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Author has written 75 stories for Lord of the Rings, Transformers/Beast Wars, Pacific Rim, Tron, X-overs, Five Nights at Freddy´s, League of Legends, Undertale, Merlin, Movie X-overs, and Overwatch.

You walk into a small, unassuming home. You’d been led to believe that a sorceress lived inside…you didn’t really want to enter, but your friends dared you to. You open up the door, it glides open at your very touch without a single sound. You look around at the strangely much, much bigger surroundings before a rustling to your right catches your attention. You whip around to face a tall figure sitting at a writer’s desk, quill in hand. The figure turns towards you, the midnight blue cloak rustling as they, no she...you can tell it's a young woman, maybe in her late teens early twenties...turned on the chair. Two pale hands brush off the errant pieces of paper that fall to the floor like fluttering wings. The figure stands and you can just barely make out two warm, stormy blue eyes underneath the hood of the cloak.
“Gi suilon, mellon. Gail síla erin lû e-govaned 'wîn. I greet you, friend. A star shines upon our hour of meeting,” she says, extending one of her pale hands, “My name is Elhíni Prime. Let me tell you a bit about myself..."

I am the eldest of twenty cousins and the first of them in college. Air-Jack Prime is my little sister, minifox1 is one of my younger cousins and WolfTsamisyu7 is my best friend (we're considering adopting her we're that close!)

I am a freshman music education major specializing in secondary choral ed and minoring in creative writing (so that if I can't get a job in teaching high school choir, I can teach high school composition instead).

I live in the Midwest of the U.S.A (Indiana actually) and in winter the snow and ice are terrible. So in winter, updates might be slower than normal.

Pet Peeves: 1. People reading over my shoulder. 2. People asking to know what I'm reading when I don't want them to know. 3. Being forced to get out and meet people (I'm antisocial...I prefer solitude thank you!) 4. People pester me about my romantic life (that's between us, thank you very much!) 5. Being bored. 6. People badmouthing we contraltos (we're few, but we're the ones that carry you sopranos!) 7. Insensitive people (why can't everyone just get along?) 8. People badmouthing my faith (I am a Christian and proud of it. I don't shove my belief down your throat and I don't see why you take offence if I merely state my opinion on something. My opinion is not shared by everyone, it's just me as an individual). 9. People trying to take my iPod away from me (you can see why I wrote Dusk the way I did...no one touches the iPod. I can't live/ function without my music). 10. Writer's block ('Nuff said!)

For all you new readers I give you a few warnings about my writing.

1. I have been called evil, multiple times and I admit I love being called it when it comes to writing.

2. I absolutely love my cliffhangers, they're so much fun to write...not so much fun to read.

3. I am in college, so updates are sporadic on a lot of my stories due to homework (I am trying to keep my grades up so I can get more scholarships and not put the hurt on my family's financials).

4. I will not do m/m or f/f pairings. It goes against what I was raised to believe and it feels wrong to me...so save us both the discomfort and don't ask.

5. On subject of pairings, I try to stay on the canon (or could be canon in case of some fandoms (Raleigh/Mako from Pacific Rim and Sam/Quorra or Beck/Paige from Tron: Legacy and Tron: Uprising)

I write fanfiction because I can't help but place myself into stories that unfortunately weren't mine.

Siblings? One, Air-Jack Prime

I am hoping to be a writer one day, (hopefully) and am working on a story series now.

Favorite Movies: LOTR, Hobbit, Tron (Classic), Tron: Legacy, Cyrano de Bergerac, Transformers (1 and 3), Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Inkheart, Star Wars (any), Battleship, The Avengers, Captain America, Hunger Games, Sherlock Holmes (both), Chronicles of Narnia (Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Dawn Treader, hated Prince Caspian movie), Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Favorite Television Shows: Castle, BBC Merlin, BBC Sherlock, Tron: Uprising, Scorpion, Leverage, Elementary, CSI, NCIS, Arrow, The Flash, Chuck, The Librarians, Knight Rider (2008 and the classic), Transformers: Prime, Mythbusters, A-Team.

Favorite Book: Don't ask...you will be here for a long, long time. But I'm very partial to any of Professor J.R.R Tolkien's work.

League of Legends info:

Username: Elhini Prime


Support* Leona (My main and Mastery V Champion), Braum, Sona, Soraka, Taric (Pantheon, Poppy)

Mid* Lux, Veigar, Annie, Aureilon Sol, Zed, Yasuo, Diana, Ekko

Top* Fiora, Pantheon, Poppy, Jax

ADC* Ashe, Kalista, Vayne, Kindred, Quinn

80 Things You Never Knew About Me


I took my name from two/three fandoms that I love. Elhíni means Star Child in Quenya (Lord of the Rings) while Prime comes from Transformers and/or Tron (TF: The Thirteen and Tron: Lora-Prime is Yori’s User, one tough little Program to go through everything thrown at her!)


Lord of the Rings and Tron both past and present, but I’ve recently dipped my toes in FNAF because my boyfriend challenged me saying that I couldn’t write a fandom I’m not familiar with…


276 watchers and 355 favors and I love you all. Thank you so much!


Rapidfyrez: One of my closest friends on the site

WingedWolfAlari: I think the first friend I made on this site.

2theSky: A fellow Christian who lets their love for God bleed through their work, and they have been extremely blessed.




If you challenge me…I will do my best to prove you wrong and that I can do it…hence how Soul got written.


Views: Son of the Stars

Reviews: Pacific Rim: New Chance

Favorites: Son of the Stars

Follows: Pacific Rim: New Chance


Tron: Uprising (before it was ‘canceled’!), Castle, Leverage, Scorpion, Merlin (and then it ended…)


Action sequences. I’m getting better, but I’m better at writing dialogue…and death scenes and family moments apparently…


Summer. One: My birthday, Two: I hate, hate, HATE the cold!


Rain if I’m inside, Sun if outside. I don’t like getting wet either…


Just about anything…just not Country, Rap, or Screamo (I’m a music major…I’m kinda tolerant of these things!)




Both, I’m fine with them.


Coke, all they have up at campus is Pepsi. But Big Red tops them all!


Read, definitely! How do you think I learned to write as well as I do? (At least…I’ve been told I’m good…) I look at the best authors and take tips from them.


Depends on my mood.


Singing and writing stories that people for some reason like…


Any of them are fine with me.


Steak ‘N Shake. I love their milkshakes.


Tough one…I don’t like to pick favorites but… 1. The Lord of the Rings (it is one book, he meant for it to be one book!) By: J.R.R. Tolkien 2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle By: C.S. Lewis 3. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea By: Jules Verne.


I have a Wii…but I prefer to read.


1.Pentatonix 2. Matthew West 3.Hans Zimmer

Markiplier and WatchGirlsPlay


I’ve been there maybe once before.


