coming up with a good balance between the realistic and the not. One of my philosophies is that I should always plan for everything so that, when it comes to writing, I won't accidentally make a plothole, which is why I'm trying to cover the bases of everything even if I'm never going to mention it in the fic.

My inspirations for this fic are: "Pokedex" by BirdBoy, "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance" by Scytherider, "A Different Kind of Soulmate" by Thunderstar666, "A New Chance at Life" by ARCEUS-master, "The Guilty and the Innocent" and its sequel "Two Paths to One End" by Kasan Soulblade, and "Perish Song" by Renn Ireigh. These are all excellent fics that have just given me great inspiration on ideas regarding my fic. Do read them, if you get the chance =)

I have no idea as to how long this fic will be. I do know that there will be Johto and Kanto in this series (yes, this fic and a sequel).

Status: In-Progress, medium priority


My really long Digimon fic that is also on my livejournal whose link is posted above. I'm going to try to write this simultaneously with the Pokemon fic. They have different focuses, although both are deceivingly similar. My Pokemon fic borrows from my Digimon-related ideas, if anything. That doesn't mean they're an iota similar, lol.

The fic will focus on Masaru and Touma, but will hopefully bring all the Chosen Children from different seasons together in some form or another. The priority will go to kids from Seasons 1-3. I'm going to ignore Season 6 exists for the sake of my sanity (I don't think it's even in the same set of parallel universes!). I'll try not to clog it up with too many characters, as well.

This fic is dedicated to Splash, even if she doesn't remember me, and the now-dead mIRC channel #digi-legacy, my introduction to the anime world. It's still up, but no one talks there... The sadness.

Status: In-Progress, medium priority


I'm still going to go with this temporary title until something more inspirational comes up. This is going to be a long oneshot CSI fic set in something of a fantasy-steampunk mix setting. The main character will be Greg. I still haven't decided whether it will be slash or not.

Status: In-Progress, low priority


Well, I haven't finished Watcher and this is up. I'm kind of proud of it, though I have no direction with it atm. Just wanted to post it.

Currently in a Criminal Minds binge, so writing this felt right. I like Reid a lot, and felt I had to contribute to the fandom a bit (at least, write a fic that isn't whumpage or ReidxOC because those are alllll too common on this site... Not that I don't like the former =D)

I'm actually quite proud of the title. It works in multiple ways, and applies to more than just a few aspects of the story. Cookie for those who can figure out what I mean by this...? ...And dang this site for not allowing hyphens in story titles...

Edit (Aug. 16, 2011): I'm still into Criminal Minds, and I actually really like the premise of this fic, but readers are probably just going to put up with a glacier pace for this fic because ... well, I've never written a mystery before and I really want to get this right. The case has to be right, has to be believable. Reid has to be believable. Everyone ELSE has to be believable. And once I do start on the fic, the chapters in this fic are relatively long compared to my other fics currently up, so they'll take longer to write. Sorry to everyone for the long wait (though they'll probably never read/find this), but you're in for a longer one =(

Status: In-Progress, low priority

Watch Your Shorts

This is the semi-sequel, semi-short story collection related to "Watcher." Nothing much to say about it other than that it will be constantly updated whenever I have ideas. On a side note, the best way to get me to work on this fic is to write me a pm with your ideas XDDDD

Currently, a few chapters are written, but not posted. And a few more are planned, but not written. They'll come, they'll come... It's the sequel chapters I'm having the most trouble with.

Status: In-Progress, low priority


I know I promised fics on other subjects, but this came the quickest. I did say that just because I have plans doesn't mean they're guaranteed to be posted first =P

Natsume Yuujinchou is a series I owe to reminding me what I loved about anime, why I had originally gotten to love it so much more than American cartoons (though there are exceptions, of course. It's just a preference, please don't take offense). It's kind of like ... there's a pocket of emotion in every short story, and that was what I had loved about Fruits Basket, and that was one of the larger inspirations behind Spirit Chronicles, my original story. I'd sort of forgotten about it over the years, both from not watching anything quite like it, and because it'd been almost 8 years since I'd first conceived SC.

It's currently the fandom I keep looking up on this site, but since it's so small, there aren't many updates. Sadness.

This idea has been jumping in my head for a while now. I'm sure the friends whom I've ranted to recognize it. It also shares a certain theme with some of my other stories, and I'll admit, this story is full of cliches I love. Oh well.

Status: Complete


I'm not sure what possessed me to post this up here, or even to start writing this, seeing as how I have tons (TONS) of unfinished fics elsewhere. No wait, scratch that. I know why. I'm looking at you, beta-ee, haha.

Since we're on the topic of Durarara!! I may as well rant here. I'm actually not a big fan of Shizuo x Izaya, unlike 99 percent of the fangirl population, and I have no idea why. Usually I'd be all over such pairings. I think it's actually because I can't really see their relationship as anything other than one Izaya (purposely) screwed up. (And with that, this story is almost certainly going to be no pairings. Like, 99.9999 percent certainty.)

Status: Complete

Looking Glass

This fic is actually listed as something different on my harddrive, but that would give almost all the secrets away =P

Digimon is my first real love in anime, and so it holds a special place in my heart (even if the 6th season makes me cringe in ways I haven't cringed in a loooong time). Pokemon was my introduction (and I'll admit, Pokemon has a much better marketing sense than Digimon ever will), but I just love Digimon for its mythos and the monsters and the characters, so... yeah.

I finally managed to write a publishable fic of this.

It's also the first fic ever that I've done that is actually complete beforehand, so no worries about updates, for once.


Status: Complete

Impossible Miracles

I admit, I should be writing other things. Self-Denial ... is at a roadblock, to put it lightly.

Len is such a sweetie in the videos, although I admit it's a bit amusing in a morbid way the sheer number of times he dies in AMVs apparently.

This fic is based off of the Kokoro-Kiseki AMVs with the really cute art. I think the artist's name is "Glider." If you want, you can pm me and I'll send over a link.

Status: Complete

Glistening Stardust

Old story. My first one on this site, even. Since it's my first, I don't feel like taking it down. It's kind of like a reminder as to what kind of writer I was back then (and what NOT to do, in a sense, haha). Besides, I still love Genso Suikoden to bits. I just can't really write any fics for it (the reason is long and complicated). Still, don't expect any updates on this story =P

I thought I had better put this up before anyone lynches me or something. I am an erratic writer. Not only do I have school, medical school applications, and various other activities to keep up with, I also have a problem with wandering interests, which is why you'll find me writing several stories at once, probably. I just can't dedicate myself to one story. I understand this is frustrating for those waiting for a specific chapter, but at least rest assured that almost all the stories I put up here (minus Glistening Stardust, which is here mostly for nostalgia and improvement-comparison purposes) have been planned out completely. I just need to write them.

I'm a great brainstormer. I just suck at committing myself to writing them all out.

Also, while I don't specifically write for reviews, I do write the stories for self-satisfaction, to share my ideas, and for others to enjoy. Reviews are greatly appreciated.

(And because I'm not all too confident about my writing, I'm usually hovering over my email waiting for reviews, lol. Ah sigh...)

Status: Never touching it again.

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