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NAME: Ashlee

AGE: 15

HEIGHT: 5'3"

WEIGHT: Like hell you would ask

HAIR COLOR: Black midnight that goes to my waist with carmel highlights

EYE COLOR: Chocolate brown mistaken as black

FAVORITE COLORS: Red, black, silver, and blue

FAVORITE BOOKS/SERIES: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter

FAVORITE YU-GI-OH CHARACTERS: Ishizu Ishtar, Anzu Masaki, Seto Kaiba, Malik Ishtar

FAVORITE TRANSFORMERS: Starscream, Hotshot, Blurr, Scavenger, Wheeljack, Optimus, Cycolouns, and Thundercraker

FAVORITE BEYBLADE CHARACTERS: Ozuma, Kai, Tyson, Mariah, Hilary, Salima, Johnny, Tala


FAVORITE G-GUNDAM CHARACTERS: Allenby, Schwarz, Sai Sici, George, Chibode

FAVORITE SAILOR MOON CHARACTERS: Hino Rei, Meiou Setsuna, Tomoe Hotaru





MY MUSES: Starscream, Hotshot, Scavenger, Sideswipe, and Optimus when I'm doing Transformers fics. Vegeta, Trunks, Kaioshin, and Cell when I'm writing Dragon Ball Z fics. Kai, Tala, Tyson, Mariah, and Hilary when I'm doing Beyblade fics

FAVORITE HORROR MOVIES: The Freddy Krueger series ^_^ Hellraiser, Halloween, Children of the Chorn, Pet Sematary II

FAVORITE SUBJECT: Health, Biology, History, and Engish


Sai Sici/Allenby

Tyson/Hilary (Waves her TysonHilary flag)

Suzako/Botan (Don't ask)

1) Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Blurr, Hot Rod
2) Jazz, Kup, Springer, Elita One

Hot Rod/Kup

Arcee/Hot Rod
Arcee/Starscream (Don't ask me. Arcee has to be one of my favorite female bot^_^)

Arcee - Probably one of my favorite female bot. She cares a lot for her freinds and we have a lot in common ^_^

Kup - My favorite male bot. He has a lot in experance in battle for his age

Starscream - Ah, one of my favorite Decpticons. Cold, cruel, and cares nothing to bring Megatron down.


Spark Location: Center chest

Schtick: (Asterisked above) Distract 5 (See Mechanism notes)

Image: Tall and angular, Elita One is considered the pinnacle of Autobot beauty. Her frame is pink, silver, and white. Her alternate mode is a hovercar, and her robot chest reflects that somewhat, though she has shapely legs and a narrow build. Her silver hands are delicate, but just as comfortable holding a gun as any Autobot warriors'. On the top of her head rests a molded shape like a spiked, pink and white crown. Her voice is deep and even, and her stride graceful. When she is peaceful, which is her mood most often, the legends that surround her and the age in her light blue optics give her an unmatched aura of serenty.

