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Ah, vibrant like the flowers. Ah, elegant like the birds in the sky. Ah, to give oneself to the pleasant wind. Ah, moonlight shines down.

That which we call "righteous", changes depending on one's measure. If anything in this world is immutable, it's the beauties of nature, its majestic loveliness.

After we regret, we will learn, and then move on.

So that we will never repeat the sins we have made.

What we call "History", is the growth of the world when unchangeable emotions are reconciled after they have wandered around, hurting each other.

That which we call "righteous" is an illusion. Its true form unknown even to adults. If anything in this world is immutable, it's the beauties of nature, calming and dear to us.

Is righteousness something utterly pure?

We have known by being charmed from the "right thing" within a sin, that love, unafraid of impurity is also "righteous".

Because they are without form and yet we try to understand them, the beauties of nature, held within all of us, are immeasurable, and thus meaningful.

And so we roam in love.

Even a mourning heart and a fearful kindness are surely the beauties of nature, held within all of us. Remain beautiful no matter what.

Remain beautiful forever

Kachou Fuugetsu - Yuuhei Satellite

His body is made out of swords

(Long live the king)

His blood is of iron and his heart of glass

(May his reign last forever)

He survived through countless battles

(May his strength...)

Not even once retreating

(Fail him never.)

Not even once being understood

('O , my stalwart companion)

He was always alone

(I mourn your loss)

Intoxicated with victory in a hill of swords

(Even in death, you were the first in battle,)

Thus, his life has no meaning

(And the last to retreat, even so in death)

That body was certainly made out of swords

(Alas, I have lost a part of myself.)

I recently have an influx of ideas and plot bunnies running around my head and I want to share them! Since my writing ability is absolutely abysmal, despite having good inspirations I simply lack the power to make them true. But I can't do that by posting them as if they are stories, this is against the rules of Fanfiction. Entries not allowed:

  1. Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc.
  2. One or two liners.
  3. MST: comments inserted in between the flow of a copied story.
  4. Stories with non-historical and non-fictional characters: actors, musicians, and etc.
  5. Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.
  6. Chat/script format and keyboard dialogue based entries.

(Got hit by 3 of those rules at once, ouch)

So I had to take a step back and put them on the profile and hope somebody sees them someday.

You are free to use these at your own discretion, and honestly I care less about whether you want to name me as the source of your inspiration, all I really want is to read what you can come up with after reading these. Doesn't matter if the product ends up nothing like what I imagined

Plots or Challenges I want to share

-Section,Category- Title

-Movie, Aladdin- Prince of Thieves.

Cassim embarked on his journey for the hand of Midas with his family following him. Aladdin uses his natural talent for pickpocketting and sneaking around to help his father as much as he can and does wonders for his father despite him only being 7. Cassim on a later date became the leader of the 40 bandits after Aladdin's mother passed away and her death wish was for Cassim to stop searching for the hand of Midas. Aladdin although not an official member of the 40 bandits, plays an important role in uniting the hearts of the bandits with his like-able personality, so that they wouldn't betray his father in the future and they all finally become a family of 41. After the 40 bandits expand their territory, Aladdin decides to travel by himself when he reached 15, found Abu in a group of circus performers, and stumbled into Agrabah when he is 18. All the while, Cassim and his friends are conquering a kingdom not so far away from Agrabah, wanting to make it their own and ultimately succeeding before Aladdin returned.

Aladdin is much smarter and cunning due to hanging around his 39 'uncles'. His charisma and confidence have been boosted by being around his father, and his talents of thieving around has no equals even in the 40 bandits. For safety reasons he had learnt to wield a weapon at a young age, and was almost killed when he was 13. Retaliating in self defense, he accidentally killed someone and so Aladdin felt guilty enough to try and get away. Being tired from traveling on the road, he decided to settle in Agrabah for a while.

