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Author has written 8 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Walking Dead, Star Wars, and Naruto.

Yo, yo, Big DBZ fan, got inspired to write my own completely original story by one of this sites very own Authors! (If his name doesn't show it's censored out to protect them or something, going to type it anyway) FinalFlashX, as well as another fantastic author, Mr. Arkham.

My stories -

Appule's Insurrection: A story revolving primarily around Appule, after a tragic event, he turns his back on the PTO, finds new allies, and eventually makes a run at Frieza and the Dragon balls on Namek. I want to say more... but I can't spoil chapters 24 and 25 lol. Best Chapter - Either 16, 17, or 21 or 23... take a pick.

Abridged Humor sagas: Exactly what it says... this one is hilarious see chapter 1 for details, so far only 2 chapters out, and the 2nd one has ROFL written all over it!

HS Peril: Basically a Highschool DBZ thing, each chapter features humorous skits designed to make the reader laugh. So far... Chapter 3 has to be my best there, easily. Oh and if you want... skip chapter 2 it sucked lol.

Yamcha's Accident: A 1 shot, I got this lil idea from a joke by Mr. Arkham... I thought it was pretty damn funny. Messed up... very messed up but funny. Not a lot of jokes but at least 2 things that should make most readers laugh :)

Recommended stories (Random order):

(DBZ) The Earthling Chronicals by FinalFlashX

(DBZ) The Fall of Lord Frieza by Mr. Arkham

(DBZ)Guardian by Mr. Arkham

(DBZ) Zarbon's Rebellion by FinalFlashX (I'm the beta)

(DBZ) Dragonball Z AH: The Atrox saga by Lucif Vegeta

(DBZ) Kageto the begining of the Saiyan Supreme by Kagetoworld (check out sequel)

(DBZ) Alternate universe: Vegeta's Rebellion by Cokusan

(DBZ) The Prince's Return by Full Power

(DBZ) Second Chance by Full Power

(DBZ) Honor of a Saiyan's Heart by daughterofrisingsun (Check out prequel)

(DBZ) Lost Hope by xXMystic-HopeXx

(DBZ) Sins of the Father by SuperVegetarott

(DBZ) Cognitive Dissonance by The Forgotten Pheonix

(DBZ)Saiyan Rising by EFJRAD

(DBZ) When Worlds Collide by LucifVegeta AND FireStorm1991

(DBZ) The Return of King Piccolo by Jason9000

(DBZ) A Tortured Soul by KasierNight

(Halo) The Life by Casquis

There are more I should list... but that's a damn lot lol. ALL of them except Kageto the beginning of teh Saiyan Supreme (Currently still continuing in a sequel) and Honor of a Saiyan's heart (I believe is still in the sequel... I am behind on that one)

Huge Football fan, never miss my teams game! (SEA)

Seattle Seahawks

2012 section

Regular season Record: 11-5

Postseason Record: 1-1

Overall Record: 12-6

V.S NFCW: 3-3

V.S All-NFC: 8-4

V.S All-AFC: 3-1

Streak: L1

Road: 3-5

Home: 8-0 BABY!!!

Overtime situations: 1-0

4th Quarter comebacks: 3


AZ 20 SEA 16 L

DAL 7 SEA 27 W

GB 12 SEA 14 W (Mon)

STL 19 SEA 13 L

CAR 12 SEA 16 W

NE 23 SEA 24 W

SF 13 SEA 6 L (Thurs)

DET 28 SEA 24 L

MIN 20 SEA 30 W

NYJ 7 SEA 28 W


MIA 24 SEA 21 L

CHI 17 SEA 23 (OT) W

AZ 0 SEA 58 W

BUF 17 SEA 50 W

SF 13 SEA 42 W

STL 13 SEA 20 W


Wildcard - WAS 14 SEA 24 W

Divisional round - ATL 31 SEA 28 L

Team leaders:

Russell Wilson - 3118 Passing yards

Marshawn Lynch 1590 Rushing yards (3rd in league Overall)

Sidney Rice - 748 Receiving yards.

Other important notables:

First team to score 50 points in back to back games since 1950. They are the 3rd team to accomplish such a feat, the other two being the 1950 Giants, and the 1950 Rams.

