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[b]Name[/b]-Kristine Speroni
[b]Location[/b]-Point Pleasant, NJ

*Watching TV
*Watching Movies
*Hanging with my friends
*Going to the Boardwalk
*Going to the city

[b]Favorite Musicals[/b]
*The Lion King
*The Phantom of the Opera
*Mamma Mia

[b]Favorite Actresses[/b]
*Idina Menzel (Broadway/WICKED)
*Kristin Chenoweth (Broadway/WICKED)
*Bernadette Peters (Broadway)

[b]Favorite Actors[/b]
*Johnny Depp
*Orlando Bloom
*Johnny K (soon to be Broadway star from my school)

[b]Favorite TV Shows[/b]
*Saturday Night Live
*The Ellen Degeneres Show
*Spongebob Squarepants (seriously!)

[b]Favorite Movies[/b]
*Pirates of the Caribbean
*Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
*Shrek (just 1..I haven't seen 2 yet)
*Finding Nemo
*Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
*Annie (newer version)

[b]Favorite Wicked quotes[/b]
*Morrible: What a tragically beautiful face you have! And you must be her sister, Elphabaah!
Elphaba: Yes, I'm beautifuly tragic

Galinda: Can I call you Elphie?
Elphaba: Well, its a little perkie
Galinda: and you can call me...Galinda!

Elphaba: What, what're you all staring at? Is there something in my teeth? Alright fine, lets get this over with. No I'm not seasick. Yes I've always been green. No I did not eat grass as a child.

Nessarose: Oh! You scared me!
Elphaba: I have a tendency to do that to people

Galinda: Fiyero and I are going to be married! EEEEEE! [high pitched cheno-squeal]
Elphaba: He asked you already?
Galinda: No..he doesnt know yet

Glinda: What have you been doing besides riding around on that filthy old broom?
Elphaba: Well, we cant all come and go by bubble!

Glinda: It's good to see me isnt it!? No need to respond, that was rhetorical

Galinda:Do you remember my essay? 'Magic Wands- Need they have a point'

Nessa: What are you doing here?
Elphaba: Well, There is no place like home

Elphaba: Nessa, please, if I could just hide here,
Nessa: Elphaba, I can't habor a fugitive, I'm an unelected official

Glinda: Let the little girl go, and that poor little dog...Dodo!

Glinda: Elphie, I know you don't want to hear this, but somebody has to say this, You are OUT OF CONTROL! I mean come on they're just shoes, LET IT GO!

Galinda: That was your very first party...ever?
Elphaba: Do funerals count?
Galinda: HAHAHA..that was your very first party!

Galinda: Okay...I'm going to transform your simple frock into a magnificent ballgown...BALLGOWN...BALLGOWN...*tapping the wand*...is this thing on?
Elphaba: Well you want me to try?
Galinda: No, no...I got it! [keeps tapping wand..nothing happening] oh just wear the frock its pretty

Glinda: Yes dear, follow the same road...no...no turns...straight down the same road...oh, i hope she finds it okay...im just horrible at giving directions

Glinda: GUARDS!...Madame Morrible, how do you think you will fair in captivity, ya know cap-tiv-i-ty...prison...In my personal O-pinion I dont think you will do so well...I hope you'll prove me wrong...I doubt you will...Take her away

Elphaba: You're the only friend I've ever had
Glinda: Oh and I've had so many friends, but only one that mattered

Nessa: What's in this punch?
Boq: Lemons, Melons, and Pears
Nessa: Oh My!

Glinda: Now remember... eye contact. And don't forget to tell him how wonderful he is; Wizards love that. And be yourself. Well, within reason.

[b]Favorite WICKED songs[/b]
*Defying Gravity
*The Wizard and I
*What Is This Feeling?
*As Long As You're Mine

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