After gaining Genie as a companion through Jafar's machination with the cave of wonders, he goaded Genie into returning him home where his father was without using up his 3 wishes. And his first wish was helping his father become a true king, granting him riches and treasures that dropped the jaws of his 39 uncles and ultimately solving the poverty issue in their kingdom and gaining much respect for the new king Cassim. A few months later, having settled the political turmoil within his Kingdom, Cassim sent Prince Aladdin journey to Agrabah with servants and riches trailing behind, to woo the princess Jasmine of Agrabah and increase the power of their kingdom as a whole.

I kind of portrayed the other 39 bandits as the thugs from 'Tangled' in the Snuggling Duckling. Where they might be brutish and a bit on the brainless side, have their own dreams and personalities. Because otherwise I doubt criminals who mass murder for the heck of it would be easy to get along, right?

-Anime & Game, Blue exorcist & Persona 4 crossover- Inaba investigation team in Assiah.

Narukami and Co. lost their battle with Izanami and their souls were ready to be carted off to the land of the dead. The residents of Velvet room tries to intervene, but could not stop their souls to be carted off. However they managed to change the destination from the land of the dead to somewhere called 'Assiah', and from what they could gather it looked much safer than the land of the dead.

Narukami and Co. were in a surprise for their life when they found out the apparently peaceful Assiah was filled with demons. Somehow being able to summon their Personas in Assiah, they helped defeating the demons running amok and caught the eyes of Shiro Fujimoto. For about a week they lived in the Church and they along with Rin Okumura enrolled into True cross academy later when Shiro died, and also became students of the Exorcist classes. While Narukami and Co. were being questioned by Mephisto for their Persona abilities and trustworthiness before enrolling, Margaret steps out of no where and begins to explain since Narukami and Co. never understood the fundamentals of Shadows and Personas. Mephisto believing the 'Persona' to be an excellent power that can be a deciding factor for the coming war, wants Margaret to teach the students more about Persona. Margaret at first refused, but Mephisto made it so that if she does not agree, Narukami and Co. cannot enroll. Margaret grudgingly accepts, and takes Narukami into the Velvet room, listening to Igor's cryptic speeches.

Please look for Birth of a Legend by Parcasious if you can't get the right feeling for the story. He is an awesome writer by the way.

Note, Narukami and Co. cannot see demons without the glasses that Teddie made for them. Everyone in their team are Tamers. Narukami is also a Knight, Naoto a Dragoon and Aria, Yukiko Aria and Doctor. etc. Since their souls have been separated from their bodies by Izanami, and were submerged in her power for extended periods, they lost a lot of power, and have to start almost from scratch. Although I am not a die-hard Rise lover, I have to admit in this setting she will become a super over powered Aria. With Himiko/Kanzeon/Kouzeon she can just stare at the demons, and read the fatal verses that only she can see in the air.

Rin and Yukio would probably develop Personas of their own, but I have no idea what it would be. Their Velvet Room would be on a luxurious cruiser wading through unfamiliar waters to destination unknown. A reference would be this picture, and its a restaurant called Red Velvet Restaurant that I had the fortune to dine during my cruise int he Mediterranean seas. /images/SY…

Bloopers Alert*

Yukiko: Black coat? Black?

Mephisto: Well, you could always custom order it in another color.

Yukiko: Is that so? *Orders EVERYTHING in red*

Margaret looks blankly at the black coat of Exorcist that was presented to her in front of the entire class*

Yukio: Here, Margaret-san. You should wear this when you are teaching. Its only proper, that blue of yours is a bit much.

Narukami: *Whisper* Oh no, you got to be kidding me?

Hanamura: Hey partner, whats wrong?

Narukami: You don't understand. Criticizing Margaret and her blue is like telling Yukiko to stop wearing red.

Chie: ... Oh dear...