Number 1 defense at not allowing points.

Chris Clemons recorded double digit sacks for 3rd straight year.

Richard Sherman was named an "All-Pro" Cornerback.

Rookie Bobby Wagner finished in the top 10 at recording tackles.

Rookie Russell Wilson tied Peyton Manning's rookie passing TD record (26) from back in 1998, but with far less INTs to go with it.

Rookie Bruce Irvin lead all NFL rookies in sacks with 8.

Before losing to Atlanta in the Divisional playoff round, the Seahawks were on a 7 game winning streak behind a strong future in Russell Wilson, the league's best Defense and Beast mode.

Earl Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger, Russell Okung, Russell Wilson and Leon Washington played in the pro bowl and each made big plays. Wilson arguably deserved game MVP going 8/10 completions and 3 TDs. Unger and Okung allowed no sacks. Lynch ran in a TD to cap off a drive as well as a couple good power runs, Earl Thomas had an INT, and Leon Washington broke the record for longest Punt return in Pro bowl history.

2013 section

Seattle was ranked no.1 in the off-season power rankings, but will they live up to the hype?


WK 1)SEA 12 @ CAR 7 W

WK 2)SF 3 @ SEA 29 W (LOL I loved that game)




Wk 6)TEN @ SEA

WK 7) SEA @ AZ


WK 9) TB @ SEA

WK 10) SEA @ ATL



WK 13) NO @ SEA

WK 14) SEA @ SF

WK 15) SEA @ NYG

WK 16) AZ @ SEA

WK 17) STL @ SEA

Oh and I thought this was hilarious, a seahawk fan once said: "How many 49ers fans does it take to change a light bulb? 75,000. 1 to change the light bulb, and 74,999 to talk about how great the old light bulb was."

Lol so true...

Dragon Ball Pact: "This pact is meant to hold together the remaining fans of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Whether you like the FUNimation dub or the Ocean dub, whether you like the manga or the anime, whether you say 'Saiyan' or 'Saiyajin', we must stand strong and united, for we are the last of our dying race. And all those who are true fans, post this up on your page, forever proclaiming your Dragon Ball heritage. Be proud, for you are a true Saiyan!"

