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Form for SYOT




District (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices):

Height (Actual numbers please):

Weight (Actual numbers please):

Reference Image (This is for the blog that will be posted. A name of a famous person will do as I will pick an image that I think looks good for the character):

Appearance (Please match the appearance with the reference image):

Personality (Detailed):

Background (Please don’t make too many sob stories. Sometimes normal characters end up being the best ones. No Katniss clones):

Family (Name, Age, Relationship with the tribute):

Friends (Name, Age, Relationship with the tribute):



Weapon of Choice (Please keep it believable. Be unique, but don’t be unrealistic):


Reaction to Reaping/Reason for Volunteering:


Extra (Anything else?):

The name, age, gender, district, height, weight, reference image, weapon of choice, and being reaped or volunteered will all appear on the blog, as well as a small sentence under all of that describing the tribute to you with their personality incorporated into that sentence.

Please PM the tributes only. It is not first come first serve, I will pick the best tributes that are submitted. I will allow reservations but the reservation happens for 3 days, and if you don’t hand in the tribute after 3 days then the spot opens up again.

-Shadowed Stars


The 74th Hunger Games was a huge success. Great tributes entered such as Glimmer and Marvel from District 1, Cato and Clove from District 2, Finch Clover from District 5, Rue and Thresh from District 11, and the star crossed lovers Katniss and Peeta from District 12. The 74th Hunger Games was filled with betrayal, angst, hurt, and gore. But in the end, only Finch Clover from District 5 was left standing, and became the victor of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.

Without knowing it, Finch became the spark that ignited the rebellion. District after District began to fall from the Capitols' grasp, and soon all but Districts 1, and 2 were rebelling against the Capitol. But the Capitol was just as ready as the rebels were. The Capitol overcame the districts, and regained their power. It took years to get Panem back to what it was before the 2nd rebellion, and during that time President Snow died from old age.

However, his daughter, Crow Snow, took the reigns and began to rule over Panem with an even heavier hand than President Snow ever did. She established that from now on The Capitol would send in two tributes as well, bringing the total number of tributes in each games up to 26. In addition, President Crow believed that the victors had a heavy hand in creating the rebellion. Many victors died in the rebellion against the Capitol, but the ones that did not die in the rebellion President Crow rounded them up and brought them to the Capitol. She then proceeded to publicly execute the remaining victors, stating that they played a heavy hand in the rebellion, and that she needed to extinguish a flame that the victors had started.

Because President Crow executed the remaining victors, there are no mentors for the 76th Hunger Games. President Crow has stated that the tributes will not receive a Capitol replacement, they will have only their prior knowledge and their escorts to help guide them to victory.

Hearing news of this, District 7's mayor decided to build a training academy and declared to the district that no longer would they be poor and lose the Hunger Games, they would win from now on and be just as good as the career districts. From that day forward, the majority of District 7's children were put into training academies and forced to train until they volunteered at the age of 18. The Capitol as well built their own training facilities and began to train their children as well.

May the odds be ever in the favor of the tributes.

Tribute List for Turning Tables:

At this point in time, all spots have been taken for my SYOT. If a reserved spot opens up, it will be posted here so stay on the lookout for an opening in a spot.

District 1 Female: Submitted

District 1 Male: Submitted

District 2 Female: Reserved

District 2 Male: Submitted

District 3 Female: Submitted

District 3 Male: Submitted

District 4 Female: Submitted

District 4 Male: Submitted

District 5 Female: Submitted

District 5 Male: Submitted

District 6 Female: Submitted

District 6 Male: Submitted

District 7 Female: Submitted

District 7 Male: Submitted

District 8 Female: Submitted

District 8 Male: Reserved

District 9 Female: Submitted

District 9 Male: Submitted

District 10 Female: Submitted

District 10 Male: Submitted

District 11 Female: Submitted

District 11 Male: Submitted

District 12 Female: Reserved

District 12 Male: Submitted

Capitol Female: Submitted

Capitol Male: Submitted

-Shadowed Stars

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The rebellion happened again, and the Capitol persevered yet again against the districts. With the rebellion still looming over Panem, President Crow has decided to re-install the Hunger Games with a new twist that sends shockwaves throughout Panem. Completely new verse. Rated T because it's The Hunger Games. SYOT Open.
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