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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and Final Fantasy VII.

Okay here we go. I'm new to fanfiction and haven't really written anything since my school years over 10 years ago so i'm just getting back into the swing of things so my few stories will probably get updated over time to a better quality.

ABOUT ME; Expect honesty and a critical eye. I will not praise stories simply because of pairings and i cannot abide that people call some stories fantastic because they like the pairing but the story is complete rubbish served on a bins lid. When i review stories please don't take offence, i will not, and refuse to be overly harsh but i will speak the truth.


AUs that are actually SUs - ALTERNATIVE means just that, alternative. Not separate. When AUs are written it should be based in that actual world but with different happenings. Alot of AUs are SUs (separate universe) the characters are in a world that reflects nothing like there own. Example ( Final fantasy 7 never had I pods and lady gaga) That's OUR universe not gameverse. Making it separate not alternative.

OOC (Out of characterisation) This is the worst and most often seen in all genres. Keep characters in character, don't think about what would be cool or witty to write (If it's not parody/humor) and think about what the character would do/say. It's not hard, look at the history of character and how they handle certain situations then work around that - not really rocket science is it.

Highschool fictions that really shouldn't be - Yeah I can really picture Sephiroth, Cloud and Hojo skipping down the corridors worried about homework...yeah exatcly. Some things are better off left in people's imaginations and not on paper.

The Over Yoai- Heh i have named that myself. Just because a Yoai story is written doesn't mean EVERY character should be turned gay. Life isn't everyone straight or everyone gay. Mix and match it up people. Which brings me to my next point- Stop writing the gay community to be a bunch of man whores who just sleep around and are constantly flamboyant. If you like Yoai, don't forget that REALITY should play apart of the story to. Realism is the key. Oh yes and being gay is not a choice, you do not decide to like women one day then get bored and fancy some cock...*sighs* Again people lets be a bit more realistic aye?

OTT expressionism- Yep. Does your characters blush at everything? wet there knickers at every shadow? Do the men get obviously aroused in their underwear around an attractive character? Then learn to write! Over 80% of communication is through body language, the listed above are just a miniscule few that get played over and over in some stories because the writer cannot be creative with bodily reactions.

Reviewers that have nothing to say or just like a pairing- Okay guys we get you like Cloti, Linlon, Harfoy, Cloroth, BUT that's not what you're supposed to be reviewing about. Or did the meaning of review change over time to mean preferences? (Yes there's a difference in the two) Comments like; i like this- YAY Cloti!- I love this pairing it's so cute!- Is useless, it doesn't help the writer at all. Say something useful I like this because... I think this needs to be improved because... Yeah you get the point.

Fluff - oh yes fluff is a nice mellow read sometimes but the words 'i love you' really lose all meaning and credibly once used in the most stupid of times/unlikely moments/ known for only a few days ect. Fluff is just that, fluff. The kind you find in a mans belly button- it smells, its unpleasant and once you look at it your gaging. Give it a rest and try something more challenging!

There's my main dislikes...wait no i dislike spelling, grammar and punctuation errors? Meh, so long as it's not so bad that it's distracting. Everyone makes mistakes and so long as the story is well written, good plot line and well thought i have no problems.


It's very simple and needs only one sentence - Be aware that the more realistic the story is the better the read. Life isn't big balls off fluff or only drama. There are straight people and gay, married and single, fat and thin, attractive and ugly, the intelligent and not so. Its cruel but it's life. That's what i like, a realistic story with a compelling plot line that portrays how life really is. It may be a game universe, or a movie ect, but emotions, situations and the general rule of diversity is pretty much the same wherever you go. That said, thanks for taking the time to read through this.

My favorites ( which are only a few at the minute) Are stories that show real quality work that i (and happily admit) will never be able to write as well as. These stories are how fanfiction should be written and are not put on my list lightly. (In fact only 'excellent' quality gets in) So they are not quick easy and fluffy reads. No. They are fantastically written pieces of work from people who wipe the floor with myself and many others in the standards of what i have seen recently.

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