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Destiny Shattered by Herodan3 reviews
A quick decision takes place at the Twenty Third World Martial Arts Tournament. This leads to a more powerful and capable Goku as well as a new path for Raditz to travel. Find out what this new destiny has in-store for the long-haired Saiyan in Destiny Shattered. Disclaimer: Dragon Ball,Z, and GT and their characters belong to Fuji TV, Bird Studios, Akira Toriyama, and Toei.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 97 - Words: 396,040 - Reviews: 244 - Favs: 106 - Follows: 111 - Updated: 7/2 - Published: 8/10/2013 - Goku, Gohan, Raditz
Culture Shock by Brelic reviews
AU: In a universe where Raditz took a slightly smarter approach to his battle against Goku and Piccolo, how will the survival of one fighter cause ripples throughout the entire timeline. Will have all or most canon characters, plus some from the movies, in addition to a few OCs
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 38 - Words: 292,176 - Reviews: 262 - Favs: 121 - Follows: 127 - Updated: 6/27 - Published: 12/29/2013 - Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Raditz
Team Anko by EagleJarl reviews
(AU) [Rationality, meet Naruto] - Anko never wanted to lead a genin team. Sadly, the Hokage isn't okay with that; he hands her Naruto, Hinata, and Shino and orders her to "make them the best ninja and, more importantly, the best *people* possible." She's got her work cut out for her. Updates every 2 weeks on Sunday.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 75,458 - Reviews: 232 - Favs: 427 - Follows: 687 - Updated: 6/21 - Published: 3/3 - Anko M., Naruto U., Hinata H., Shino A.
Second Chance by Full Power reviews
In a twist of fate, Bardock is transported into the future to the day his sons had their fateful encounter. Given a second chance at life, the psychic Saiyan warrior is faced with a moral dilemma: can he become the father for Kakarot that he never was and help the Earth's Special Forces battle deadly incoming threats to the universe, or is he too far gone to do any real good?
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 29 - Words: 237,695 - Reviews: 583 - Favs: 446 - Follows: 434 - Updated: 6/20 - Published: 12/24/2012 - Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Bardock
Dragon Ball Z: The Catalyst by Drakthul reviews
Catalyst: a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. A traditional encounter is changed, and begins a series of events which will alter the fate of millions. From the beginning of the Saiyan Saga forward. Rated T for violence and themes.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 46 - Words: 261,262 - Reviews: 744 - Favs: 135 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 6/10 - Published: 5/16/2013 - Raditz, Turles
An Unexpected Ally by Slowerthanzero reviews
Not long after XANA had succeeded in destroying Lyoko and capturing William, the Lyoko warriors are able to reconstruct Lyoko to begin their search for Aelita's father and a way to bring William home. However, strange things happen on Lyoko and they soon find themselves aided by the most unexpected source. Is this source really what it seems? Or is there something else behind it?
Code Lyoko - Rated: K+ - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 23,274 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 5/1 - Published: 12/9/2014
Dawn of a New World by Lord of Beef Dip reviews
A single point of divergence can change everything. It creates a whole new universe. Now imagine if that break in continuity wasn't simply limited to a single place, or point in time. Imagine the events that it could lead to, of how those events could ripple out and influence everything in unexpected ways.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 22 - Words: 189,031 - Reviews: 156 - Favs: 95 - Follows: 85 - Updated: 4/30 - Published: 11/2/2011 - Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta
Team 8 by S'TarKan reviews
What if Naruto had been selected for a different team? What if he'd had a different mentor? Who would guess the consequences would be so large?
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 276,868 - Reviews: 14017 - Favs: 17,157 - Follows: 14,636 - Updated: 4/23 - Published: 1/1/2006 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
How Destiny Turns by TheElderOne reviews
Through a fantastic set of circumstances, Naruto stumbles upon the Shadow Clone Jutsu a year early and uses it to graduate when he's eleven. A fresh Genin, he's placed on a team with Neji Hyuuga and TenTen Jinta, Might Guy being their sensei. This event ripples across the pages of history books in the Leaf, and Team 9 is intent to show how to turn the tide of destiny.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 29 - Words: 215,140 - Reviews: 228 - Favs: 539 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 3/8 - Published: 7/12/2013 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.] [Neji H., Tenten]
Blitzkrieg by livezinshadowz reviews
One-shot, sequel to "The Cost of Living" and "Checkmate". Kakuzu's decision and actions leave a window of opportunity for Naruto and the rest of Akatsuki to make a play...the last one, they hope. Strike hard and strike fast, or the opponent might be able to find a way to recover and push back.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,687 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 50 - Follows: 14 - Published: 2/15 - [Fū, Naruto U.] Kakuzu, Akatsuki