Margaret: ... *Snaps her fingers, and all the coats in the room changes into velvet blue color*

-Yukio stands there gaping like a fish.-

Margaret: Right, let's resume class. Personas are generally categorized in 'Arcanas', and people who have personality or characteristics matching to those arcanas will probably wield a persona within that family. Could someone enlighten us on what these Arcanas are called?

-Rise raises her hand- : Yes, Kujikawa-san?

Rise: They are named after the Arcanas in the Tarot cards. Such as The Fool, The Moon, The World and etc.

Margaret: Excellent. Today I will introduce you to 'The Fool' Arcana. Although a fool, The Fool Arcana does not mean that it can be taken lightly. The Fool is number zero. It is the void from which all other things begin. An example here would be Narukami.

-Anime, Yu gi Oh 5Ds- Psychic Reverse. *THIS STORY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!*

Zero Reverse was prevented at the very last moment. Dr. Fudo having not much choice, had to use an infant Yusei to act as a lightning rod to absorb the excessive Energy in the Momentum that was out of control. Being a destined Signer, Yusei surprisingly came out unscathed and the Momentum completely runs out of energy. And since Yusei took all of it the Momentum stopped and Zero Reverse did not come to pass.

Yusei gained Psychic abilities so powerful that he can enter the Spirit world with his mortal body (unlike Luna who has to leave it in the real world and let her spirit wander), interact with Duel Spirits as if they physically exist, and wreak devastating destruction with his power. Yusei does not appreciate having this power, and hides it from plain sight, but never hated this power nor hated his Father. But Dr. Fudo still felt guilty for making Yusei's life 'miserable' and distances himself from him, believing that he will only hurt Yusei by being his father. Somewhat alone and neglected, Yusei enrolls the Duel Academy pre-school and meets Jack and Crow, becoming fast friends. His hobbies include spending time inside the Spirit Realm exploring, tinkering with machines or experimenting new ways to use the materials he had found inside the spirit realm, and hang out with friends.

A few years in the future, a rejected and neglected Izayoi Aki enters the Duel Academy. She sees 3 young boys at the gate who caught her attention. A short mouthy carrot top wearing a bandanna that was arguing with a tall blonde giant whose haughty arrogance knows no bounds, with a quiet black haired boy standing in the middle with piercing blue eyes and a strange tattoo on his face that and two cyan haired youngsters who are crowding around their legs; something inside Aki stirred just by looking at them...

Title: Psychic Reverse.

-Anime, Yu gi Oh 5Ds-

(This bunny has been adopted, then abandoned Q_Q You can see it here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11071826/1/Psychic-Reverse)

Zero Reverse was prevented at the very last moment. Dr. Fudo having not much choice, had to use an infant Yusei to act as a lightning rod to absorb the excessive Energy in the Momentum that was out of control. Being a destined Signer, Yusei surprisingly came out unscathed and the Momentum completely runs out of energy. And since Yusei took all of it the Momentum stopped and Zero Reverse did not come to pass.

Yusei gained Psychic abilities so powerful that he can enter the Spirit world with his mortal body (unlike Luna who has to leave it in the real world and let her spirit wander), interact with Duel Spirits as if they physically exist, and wreak devastating destruction with his power. Yusei does not appreciate having this power, and hides it from plain sight, but never hated this power nor hated his Father. But Dr. Fudo still felt guilty for making Yusei's life 'miserable' and distances himself from him, believing that he will only hurt Yusei by being his father. Somewhat alone and neglected, Yusei enrolls the Duel Academy pre-school and meets Jack and Crow, becoming fast friends. His hobbies include spending time inside the Spirit Realm exploring, tinkering with machines or experimenting new ways to use the materials he had found inside the spirit realm, and hang out with friends.

A few years in the future, a rejected and neglected Izayoi Aki enters the Duel Academy. She sees 3 young boys at the gate who caught her attention. A short mouthy carrot top wearing a bandanna that was arguing with a tall blonde giant whose haughty arrogance knows no bounds, with a quiet black haired boy standing in the middle with piercing blue eyes and a strange tattoo on his face that and two cyan haired youngsters who are crowding around their legs; something inside Aki stirred just by looking at them...


