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Poll: While I was bored, I wrote a chapter for my TF Power of Ten story. Should I post it as a one shot?(Even though it's for a future story arc). I'll give you a hint as to what it's about with a line from the chapter. "Sorry to break it to you, but I'm a belt." Vote Now!
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Let's get this out of the way. I am a man who respects your opinion.

Okay, now for my Michael Bay rant. I am capable of acknowledging that prople might like Bay's Transformers movies, but I don’t like anything he’s made. Here's my opinions on them. Transformers was okay. Revenge of the Fallen was fragging horrendous. Dark of the Moon was a slight improvement, but Optimus didn’t want to agree with Megatron and killed him ruthlessly. That brings my opinion of Bayformers down a lot.

Age of Extinction had potential, but that was ruined when the usual Bayformers scrap reared its ugly face plate. It's where I draw most of my anger towards Bay as a director. Let’s begin shall we. First, there’s that dumbass line from Drift when he saw that the Dinobots turned into Dinosaurs! His line was “I was expecting a giant car.” They had horns and teeth on their bodies! Plus, in AOE, I didn’t see grimlock as a t-rex, but as a carnotaurus. I would’ve bought the t-rex thing if he didn’t have the horn. And when Optimus said that they (the autobots) were giving them (the dinobots) freedom, it was when optimus was beating the scrap out of grimlock. Also, the dinobots never talked! That was bullshit!! I think the reason they didn’t talk is because the only fitting dialogue would’ve made Optimus seem like the bad guy. The KSI (Kinetic Solutions Incorporated) were bad villains, they were never a real threat and were needlessly cruel, I mean for the love of god they killed Ratchet. The product placement was so bad that Cinemasins had a bonus round at the end of their two part Age of Extinction review. That’s as much rage as I’ll let out.

You know what, let me tell y’all a little story. This is the story of how I was first introduced to transformers and how my relationship with the franchise has changed over the course of nearly a decade...

In the spring of 2007 while I was with my family visiting one of my mom’s friends in Tampa Bay Florida, I saw a commercial for a movie. I thought it was a bionicle movie (I wasn’t the brightest back then), but when I saw the title at the end, it was Transformers, the first one, which was the best. After seeing it in theaters when it came out in July, I loved it. It was awesome. I then wanted to know more about transformers and found out that it was a toy line made by hasbro that’s been around since the 1980s. On the hasbro website I found a trailer for a show called Transformers animated. I saw that show and it was better than the movie. The same with Revenge of the Fallen and the distraction that hasbro released that was called Transformers War for Cybertron. That game was and still is amazing. When Dark of the Moon came out I was less than excited. I still saw it and it was okay. There were some good parts but it was still mostly bad. The that same year, 2011, on a new channel called Hub, I saw a commercial that showed a red semi truck with a narration by who else but Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime. I saw the show’s first episode, and that was Transformers Prime, Darkness Rising Part 1. It was great, I watched every episode of Darkness Rising and was really hyped for the actual show to premiere. And my hype was justified. The show was great. And TFP went on to be my favorite Transformers series.

Now here's why I love Transformers Prime:

1. They were actual robots in disguise, not ones who were practically publicly known.

2. The human character, who I think in most Transformers media are one of the key components (not including Beast Wars and Beast Machines) these humans were not ear bleedingly annoying like Kicker from Energon, pointlessly awkward like Sam Witwicky in the first three live action movies, and these were actual humans unlike Sari from animated (Sari Sumdac and Animated were awesome by the way). These human characters seemed realistic as cartoon character go. Jack was mature and responsible, but still made a few bad choices, Speed Metal anyone? Miko was a troublemaker who tried to have a good time. Raf was just a little kid who was caught up in all this, but tried to make the best of it. Plus, they all helped the Autobots in their own way. Jack recovered Optimus’ memories and, I’m surprised not as many people bring this up, but Jack indirectly saved the earth by refusing to kill Megatron when Megatron was stuck after the cave in. Miko stopped the decepticon from getting the synthetic energon formula in T.M.I. Raf, tried to stop the decepticons from locking on to cybertron’s position in Darkness Rising and made the virus that gave the autobots access to the iacon database.

3. It seemed like it was trying to tell a story rather than being a way for an overly violent perv to play with his toys or a toy commercial like G1 or Armada(The latter of which was more overt). The main cast remained constant. It was like Animated where I could remember all of the main characters. G1 was guilty of having too many characters, some just appearing in one episode.(I still like G1 though.)

4. Megatron's reason for starting the war was explained. In G1, Megatron was built evil. He had no reason to conquer Cybertron except for the purpose of conquering it. TFP Megatron wanted equality for all cybertronians, but he lost his way and became the villain that we know.