The Games of Moriarty by Ragnarok777 reviews
Xana is gone. Victory has been achieved by the Lyoko Warriors. But a simple test to understand William's nightmares of Xana unveils a new enemy: Moriarty. This evil entity wishes to play a series of games that shake the Lyoko Warriors to the core.
Code Lyoko - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 28 - Words: 534,611 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 65 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 2/8 - Published: 1/14/2012
The Life by casquis reviews
The Great War was a long one, millions made it, more didn't. Frank is an ODST, a human just like us, that has managed to survive the most grueling battles for years. With so much experience under his belt he has some amazing stories to tell. This are the life stories of an immature, not-all-in-there, and talented Marine just living, fighting, and being plain badass during the war.
Halo - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 230 - Words: 1,622,859 - Reviews: 2322 - Favs: 517 - Follows: 451 - Updated: 12/12/2014 - Published: 6/20/2011 - Complete
Dragonball Z Alternate Universe: Vegeta's Rebellion by Cokusan reviews
Dragonball Z Alternate Universe: Vegeta's rebellion Summary: Vegeta has enough of the torture Frieza makes him go through. He decides to rebel against his cruel master. He decides to send Raditz to earth. Raditz manages to convince them to their cause in a friendly manner. This changes everything. Chapter 32 is now up! Thanks everyone for the reviews thus far! R R
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 32 - Words: 110,995 - Reviews: 217 - Favs: 105 - Follows: 103 - Updated: 11/24/2014 - Published: 10/23/2012 - Goku, Vegeta
Guardian by Mr.Arkham reviews
AU: A small malfunction in baby Kakarot's spaceship leads to him crash landing on Kami's Lookout. Sensing great potential power and anger inside the child's heart, Kami raises him and changes the DB Universe drastically as a result.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 71 - Words: 270,133 - Reviews: 1587 - Favs: 695 - Follows: 608 - Updated: 10/3/2014 - Published: 11/8/2012 - Goku, Bulma, Raditz, Kami
The Vengeance of Daimaō by Jason9000 reviews
A year has passed since Goku left to train with Uub. Peace has reigned for eleven years, but deep in the Demon Realm a new Demon King has been crowned. And he is set to settle old scores with the Earth. He has raised an army bent to take over Otherworld. The stakes are high and the Demon King has his eye set on Piccolo. *Previously titled 'The Return of King Piccolo'*
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 36 - Words: 142,573 - Reviews: 289 - Favs: 77 - Follows: 73 - Updated: 7/20/2014 - Published: 8/12/2012 - King Piccolo, Piccolo
Sheer Cold by bobamon reviews
King Cold's third son spent his entire life training to one day destroy his father. When his opportunity for vengeance is taken from him, he travels to Earth to battle the one who defeated his father but instead finds common ground with Gohan. How will the trials ahead shape their minds and their relationships? Branches after Cell saga.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 10,058 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 7/8/2014 - Published: 12/16/2012 - Gohan, OC, Frieza, Cooler
Zarbon's Rebellion by FinalFlashX reviews
AU: I had always survived. For nearly 40 years I had done everything he asked of me so I could work my way up the ranks until I was untouchable. I thought I was safe then, but now it seems that even as his right hand man my life is forfeit even though I had served with unquestionable loyalty. Now, in order to survive, I must eliminate Frieza and become ruler of the universe myself.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 34,335 - Reviews: 105 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 4/19/2014 - Published: 9/9/2012 - Zarbon
This Wasn't Supposed to Happen by Majin Prince reviews
Bulma had a wish at the beginning of Dragon Ball, but she never made it. What if she did? And what if her perfect boyfriend was someone we knew all along. How would this shake up the entire DB universe? What will happen and who will be on which side? And through all the turmoil will Bulma get her perfect boyfriend? Read and See. V/B
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 27,840 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 54 - Follows: 80 - Updated: 3/30/2014 - Published: 4/14/2013 - Bulma, Vegeta
Naruto: Captured by EdStargazer reviews
Naruto has failed the third attempt at his genin exam. Mizuki offers to pass him if he steals the Forbidden Scroll from the Hokage Tower. Things go wrong and Naruto is captured in the act. Chapter 25 A Mission to Sand Part 3 Resolutions
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 25 - Words: 130,145 - Reviews: 1539 - Favs: 3,153 - Follows: 3,333 - Updated: 1/15/2014 - Published: 9/2/2008 - Naruto U., Sakura H.
Sins of the Father by Super Vegetarott reviews
Life can change, sometimes in an instant. For Son Goku, this phrase never rang truer when his memories were erased with a blow to the skull and he was abducted into the stars by his elder brother. Of course, Goku's past life wouldn't just crumble away; he had a young son named Gohan, who dedicated his life to bringing his father home.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 21 - Words: 116,687 - Reviews: 1081 - Favs: 181 - Follows: 177 - Updated: 1/1/2014 - Published: 12/27/2012 - Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, Raditz
