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Author has written 11 stories for Merlin, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.

Yeah, it's me, XyeahyeahsowhatX (Which you already know since your viewing my profile, and if you don't then, like, I don't even know what's wrong with you)

I'm some sort of emo-goth-punk tomboyish freakish British-Irish hybrid but with no accent. Which makes it pointless. Get over it. Potato! Sorry. Felt a need for 'potato!'. That didn't sound right. I LOVE EVANESCENCE, PARAMORE, AND BLACK VEIL BRIDES...


Game of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire

Harry Potter

The Mortal Instruments

Beautiful Creatures

Doctor Who

The Hunger Games


Les Mis


Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus


Sweeney Todd


The Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit



Pretty Little Liars

and a ton more I cba to write...

And most RIDICULOUSLY and IMMENSELY and INSANELY (and I'm not even kidding when I say that... hehehe.) obsessed with...


Particularly Morgana. Not in that way, dirty!! I watch the show for her, I'm on her side, and please for the love of god, don't call her evil. Or I will kill you. If you honestly don't understand her, then go get some empathy. Damn Arthur and his evil, purge nonsense. The Old Religion FTW!!! I'n not kidding now, it's a really weird connection thing with me and a fictional character. Bit odd. My friend Paige is convinced it all happened and I was Morgana in a past life 'because you look like her and your obsession thinggy'... My friends are stupid.

Instagram: taya_eat_world

wefangirlasone (fandom acc)

armorhavemercy (arthur/morgana acc)

Tumblr: xxlittlegirlallinblack24601xx



Merlin: *sigh* Why, in all my OTPs, are either one, or both, dead?! Don't judge me. ARMOR IS MY OTP FOREVER AND ALWAYS

GoT/SoIaF: Arya/Gendry (though I dunno... She's so awesomely ARYA I don't really like to think of her falling in love..) , Sansa/Sandor(Little Bird!!!) Tyrion/Shae Dany/Drogo(NOT Jorah!!) BRIENNE/JAIME = my GoT OTP.

HP: Hermione/Ron, Luna/Neville, Victoire/Teddy BELLAMORT!!

HG: Peeta/Katniss, Finnick/Annie, Cato/Clove

FALLEN: Arriane/Roland, Shelby/Miles, Luce/Daniel Cam/Molly (No idea where that came from.)

VICTORIOUS: BECK AND JADE FOREVER!! Seriously. I hate Bori more than most things I hate. Which is a lot. Hahahahahahaha. Oh, look, I've gone phsycopathic again. Cabbie rocks too.

GONE: Caine/Diana, Lana/Sanjit Brianna/Dekka (NOOOO BRIAAANNNNA!)

YD: If you say Ingrid is evil, as I am obsessed (NOT IN THAT WAY! DO I HAVE TO KEEP REMINDING YOU PERVS?? And I mean that in the nicest possible way) with her, I will KILL, which I will also do if you mention anything other than INGRID/WILL

TBBT: Leonard/Penny and I am so obsessed with the amazing funny cuteness that is... SHAMY!!


Random Profile Crap

What's your name? If you read this a while ago and think I'm called Arya, then... BWAHAHAHA. That was a prank. My friends told me to. They wanted to see if people believed...

Were you named after anybody? My middle names(Yes I have two. That's not ridiculous at all.) are Azadeh (means 'freedom' in Iranian. Don't ask.) and Katie, after my aunt. Like, what the hell. Azadeh Katie. They really go together.

Are you in love? No.

When did you last cry? I don't cry.

Do you like your hands? Yeah?

What is your favorite lunch meat? I've been vegetarian since birth don't you dare ask me which sweet little animal's gorily-removed muscle I like to eat the best. I'm a freaking teenage activist.

Kids? UGH... They're cute on TV but, seriously, in reality they're just balls of annoyance.

If you were another person would you be friends with you? I think so. I'm very angry and hate a lot of things though so then again, maybe not... Boys are more mates with me than girls.

Do you use sarcasm a lot? It's pretty much my only tone of voice.

Do you still have your tonsils? No, I sold them on the black market to buy new speakers. What sort of freaky-ass stalker question is that anyway? Moving on.

Would you bungee jump? Yeah!! :D Fun! XD On my bucket list.

What is your favorite cereal? I hate cereal.

Do you untie your shoes when you remove them? Does anyone?

Are you strong? Yeah. Ridiculously.

Favorite ice-cream flavor? Brownie bites, Nutella, cookie dough, honeycomb... Oh, all of them.

Shoe size?I don't know. Eight or something. Who cares?

Red or Pink? Red is my third favourite colour next to black and green, and I hate pink nearly as much as yellow. You work it out.

What is your least favorite thing about you?. I caved and HUGGED somebody the other day. Purely because she said she'd watch Merlin. Don't you dare tell anyone.

Hair? Black, silly-long and half-curly half-wavy nonsense. I wanted to get green streaks but my stupid modeling agency wouldn't let me. So I chose to keep modeling to get money to buy clip ins. HA.Usually styled based on Arya, Sansa, Daenerys, or, mostly, MORGANA. It's naturally very Bellatrix. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Eye color? Greenish most days, greeny-brown others, move on with your life.

Who do you miss the most? I don't miss people.

Do you want everyone to put this in their profile? . I honestly don't care.

What colour pant and shoes are you wearing? Black combat boots and black ripped jeans.

Last thing you ate? My insane friends peanut butter cookie. I was hungry and I wanted it so I stole it and ate it. She'll get over it.

What are you listening to right now? Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn, but the EarlyRise cover of it.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Black or green.

Favourite smell? Book smell.