I wasn't too into them, but my boyfriend got me started on Shingeki no Kyojin (aka Attack on Titan)


Blackberry. From Scratch.


I’m not called a night owl for nothin’!




Facebook (by my real name), Deviantart.com, Figment.com.


Have before…for Halloween.


Depends on my mood.


Kettle Corn!


NO! I love to learn…I just don’t like being bored.




The Gulf of Mexico when I was little.


Yes…and fell on my butt quite a few times before zipping around the rink with ease.


Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m an adrenaline junkie. The bigger the coaster, the happier I’ll be.


Nope, I hate being on camera.


Salad is not food, it is a promise that food is coming.


Read, write, drive my roommate up the wall by humming/singing what’s on my iPod at the time.


Do You Believe? (With my best friend in the world!)


Peanut Butter and homemade blackberry jam with honey.


Bretagne, France; Ireland; England; Scotland; Italy.


Dead of the night, when all is quiet…then I get to write.


A teacher


A teacher


My boyfriend, IllicitPanic.


Of mine? Um… *FNAF fandom* Sam Wyatt, Robby Schmidt, Gold, Kayle Angelo. *Tron fandom* Kevin Flynn II. *Pacific Rim fandom* Gipsy, Matt and Laurel Becket, Romani and Sylph Hansen, *Transformers fandom* Draconus, Amber Robertson, and Dusk and Carter Greyman. All of them are either claustrophobic or would make my existence miserable because they can.


July 30


Superman or vanilla.




Barnes and Noble.




“Whacha readin’?” “When will you update?” “Can you give *insert fic here* another chapter?” Guys, the first one is my pet peeve, the second one: I am a college. Student. Who has finals this week…I’ll get there when I get there. The third: I will update it when I can. I’m probably blocked on it and/or I’ve been taken captive by another fic.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.


Winnie the Pooh or Thomas the Tank Engine or Walking with the Dinosaurs. Yes, I was a strange little girl.


Die Flügel der Freiheit.


Gram’s chili (the ONLY chili I will eat).


Remember those crayons that had the sparkles in them? If I were a crayon, I’d be dark blue with silver specks.






Halloween or April Fools Day…I can be downright evil when I want to be.


Hugs for most, kisses from family and my boyfriend.






Lilac and Honeysuckle right outside my grandma’s house.


What I see in the world around me.


Only my ears.








"BORED!” youtu.be/6J_AUBT-PAo “The wall had it coming…”


Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse.




Sit in the porch swing and write/read.






Caramel Cappuccino with a hazelnut shot…or caramel hot chocolate with an Irish Cream shot.

Added to the list by me for me*
I'd have to say possibly We Are Warriors: The Project Initiative. I actually got to explore deeper into something I believed happened...and I got to be a little evil as well. Ok a lot evil. There is a reason why it's rated M after all. I got to show off my dialogue, humor, torture and even love...by favorite scenes are probably the scene where Diana and Leona reunite after Leona's transformed and the final scene in the story where Pantheon finds out the truth behind Leona and the other Projects.

Artwork Ahead!

~FNAF Soul Fanart done by others! and the comic that inspired a few chapters of book one in the Soul tetrology~

The Tumblr pic someone did of Mike and Robby

Shadefeather682's drawing of the six spirits

Nameless2014's drawing of little Robby (all grown up!) and Mike (as her spirit form)

FNAF comic used in Soul

MMiladinova's drawing of Robby in chapter 7 of "Soul"

~Transformers Son of the Stars, Transformers Prime: Gridlocked, and/or From Dusk to Dawn/Phoenix Ivorra Tetrology~

Here is the link to the SOTS cousin's brawl

This is Defcon from Transformers Prime: Gridlocked NOT Son of Tron

Drawing of Dusk Greyman by SapphirePrime

~Pacific Rim stuff that doesn't really relate to my Story, but hey! It inspired some of it!~

Pacific Rim Chibi Jaeger comic

Here are the mini-Jaeger brawl pictures

~Son of Tron art~

"Beck (Original)" by Iris Baggins Greyson

"Beck (Redone)" by Iris Baggins Greyson


1. You can use them, but don't make them weak. I've spent WAY too long making these guys up, their backstories, their abilities, their weaknesses, to have them lose a fight against an opponent who doesn't have the same degree of experience or strength as they do.
2. They have their pairings, stay with them.
3. Family is family, their parentage (and siblings) is set in stone, no cheating...this race isn't one that breaks the bond of marriage. The only rivalry is Morgana and Eclipt from my Transformers stories.
4. Please, please, PLEASE keep them in character.

5. Let me know when you're using them and what story.
It's only five rules, and it might make writing difficult, but I have gotten sick and tired of people taking my OCs and 'abusing' them. They're strong, not weak, they have their loves and families, and they have their personalities.

Other than that...they're yours to play with...just DON'T BREAK THEM!!!

The Greyman Siblings

Xavier Orion Charles Greyman-Eldest of the seven, embodiment of Truth. Ivorra name: Veritanar Ivorra. Ivorra Gift: "Charm" Speak.

Colbolt Leo Tomas Greyman-Next in line for throne if younger sister declines, embodiment of Courage. Ivorra name: Moonfyre Ivorra. Ivorra Gift: Able to set himself ablaze and fall from great height, causing a massive explosion that damages other fighters, called "The Great Skyfall". Only used as a last ditch effort due to the fact that if used too often, it could kill him.

Dusk Andromeda Starfighter Greyman- Eldest of the girls, heir to the throne, the Phoenix Ivorra, embodiment of Sacrifice. Ivorra name: Skyfyre Ivorra. Ivorra Gift: Able to resurrect the dead three times("Phoenix Song") before it devolves into a major healing ("Phoenix Tears").

Dawn Cassiopea Sara Greyman-Dusk's twin, embodiment of Peace. Ivorra name: Thaeren Ivorra. Ivorra Gift: Able to project a light so intense that it electrocutes and stuns those around her.

Adrian Libra Riley Greyman-Troublemaker of the family, even worse than her eldest sister Dusk and her older brother Colbolt, embodiment of Integrity. Does not have an Ivorra name or Gift yet because she has yet to master the Peace element.

Carter Perseus Samuel Greyman- Youngest male of the family, embodiment of Justice. Like his twin sister, he has yet to earn the title Ivorra mainly because he has the tendency to get himself out of trouble by not being completely honest.

Avalon Cygnus Guinevere Greyman- Youngest of the seven children of Silver and Michael, embodiment of Love, youngest made Ivorra in Cybres history, beaten only by the Ivorrai (those born as Ivorras). Ivorra name: Andurynn Ivorra. Ivorra Gift: Clairvoyance.