The Earthling Chronicles by FinalFlashX reviews
During the battle with Raditz, Goku is injured too greatly to make the ultimate sacrifice in the battle for Earth's fate, leaving the door open for someone else to step in and be the hero. Follow this re-telling of DBZ where the Earthlings are the main focus of the story.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 36 - Words: 283,393 - Reviews: 773 - Favs: 165 - Follows: 150 - Updated: 11/17/2013 - Published: 8/3/2011 - Tien, Piccolo
The Fall of Lord Frieza by Mr.Arkham reviews
Frieza makes a different choice against Goku on Namek and his life takes a drastically different course. As his empire and family crumble away from him, Frieza must rise from the ashes and become a hero in a galaxy that fears and despises him.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 58 - Words: 193,571 - Reviews: 1128 - Favs: 473 - Follows: 309 - Updated: 9/10/2013 - Published: 9/13/2012 - Frieza - Complete
Cognitive Dissonance by The Forgotten Phoenix reviews
It was on a pleasant October day on which Gohan was abducted by Raditz; it was on a pleasant October day on which Goku began the arduous task of finding his lost son. As their paths diverge and cross, both meet heroes, villains and everything in between. And as the cloak of oppression and war rage to the surface, both find ways to embrace the world they were forced into.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 22 - Words: 260,715 - Reviews: 230 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 46 - Updated: 9/4/2013 - Published: 11/17/2012 - Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Raditz
Role Reversal by Neo Z Fighters reviews
The sadistic Arcosian tyrant, Frieza, wants Vegeta's son. But the resilient Saiyan king isn't going to let that happen. After concocting a plan to save the heir to the throne, he sends his son to Earth instead of a certain low-class Saiyan baby... Written by: FinalFlashX, LucifVegeta, and two authors to be determined.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 2 - Words: 22,865 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 52 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 7/16/2013 - Published: 6/9/2013 - Goku, Vegeta, Bardock
Searching for Myself by Neo Z Fighters reviews
The Neo Z-Fighters community presents you the monthly challenge! Every month, one of our authors is randomly selected and will display his/her talents by writing a short story/or one shot based off of a difficult and challenging plot! This is the very first one... Author - pointer39 *More info in A/N*
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,138 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 3/15/2013 - Published: 2/24/2013 - Bulma, Chiaotzu
Early Redemption by QueenNaberrie reviews
AU 2 yrs. after ROTJ, a time travel device is found. The New Republic sends Luke & Leia back in time to warn the Old Republic & Old Jedi Order about Palpatine. Anakin has just been put on the Council when they arrive. 11/23/14 Revising early chapters.
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 86 - Words: 280,491 - Reviews: 2082 - Favs: 975 - Follows: 821 - Updated: 2/11/2013 - Published: 6/3/2006 - Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala
The Cost of Living by livezinshadowz reviews
My response to pudgypudge's Jiongu challenge. Watch as Naruto is mentored by Kakuzu to become a powerful ninja and bounty hunter, and follow him as he discovers that his new life requires a payment in blood to live successfully. Jiongu!Naruto; Naruto/Fū. One-shot sequel now up.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: 199,971 - Reviews: 1025 - Favs: 2,204 - Follows: 1,513 - Updated: 12/28/2012 - Published: 3/20/2010 - [Naruto U., Fū] Kakuzu - Complete
The Path of a Jedi by mokakenobi reviews
AU, Obi-Wan finds himself back in time and has to decide which path to take
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 52 - Words: 243,832 - Reviews: 809 - Favs: 826 - Follows: 631 - Updated: 11/26/2012 - Published: 4/11/2009 - Obi-Wan K. - Complete
Kageto: The Beginning of the Saiyan Supreme by Kagetoworld reviews
Kageto is a Saiyan warrior whom reformed after he lost a battle against his brother Vegeta. Expelled from Planet Plant, he goes on an adventure and changes the Dragon Ball Z history. His goal is to become stronger and he ended up working for Destiny because he changed his life. This is not a BardockxFasha love story. The main character is Kageto.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 8 - Words: 25,992 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 10 - Updated: 10/1/2012 - Published: 3/19/2012 - Fasha, Bardock - Complete
Honor of A Saiyan's Heart by daughterofrisingsun reviews
AU First fanfic A temporary change of command brings unexpected changes to the Saiyan team. RaditzxOC.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 50 - Words: 151,818 - Reviews: 323 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 45 - Updated: 5/29/2012 - Published: 7/10/2011 - Raditz - Complete
Dragon Ball Z: Retold Saga by Rojoneo reviews
An AU of episodes 200 – the final episode of Dragon Ball Z. Gohan runs into two special guest from the new game Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Has action, comedy, romance and everything else we love about Dragon Ball Z.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 25 - Words: 179,454 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 2/20/2012 - Published: 1/14/2012 - Gohan - Complete
