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Author has written 6 stories for Dynasty Warriors, and Watch Dogs.

Hey what's everybody! I'm just a guy who writes & plays video games a lot (probably too much). I've been writing my own stories since sixth grade & after reading several fan fics, I decided to write some of these. I hope you all enjoy my creations!

Update 3/27/14: Again, there won't be any updates this week. :( I'm really trying to make time to type but classes this quarter are insane!

-If you have any ideas you want to tell me about, PM me & we'll discuss it.

-I will always try to update on Friday's.

Favorite Video Games

Dynasty Warriors (One of my childhood favorites! I'm torn between 4 & 8. Both are amazing & could easily be my all-time favorite)

Samurai Warriors (Waiting for Samurai Warriors 4 to come out!)

Warriors Orochi (The triple team feature is epic & the story mode for the third one was awesome, though I hated the true ending)

WET (One of my favorite games, containing arguably my favorite female video game character of all time)

Call of Duty (Demo to Ghosts wasn't too bad but I'm still undecided on buying it)

UFC (I plan on getting the new one for the PS4)

WWE (Smackdown: Here comes the Pain is the greatest wrestling game ever!)

Dead or Alive (Probably my favorite fighting game)

Need for Speed (Sure they're fun but the last really good one was NFS Carbon...Hot Pursuit 2 was the best one!)

Grand Theft Auto (One of my favorite video game series of all time...Grand Theft Auto 5 was amazing!)

Saints Row (Love this video game series though the third one was kind of a let down compared to the second one)

Tomb Raider (One of the best adventure games!)

Driver (The best driving game...until the crew comes out)

Madden (A fun game to pass the time)

Far Cry (Lost on an island is too much fun!)

NBA 2k (Basketball games have always been fun to me)

Midnight Club (If it weren't for Driver, this would be the best)

Mafia (Epic old school Grand Theft Auto like game)

Resident Evil (Who doesn't like Resident Evil? Huh, no hands? I thought so)

Gran Turismo (I grew up playing this game back on the Playstation 1 & 2)

Forza Motorsport (The best legal racing game period!)

Sonic (I loved the show so it's only right if I love the game)

Stick Arena (Greatest stick figure game ever made!)

Territory War (Awesome stick figure game!)

Skate (Skate 2 was the best of the series)

Mortal Kombat (Love performing fatalities!)

Red Dead Redemption (Epic!)

Left 4 Dead (Best first-person zombie game!)

Dragon Ball Z (Same as Sonic)

Final Fantasy (Probably my favorite RPG!)

Sims (Playing with life on this game never gets old)

TV shows I love to watch

Inuyasha (Best Anime show in my opinion!)

Fantasy Factory (One of the best shows on TV!)

Ridiculousness (One of the best on TV...it's hillarious to just watch people get hurt & humiliated!)

Looney Tunes (Best cartoon on television)

Sonic X (Wish they would make more episodes or a brand new season...the show was epic!)

Impractical Jokers (Best show on TruTV...TruTv is epic!)

Top 20 Most Shocking (Hillarious show to watch...TruTv once again!)

UFC (Best thing on TV! Enough said!)

WWE (Been watching since I was a child)

Dragon Ball Z Kai (I still have to watch all the episodes...I'm currently at the beginning of the Android Saga)

Spongebob Squarepants (One of the most hillarious cartoons on television!)

Anything with police chases (Yeah, police chases are always entertaining regardless of how old I am)

The Walking Dead (I love almost any show with zombies)

Sam & Cat (Hilarious show)

Favorite Video Game Characters

Sima Yi from the Dynasty Warriors series. He's smart, cold, & since DW5 he's been untrustworthy.

Rubi Malone from the video game WET. She's dangerous, foul mouthed & probably my favorite female in gaming.

Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic series. He's evil, quick(in my opinion faster than Sonic), & he's serious.

Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z series. He's powerful from the start, doesn't become nice for quite some time & he's just better than Goku.

Sima Zhao from the Dynasty Warriors series. He's lazy, funny & is one of the characters who actually grow up through the game.

Wang Yuanji from the Dynasty Warriors series. She's mean to Sima Zhao, cute & one of my favorite girls in Dynasty Warriors.

Wang Yi from the Dynasty Warriors series. She's pretty cold, usually a loner & she's my favorite female character in the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

Sima Shi from the Dynasty Warriors series. He's cold, eviler than Sima Yi & he's my favorite ruler/boss figure in the Dynasty Warriors franchise.


NBA: L.A. Clippers

NFL: Seattle Seahawks

UFC: Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones & Anthony Pettis

My favorite food is pizza. My favorite color is green. I love hanging out in my room all day either typing or on my xbox & listening to music. I listen to every genre of music except for Country, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Opera & anything by people from Disney Channel(yes that counts as its own genre since it sucks so badly). I want to be rich one day but then again who doesn't? My favorite car is a 2014 SRT Viper GTS. I'm a huge fan of killing zombies, I believe Aliens exist(kind of) probably because I am one ;) & my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. I live in California. I hate American Idol, the Voice & X Factor. My favorite holidays are New Years, Christmas, & Thanksgiving. I was undecided on getting a PS4 or Xbox One but once I found out that Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends was coming to PS4, I've decided to join the Playstation Network.

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