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I'm not sure what to type in this. Do people read these things? I mean, I sometimes do out of boredom I guess or curiosity. Still, since I have posted so many words on here, I decided to update my profile so it looks a bit more... Nice? I'm not sure.

Why did I start? To improve my English language. I'm not an English native speaker as you can see from all the typos and mistakes I make. I barely speak my own language, let alone English. This was the main motivation that pushed me over the edge of being afraid to showcase my writing to the world. Although there are other reasons that I write in general. I always wanted to write, I did so since I was in my younger teenage years. Sure, it wasn't anything big. I made plenty of mistakes, the plot I did was abysmal at best and my friends humored me because I tried to do something creative. Between then and now I did have a long break. Mostly because I started having doubts about it, I was in that age where I thought that everything I do had to have some meaning, that it had to define me. So I quit it since it seemed so empty. I started having issues in my life, stuff that's a bit outside of the norm although not as bad as some folks have it still. The combination of those factors made me stop, and once you do? Well, it's hard to come back to it.

I was always fascinated with script writing and how stories work behind the scenes, in the time between my life getting more stable and now, I researched that topic. My knowledge is basic at best, and even then I wouldn't really say I know that much about it. It's enough so that I can understand why something was done in a piece of fiction, or why it should be done on the most ground level possible. I'm not trying to brag or even humblebrag. Really, anyone can have this level of knowledge by just googling some articles or tutorials or anything, It would take them less than a day to achieve my level of knowledge. Still, it was an important part of why I wanted to start and create... Something, anything.

But I didn't, I remained in my ways for years, deciding that I just couldn't do it. This part of my little story has to pause here, as we need to jump into another subject that tied to this.


I'll say this first, I'm aware that fanfiction has a very bad reputation, in some way I embrace it. I'm self-aware enough to tell people with a smile and a laugh that I write lame fanfiction stories. This isn't something to be proud of, nor is it anything to be ashamed of. It's just a hobby really. A way to kill free time. Either create fan stuff or absorb it or both. It's our way of showing that we like something. It's our way of providing entertainment for one another when something ends or we wait between releases. Lastly, it's our way of letting out all the emotions that we have tied to something.

This brings me to the topic at hand. Why fanfiction? Because I struggle with something. This struggle fills me with fear for new things, for enjoying things genuinely. Whenever I enjoy something or it has some emotional impact on me, I go into an overdrive hype. It's almost painful because it doesn't matter if I want to or not, my brain will just spin around said obsession over and over, till I'm just exhausted. So why fanfiction? Because it helps. It helps to cope with this stupid state I am whenever I freshly finish a game or a show. Although I'll admit I'm not as eager to watch new things nowadays mostly because of this fear. It's silly for someone on the side, I am aware of that. Still, it's how I feel. It cripples me for days and weeks to the point that I'm afraid of being in that state of mind.

Now to tie those two sections together into the reasoning why I started and why I write them. It started with me helping someone out with a story. I think that person know's who he is. I was talking about how to plan out a story, and as an example, I just started to make a plan for a random story. It was my first story I posted here, so you can see how lame that ended up hah. Still, it was what it was and I decided that why not? I mean, who cares right? So I did it.

Am I proud of it? No. Am I happy with it? Yes. It helps me to cope with all these feelings I have, although I still need to check how that would work if I ever get something fresh in my mind hah. It's also an entertaining way of handling my free time. While I don't want to say that I improved that much, I did notice that I have a bit better grasp of the English language than I had before. At least I started noticing certain patterns I used in my writing and I could correct that.

So this is the story of me and fanfictions or just my writing.

What's important is that I study social science. It's not important because it makes me anyone important, if anything it's not that spectacular of a science, even if I think it has its place on the scale of importance. What it means is that I often try to put that knowledge to work with my stories. I'm not claiming that I am alpha and omega of it, and more often than not my points might be flawed or not be entirely accurate... Or just be completely wrong. Still, plenty of the decisions I make in my stories are due to that.

The last thing that affects my writing is something that I think was said by Steven King? I'm not sure so feel free to call me on my BS, but either he or someone else said that you should write about something that you know. And that's what I do. Some of the events, behavior or ideas are taken from real life. Some are of my own experiences, some are of my friends and family. Lastly, some connect to what I previously said and it ties to my social studies. Often I interview people on difficult or unusual topics or just talk with them about their life and you'd be surprised how unusual some of these stories can be. Why do I try to go along with this? Well, I think it's the best when we create something and we can understand it.

That's also the reason why I research trivial subjects that might be some minor elements in my stories or even single chapters. In a way, it goes both ways. I think it helps with my stories if I at least attempt to grasp a subject I'm writing about and in return I learn something new.

About me outside of that?

I like video games, although I noticed that as time goes and there are more candles on my cake each and every year I lose interest in plenty of games. I avoid big titles and instead focus on small titles, indie titles. I don't play everything and I avoid overly hyped games, even if they are good I just don't like having something I personally like being turned into a meme, and sadly everything with a big enough fanbase is sooner or later turned into a meme. I'm not trying to bash on anything or make some sort of social commentary, but it is how I feel about it, and I can't pretend like I think otherwise.

I'm an online gamer though, yet I'll just admit to playing Guild Wars 2 since other games I just share with a bunch of friends and I'd rather not be bugged about them.

Outside of the realm of games, I enjoyed Zootopia and RWBY, although that last one is sort of drawing a line with its last incarnation. Those are the two fandoms I was invested in, in terms of fanfiction. I didn't and most likely won't write any Zootopia fanfictions unless they release a sequel... Although who knows? Maybe one day.

Stuff I enjoy and is not related in any way to fandoms or fanfictions? I unironically enjoyed the first season of Fist of the north star (You most likely know that anime from certain memes both in audio and visual forms).

Black rock shooter although just the anime and ova.

I think I like Evangelion, although I'll admit I got a bit lost after the original series and the Ova stuff that were like...remastered anime? See this is where I just got lost. Still, I enjoyed the series and I read plenty of fan-created manga stuff that I enjoyed and were equally crazy yet creative in how insane they were.

I really enjoyed Outlaw Star.

Shaman King, although I paused reading the manga at some point, I do plan on going back to it.

I think that's really all I have to say about myself. I doubt anyone will come here and read any of it, most likely just glance through it and shrug. Although if you somehow managed to read through all of this, congrats!


I sometimes might seem like a broken clock with me wanting for people to review stories I wrote, but unless you wrote something yourself, you aren't aware of how much influence leaving a review has. It can be critical and point out flaws both technical or plot-wise. It can be praising or just saying that you're enjoying the story. It can be voicing your thoughts about the story or chapter. It can be anything as long as you made it clear that you somehow invested time in reading whatever it is you might review. I say it for myself and every other author on this site - Reviews help us stay motivated to keep doing this, to know that there is someone on the other side who's enjoying it. While It's true that most of us do it because it's just entertaining, writing to yourself will eventually lose its purpose. It's sharing those things with other people that's the best way of handling it.

So if you ever read anything I wrote, however old it is, feel free to leave a review if you enjoyed it, or if you wanted to point out some flaws... Or both.

Thank you in advance.

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