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Yo, what's happening? My name is Oni, or you can call me Tobi and I am a good boy, .. Not to mention I'm also the True Juubi! You can call me Tobi no Jubi! HAHAHAHA!! You will never guess who is behind my mask ever! HAHAHA and if you guess Obito, you are dead wrong! HAHAHAHA!!

Anyway, i'm a fan of anime and fanfiction. My favorite Anime is Naruto, with Dragon ball Z behind it. Here lets just go in order!





Zatch Bell

Soul Eater

Angel Beats

Shaman King


Tenjou Tenge

Girls Bravo


midori days

Case closed




D.N. Angel


Yup and many more. I'm not that horror type kind of guy, it actually creeps me the fuck out. Anyway,i plan on making lots of Naruto and Naruto crossover stories since that is the only Anime I know the best.

Now on to pairings.

Naruto x Fem. Kyuubi

Naruto x Kushina

Naruto x Sakura

Naruto x Anko

Naruto x Mikoto

Naruto x Harem

Naruto x Very rare girls

I dislike Naruto x Hinata, but that doesn't mean I won't do it from time to time. However it will never be a main pairing and my Hinata when paired up with Naruto will always be OOC. Always, so get over it.

The kind of Naruto stories i like must make sense and written very well. Not no fifth grade shit, then i can't read it. I also hate POV, as it they are hard to write and what not.

Godlike, Sharingan Wielding, Rinnegan Wielding, smart and cool, Naruto's are my favorite.

Favorite characters in Naruto.

Madara Uchiha (Bad ass)

Itachi Uchiha

Deva path








So yeah, those are my favorite characters in canon, notice most of them are Uchiha.

Now on to least favorite characters.







Now onto most HATED characters in general.







Hyuuga Council

Yup I hate them, mostly Hinata and Minato. Minato will most likely be bashed in my stories or not mentioned, while Hinata will be ignored and bashed a bit also.

Here are some picture links to what some of the people in my story look like, go ahead and take a look.

Enter: Team 7-


Naruto- or


Team 7-

Anyway lets see, I will update whenever I can, and try not release so many stories at once. I will do my best to stay on just one, but I will have lots of idea's go through my head and will probably want to test them out. So anyway, that's me.

Check out my stories, later.

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