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Hey guys! My name is Jakob and I am a brony! I'm going to try my best here to give you a brief explanation of why i am here, and everything thats going on right now. I have been writing for a while, but Our World is my first ever attempt at a My Little Pony fan fiction, so i honestly don't expect it to be all that amazing. But so far, i'm on chapter 4 and already have 1,500 views and 19 or so followers, and to all of you wo are following me or have me favorited, i would like to say thank you. I myself love to write, but to have people backing me up and reviewing my story just makes writing my stories that much better!

Not that much to say other than to give a shoutout to the man that inspired me to start writing an MLP Fan fiction, IslandAlbatross! Please look him up, sooner or later i'm most likely going to help him out with his fairly well known story The World Only I Know.

Oh also, i'm very new to this site, but i'm probably going to start some polls later for my followers so they get a chance to vote on what may happen later on in the story. Feel free to PM me if you have any reccomendations for the story or just anything you would like to talk aboout in general! I'm always checking my email, so i should respond fairly quickly. Anyways, don't forget to read up on Our World, and i hate to beg but please if you enjoy it, feel free to leave a review or follow the story! Until next time!

Things you should know about me

-Well for one i am, quite obviously, a huge brony

-I LOVE writing more than almost anything else in the world

-I'm really into the more hardcore genre of music. Ranging from regular rock to deathmetal to metalcore and anywhere else in between. But i like all different kinds of music.

-As much as i like to write adventure stories, i also like to throw a fair amount of romance into them to, but not to the point in which it ruins the plot

-I like to play video games, which you probably could have guessed xD, if you have an Xbox live account feel free to PM me or leave a review telling me your Gamertag and i'll add you

-I'm pretty new when it comes to uploading to this site so if you ask me to do something and i respond with a question mark please don't feel offended

-I would tell you my favorite of the mane six, but i would hate to ruin Our World for you

-I am very talkative, so message me sometime if you want. Trust me, i can keep a conversation going for HOURS on end.

-I AM STILL TAKING SUGGESTIONS FOR OUR WORLD! So please, if you have any good ideas please message me, because i am still open to input.


Jakob: Jakob is overall a fairly caring person. He is open to becoming friends with anyone (or anypony) no matter how they look, act, or talk. He is pretty into the hardcore genre of music and has been into the show My Little Pony Frienship is Magic for around a year or so, and it has changed his life for the better. Somewhat like Ashe, he was not given the headstart in life that most children would recieve from a young age. Ever since his mom left whenever he was a little boy, his dad had become a raging drunk and only seemed to get worse as time went on. He would abuse Jakob and try to desensitize him to all the violence that seemed to constanly surround him. If it werent for Ashe, Jakob may have ended up just like his older brother, Chase, who isn't the nicest person in the world either. Although this character may seem calm and composed on the outside, he is constantly focusing on what could go wrong with any given situation, and sometimes all of the stress causes him to rely on one of the only things he was any good at when he was younger; drinking. Eventually Ashe had him pull away from his father, and Jakob went to live with another close relative for a while. If you get on the good side of this character and really get to know him, he will stnad by your side through thick and thin, willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe,even if that means laying his life on the line. However, if you threaten any of his friends or anyone else he cares about, he will show not a single shred of mercy when he has you in his grasp. He has more of a bulky build with broad shoulders and loves to play football. He is somewhere around 5'9 in height, has fair, white skin, eyes that seem to shift from blue to green, and medium long hair (almost somewhat like a bieber cut as some call it)

Overall, taking in his strength, compassion, tolerance, and a burning passion to be the best at whatever he does, we rate this character a 10/10 would friend.

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