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My BFF. Been mates since we were six and I beat her up. She's remarkably like a six year old still, actually. But I'd take a bullet for that phsycopath, though.

First thing you notice about people you are attracted to? HAIR! And then I ask what fandoms/musicals they love. If none, they can go away.

Do you like the person who sent this to you? I just don't like PEOPLE ok? Deal with it.

Favourite drink? Coke. Diet. :D

Favourite sport? Um... Does theatre count as a sport?? I used to do archery but the placed closed down. FUN! I hate football though.

Hat size?... Wtf? Who just randomly knows their hat size?

Favourite food? Spicy curly fries :D

Scary movies or happy endings? Scary. Gorier the better.

Last movie you watched at the movie theatre? The Lone Ranger!!! Helenaist and Depphead forever

What is your favourite article of clothing? Either my This Is My Zombie Killing Bag bag or my knee-length black matte Doc Martens with red roses embroidered up them. Maybe my Paramore necklace.

Summer or Winter? I hate school, so I guess Summer, but I'm a Stark of Winterfell at heart, I love all the snow and ice and numb fingers. And yes I do realise I didn't actually answer this properly.

Hugs or Kisses? Neither, there too nice. I hate nice things.

Favorite dessert? Cheesecake. Nutella with icecream. Or cheesecake spread with nutella served with ice cream. Hahaha.

How old were you when you began writing? When I was a toddler who could barely pick up a pen. I found the most embarrassing story I wrote when I was four. It was called 'Princess Ballinapop and the Magical Karate' or actually, how i spelt it, 'prinses ballinapop and the majical caratay'. Moving on...

Reason for why you started? Because it's a chance to get everything you imagine down and recorded, it's escapism, its bringing your fantasies to life. That's why.

How many stories have you written? In real life about fifty billion. On fanfiction, check yourself unless you're so ridiculously lazy.

Have you ever co-written? Do you prefer co-write or solo? I have never co-written in my life.

What is your favorite fandom to write for? Merlin. Followed closely by GoT.

Favorite fanfic story? My god you're all idiots. There's a favourites section on my stupid profile for a reason. Look there.

Favorite story you've written? How To Turn A Red Rose Black... Maybe Bellatrix; The Last and The Best... I just like life-story fics, OK???

Who is your favorite character to write about? Either Morgana or Bellatrix.

Your three favorite pairings of what you write? BELLAMORT, Bade, and something else.

Do you ever get writer's block? Occaisonially. If you've just jinxed this I am going to murder you.

Fun facts about you? Apparantly I like scissors and unhealthy amount and I 'should not be a girl because I am too tomboyish' I do fencing, songwriting and I'm a singer in a band, called Bloodstains and Butterflies And I'm an animal rights activist. Also, people think I'm really posh because I have a weird name and do riding and fencing. I'm really really not. I have an addiction to this shopping site called BlueBanana.com and

I spend way too much time drawing the characters of Merlin (read: Morgana)

I know I hate copy-and-paste-onto-your-profile stuff but I'm starting one;

Most people say 'Sansa Stark is such a wimpy girly girl. Why do we even have chapters on her?'. Copy and paste this onto your profile and add your name to the end if you agree that she's one of the bravest people in Westeros! Come on, she's been trapped in enemy territory, with an abusive sadist watching her ever word and every move (literally), being forced to be one of those who murdered her family and can't say anything without seriously considering if it will get her killed, beaten, beaten publically, raped, or herfamily killed. And she still didn't break down!!!!! XyeahyeahsowhatX

I Must Be...

I'm YOUNG so I MUST BE Naive.

I'm an EMO so I MUST be a Cutter.

I'm a GOOD ACTRESS so I MUST be a Liar.

I SPEAK MY MIND so I MUST be a Bitch.

I used to be a CUTTER so I MUST BE Depressed.

I READ TONS so I MUST be a Nerd.

I'm LOUD so I MUST BE an Attention-Seeker.

I'm a VEGETARIAN so I MUST be anorexic.

I POINT OUT MISTAKES so I MUST be a Controlling Perfectionist.

I'm a PERSON so I MUST have a Label.

Favourite Merlin Quotes

Morgana: You're wrong. Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I have no one left to be loyal to.

What happened Morgana? I thought we were friends.

Morgana: As did I. But alas, we were both wrong.

Arthur: You can't blame me for my fathers sins.

Morgana: It's a little late for that now.

Arthur: What happened to you, Morgana? As a child you were so caring, so compassionate.

Morgana: I grew up.

Merlin: We can find another way!

Morgana: There is no other way.

Merlin: They were your friends. I don't understand how anyone would want to hurt their friends.

Morgana: No, you just poison them.

Arthur: All that power, and you choose to do nothing but hate!

Morgana: Our dear father taught me well.

Morgana: Only a mad man hears the truth as treason.

Morgana: I don't want to be brave. I just want to be me. I don't want to be alone anymore.

Uther: You will go to your chambers!

Morgana: And you, Uther Pendragon... You will go to hell.

Favourite GoT/ASoIaF Quotes

Arya: I'm not called Arry either. It's Arya. Of House Stark.

Gendry: So you're a proper lady then? Oh... And I've been pissing in front of you and everything...

Tywin: And tell me. What do they say of Robb Stark in the South?

Arya: They say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf. They say he cannot be killed.

Tywin: And do you believe them?

Arya: No, my lord. Anyone can be killed.

Tyrion: We've had vicious kings, and we've had idiot kings but never have we been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king!

Oh, yeah, and apparantly I write fanfiction now, too.

Read my stuff. Then review my stuff. Simples.


S'laters. :-P

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A Les Mis Parody by AzureOtter reviews
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