1. Yusei is a Psychic powerhouse, and has lots of experience using that power.

Psychic powers can be categorized into different types:

a. XXXX Summoner- "XXXX" refers to either an element (Light, Fire, Water etc.) or typing (Warrior, Spellcaster, Fairy, etc), and people who can effortlessly summon monsters of that affinity. Luna would be a Light Summoner for example.

b. Mage- People who can cast Yu Gi Oh spells by using the magic cards as a conduit. This can also be categorized into different types of mage. XXXX 'could' refer to an element (such as spells related to an element, directly targetting a specific element, etc.) or typing (spells that empower or destroy monsters of specific typing), as well as whether if the spells are Normal, Continuous, Ritual, Quick, Field, or Equip.

Normal- Mage

Continuous: Warder

Ritual: Devout/Priest/Priestess

Quick: Magus

Field: Geomancer

Equip: Conjurer

c. Trickster- People who can cast YGO traps by using the trap cards as a conduit.

d. Sage- Summoner plus Mage

e. Wizard- Mage plus Trickster

f. Tamer- Summoner plus Trickster

g. ????- Summoner plus Mage plus Trickster; you decide what this one would be called! Yusei is definitely this.

2. Aki has to join the Arcadia Movement before officially appearing.

3. Yusei X Aki pairing, no exception.

4. Jack and Crow will need to at least have 'spiritual awareness' if you decide not to give them Psychic powers.

5. Criminal Marks in the canon are now known as Augment Marks, which are tattoos that grant a boost for Psychic powers.

Yellow Tattoo: Summoning boost

Green: Magic boost

Red or Pink: Trap boost

Blue: Suppression (For Yusei, who's powers without a powerful suppression tattoo will be much harder to control)

Crow will actively seek to augment his powers with multiple Yellow Tattoos.

6. Naturally, since this is a YGO fic, there needs to be card duels.

7. Generally speaking, this fiction is just an AU where Zero Reverse didn't happen, multiple people awakened their psychic powers, there was no Satellite, Yusei Jack and Crow went to school, Luna and Lua as well as Aki met them at school, with everything else being the same.


1. Homosexual/Slash. (I am NOT homophobic! I have a lesbian sister and I am bisexual myself.)

2. Zero Reverse happened anyway. (The very basis of this story stands upon the fact that Zero Reverse did not happen)

3. Spamming overpowered cards (the obvious Change of Heart, Raigeki, and what not comes to mind; please look up for the ban list in 2011)

4. XYZ/Overlay and Pendulum Summon (This is neither ZEXAL nor ARC-V)

Possible Suggestions:

1. Carly X Jack pairing.

2. Carly being a flunky in school who constantly fails tests despite studying hard; has a suppressed talent in fortunetelling. This is changed after becoming a Dark Signer then back into a normal human again, making her powers fully awaken. She could look at the past, present, and future clearly but it tires her quickly.

Fortune Lady Clotho

Lv7 LIGHT Spellcaster ???/???

This card's ATK/DEF are equal to its level x500. During each of your standby phase, increase the level of this card by 1. Once per turn, target a monster on the field, and decrease any number of Levels from it. Restore x500 life points for each level that has been decreased. Whenever a Fortune Lady is summoned or leaves the field, draw a card.

Fortune Lady Lachesis

Lv7 EARTH Spellcaster ???/???

This card's ATK/DEF are equal to its level x500. During each of your standby phase, increase the level of this card by 1. Once per turn, target a monster in the graveyard, then target another monster on the field. The target on the field gains the same number of levels as the target in the graveyard. Whenever a Fortune Lady is summoned or leaves a field, your opponent can choose between randomly discarding a card from their hand or milling the top card on their deck.

Fortune Lady Atropos

Lv7 DARK Spellcaster ???/???