5. The fact that there are a lot of jokes that only some people would get. Such example were when Starscream said to Knockout that he was 'one of those' if you look at it from a kid's perspective, the rest of the Decepticons were flying vehicles, Knockout was a car. But it could also be a reference to his personality, which is a bit, flamboyant. Another one came from the Episode Predatory when Jack was trapped by Airachnid's web shots, it was a reverse of the situation a character that Josh Keaton, who did the voice for both Jack Darby and Peter Parker/ Spiderman in The Spectacular Spiderman. TFwiki makes reference to this. There's also the one that I think I'm one of a few who have caught it. Knockout, who's voiced by Daran Norris who was also Timmy's dad, transforms into a car similar to the Striker Z that Mr Turner obsesses over. However, there were a few that they missed out on. Like maybe Ravage could've been in the show and in episodes where Raf is searching the internet for pictures of the bots to remove, there could've been one of Ravage doing LOL cat things, but he pays it no mind.

6. MECH was effective at being a serious human threat. They were around before the transformers arrived so it would make sense that they would go after the transformers after finding out about them.

7. The writers cared. It's like the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. If the creators of them didn't want to make them, they wouldn't have been as successful. But they do and they're great. Even if Transformers Prime was a flop, which it wasn't, at least you could detect that they at least tried to make something that was true to what they thought Transformers was.

Who here likes Kamen Rider? If You do post this on your profile. Or don't that's alright.

My top ten Kamen Riders Reasons why

#10: Takeshi Hongo/ Kamen Rider Ichigo- Very first, may not be the strongest, but he's one of the most iconic.

#9: Shinnosuke Tomari/ Kamen Rider Drive- The primary rider since Black RX to not use a motorcycle.

#8: Momotaros/ Kamen Rider Den-O- He was Japan's Deadpool, before Japan actually had a Deadpool.

#7: Kouji Segawa/ Kamen Rider J- Can grow to the size of a megazord.

#6: Gentaro Kisaragi/ Kamen Rider Fourze- He's an astronaut and he's the one you could get along with the easiest

#5: Ryu Terui/ Kamen Rider Accel- A Kamen rider who's a transformer, what's not to like?

#4: Shotaro Hidari & Philip/ Kamen Rider W- Two in one Kamen Rider.

#3: Eiji Hino/ Kamen Rider OOO- Uses the power of desire to be selfless.

#2: Jo Shijima/ Kamen Rider Mach- He's overly showy. And a photographer who can actually take pictures.

#1: Kouta Kazuraba/ Kamen Rider Gaim- He's a guy who accidentally became a Kamen Rider, and eventually a _.

My top ten favorite TV shows Cartoons: (Note: These are only shows that I have seen a full season of. Adventure Time and The Animaniacs are fantastic, but I've only seen a few episodes)

#10: The original Transformers Cartoon; It's cheesy to no end, but it did start off one of the franchises from the Eighties that's still around.

#9: Star Wars The Clone Wars; The only purely good thing to come out of the prequels.

#8: The Kamen Rider Series Super Sentai Series; Live action super hero shows that are both very similar, so I'm counting them as one. They'd be higher on the list, but both series had bad seasons and movies like JAKQ, Amazon, Shin, and Saban's Masked Rider. But seasons and movies like OOO, Gokaiger, Kyoryuger, Gaim, Kamen Rider The First, Let's go Kamen Riders, and Kyoryuger vs Gobuster keep it on the list.

#7: Power Rangers RPM; A Mad Max styled kid show that was based on a Sentai that was the exact opposite? Watch Linkara's review for a taste of what made it great.

#6: Doctor Who; A science fiction show that's been going on for more than fifty years and is still relevant? Awesome.

#5: Ben 10 Omniverse; True, it may be the worst of the Ben 10 shows, but you have to respect a show that has two different TFP Starscream jokes in it.

#4: Beast Wars: Transformers; Its CGI may be dated but it's very atmospheric, funny, and even made me cry at times, making it one part of the ninetyies that is still relevant. And Scott Mcneil voiced four characters on the show. Need I say more?

#3: Gravity Falls: A kids show that a mystery. And it has great characters, so even if the pay off at the end is bad, at least it was a fun trip to get there.

#2: Ben 10 Alien Force: A great follow up to the original series. It had a much more linear story than its prediceser.

Runners up...

Ben 10, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Transformers Animated, MST3K, and Power Rangers Samurai Super Samurai

And now, taking the number one spot, we have...

#1: Transformers Prime; Good god this show was awsome. It had great characters, tolerable humans, surprisingly dark elements, and it focused more on telling a good story. I, as well as others, view it as what the live action movies should have been like, seeing as they took cues from the movies in the designs. I hope TFP becomes the template for how transformers shows are made in the future.

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