About my Transformer OCs

Dusk Andromeda Starfighter Greyman

Race: Cybreian Halfling/Guardian

Cybreian/Cybertronian Name – Skyfyre Ivorra/Skyfyre Prime

Appearance – tall, slender build, milk-white skin, thin crescent moon shaped scar on her left eye. Black, burn-like glyph tattoo on her left arm, metallic silver Autobot insignia on her right arm. Has bright blue glyphs that wind down her from her left shoulder to her right waist. Throughout the series until her return to Cybres, they grow, finally reaching to right under her scar. Wings are a dusky gold color.

Eye color – Sapphire blue (that darkens and becomes specked with gold when she’s ticked or frightened. They turn black with gold specks when she’s on the verge of making someone wish they’ve never been born)

Hair color – Silver-blond that’s normally tucked in a ponytail that lies over her left shoulder

Age - From Dusk to Dawn/From Dusk to Dawn: Wings of Revenge-16

From Dusk to Dawn: War in the Shadows: 18

From Dusk to Dawn: Daughter of Ivorras, Ward of Primes/Son of the Stars: 22

Autobot Guardian – (ROTF-DOTM) Sideswipe

(After DOTM) Optimus Prime

Siblings: TF Universe: Bumblebee, Jack Darby (Ultimus Prime)

Home Universe (Cybres, in birth order): Xavier (aka X), Colbolt (Col), (Dusk), Dawn (younger twin), Carter, Adrien, Avalon

General Description – She’s not from the TF universe that’s all I can say! Dusk actually is from the planet of Cybres, the alternate of Cybertron. When she was born, she was sent to what the Cybreians call “Second Earth” or the TF universe because she had the ability in her to stop the war on Cybres and potentially…on Cybertron itself! Dusk is the eldest daughter of Ivorynn Argenta Astria (aka Silver or Silverstar Ivorra) and Michael William Greyman (aka Firesword Ivorra). Dusk is attacked by the ‘Cons on her 16th birthday, when all Cybreian traits come into being, and is rescued by Optimus Prime, her elder brother Colbolt, and her Mother’s Cousin Eclipt (Dark Flame Ivorra). Dusk has a very sweet, yet fiery personality and is prone to play pranks on any and all unfortunate victims. Her favorite targets are her friend Amber, a mother-hen weapons specialist, and a certain wrench-swinging Medic.

Amber Robertson

Race: Human

Appearance – medium height and build, olive skin

Eye color – Sea Green

Hair color –light brown with honey highlights

Age - From Dusk to Dawn/From Dusk to Dawn: Wings of Revenge-15

From Dusk to Dawn: War in the Shadows: 17

From Dusk to Dawn: Daughter of Ivorras, Ward of Primes/Son of the Stars: 21

Autobot Guardian –(ROTF-DOTM) Sunstreaker.

(After DOTM) Smokescreen

Siblings- None

General Description – Dusk’s best friend, belongs to a loving family and is one of the sweetest sophomores at Tranquility High. She’s often subject to Dusk’s pranks as Dusk thinks she needs to ‘lighten up a little’.

Benjamin Castora

Race: Human

Appearance – Tall, tanned skin, muscular build, mischievous smile that warms the heart.

Eye color – Emerald green (as Dusk sees it)

Hair color –Dark Brown almost Black

Age - From Dusk to Dawn/From Dusk to Dawn: Wings of Revenge-17

From Dusk to Dawn: War in the Shadows: 19

From Dusk to Dawn: Daughter of Ivorras, Ward of Primes/Son of the Stars: 23

Autobot Guardian – (Has and always will be) Jolt

Siblings- None

General Description – Dusk’s Best Guy Friend since third grade when he threw a red hairbrush in a bully’s eye. Ben comes from the lovely Dallas, Texas so he’s a regular southern gentleman (without the twang surprisingly…I think his friends beat it outta him). He’s very loyal towards Dusk and Amber, and even bashes a metal pointer against a certain ‘Con’s pede when it grabbed Dusk. Might develop his protectiveness towards Dusk into something serious later on…maybe at the end of ROTF or DOTM. He is the son of surgeon Sgt Miranda Williams and Captain Javier Castora (Who died in combat in Mission City). Both of Ben's parents know the 'bots and so does Ben.

Sean Whinging
Appearance – medium height and build, fair skin
Eye color – Hazel with a bit of grey
Hair color –silvery, but looks brown in certain light
Age - From Dusk to Dawn: Daughter of Ivorras, Ward of Primes/Son of the Stars: 25
Autobot Guardian – Wheeljack

Siblings- Sister (Emily) who died along with mother in plane crash.

General Description – Born in Great Britain, Sean's father died during the massacre of the NASA specialists in DOTM. Mother died six years prior in a plane crash. Barely escaped being murdered by Laserbeak when his father was killed, rescued by Wheeljack and the two have been close ever since. He loves inventing just like his guardian, but many times, the experiments end up blowing up. Not that he doesn’t mind it. He, Ratchet and Ben butt heads often, seeing as Ben and Ratchet don'’t approve of Sean’s joking manners.
First Appearance- Con Job: TF Prime.

About my LOTR OCs.

Elhíni Silverarrow- An elf from the Lord of the Rings world.

Appearance- tall, slender, with a sapphire and silver wire circlet bound across her forehead.

Eye color – sky blue

Hair color – blonde

Age – About 100 years

General Description - she wears the basic colors of a wood elf, green, tan and brown. She always has her bow of silver and arrows of the same material. She also has two curved knives of mithril that she uses quite well.

Personality - she's a fighter that’s for sure. Elhíni has a horrible temper (unusual for an elf) and has a tendency to go into ‘berserker’ mode, taking out anything in her path. She does have a compassionate side however, but it is often pushed back when any mention of the Orcs are mentioned. She does tend to have a sense of humor and can be very caring and kind…especially around Elkal…a Man.

Back story – She is the niece of King Thranduil of Mirkwood, the cousin of Legolas from her Mother’s side. Her parents, Laurëiant and Tindómerel, were killed by Orc raiders on the eaves of Mirkwood, Elhíni was very young…but she took down as many Orcs as she could with her father’s bow. Thranduil appeared and drove off the raiders, taking Elhíni to raise as his own. Years later, Elhíni went on a vendetta…wishing to kill the Orcs that escaped her and her uncle all those years ago. She chased them all the way to Gondor, where she was injured and Elkal found her. Although neither of them trusted the other very much at first, Elhíni and Elkal fell in love later on.

Elkal Captain of Gondor- A Man from the Lord of the Rings world.

Appearance- tall, slender, fair skinned, well toned.

Eye color – deep blue

Hair color – black

Age – around 25 when he meets Elhíni.

General Description – He wears the colors of a Knight of Gondor, black and silver. He carries a huge great sword that had been passed down for generations as well as a wooden Rohirric horse carving of his mother’s around his neck.