This card's ATK/DEF are equal to its level x500. During each of your standby phase, increase the level of this card by 1. Once per turn, target a monster on the field, and decrease any number of levels from it. Inflict x500 life points damage to your opponent for each level that has been decreased; This card deals only half amount of battle damage if this effect was activated this turn. Whenever a Fortune Lady is summoned or leaves the field, you can special summon another Fortune Lady that's level is below it from your hand, deck, or graveyard.

3. Yusei and Crow growing taller

It was much harder for people to acquire the correct nutrients for their body to grow while living in Satellite, and since now that people never lost their family, having a proper diet that helps growth is much easier.

4. Jack being a bit nicer and not quite so stand-off-ish

5. Jack having a baby sister that he dotes on

-Anime & Game, D. Gray-man & Grim Grimoire- The Philosopher's Innocence

Allen Walker was sent on a mission to find an Innocence under a mysterious ruin. However, they found a girl holding a golden stone the size of a head to her chest, lying unconscious at the end of the gigantic maze that they had to traverse through. Being displaced into an alternate universe due to the Philosopher's stone, Lillet Blanc had to follow the Exorcists back to home base as she does not have any other reasonable choice.

The philosopher stone is an Innocence, and literally a crystal of god with immense power. Being reshaped into a big golden brooch, its accomodator is Lillet Blanc, and she uses it as a mandatory tool to perform the magics she learned from her Grimoires as the world of D. Gray-man does not have 'Mana', the most basic requirement of magic. It is a mana source, the stronger Lillet's will, the more Mana it produces. By theory, if Lillet has an unbreakable will she will have infinite amount of mana at her disposal with the stone around. Lillet needs the stone to open the gateways of different 'worlds'(The world of Fairy, Netherworld, Hell) as the distance between them is greater when compared to being in her original world, thus requiring more energy to successfully summon something.

Although Akuma are similar to demons and devils, if Mephisto sees them he would probably laugh haughtily, and claim superiority over them, but grow to respect the Noah Family members. And since the familiar all originated in a world where the power of Noah and its corruption cannot reach directly to their life source, they will not be infected and become Akuma.

The elves can heal and create magical constructs as well as do general foot work like gathering things, relaying messages with low mana cost. The simple fact that they could heal will help the Order very much, and the Talisman will simply bolster the defenses of the order. The fairies in group can be very strong and with enough Mana provided through Lillet can initiate "Astral Change" to temporarily avoid most physical attacks. Unicorns are pretty deadly with their purifying aura and magical horn. The Morning Star however takes the cake, with their powerful star blasts and wide spread magic.

Sorcerous familiars are physically powerful. With enough numbers, a swarm of imps can easily mow through Level 1 Akumas. Grimalkin can disable enemies with a sleeping curse, and a physically powerful demon will have no trouble being a power house in melee combat. If given time, once the dragon egg hatches it will wreak havoc.

Necromantic familiars do not have to fear for physical assault and are very useful when fighting against Akuma. Alchemic familiars such as the Homunculus can scout ahead with Clairvoyance.

-Game & Anime, Odin Sphere & Fate/stay night- The Crownless Lords and the Kings of Avalon

Shirou fell into the world of Odin Sphere after the grail war ended. Rin, Sakura and even Rider decided that Shirou was up to no good again and followed him into the world of Odin Sphere, but each of them were separated. They arrived about 5 years before the events of Odin Sphere.

Rin was in the Kingdom of Titania, and became the royal magus of the court after some years of studying. Befriended Cornelius and often treats him like a slightly (emphasis on slightly) smarter Shirou, while constantly poking fun at him. She was at first infuriated by the alchemic system of Erion, but swiftly became a master of it.

