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Full Name: Sabrina Marie Mercer-Phalen

Zodiac Sign: Pieces

3 Fears: Sharks, Spiders, Being Abandoned.

3 Things I Love: Baking, My Honeybear, Penguins.

My best friend: Anita, Ashley.

Last song I listened too: Fallen Angel- Mikutan.

4 Turn ons: Hair pulling, Neck biting, Making out, Cuddling.

4 Turns offs: Dishonesty, Name calling, being too rough, forcefulness.

What color of panties I'm wearing: Zebra print!

How many tattoos/piercings I have: Four piercings, The center of my bottom lip, the left side of my bottom lip, both my ears.

The reason why I joined I've always liked writing my own twist on stories, then I found this amazing website!

How I feel right now: Pretty darn good!

Something, I really, really want: That blue penguin with the sailor hat from the movies!!

My current relationship status: Taken

Meaning behind my URL: My boyfriend calls me his racoon...and I have mental problems!

My favorite movie(s): The grudge series.

My favorite band(s): All time low, Evanescence.

3 Things that upset me: Being away from honeybear, No food, No cuddles.

3 Things that make me happy: Cuddles from honeybear, Ice cream, penguins.

What I find attractive in other people: Humor, Honesty, Passion.

Someone I miss: Anita.

Someone I love: Kyle.

My relationship with my parents: Decent.

My favorite holiday: Easter.

My closest fanfiction friend: Anita!

Someone from fanfiction I'd date: Me!

A confession: I've stolen all of your hearts...*Insert panda bear swag here*

3 Things that annoy me easily: When bae don't wanna spend time with you, plans cancelled, no pasta!

My favorite animal(s): Sloth, Penguin.

My Pet(s): Princess (Grey, short haired, tabby), Jolie (German Sheppard, Sheep dog, pup)

One thing I've lied about: Eating.

Something that's currently worrying me: School.


Scarlet Rue and Violet Holland: Violet and Scarlet were abandoned by their parents in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Upon the abandonment the two underwent extreme loss of any personal connect to anyone other then themselves, growing extremely self-centered, and caring for only the well being off each other. In addition to growing an extreme hatred toward their parent, the two also got their own addictions of fighting and attention, They became infamously known as "The Margret Girls", and Scarlet would get into random street fights with the other children while Violet used her appearance to get through life, Scarlet primarily served as the mother figure toward Violet. :Scarlet is often cold headed and serious, though she is easily frightened, She can also be a little cynical and shallow, and sometimes takes advantage of others for her own gains. Scarlet often finds too much drama is annoying and gets easily angered by it. She also has over confidence, Upon seeing others upset she will stop at nothing to cheer them up. Violet is seen mostly speaking in a soft gentle voice, acting and speaking like a small child. She is very naive and simple minded and doesn't take anything seriously. On few occurrences Violet's childish personality is replaced with a psychotic like personality in which she bad mouths everyone. She enjoys horror movies and she's obsessed with gaining people's attention and often gets tearful when she loses attention. When intoxicated Violet becomes very suggestive and affectionate.

Calix Sonya and Cara Stotch: Calix and Cara come from an average low income family, which happens to be just their parents and them. Upon Cara's birth Calix was sent away to live with his grandparents and hours later Cara was put up in a adoption agency. Calix was constantly abused by his grandfather and soon ran away from home, As Cara got adopted into the stotch family.Calixs attitude is laid back and nonchalant as he tries to follow the gentleman code. He often can't fully express his emotions which leads him to walk away from situations or to act out of line. He prefers to be straight forward with people, and always takes a stupidly direct approach. He is slightly immature, stubborn, apathetic to most things, and augmentative. Hes also a slacker who likes to take the easy way out of things, though he is always loyal. He firmly believes that breaking promises is horrid and a person who does so should be punished horridly. Deep down he is always worried about his friends and would sacrifice himself for them. Cara is quite mature, very patient and forgiving. She has a very magnanimous, polite and gentle personality, and always tries to help her friends when she often has no clue how. She is carrying and understanding and often acts as a mother toward most of her friends, her understanding and acceptance often leads her to get used a lot. She is also generous and kind-hearted and often apologizes when nothing is her fault.

Marzia Web: Marzia comes from an extremely rich Irish family who originally lived within a mansion in the richest part of Ireland. She lived with both her parents up until the age of four where she had to undergo heart surgery and she lost her mother that day as well. Marzias father often took her traveling but nothing made her happy until they moved to a mansion in Florida. Mariza is causally humorous and is youthfully influenced by things that make no sense. Marzia is also very perverted, which often leads her into jumping to relationships to quickly and also ending them when they're going well. Around groups of people Marzia is a very open, spirited kind of girl. She can also display a laid back, more serious personality in some situations.

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**A STORY REVOLVING AROUND OC'S SET IN THE SPECIFIC UNIVERSE* Calix Sonya is a boy who runs a overly populated gang that over powers the other two gangs who had originally ran south park's crime sprees. He had gotten out of hand and the girls are planning to take him down.
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Violet is a well known gang leader who often gets caught for her crimes she commits. She is called in by the South Park police to help in catching Scarlet, A murderer who runs a website in which the user can request her assistance. (Requests for the story to see an oc or canon killed off are open. :3)
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Satan and Jesus had gotten unrealistically drunk together one night and created a picture perfect woman in the views of both Heaven and Hell combine, She goes by the name of Violet Holland. They send her down to earth in South Park where she lives her life along side Kyle,Stan,Kenny,Cartman,Craig,Tweek,Token,Clyde,Wendy,Bebe and your Oc's, but every gift has it's limits.
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Our parents always tell us to wait until we are ready to fall in love. They tell us that we should find the one we want to be with forever. But, What happens when you mistake someone to be your One true love? **OCC Story***
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Three shall be born with golden hair, Three shall hold powers dormant within, Three shall be ripped apart by an old family tear, Three shall reunite to have any chance to win, Two shall escape from evil's cold snare, One shall be lost in their ways of sin. *AU SOUTH PARK*
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South Park - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 16 - Words: 10,538 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 2/28/2014 - Published: 2/24/2014 - Bebe S., Kenny M., Wendy Testaburger
Cara's Imaginary Friend
A boy named Butters moves into a house with his sister and mother. Butters did not like the thought of moving into a new house, but after seeing it, he started to adjust. One day Butters hears his sister Cara talking to someone, but thinks it's just one of her imaginary friends. *WARNING; AU SOUTHPARK, CONTAINS OC*
South Park - Rated: T - English - Horror/Supernatural - Chapters: 2 - Words: 410 - Published: 2/27/2014
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Cara Sophia Jones, a young eight year old girl who has been abused and put through many different foster homes..had finally got what she wished for. *COMPLETELY AU, STORY ABOUT OC'S PAST*
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