Personality – He is sweet and gentle, although not overly generous with the elves. He mistrusts them for an unknown reason and keeps his distance from them. He has the build of his father, but the persona of his mother. He is of Rohirric and Númenórean descent.

Back story – Elkal is the youngest son of Faramir and Éowyn. He has an extremely fair voice, and everyone listens when he talks, making him a very close consort to King Aragorn. Elkal has extensive knowledge of battle since both of his parents fought in the War of the Ring, even though neither like to talk about it. His ideals about the Elves all changed when he met Elhíni, a princess of Mirkwood.

Serilda Two-Blades-A Woman from the Lord of the Rings world.

Appearance-tall, slender, dark-skinned

Eye color- blue

Hair color-White

Age- late 40s early 50s (looks twenty something because she is one of the Dunedain)

General DescriptionWears typical Ranger attire, light colored clothes, grey-green cloak. Carries her father's bow and his two blades.

Personality- Very much like Elhíni in temperment. Loves testing her limits to see what she can do. She has very little fear, but she very much despises the forces of Mordor for they took the only member of her family that she had left away from her.

Backstory- The daughter of a Southron Emmisary, Alvara, and a Ranger of the North, Amdir, Serilda was born in the land of Gondor in Minas Tirith, but when her mother died of illness, Amdir took his daughter and trained her in the ways of the Rangers. Under his and Aragorn's guidance, Serilda became a great warrior...until the day her father was stabbed by a Morgul blade wielded by the Witch King himself. Unable to save her father from being kidnapped by brigands, Serilda hunted the fiends down to save her father, only to realize she was too late. The girl had to watch as her father was turned into a Cargûl, and she ended his life by shooting him in the heart with his own bow. Serilda carries the guilt of killing her father with her every day of her life. She escaped to Mirkwood after the War of the Ring where she met with Legolas and Elhíni, remaining there to seek comfort from what she had done.

About My Tron OCs

Kevin Jeffery Flynn II- ISO/User hybrid. Also called: Flynn, Kev, Beta.

Appearance- Uncannily similar to that of his grandfather, the original Flynn.

Eye color- Icy-blue

Hair color- dirty blond, longish.


General Description-User-side: Leather jacket with dark-colored shirt and blue-jeans. Grid-side: Circuits resemble Quorra's on the left, Sam's on the right with long gloves coming up to cover the ISO mark.

Personality-Prankster. Dubbed one of the "Encom Terrors" by his uncle, Jet Bradley, Kevin loves to pull pranks especially with his older cousin, Beck. A talented programmer and hacker, Kevin is known as the "Next Creator" by the inhabitants of the Grid.

Backstory- Kevin is the son of Sam and Quorra. He is nearly inseparable from his cousin, Beck, who is the son of the great Tron and Yori. When tragedy struck on the day after the boys graduated High School, Kevin believed both Tron and Beck dead, but the Flynn never ceased to look for the two, leading him eventually to the Grid. Once he arrived, Kevin met with Tron and Beck, the latter who had lost his memories from a severe blow to the head, and helped them both lead a revolution to dethrone Clu. Cycles later, Kevin and a Restored Beck are now on the verge of completing their task and freeing the system once and for all.

Defcon (Darius Alan Bradley)-Beck's Rinzler, Rinzler's 'adopted' son.

Appearance- Exactly like Beck

Eye color- Red-amber

Hair Color- Reddish-Brown

Age- 23 (technically speaking, he's only a few weeks old...being a Repurpose of Beck)

General Description- Grid-Side: Minimal red circuits, resembles Rinzler's design except for Beck's dash on his chest.

Personality- Anti-social, wary of others, quiet, but he has a sense of humor. His speech is more formal than Beck's, (he had an awful stutter due to his 'purr') but it's improving the longer he spends time with his 'cousin', Beck. Defcon is Synced with Beck and with Rinzler.

Backstory-Defcon was created when Clu shot both Beck and Kevin with a Repurposing agent, turning Beck into Defcon and Kevin into a virus. Defcon eventually overruled Clu's programming and joined the Uprising. He was separated from Beck by Alan and Rinzler took him as his own son. Defcon has all of Beck's fighting ability, but his experience is lacking. Being a Repurpose of a security Program, Defcon has a 'Safe Mode', which shuts down his emotional side and enhances his abilities. The only problem with it is that he falls back onto his basic programming and if given an order by Clu, he will obey it even though he despises the dictator as mush as his father does.

About my Pacific Rim OCs

Matt and Lauren Becket- Son and Daughter of Jazmine Becket, Raleigh's, Yancy's, Mako's and Gipsy's nephew and niece.

Appearance- Matt: about average height for his age, medium build. Lauren: Small for her age, slender build.

Eye color- Matt: Blue Lauren: Blue

Hair color- Matt: honey blond and straight, Lauren: Black and curly.


General Description- Just your average American six-year olds...with a family of Jaeger pilots and Jaegers.

Personality- Like all six year olds, Matt is a bit of a handful some of the time. He can be brutally honest...and he tries but it's kinda hard to keep the secret that your "aunt" is actually a 260ft metal Kaiju-killer. Lauren is quieter...very sneaky at times and likes to get Matt into trouble. Unlike Matt, Lauren can keep a secret quiet well.

Backstory- In the aftermath of Gipsy wanting to find her 'sister', she stumbled upon Jazmine's two kids, Matt and Lauren. Jazmine's husband had died during the first Kaiju war, not long before the twins were born. Matt and Lauren were taken to the Hong Kong Shatterdome and met with their famous uncle, Raleigh. The two got separated from the group and found Coyote Tango, startling him so much that he had revealed his Jaeger form to them, forcing Gipsy and the other Jaegers to come clean. The twins kept their mother in the dark concerning the Jaegers, but eventually Jazmine found out and took them back to Anchorage, only for there to be a Kaiju attack, forcing her to bring the twins back to the Shatterdome.

Anya Kaidonovsky-daughter of Aleksis and Sasha Kaidonovsky, sister of Cherno Alpha.

Appearance-fair in skin and hair, tall for her age.

Eye color- Brown

Hair color- white-blond

Age- 1 1/2.

General Description- Mostly dressed in hunter-green and heavy winter garb due to her parents being Cherno's pilots and to the fact that she's cold most of the time.

Personality- Very sweet, has a smile that makes her grim Jaeger pilot parents light up and smile just the same.

Backstory- Anya is nothing short of a miracle child. Sasha and Aleksis were told that they would never have children due to the radiation given off by Cherno's reactor. After they were resurrected however, Sasha found out that she was with child, shocking her family and the rest of the Shatterdome. Cherno has been show to be very protective of his little sister, not even letting anyone near her when he holds her...which would be most of the time. Anya is too young to understand who her brother really is, so having Cherno go from looking purely human to looking like a cross between human and machine does not phase her.

