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Important News

Hello, fellow people of the internet! I've recently had some stuff going on with my life and I've decided it was time for a change! Please note that I have deleted the piece I was previously writing due to a lack of interest in the fandom, and I am starting fresh with a completely new genre.

If you were a reader of the aforementioned piece, I sincerely apologize, but I simply wasn't able to find the motivation or time to update. I will attempt to update more regularly with any works I happen to create in the future, but I can make no promises, as I am very busy with school and other activities.

As such, updates will more likely than not be few and far between; I love to write but I usually don't have the time for it, and compared to other things it's not as high up on my priority list.

Stuff to Know

Hello! I'm xgravity, formerly known as natlaredo. I usually go by Nat but you can call me whatever. Female, if you couldn't tell.

I got into anime a while ago (help me) so most of my writing will probably be in that genre.

I'm not a huge romance-lover, nor am I good at writing it, so please don't expect a lot of it from my work.

I'm a high school student and as much as love writing these stories, my studies will always come before my writing.

I'm a huge animal person; I volunteer at a local shelter a lot and foster puppies pretty often, too. My family has two dogs (one was a foster fail, ha), a cat, and two horses. I've been riding since I was six. Aspiring to be a small animal veterinarian.

I'm kind of awkward but I'm pretty sociable once I warm up to someone; feel free to shoot me a PM or whatever if you wanna chat.


One Piece Noragami Kuroko no Basuke Haikyuu!!

I've seen a lot more than that, but these are the few that I've really been captivated by.

If you have a request for a oneshot in one of these fandoms, feel free to let me know; I can't promise I'll be able to do it, but I like having little challenges to help me break off from a single project and polish my skills in other areas, so to speak, so if I have time I'll try and get it done.


Currently Writing

Deity - Kuroko no Basuke. A Noragami AU.
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