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Hello there fellow fanfiction writers! Here you have me! A girl who will tell you about herself! I am someone who is unique and different. I've had many troubles in my life but I will still manage to try and get a good story or two out there. More shall come to this profile as time continues. We will always find the many different Heartless in the worlds...but don't turn over to the darkness...

Find the light. Let's get started with some information you may all need.

Hello. My name is Amy. Amy Haze. I used to live in Hallow Bastion but it wasn't called this in the past. When I was a mere child, it was called the Radiant Gardens. I was taken in when I lost my parents one day. It's tragic, I understand. However, I wasn't alone. My foster mother, Mrs. Haze, let me roam around the Gardens and those were the days I met my best friends; Lea and Isa. They were some of the younger kids that actually caught my attention out of the others. I think it was Lea whom I met first...Yep! Definitely Lea. I mean, how can you NOT notice his spikey red hair that literally looked like bursting flames. It was mostly his eyes caught my attention. They were so...bright and emerald colored. I was hooked on him being my friend then.

He, Isa and I soon became the best of friends and weren't seen without one another. One day, some strange boy came to our world. His name was Ventus. He had the biggest blue eyes and the spikiest blond hair I'd ever seen. He had this weapon he carried around and it's called the Keyblade. Apparently, it is a weapon that chooses it's wielder. That sounded, and still does, sound absolutely amazing. We all walked up to him but only I touched it. Ventus had smiled at me and said I was a cute little girl. I took the compliment and went to go buy everyone ice-cream. By the time I came back with them, Ventus was gone.

Anyways, everything changed in the next couple of years. Strange monsters appeared all around the Radiant Gardens. A man named, Ansem the Wise, saved me but I was separated from Lea and Isa. I was scared and I felt like I'd lost everything once again. He protected me and ensured that I would survive. He even promised that I would be reunited with my friends again. With my ignorance back then, I believed him. That was when I began to train. When I was a kid, I was great with a bow and arrow. Ansem the Wise gave me an even more powerful bow. It created wind every time I fired an arrow and Ansem said I was somehow able to control the air with my weapon and even without it. I told him that it sounded ridiculous to be even able to achieve something like that but I guess it is possible for me to do that.

Now, I'm ready to fight. Ansem is gone and most of the apprentices are dead. I have to keep fighting. I have to find Lea and Isa and to do that...I have to fight through the heartless. Don't worry Isa...Lea. I WILL find you...

I promise.

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A girl by the name of Amy Haze encounters two very familiar boys while taking a stroll through the Radiant Gardens. When they become friends, so many things begin to change for her and she gets involved in things that she hadn't known about before. One day, Amy and her friends' lives get changed even further and many events occur. See these events through the eyes of Nulla or Zero.
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,271 - Reviews: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 1/27/2015 - Published: 12/29/2014 - OC, Axel, Saïx, Xigbar