Mei Song- Crimson Typhoon's interest

Appearance- medium height (at least compared to Crimson), dark haired and golden-skinned.

Eye color- Brown

Hair color- Black

Age- 17

General Description-wears mostly graphic t-shirts, casual clothing mostly.

Personality- Is kind, but also can have a secretive side that only Crimson sees.

Backstory- Mei is the daughter of two of Crimson's mechanics, so her family knows who (or rather what) she is dating. Mei finds out who Crimson is at their high school Prom when the Kaiju attacked and Crimson was wounded. She kept her head fairly easily, even when she saw the third arm belonging to the Jaeger. Mei was the first of the two humans that the Jaegers began to court to find out their secret, and she kept that secret until the day her friend Natasha found out about the Jaegers.

Natasha Volkov- Cherno Alpha's interest

Appearance- A tiny creature, even by human standards, maybe just under five foot. She has thin, wire-frame glasses, giving her an intelligent, shy air

Eye color- hazel

Hair color- mousey brown, she puts it in a braid mostly. It's long enough to reach her waist.

General Description- normally wears long sleeved shirts and jeans due to her being in shop class.

Personality- shy around most except for Cherno, brilliantly smart, though is not afraid to ask for help.

Backstory- Natasha was the second of the the two love interest humans to find out about their other half's secret. Cherno was dying and the only way to help him was to have Natasha come to the Shatterdome. She eventually revived him and has remained with him...after she hit him. Cherno is extremely protective of her, threatening that if Leatherback or any of the Kaiju even thought of touching her, he'd rip them to pieces.

Romani Hansen (Banshee Danger) Son of Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka

Appearance- Tall like his parents and taller than both his siblings, well-toned. Jaeger call-sign on his left forearm.

Eye color- (Pre-Jaeger)-Blue, (Post-Jaeger)-Gold

Hair color- Black and curly, shorter than it normally is because of his job.

General Description- (Human): wears army fatigues (in actuality, he is in the Navy), but as a civilian wears his grandpa’s leather jacket as a memorial. (Jaeger): Steel-blue armor, wing-panels, conn-pod resembles Gipsy’s.

Personality- Fiery like both parents, stubborn, and a bit of a trouble maker. He loves his family and will do anything for them.

Backstory- Middle child in the Beckett-Hansen family, lived in Japan for the first seven years of his life then moved to the U.S after his mother ‘died’ in the nuclear plant’s destruction. Fifteen years later he marries Gwen Hope and has their only child Charles “Charlie” Hansen after estranging himself from his father. *For more info, keep an eye on Pacific Rim: Ash and Smoke!*

Angel Reiner (Angel Strike) Eldest daughter of Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka

Appearance- Tallest of the two girls, willowy. Jaeger call-sign on her right shoulder.

Eye color- (Pre-Jaeger)-Blue, (Post-Jaeger)-Gold

Hair color- Copper like her father’s, long but she’ll put it up when she’s at work.

General Description- (Human): White lab-coat when at work, casual wear when she’s at home. (Jaeger): Unknown at this time.

Personality- Unusually quiet and soft-spoken…unless around her brother, who she has no hesitance to whack upside the head.

Backstory- Eldest of the Beckett-Hansen family, lived in Japan for the first nine years of her life then moved to the U.S after her mother ‘died’ in the nuclear plant’s destruction. She eventually married Mark Reiner, having one little girl named Gipsy after her ‘deceased’ mother and is expecting another child.

Sylph Hansen-O’Brien (Sylph Eureka) Youngest daughter of Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka

Appearance- Shortest of the two girls, a mini-Gipsy. Jaeger call-sign on her heart.

Eye color- (Pre-Jaeger)-Blue, (Post-Jaeger)-Gold

Hair color- Black, straight and choppy with three red streaks (Imagine Gipsy as a scruffy teenager and you’ve got Sylph)

General Description- (Human): Leather jacket *belonged to her mother* and band t-shirts with jeans and boots (Jaeger): Unknown at this time.

Personality- She’s a spitfire, rebellious, prankster, and not afraid to back down to anyone. Gipsy and Striker both think she got the worst of their personalities…they’re probably right.

Backstory- Youngest of the Beckett-Hansen family, lived in Japan for the first five years of her life then moved to the U.S after her mother ‘died’ in the nuclear plant’s destruction. She eventually married Robby O’Brien, and is going to school to become a teacher. She is expecting a little boy later in the year.

My FNAF OCs (Technically, they're canon, but names are never given. They're the 5 murdered children as well as a few of my non-dead characters)

Robert (Robby) Edward Schmidt Brother of Mikayla (Mike) Schmidt.


Appearance- Tall, lean, freckles across his nose, with a faint scar on his right eyebrow from a broken bottle hitting him in the head. Missing his right hand due to his murderer cutting it off when Robby scratched at him. In spirit form he's missing an eye and his hamstrings are cut. As of Soul: Demons, Robby is blind in one eye.

Eye color- (Pre-Mortem): amber (Post-Mortem): gold

Hair color- Red

General Description- Normal twelve-year old boy.

Personality- Protective, kind, but he blames himself for his and the other three children’s deaths. Loves his little sister and doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

Backstory- Son of Anna Schmidt and Andrew Masters. Robby was the star of his middle school’s track team and broke quite a few records. On his sister’s sixth birthday, he, his sister and three of their friends were lured to the back room where a man in a Freddy suit proceeded to murder Robby and the three other children. Robby is the last to die after being stabbed in the heart multiple times. Mike escaped because Robby distracted the murderer long enough for Mike to escape. Robby is the soul trapped inside of Foxy, his and his sister’s favorite animatronic.

Matthew (Matt) Harper Brother of Amanda Harper


Appearance- Second tallest (only Robby is taller), sort of stocky.

Eye color- (Pre-Mortem): dark blue (Post-Mortem): bright blue

Hair color- Brown-Black

General Description- Normal eleven and three quarters-year old boy.

Personality- Warm, inviting, can be bull-headed and not listen to anyone, quick-witted.

Backstory- Son of a newspaper editor and a performer. Matt loves to perform just like his father does. He sings very well and has won many competitions for his voice. One day, he, his sister and three of their friends were lured to the back room where a man in a Freddy suit proceeded to murder Matt and the three other children. Matt’s throat was slit as he fell trying to get away with his sister. Matt is the soul trapped inside of Freddy, his favorite animatronic.

Amanda (Mandy) Harper Sister of Matt Harper


Appearance- Small, slightly chubby with a birthmark on her cheek.

Eye color- (Pre-Mortem): blue-violet (Post-Mortem): violet

Hair color- blonde

General Description- Clothes are nearly always covered in baking materials.

Personality- Sweet, bubbly, Amanda is quite the chatterbox.