Sakura and Rider woke up in the Witch's forest, being found by Velvet. She took care of Velvet and Ingway, although Ingway reminded her too much of Shinji. Rider taught Velvet how to utilize her chain Psypher correctly. Since Sakura has an affinity over "Hollow Numbers" and feels a connection to the immaterial existences of the world (spirits, souls, demons, etc.), she often times see the spirits of the dead wandering through the forest at night. She followed a spirit guide wearing a crown (Undead King Valentine) out of curiosity, and ended up inside the Underworld. Queen Odette at first was furious and wanted to kill Sakura, but Sakura placated her with some of her delicious cooking, and told the queen about her connection to the hollow numbers. Queen Odette allowed Sakura to leave the Underworld and warned her to never come back, but Sakura continued to visit the Underworld, packing loads of foods and desserts, saying that she wanted to be her friend since she thought Queen Odette was very lonely (which was the truth, but the prideful Queen Odetter would never admit that she was happy to have a friend).

Shirou having nothing better to do, joined the Ringford army, became a knight renowned for his superior skill in combat and cooking, and befriended Oswald despite Oswald's best attempt at distancing himself. Shirou also learned some forging skills from the dwarves (lilypads), most notably from Mercedes's grandfather. He becomes friends with the fairy princess through the elderly blacksmith.

The elves of Ringford were very leery of him at first since he was a human, but quickly warmed up to him. Shirou persistently pestered Oswald with food, and made friends with a lot of other people like that too. Mercedes was ecstatic to have her very first friend in Shirou, and later befriended Oswald once they got past their differences. Shirou often went against Malvin in order to make sure Oswald was treated rightly as a person and not an object, doing things such as stealing Oswald away for a vacation in Titania. On one such break, Shirou reunited with Rin, and Rin looked at Oswald suspiciously, thinking how he looks a bit similar to Prince Cornelius. Rin went back to the royal records and managed find out that Oswald was Prince Cornelius's older cousin, and sent a letter to Shirou informing him of that fact. Shirou and Oswald, with the help of Mercedes, slowly unravel Malvin's traitorous plans before the events of Odin Sphere even occur, and managed to cull one of the the seeds of corruption before disaster strikes.

Arturia was also inside the world of Odin Sphere, but ended up in Ragnanival instead, and was the strongest Valkyrie in the army. She was also second in command after Griselda, and although she was cold and aloof most of the time, her sweet side sometimes pokes through. Gwendolyn looks up at Arturia like a second sister. The battle over the Crystal Cauldron, where Gwendolyn's sister is killed happened as usual. Shirou and Arturia reunite on the battlefield, both fled the battle field after disregarding orders. They then changed the story as they go, saving the Odin Sphere main cast every time they were in danger, stopping Gwendolyn from handing the ring to Odin, and other various things.

Shirou traced a Rule Breaker and dispelled the Pooka Curse on Prince Cornelius. Sakura mediated all the conflicts regarding Queen Odette, and prevented the separation of the Underworld and the living world. (Queen Odette originally cuts off the Underworld from the world of Odin Sphere). Sakura also chased after the Undead King Valentine, stopping his mischief. Arturia convinced Gwendolyn to flee and cut off all connections to King Odin, and stopped her from giving the ring to Odin. Rin chased after Mercedes (and frog Ingway), managing to save both of them from trouble.

At the end, the world was not destroyed. Oswald and Gwendolyn married and ruled Ragnanival since King Odin died during the start of the Armageddon that never came to fruition. Velvet wanted to use the Crystal Cauldron as a catalyst to send Shirou and Arturia (as well as everyone else from Nasuverse) back to their own world, destroying the Cauldron for good in the process, but they intervened and convinced her to break the Pooka curse instead. Everyone ultimately stayed in the world of Odin Sphere for the rest of their lives...

From: Fate Revenant Sword:

Lovers, bound together by Fate,

Seperated at Dawn,

Searching, Waiting, Endlessly,

Wishing that it could always

Stay Night.

(This talks about Gwendolyn and Oswlad)

Lovers, bound by Fate,

Joined together beneath the Dawn,

Contented, dreaming,

Knowing that it will never

Stay Night.

