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Author has written 22 stories for General Hospital, Twilight, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Grey's Anatomy, and Glee.

Formerly JasamLanteLuva

Now an active Beta Reader!

I have decided to change my name because when I joined in 2012, I was obsessed with General Hospital. It had become part of my daily routine, to watch it when I came home even if I was swamped in homework. Now, I've grown more, and while I still watch General Hospital when I have the time, I no longer watch it obsessively. And when I first started writing, it was just GH stories, so it was a good name for the time. But now that I have been writing for other fandoms, I have decided it would be more fitting to have a more neutral name. And as I sit here, drinking a cup of coffee, knowing that the second I'm done I'm going to grab the book right next to me and start reading again, I've decided Caffeine-Book-Addict is a perfect name. I will still keep all of my old stories up on this account, and I've been thinking about trying to rewrite some of them, since I have grown so much as a writer. I've been thinking for a while about changing my name, but I couldn't think of something until recently. And I think Caffeine-Book-Addict suits me perfectly.

To anyone who was wondering what happened with my 'Twelve Days Before Christmas' stories; When I was writing the stories, it was the day before and the day that I posted them, and when I finished writing the second one, I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't start the third one, and then the next morning I woke up completely ill. I could barely do anything, and my brain was all cloudy, so I definitely couldn't write. I was sick for about four or five days, but even after I was technically better, I still felt pretty awful. I was already so behind with the stories, I didn't think I should or could do it anymore, so I stopped. Maybe I'll try again this year though.

My story writing and updates will still be sporadic, because I'm busy a lot, and when I sit down to write, I often choose to write stories that I'll never post, just because they're more personal, or just a story that I'm pretty sure only my brain could comprehend. But when I do post, the stories will most likely be one-shots, because I've never been good at sticking to one story for long. On the rare occasions that I do write a chapter story, I will probably write all or most of it before posting it, just so I'm sure I won't lose interest in it before I finish.

I get into new fandoms all the time, so I often start writing for them. But my main group of fan fictions I will write will be about Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Grey's Anatomy, and occasionally General Hospital. And more recently, Glee.

Some random facts about me are:

1. I have anxiety, so I often chicken out of posting stories if I feel like no one will like them.

2. I like an odd mixture of music, including country, pop, and rock, but I can't stand (bad) rap.

3. I have OCD, so I get really fidgety if things are uneven, and there are a bunch of other things that set me off too.

4. I have severe anger and impulse issues. I'm generally a calm person, and can take being insulted fine most of the time, but if you say one word about the people I care about, I won't hesitate to punch you in the face.

5. My biggest pet peeves are getting lied to, being interrupted when I'm doing something, and when people do not click or cap their pens when they are done with them.

I always love getting feedback on my stories, so if you read them, please leave a review. I accept prompts, and I like getting other people's ideas for stories I'm writing, or that I am going to write, so feel free to PM me ideas if you want. I accept constructive criticism, just please don't be mean about it. Thanks to everyone who reads and reviews my stories.

Thanks again,


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