Backstory- Daughter of a newspaper editor and a performer. Amanda likes to bake when her mother is home to help her…although most of the time, Amanda eats the treats before they make it to their destination! One day, she, her brother and three of their friends were lured to the back room where a man in a Freddy suit proceeded to murder Amanda and the three other children. Amanda panicked after seeing her brother die in front of her and ran out of hiding despite Robby’s pleading and she was promptly killed. Amanda is the soul trapped inside of Chica, her favorite animatronic.

Samuel (Sam) Wyatt Son of Chris Wyatt, a local author and teacher at the school.


Appearance- Short but well built, very pale.

Eye color- (Pre-Mortem): crimson *he has ocular albinism* (Post-Mortem): crimson

Hair color- black

General Description- Mostly band t-shirts, almost always has an instrument or something of the like nearby.

Personality- Shy, anti-social *except around his four friends* tends to disappear when no one’s looking can be sarcastic and has a bit of an ego problem when it comes to his guitar playing ability.

Backstory- Son of Chris Wyatt, a middle-school teacher who was looking forwards to teaching Sam, his mother died when he was two in a car accident. Sam learned how to play guitar from his father and is actually quite good at it. One day, he and four of his friends were lured to the back room where a man in a Freddy suit proceeded to murder Sam and the three other children. Sam was the first to die after being stabbed through the stomach from behind as the kids tried to get back out the door. Sam is the soul trapped inside of Bonnie, his favorite animatronic.

Emily Fitzgerald- the 'Crying Child'


Appearance- Small and thin

Eye color- (Pre-Mortem): Stormy Grey (Post-Mortem): silver

Hair color- Blonde

General Description- Emily is very rarely seen clearly throughout the story. Her features are blurred out by the white light that shines through her, but if she dims it, you can see dark grey tear tracks streaming from her eyes.

Personality- Not much is known about her. She seems to be caring, especially about her big brother and the other spirits.

Backstory- Emily was the child murdered outside of the diner, also called the 'Crying Child'. She is the first victim of the Purple Man but unlike the other four, Emily moved on, becoming somewhat of a guardian angel for souls lost to the man. She watched over the four spirits until they were moved to the new location, where she took on a new charge. Emily was the younger sister of Jeremy Fitzgerald. As of the 'Bad Ending' of Soul: Guardian Angel, Emily is the soul trapped inside the Marionette. Her body was put there by Spring and Gold because they couldn't bear to leave her body out in the rain.

Ashley (Ashe) Avarosa


Appearance- Taller than average, slender.

Eye Color- Icy blue

Hair color- White-blonde

General Description- Doesn't get cold easily, so if she needs a coat, it's a light jacket. Most of the time it's a t-shirt and jeans.

Personality- A people person and a peacemaker through and through, Ashe is sweet, but if you get her riled...

Backstory- Ashe comes from a family of three. Her father left her mother and sister not too long before she met Mike. She has an older sister named Serilda, and the two do get along...sometimes. Ashe is one of the few people who know the truth about Mike and her past. It is also said that Ashe wants to go into politics when she gets older.

Kayle Angelo

Age- 16

Appearance- Shorter than Ashe and Mike both, but stockier built.

Eye Color- Amber

Hair color- honey blonde

General Description- Kayle is very rough around the edges, prefers to wear a leather jacket over a red and gold tank top. Kayle also has a tattoo of angel's wings that comes from between her shoulder blades and down her arms.

Backstory- Unlike Ashe and Mike, Kayle's family is whole. She has a younger twin sister, Morgan...and the two get along about as well as fire and ice. Kayle often refers to Morgan as the 'wicked witch of the west coast'. Kayle is extremely observant, able to tell the tiniest of details just by looking at someone. She was able to deduce that Mike was a track runner as well as a fighter just by looking at her knuckles. Kayle wishes to be a police officer when she gets out of school.

Robert Samuel Matthew Schmidt

Age- 6 (in Soul: Guardian Angel) 16 in Soul: Demons).

Appearance- Tall and thin for his age.

Eye Color- Amber

Hair color- Red

General Description-Robby is just your average six year old, he has a lisp that causes his ‘r’s and ‘t’s to get muddled. He looks like his uncle and namesake when he's 16.

Backstory- Robby is Mike and Charlie’s son in Soul: Guardian Angel. His father abandoned both him and Mike when Mike decided to take back her job as a security guard for the new Fazbear’s Fright. Robby lives with his ‘Aunts’ Ashe and Kayle and with his ‘Daddy’ Jeremy Fitzgerald after his mother died by the hands of Springtrap. He seems to have a very strong connection with the world outside our own, as he inherited his mother’s nightmares and knows about the Marionette and Springtrap although he had never seen them. He is also the protagonist in Soul: Demons, being reunited with his mother and the other souls. He eventually ends up freeing the trapped souls.


Species: Animatronic

Appearance- Astral form: exactly like Mike.

Eye Color- light gold

Hair color- copper

General Description-Gold is my version of Golden Freddy, but she’s different than the other animatronics because she can project herself in human form, something only Mike, Emily, Scott and Spring can see/hear.

Personality: Gold is basically a bad-tempered Mike. She takes all of Mike’s bad qualities and shows them in a new light. The ‘Dark’ Mike if you will. Gold does have a heart, as she can’t bring herself to hurt Jeremy or little Robby. She is very protective and won’t let harm come to Mike…hence why she hates Scott so much. Spring was her best friend back at the Diner where the two performed, she hates Scott even more because he took Spring away from her.


Species: Animatronic

Appearance- Astral form: exactly like Scott, but after Scott’s possession of him, Spring’s human form became torn up and burned in many places, rendering him terrifying.

Eye Color- pale green

Hair color- blonde

General Description-Spring is my representation of the ‘real’ Springtrap. He’s like Gold in the fact that he can project himself in human form, something only Mike, Emily, Scott and Gold can see/hear.

Personality: Spring is basically the ‘Light’ version of Scott. He’s extremely shy, but when he’s around just Gold he can get a bit snarky and play tricks on the other workers. Spring’s emotions are very fragile and he got upset easily. He loves children just like Gold does and even got himself attached to one of them…Emily Fitzgerald. When Scott killed Emily, Spring and Gold took the girl’s body and put it inside the Marionette, not knowing that they had just created the most vicious of the animatronics because Emily’s soul had moved on. Spring hates Scott even though he’s terrified of the man, resulting in him killing Scott when the man hopped in the suit to get away from the five spirits.

League of Legends OC

Cira Noble

Status- Chosen/Project Initiative member/former Human

Champion- Leona the Radiant Dawn

Appearance- tall, stocky build, female

Eye color- dark blue-grey when Cira's in control of the body, gold when Leona's in control.

Hair color- (before Leona) Blonde and short (after Leona) red-blonde and long.

