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Fanfiction.net: For what I'm about to say, ban me. Go ahead, do it. I don't give a fuck anymore:

Okay, people. I refuse to give this site my stories any longer. I've been subject to having a story removed for FUCKING swearing *glares at FF.NET fatcats* and I've been subject to flamers who aren't members of this site nor are experienced writers. To all flamers AND to FF.NET: FUCK OFF.

Your slogan is "unleash your imagination and free your soul"? I guess we can unleash it...but only if we do it the way YOU want us to. Fuck that.

I will continue to write as long as I live, know this. I do not wish to salvage any reviews, only the fans that created them. Feel free to contact me, any of you.

My AIM: Screaming666red
My E-mail: GoddessofShadow666@yahoo.com
My Gaiaonline.com name: Eternities_of_Shadow
My MyOtaku.com name: GoddessShadow666

As you can see, it is easy to contact me if you wish to.

As to Fanfiction.net, go to hell. Seriously. You put restraints on writers' minds. No one should have that power. And you really DON'T have that power, because I'll go to better sites to post my writing. Ones that listen to what WE want. You use my talent for exposure, when really, because I give you permission to use my writing, YOU should be paying ME. I don't want money, but that's how it is.

This organization is a sham, the whole lot of it. I hope other writers' follow what I have done here today and abandon you. You've been cutting back on our self-expression slowly but surely so that we couldn't realize it. Well, guess what? I finally did.

Fanfiction.net is dying more and more every day, and when it finally disappears off the face of the earth, I'll be happy.

To My Fans: You guys have supported me through it all, and without you, I would have never learned as much as I have. I love every single one of you, and you're all so talented. Stop giving this site your hard work. Put it where it can be respected, okay? Thanks for everything, really. I appreciate it more than you know. Please contact me, here's my info once more:

My AIM: Screaming666red
My E-mail: GoddessofShadow666@yahoo.com
My Gaiaonline.com name: Eternities_of_Shadow
My MyOtaku.com name: GoddessShadow666

If you ask for my stories, I will show them to you. I'll write new whole CHAPTERS just for one fan. Just ask, I salvaged my stories.

Fanfiction.net-Sayonara. It's been...educational. Bye, everyone. Best of luck in your careers, please contact me.

With one last bow out...


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Yes, another songfic. It's really short, and if you've never read a songfic, I encourage you to start! I don't own GWing or Sum41
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