(This talks about Mercedes and Ingway)

To all things, there is a time,

A meaning, a purpose, a rhyme.

For love and for hate,

For Destiny and for Fate,

For wrong and for right,

For words and for might.

That is why they never despair,

Their ideals, they never forswear.

Time marches on,

so there will come a dawn.

Even in a world of blight, It can never always

Stay Night.

(This talks about Velvet and Cornelius)

-Game & Game, League of Legends & World of Warcraft- Annie and friend's Wonderful Adventure in Azeroth

Young little Annie along with her friends, Lulu, Veigar, Gnar and Amumu all entered a malfunctioning summoning portal at the end of their match and ended up in the forest of Azeroth a few days before the Purge of Stratholme. Guided by the prophet, Arthas was moving towards Stratholme when all 5 of them were found. With all 5 of the (arguably) young league-ers decked out in full mystical gear fresh from the store (Rabadon's Deathcap hint hint), together they will make massive waves around the land of Azeroth that ultimately changed the fates of countless lives. Annie might potentially end up being adopted by either Jaina or Arthas.

What is probably going to happen is that although Arthas still came into contact with Frostmourne and became the Lich King, Annie's influence has made him hold onto his sanity, making the Lich King have a split personality disorder with one part of him controlled by Ner'zhul. Ultimately Annie and co. frees Arthas from Ner'zhul without dying, but Arthas still retains the dark powers. Having grown much more mature about good and evil, light and darkness, Arthas knew he could still do good with this power.

Annie is friends with Veigar because Annie finds Veigar's 'evil' schemes to be fun. She often laughs delightedly whenever chatting with Veigar, talking about various different ways they would destroy their enemies on the Summoner's Rift over tea. Lulu Gnar and Amumu are no brainer to why they are friends with Annie.

Because everyone had their abilities limited while in the League of Legends, once they were not in the League anymore, this restriction has been lifted. Annie's truly impressive magical power ends up shocking Jaina (and through the recounting and description from his student, Antonidas) by learning Pyroblast with nothing but a few pointers, and with only half of the amount of time needed to cast it. She loves summoning Tibbers to fight and scaring the hell out of people with cute creepy comments about burning, ashes, and tea parties.

Annie's items are

Rabadon's Deathcap: Powerful magical hat that can make the wearer's magical power sky rocket by tapping into the mystical properties of the hat. It is still a powerful magical headgear even without the active effect. However the active has the downside of making all magic and spell costs triple. Oh, it can also talk and sing. Arthas sings like there is no tomorrow whenever he is drunk, so Annie's Deathcap managed to learn quite a few native songs. Whenever it decided to be annoying it will sing in the horrible off-key way that Arthas would sing in.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Defensive artifact that functions similar to 'Intervention' from WoW which can protect the wearer from danger for a brief amount of time. When activated, the sands inside the Hourglass are moved from bottom to top. One must wait until the sands all fall downward completely before it can be used again. It takes 3 minutes.

Rod of Ages: Does not have a stacking limit anymore! It can grow stronger and stronger indefinitely! Although it no longer grows stronger every minute, but grows stronger every birthday (depending on the wielder) instead. Since it was at stack 10 (which most likely was Annie's Age any way) it makes it a very valuable weapon for Annie and will become her signature weapon. It also changes shape from a wand into a staff depending on how many years this staff has accumulated.

Athene's Unholy Grail: Would be treated as a cup that produces infinitely replenish-able mana potion that helps Annie by regenerating part of her Mana slowly in WoW whenever drunk from it. She can certainly share it with others.

Will of the Ancients: A book of spells that was previously locked and unreadable while inside the League of Legends. Inside details arcane knowledge long lost. Most notably teaches some technique that can make spells absorb a small portion of enemy's life force whenever the spells hit.