General Description- (hologram projector off) *see Leona's Project Skin only with reddish blonde hair* (hologram projector on upon Earth) normally wears red and gold shirts with blue jeans and more often than not a light jacket also colored red/scarlet (hologram projector on upon Runeterra) *see Leona's classic skin*

Personality-protective, loves to learn/teach others so she's the one who trains other Chosens when they crop up, patient, can have a temper.

Backstory-Music Education student that was involved in a car accident that put her in a coma and nearly killed her. Was Chosen by Leona and now is the new Radiant Dawn. *Note, this is based on the old lore Leo because I hate the new lore with a fiery burning passion*

Some of my stories are within Son of the Stars (Here's the list in Chronological order)

From Dusk To Dawn: Daughter of Ivorras, Ward of Primes (All of Transformers Prime)

Son of the Darkness (During Scattered)

Pool Party (Right after Rebellion)

Another Type of Star (Set between Thirst and Evolution)

Transformers Prime: Gridlock(Right after Another Type of Star)

Tron: Primed (Before, During and After Transformers Prime: Gridlock)

Son of the Stars: New Age(Predacons Rising)

Phoenix Ivorra Tetralogy(Post Predacons Rising)

Another Type of Star: Shadow and Flame (Post Phoenix Ivorra Tetralogy) *Note, this is on indefinite Hiatus due to reboots*

From Dusk To Dawn: Return to Second Earth (Post Phoenix Ivorra: Retribution)

Stories Started:


Starshine and Starchildren: ON HIATUS! Until I get a very good idea... :(

Hope's Daughter: In Progress

Transformers/Beast Wars

From Dusk to Dawn: Complete!

From Dusk to Dawn: Wings of Revenge: Complete!

Thunder and Flames: In Progress (series of in between moments between Dusk, Amber, Ben, and the 'bots)

From Dusk To Dawn: War in the Shadows: Complete!

From Dusk To Dawn: Daughter of Ivorras, Ward of Primes: In Progress (Prime)

Son of the Stars: Complete! (Prime)

Pool Party: In Progress (Prime)

Halloween Hijinks: Complete! (Prime)

Son of the Darkness: Complete! (Prime)

Son of Magic: In Progress (XOver Merlin & Prime)

Another Type of Star: Complete! (XOver SOTS by me and ATOA by Rapidfyrez)

The Phoenix Ivorra: Prophecy- Complete! (Prime)

The Phoenix Ivorra: Ashes- Complete! (Prime)

The Phoenix Ivorra: Resurrection- Complete! (Prime)

The Phoenix Retribution- In Progress (Prime)

Son of the Stars: New Age: Complete! (Prime)

Another Type of Star: Shadow and Flame: Indefinite Hiatus (XOver SOTS by me and ATOA by Rapidfyrez)

Transformers Prime: Gridlock: Complete! (XOver Tron & Prime)

Tron: Primed: In Progress (XO Tron & Prime, companion to Transformers Prime: Gridlock

Son of the Stars: Origins: Complete! (Bayverse-Prime)

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: New Chance: Complete!

Pacific Rim: Ash and Smoke: In Progress

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: Complete!


Requiem For A Renegade: Complete! (Post-Tron: Uprising, Pre-Tron:Legacy)

Elegy For the Fallen: Complete! (Post-Tron: Legacy, Sequel to Requiem for a Renegade

Once Upon A Time: Complete! (Post-Tron: Legacy, AU)

Twice Upon A Time: Complete! (Post-Tron:Legacy, AU)

Son of Tron: Complete! (Post-Tron: Legacy, AU Tron: Uprising)

Serenity: Complete! (Pre-Tron: Evolution, Son of Tron 'verse)

Voiceless It Cries: In Progress (Pre-Tron:Evolution, Son of Tron 'verse)


Everything At Once: In Progress (OCs centric oneshots, reviewer requests taken!!!)


Soul: Complete! (Missing Children Incident-Bite of '87 *FNAF 2*)

Soul: Shades: Complete! (Bite of '87-End of FNAF 1)

Soul: Guardian Angel: Complete! (end of FNAF 1-FNAF 3)

Five Nights With Charlie: Complete! (between chapters 26 and 27 of Soul: Shades)

Soul: Backstage Stories-Make You Smile: Complete! (After Five Nights with Charlie with a little bit of post-Guardian Angel thrown in. The 'story' takes place before the Bite)

Soul: Backstage Stories- Over My Dead Body: Complete! (post Soul: Guardian Angel, pre-Soul: Demons)

Soul: Backstage Stories-Just Sleep, Just Dream: Complete! (Songfic for Natewantstobattle's "Nightmare" Set during Soul: Demons timeline...but it's AU now because of the release of the 4th game).

Soul: Backstage Stories- Child's Play: Complete! (AU post Soul: Guardian Angel)

Soul: Backstage Stories- The Cast Reacts! FNAF 4 Trailer: Complete! (reaction fic to the FNAF4 trailer and also a preview of Soul: Demons)

Soul: Demons: Complete! (Post Soul: Guardian Angel and Soul: Backstage Stories-Over My Dead Body *FNAF4*)

Soul: Truths, Dares, and Questions No One's Thought To Ask: In Progress (Ask/dare fic for the Soul Characters)

Stories Thinking about Starting:

Transformers/Beast Wars

POSSIBLE (Depending on my mood about the fourth Bayverse movie):

From Dusk to Dawn: Return to Second Earth

(Ok, actually it's a big mix between TF and Tron and my story but it's Bayverse and it's going in the TF section)


Instead of being hailed as heroes the Autobots are being hunted down like animals along with their human allies. Jack/Ultimus Prime has been badly wounded, Miko is in hiding with Amber while Sean sits in a cell, Raf has retreated to the Grid to fight an old foe, while Dusk and Ben try to rule a planet. But the planet that rejected all of them...might need them after all.



Set after the original movie, it is Tron and Yori's arrival to the Grid and their transition to the new system. Will go from the Grid's creation all the way to the Coup. Is set pre-Legacy and pre-Son of Tron.

A Twist of Fate Series

A Twist of Fate: Lost Love=What if Anon had survived? (First non-canon pairing...also likely last) AnonXQuorra.

A Twist of Fate: Born to Lead What if Beck had been born on the Grid and never left it? (Uprising as it should be all the way through Legacy)

A Twist of Fate: Old System, New Madness= One (or both) of Beck and Kevin's families is zapped into the Encom Server when the boys are very young, leaving the now orphaned little boy in the care of the other family or Alan and Lora.


Soul: Backstage Stories Series

Little mini-series that features the back stories of what went on in the universe (like Gold and Spring's activation, Emily's murder, The reason why Scott did what he did...)

Soul: Backstage Stories- The Golden Years= It didn’t start out bad. Spring and Gold will tell you that. At first it was just the two of them, making children happy, Spring gets ‘his’ human…and Gold watches her die. Takes place from Spring and Gold’s activation up to Bite of '83.

