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Author has written 24 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda, Digimon, Resident Evil, and Super Smash Brothers.

People either hate me or thank me for giving a decent review. In this day and age, it seems that people are afraid of telling another anonymous person that their work is below par. I hate it when all people can do is either tell the author their favorite part or just tell them "LOL its good, write more." It doesn't help the writer and it reinforces bad practices such as bad grammar or lacking certain qualities like plot, characterization or even logic.

I'm not perfect, either but, I try my best to take a day to edit my mistakes. So, if I ever review your fic and you are pissed off from it, please take in mind that I don't take any pleasure in calling out any flaws. I do it because based on my personal expierence, it helps a person grow.

The average student has a 22,000 vocabulary... use it!


-Mary Sue Fics. I'll read them, but I don't find many that are all that interesting to continue

-Flames- A flame is a negative comment without any legit reasons to back it up. Its sole purpose is to discourage the writer. I've always tried to fine the good and the bad of a fic, and if people want positive feedback I have no problem honoring that request. What I do have a problem with is to be associated with the word "flame" when all I do is avoid being shallow in my comments.

-People who beg not to be flamed: Freedom of speech works both ways. However, I'm a classy lady and if the person doesn't want anything negative, I honor it. But in all honesty, I also think it's childish. A review is a grade. You don't beg your teacher to give you only A's. My philsophy is that you have to earn positive feedback just as much as I have to backup anything negative I notice.

-Link/Saria fics... I find something wrong with this

-The words "Sapphire/Sky/Crystal" for describing eyes.This is an odd one. Out of the all the fiction that I read, one out of two fics will describe someone's eyes using one of these adjectives.

-People who complain a fic is too long: I can understand this if they put up fifty pages per chapter but if you are complaining about it being 20 or less, go to college for a wake up call.


-Poes. They are just my favorite enemies.

-Calvin and Hobbes or Dilbert. Absolutely hilarious comics. How can anyone not like them?

-A/U. I've seen alot of good ones.

-People who give a decent critique. Picking a story apart with a pair of tweezers brings more satisfaction than saying its "good, write more."

Finally here's a few facts about me:

Longest Fic ever worked on: Hyrule: The Golden Age/ Poes and Roses/ Blue Rose Kiss

Rewritten(and retitled) for the third time, I've been working on this for over six years. Not because its long but, because I was never satisfied with my work. My goal for this year is to finish that.

Surprise Hit: Dance with Me.

I wrote this in about a day. I've deleted the previous reviews and still it manages to gain over sixty reviews for a six page one shot. I mean, I started high school when I first wrote it. Now I'm finishing college after six years and I still get feedback on it. I've been debating whether it should get a sequel, but I really don't know how to do it.

Favorite Personal Work: The Nine Months Saga

The grammar is horrible. Awful. When I read it, it still makes me laugh out loud. A fan was even sweet enough to make a piece of fan art of Vegeta with Twinkies.

-I'm currently finishing up my college degree. For a side project, I'm also writing a Zelda cartoon series. Its nothing professional, just some fan flash. I'm on episode three right now and its all looking pretty good. No none of its released yet. I've decided to hold of releasing any of it until its all finished.

--Current Projects--

Mar-Ryu: Post Rapture

I always try to diversify my work. This is a story that deals with alot of elements that I am not too comfortable with: Religion and Ninjas. The hardest part of this story is by far the foreshadowing. The goal is, to create a story where the reader is going to be constantly bombarded with clues, hints, and end with the ultimate twist .

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