History: Long ago, in the Golden Age of Cybertron, two young Autobots, workers in a river factory, fell in love. Their names would be passed down throughout time as Ariel and Orion. Orion Pax, a bright young Autobot with leadership potential, was fascinated by a new line, the Decepticons: a robot race that had learned to fly. That interest would become a fatal attraction when both he and his young love were wounded by the Decepticon leader, Megatron. Alpha Trion, an already-ancient Autobot who carried with him the Matrix of Leadership, repaired Orion Pax and rebuilt his frame. The Matrix was passed down to him, and he became the Autobots' greatest general, Optimus Prime. Ariel was also restored and improved, in the form of a warrior maiden Alpha Trion dubbed Elita One.
Elita stood by Optimus through countless battles, as war was waged on the violent Decepticons. Often she lead armies on her husband's own battlefields. However, just as often, war seperated the two, and, as generals, they held the line on many different planets. One fateful mission, Optimus was called away from Cybertron, leaving Iacon in a ship called the Ark. Fearing the worst, Elita begged to come along, but Optimus insisted she remain behind. Her suspicions were correct. Optimus and the Autobot Ark did not return.
Elita waited patiently for her brave husband, but war had different activities in mind for her. Decepticon General Shockwave became her greatest foe, as he mobilized Cybertron against her weakened forces. Wanting to save the lives of her comrades, and Alpha Trion in particular, Elita surrendered herself personally. Shockwave finally agreed not to kill the Autobot rebels. Saved from the smelting pools, they were put under survellance, and Elita One was imprisoned in Shockwave's tower for two-hundred years. When Shockwave was certain his hold on Cybertron was secure, he offered Elita her freedom. However, Elita had discovered that Shockwave had the potential to be peaceful. Trying to nurture this quality in her once-hated enemy, she remained in the tower. United, the pair created a peaceful Cybertron empire that lasted over three-million years.
Elita attempted to keep her new marriage a secret. Allowed to visit home, she told the others that she had "escaped." The ruse worked for a while, but eventually a Decepticon squadron under Shockwave misunderstood, and attacked Alpha Trion's base. Alpha Trion, discovering the truth about Elita's decision, convinced her that Shockwave was to blame. The rebellion went back into business when several of the Autobots managed to escape. Elita, feeling betrayed, went into her cause with new fervor.
Eventually, the unthinkable happened. Optimus Prime surfaced, and returned to Cybertron. Energized by his return, Elita's rebels made a new move, and Shockwave was the first to discover it. He alterted Megatron of the situation before he discovered that Elita was among the females still alive, and Megatron sent Starscream, among others, to dispose of the rebels. However, Megatron also alterted Optimus Prime of this news, and Prime rushed to Cybertron to investigate. Starscream was the first to locate Elita One, but Shockwave stopped him from eliminating her. Shockwave then cleverly offered Elita the oppurtunity to choose between himself and her old love. Elita chose Optimus. But finding him colder and more war-hardened than she remembered, she did not follow him to Earth. Only twenty years later, she heard of his death at the hands of Megatron.
Not long after, Elita's rebel base was invaded by Shock Troops. Shockwave arrived in person, and offered Elita One one final chance to run away with him and return to a peaceful Cybertron. She accepted. Reunited, Elita and Shockwave spent two centuries in hiding in outer space. When they returned to Cybertron, the Autobots had claimed victory, and Maximal and Predacon technologies were in development. Shockwave fashioned himself an identity as a Maximal called "Magnaboss." Elita would discover too late that the name was chosen as an homage to Ultra Magnus, whom Shockwave destroyed. Elita One accepted the moment of cruelty from her husband. She carefully aided his rulership, taking care of the Autobots' descendants, and the Decepticons' as well. As Maximal Magnaboss, Shockwave and Elita One rule the planet as one in two parts.

Roleplaying hints: Older even than her tireless husband, Elita One is mother to a world. She is fair and patient. Speak kindly, softly, and care for everyone: young and old, Autobot, Decepticon, Maximal, Predacon. Always look for solutions that do not involve fighting, but when none are available, fight with all your spark.
Elita loves Shockwave wholly, and she is somewhat bitter about the abrupt end of her former relationship. Optimus was a wonderful leader, a perfect general, and very proud. Shockwave is a wonderful leader, a perfect general, and very proud...but it has become a pride that does not need countless battles to survive. Deep down, she knows that Shockwave is not kind. He is a Decepticon, and does not, like her first husband, believe in preserving sentient life in all its forms. Occasionally, Elita willfully ignores Shockwave's darker tendancies, but, more often, she helps steer him towards the light. She feels she does not have to rationalize her choices to anyone: "Magnaboss" is what is best for this world.
Elita One has an entourage of two to four Super Class female-appearance bodyguard drones and/or two to four specially trained combat medics. When Shockwave is not at her side, she does not make a public appearance without a few assisstants for her personal protection.

Quotes: "Maximal rule brings peace, and peace is good for Cybertron."
"I am old...and I am tired of the fighting."
"Are you going to ask about my ex-husband? They always do."

Elita: "Do you ever wonder what would happen... if he did come back?"
Shockwave: "I have considered it. I imagine he would one-shot-kill all of my door guards, apologize profusely to Grimlock, climb to the top of the Citadel using only the stairs, then punch me in the eye for interfacing with his wife."
Elita: [laugh] "Perfect answer, but I think you are wrong. He would one-shot-kill all of the door guards, apologize profusely to Grimlock, climb to the top of the Citadel using only the stairs, then punch you in the eye for leading his troops and sitting in his chair. Then I'd punch him in the face for hurting my husband."
Shockwave: "Stand by that promise, then, and I will be glad to be wrong."

Timeline: Elita One first appears in the series when she is briefly recognized by Eldred Cyrix in the episode "Keeping the Peace." However, the nature of her involvement is not revealed until the "Secrets of Cybertron" movie, when the history between her and Shockwave is revealed. In the second act, she meets with a group at the Maximal Matrix, and appoints Optimus Primal her personal general. After Optimus's death in "To Fall in the Fires," Elita speaks with Vector Sigma/Alpha Trion and tells him the entire story of her new husband and their new future. Elita joins the Maximal group in the attack on Unicron at the end of the series.

Mechanism Notes: Elita One's Shtick is Distract 5, the power named for her, but this power does not require a die roll. As a substitute for the requisite automatic success, after a use of her Distract 5, drain Elita One's spark pool at half the normal rate. Elita One has become increasingly more comfortable with using this potentially fatal ability, but does not use it unless she is in the presence of Shockwave or more than one of her trained medics.