Soul: Backstage Stories- No Strings on Me=A little girl, murdered at age seven by the man who murdered the other five children. But why is Emily Fitzgerald the only one who never haunted the pizzeria? Takes place just before Emily’s murder and up to her getting her charges…with a little post-Guardian Angel thrown in!

Soul: Backstage Stories- Cold Ashes, Fiery Hate- You know, Scott wasn’t always evil. He did have a life. He had a beautiful wife, Ruth, and an angel of a daughter, Leona. But all it takes is one child with a lit match to burn his perfect world into ashes. Takes place before Spring and Gold’s activation and ends right before the Missing Children Incident.

Soul: Backstage Stories-Music To My Ears=A couple months after his mother’s death, little Robby readjusts to life with his new Daddy and his two aunts. He attends school and he makes a couple new friends…a young guitarist, a young chef and a mute musician. It seems that the bonds of friendship forged years before have come once more.

Soul: Backstage Stories- Child of Mine= A child is found near the new location after Fazbear’s Fright six months after it burns down. The spirits are glad to take the child in until his parents are found…but they have two things to worry about. The two Spring Suits: the psychopath and the mother robbed of her child six months prior.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Child of the Storm by Nimbus Llewelyn reviews
New Mexico was not the first time Thor had been a mortal. It was only a refinement of the technique. What if James Potter had been Thor, incarnated as a memoryless newborn? On his death, Odin removed his memories as James, due to grief. In Harry's Third Year, a (mostly) reformed Loki restores them. Harry now has a father, a family and a heritage that is going to change the world.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 80 - Words: 821,705 - Reviews: 7622 - Favs: 5,964 - Follows: 6,394 - Updated: 7/12 - Published: 1/11/2013 - Harry P., Thor - Complete
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Pacific Rim - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 31 - Words: 159,466 - Reviews: 320 - Favs: 261 - Follows: 272 - Updated: 6/21 - Published: 8/22/2013 - Sasha K., Aleksis K., Cherno Alpha
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League of Legends - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 31,923 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 6/1 - Published: 3/15 - [Leona, Pantheon] Diana
Stolen Moments by I.J.Girl reviews
RenePaige Several one-shots, probably from a bunch of different AUs that I come up with, bear with me folks. Just tender moments with Beck and Paige, adding up his guilt at the lies he builds up and her doubts about her allegiance, with Tron glaring down his nose at the seductive threat in his and Beck's lives. RatedT for slight suggestiveness...and Kissing.:P XD(covr pic not mine)
Tron - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 17,288 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 5/7 - Published: 3/10/2014 - [Beck, Paige]
Missing by TheGreatHetzer reviews
Ten year old Jonathan Moore decided that Freddy Fazbear's would be a great place to celebrate his birthday. All he wanted was to have a great tenth birthday party. After being brutally murdered along with several other kids, however, that want has changed to something far worse; revenge. CURRENTLY ON HIATUS
Five Nights at Freddy´s - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 23 - Words: 41,459 - Reviews: 131 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 5/3 - Published: 12/2/2014
By My Calculations by TheDecieverOfLumosity reviews
Quinn and her Chosen have a first period Calculus class, which as Quinn will come to find out, is nowhere near as boring as it seems. This fic is based on Elhini Prime's fic series, We Are Warriors. (Its a fantastic series, and you all should go read it right now if you haven't already.)
League of Legends - Rated: T - English - Angst/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,958 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 4/21 - Published: 2/10
TRON: Uprising Season Two by ShortyBoss reviews
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Tron - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 8 - Words: 64,071 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 7/12/2014 - Yori, Beck, Zed, Mara
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The five kids were good friends, they went to the pizza place and four of them disappeared. Years later, Mikayla (Mike) Schmidt returns to Freddy's as a security guard on the night shift. The incident that took her friends and big brother away from her still haunts the woman, but perhaps her memories aren't the only things that haunt the building... Book 2 in Soul Tetralogy
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A day that was supposed to be full of laughter and joy turned into one of blood and screams. Who did this? No one knows, heck, they couldn't even find the bodies except for a single hand and lots of blood. The new problem? Those kids are still there…and they aren't happy. Book 1 in Soul Tetralogy.
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Before the Virus, Jalen and Radia's life was perfect. It was made even more so by the arrival of a special ISO child. The First Child ISO. Her name...we all know it. Because the future of the ISOs rests in her hands. Pre-Evolution, Son of Tron verse. RadiaxJalen, slight QuorraxAnon.
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Alan is used to nuts. You don't work with Kevin Flynn without developing a tolerance for it. But now Sam is running Encom, programs are becoming more and more like the Users who created them, and the lines between real and code are getting thinner. But one thing is clear, Kevin's dream might become a reality. Together, they might just change the world. Adopted from Cyberbutterfly.
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We all thought that when Kal left, it would be the last time we'd see him. But right after mine and Ben's wedding was destroyed, we found out we would see him again. But with enemies at every turn, we lost sight of who we were truly tracking down. We thought this was all over…we were so very, very wrong. Sequel to Another Type of Star and The Phoenix Ivorra: Resurrection
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My story is a sorrow-filled one. As most are these dark days. I have seen light and walked in darkness, my hands are just as stained with blood as are my kindred's. But none can claim the most horrific deed as I have. For none can claim they took the life of their father. Rated T. Minor romance. Ties with "Starshine and Starchildren"
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A little boy can't sleep, his mother tells him a story. A story about a knight with two swords that flashed orange and blue, a King that was betrayed by one of his three sons, a Prince that wanted too much, another that just wanted his father, a young woman with strange glyphs told she would change the world...but is it just a story...or is it, was it, real?
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When I met the Autobots, I considered them like family. Brothers, sisters, and fathers that I never had. My feeling? Turns out it's more right than I knew at that time...but I can't tell them or any human. My mom says that if the world found out what I am, it'd reject me. But what can you do...when you're the son of Optimus Prime and Elita One? My name? Well, you already know it.
Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 62 - Words: 181,853 - Reviews: 572 - Favs: 312 - Follows: 177 - Updated: 8/2/2013 - Published: 3/26/2013 - [Optimus Prime, Elita One] - Complete
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It was all Miko's idea. Plain and simple. Ever since the girl discovered that the Jasper shelter, at which all former residents of the town were staying, had a pool of all things...what better to kick off Team Prime being reunited...than a pool party! Of course, she has to bring our favorite young Prime and the rest of the kids into this...and so the chaos begins!
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Shockwave has come to Earth...and he has brought someone with him. This new Decepticon is one that mirrors everything that the son of the Prime stands against. But what happens when he meets the young Prime for the first time? And who is he? One shot for Son of the Stars. Might add character if he is well received.
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