A Growing Affection by Xavon Wrentaile reviews
After a misunderstanding reveals hidden emotions, Naruto and Hinata begin training together, getting to know each other. At the same time Sakura finds herself jealous. Takes place in a tangent after the Elemental Training Arc of the Shippuden timeline.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 170 - Words: 686,165 - Reviews: 2983 - Favs: 2,867 - Follows: 1,590 - Updated: 9/25/2011 - Published: 11/27/2007 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
The Flaming of My Immortal by Liza MMX reviews
The title is self-explanatory.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 38,410 - Reviews: 291 - Favs: 130 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 8/25/2011 - Published: 10/4/2010 - Complete
Heart of a Sith by TheRealThing reviews
Fourteen years have passed since the inception of the Empire. Darth Vader has been asked to go to Alderaan for an unusual reason, one that Vader soon discovers will change his life forever.
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 130 - Words: 317,577 - Reviews: 2397 - Favs: 675 - Follows: 256 - Updated: 1/17/2008 - Published: 7/15/2007 - Darth Vader, Padmé Amidala - Complete
My Daughter by TheRealThing reviews
What if Darth Vader had realized who Princess Leia was when they met face to face? What would he have done differently had he known? Obviously an AU story.
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 90 - Words: 208,239 - Reviews: 2002 - Favs: 981 - Follows: 299 - Updated: 5/28/2007 - Published: 1/7/2007 - Darth Vader, Leia O. - Complete
Master Roshi's Journal by Ponytail Goddess reviews
*Complete* Here are some of Master Roshi's daily journal writings. They are here purely for your amusement.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 4,113 - Reviews: 141 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/18/2003 - Published: 9/1/2002 - Master Roshi, Oolong - Complete
Babysitting Saiya-jins: The Victim's P.O.V. by Ponytail Goddess reviews
*Complete* You get to look through the babysitter's eyes as she watches Trunks and Goten! Expect pure chaos...
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 11,283 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 10 - Updated: 8/15/2002 - Published: 7/19/2002 - Goten, Trunks - Complete
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Re-Alignment reviews
AU Anko is pressed to finally take on her first Genin team at a crucial time just as the third Hokage is given an interesting arsenal to work against the threat of the Akatsuki.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 31,423 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 55 - Updated: 6/27 - Published: 6/7 - Naruto U., Shikamaru N., Kiba I., Anko M.
Abridged 1 shot sagas reviews
HUMOR - One shots of each saga. Originally...I wrote this first chapter to make fun of some dude who published a 20 word chapter...but I had some requests to write more of these, Chapter 8 Majin Buu saga out *COMPLETE*
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 4,851 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 6/9 - Published: 1/10/2013 - Complete
Relegation reviews
A what-if/AU story that cuts off from canon when Padmé falls out of the gunship. Anakin disobeys his master and jumps out to stay by her side… this changes the Star Wars universe in more ways than one would think.
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,817 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 11/5/2014 - Published: 10/11/2014 - Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan K., Padmé Amidala
Appule's Insurrection reviews
A story where Appule rercuits allies, and fights for vengeance! For his family... and for his life! Can Appule and his allies overthrow the Cold Empire and avenge the fallen? How much will the DBZ universe change from one simple decision made by Frieza?
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 44 - Words: 141,049 - Reviews: 335 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 34 - Updated: 4/19/2014 - Published: 10/9/2012 - Piccolo, Appule
Sanity Hanging by a Thread reviews
A normal kid has an obsession with DBZ throughout his childhood, but as he grows into a teenager, and has gotten passed his love for the anime... he eventually slips into schizophrenia, and his hallucinations of DBZ characters in their appearance constantly screw with his life. :D Not a self insert, nothing crazy like DBZ characters ACTUALLY being there in the flesh.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,696 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 12/23/2013 - Published: 6/26/2013
Bosh's Survival reviews
How did Chris Bosh survive when the Walkers emerged?
Walking Dead - Rated: K+ - English - Parody/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 388 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Published: 7/6/2013 - Complete
Ginyu Force tryouts reviews
Hysterical one-shot based around the What-if of Ginyu and Jeice surviving Namek, Frieza gains immortality and they need new members of the Ginyu force.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 750 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 4 - Published: 3/18/2013 - Jeice, Ginyu - Complete
Yamcha's Accident reviews
A little accident with the Dragon balls.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 973 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/18/2012 - Yamcha - Complete
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