Allegiance: Autobot
First Comic Appearance: Transformers: The Movie #1

"Looks are always deceiving."

Profile: A sweet, kind, and loyal Autobot to her friends, Arcee is also a merciless, lethal warrior to her enemies. Arcee's intelligence, quick wit, and coolness under fire make her invaluable to the Autobot cause. The Decepticons constantly underrate her because, since to them she so closely resembles the female humans of Earth which the Decepticons have absolutely no respect for, they believe she is beneath their consideration. It is an attitude that Arcee exploits with deadly efficiency. Arcee is very protective of the human, Danny Witwicky, son of Spike Witwicky, the long-time Earthling friend of the Autobots. In fact, sometimes Arcee is a bit overly protective of him and treats Danny almost like a fragile Ming vase since his skin is not composed of a supremely tough metal alloy like hers. Arcee is attracted to the Autobot, Hot Rod, who reciprocates the affection. But neither of them is willing to admit it openly. If one were to listen to the verbal pot-shots they take at each other, one would think that they were the bitterest of enemies. But catch one of the Autobots, or worse, a Decepticon, making a disparaging remark about Hot Rod in Arcee's presence and the offender will more often than not find his hydraulic hoses sliced to ribbons before he knows it.

Weaknesses: Arcee's concern for Danny sometimes causes her to take excessive risks in order to protect him.



Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies."

Profile: Starscream makes no secret of his ambition to overthrow Megatron as Decepticon leader. He is ruthless, cold-blooded, and cruel. In that sense the two rivals are very much alike. But he has a vain side that clearly distinguishes him. He considers himself the most handsome of the Decepticons. He exudes a high-class, urbane air that provides a certain irony to his murderous tendencies.

He looks down at Megatron for being antiquated in his military strategy. Starscream believes the Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute, destructive force to defeat the Autobots. Megatron overlooks the potential threat Starscream represents for one very good reason: Starscream is very good at his job.

Abilities: Starscream is one of the fastest flyers of the Decepticons, reaching speeds of up to Mach 2.8. He can climb to sub-orbital altitudes of 52 miles and nose-dive down to near ground level in mere minutes. This makes him particularly effective in surprise attacks and hit-and-run actions. He can shoot cluster bombs a distance of 40 miles, each of which can level an area 10,000 feet square. His null-ray rifle can interrupt the flow of electricity in any circuit it hits for periods of up to two minutes, effectively preventing the operation of many machines dependent on those circuits during that period.

Weaknesses: Starscream overrates himself sometimes, and finds himself in situations that are more than he can handle. His nose-dives often overload his gyro-circuitry leaving him disoriented briefly. But, overall, he is a very tough nut to crack.



Function: Autobot Cavalier
Allegiance: Autobot (Cybertron)
First Cartoon Appearance: Transformers: The Movie

"My actions speak louder than words."

Profile: Hot Rod is the all-American-boy Autobot. Not too sweet, not too sharp, not too snotty... not a goodie-goodie, but basically a typical adolescent who has dreams of doing great stuff and being as heroic and important as Optimus Prime and other famous and revered top Autobots. He tends to follow rules until they bug him- and he sometimes learns, to his regret, that disobeying wasn't exactly smart. And he often acts without thinking in an effort to do the right thing- and this gets him and sometimes his friends in trouble. But he's not afraid when trouble does arrive and is a brave and honorable fighter and friend. He is especially close to Kup, the grizzled old mentor of an Autobot, although he sometimes resents hearing "wisdom." And he likes Daniel, the Earth kid, a lot. (In a way, Hot Rod is big brother to Daniel -a role model- and Hot Rod knows it and takes the responsibility seriously.) In robot or automotive mode, Hot Rod is sometimes hot-headed, but always a well-meaning, admirable "lad" and popular with all who know him.

Abilities: He carries two photon lasers that temporarily electromagnetize an enemy robot's microcircuits. Speed: 120 mph. Range: 4 miles.

Weaknesses: Hot Rod's impulsive actions often get him into trouble.



Allegiance: Autobot
First US Comic Appearance: Transformers: The Movie #1

"Consistency is victory."

Profile: Ultra Magnus is all soldier. He is most comfortable when he is carrying out Optimus Prime's orders- giving it all of his magnificent fighting skills, courage and gift for battlefield improvisation. And he is uncomfortable when the mantle of leadership is placed over his broad shoulders. He sees himself as a follower, not a commander, and is reluctant to assume authority until it is clear that he has no choice but to lead. And when he does finally lead, he is resolute, fair and courageous beyond reproach. He is ever-ready to sacrifice himself for the good of his companions and mission, and unstinting in his preparedness so that his "people" will be as protected as possible.

Abilities: Ultra Magnus carries missile launchers capable of hitting a target 30 miles away.

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