Lulu's imaginative powers run rampant and hilarity ensues. Lulu was already a Pseudo-Druid in a sense with Polymorph as an exception, so learning to wield Druidic magic will be easy and its simply going to make her even more powerful. Pix will under go a transformation due to the abundant energy in Azeroth and became the first of the Fae in Azeroth, Lulu will later create another Fae with the help of Alexstrasza and more fairies were born into the world. Being the spirits of nature and life, they became important companions to Druids, and some non-Druids also appreciate their company. No one in Azeroth can commune with Nature quite like Lulu ever could though. Her favorite Druid spells are Starfall and Wild Growth.

Lulu's Items are

Talisman of Ascension: A lucky charm with mysterious powers that slowly increase the amount of gold you have inside your inventory, or makes it much easier for the wearer to find stray currency on the ground and produces several harmless butterfly effects that makes the wearer tiny bit richer (things like merchants suddenly feel more charitable and lower their prices slightly, winning a small price from the lottery etc). Speeds up healing process slightly, and with a burst of light could grant a speed boost to allies around Lulu.

Ruby Sightstone: Without the League of Legends to power this artifact, it has lost much of its previous powers. It now functions as a camera and recorder (only visual, no sound) with limited memory, as well as looking glass/magnifier or telescope capable to look for anything regardless of distance or size, as long as it is in your line of sight.

Twin Shadows: A magical cloak that houses a twin of spectral wraith. The wearer of this cloak can command these spectral wraith to do their bidding. However as they have limited substantial, there isn't much they can do by physical means. They are excellent for scouting and good distraction.

Banner of Command: This banner will empower allies around it, and you can focus this effect onto a specific target to give them a boost since the boost is no longer limited to minions.

Mikael's Crucible: Don't know what a crucible is? Think of it as something similar to a cauldron. This can be used for Alchemy and all products produced from this crucible will always have an invigorating effect that can cure sickness or maladies (it cures them to a certain extent, or make you feel better for the least). Have I mentioned that Lulu will make a philosopher's stone and make a heart of gold instead of heart of fire?

Veigar is already a Pseudo-Warlock with Dark Magic. Veigar found his candy shop when he learned spells that induce fear. With his own brand of dark magic from the original world of League of Legends, he wreaks havoc to any of his enemies... And Lulu's enemies.

Veigar's Items are

Archangel's Staff/Seraph's Embrace: Grows stronger the more Mana the wielder has decided to store into the staff, and since you are no longer in LoL, there is no limit! Plus Veigar passively regenerates more mana than most people, so it grows much more effectively. It could enter an 'ascension' phase turning into Seraph's Embrace that gives more power to the wielder. This phase lasts longer depending on how much Mana was stored into the staff, and when the wielder wants it to revert to the Archangel's Staff it will still have however much Mana that is still inside it. You can also withdraw Mana from it in a pinch.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Same as Annie.

Deathfire Grasp: THE VERY LAST EXISTING DEATHFIRE GRASP IN THE WORLD!1!!1! It can mark a target, and they will receive more magical damage from every source. Instead of being the skeleton hand staff with a green soul specter flame, it is instead a glowing skull shaped amulet. (I know that the old DFG was still a staff, I just removed the handle and everything...)

Morellonomicon: Forbidden book of spells locked by yours truly. It was forbidden for a very good reason... Loads of knowledge about powerful necromatic and dark spells. Annie and Veigar sometimes trade their books.

Athene's Unholy Grail: Same as Annie.

Amumu the crying mummy is a friend of Annie's. He usually cries all alone in the jungle. Being undead, he was looked down upon by most of the people in Azeroth. Thankfully he still has his friends from LoL to help him out. He can feel the Lich King's power, but was never directly controlled by it, thus giving a lot of insight about its working.

Amumu's Items are

Liandry's Torment: Amumu's favorite item. A white mask with a trail of bloody tears running from the eyes. Enemies coming into contact with Amumu's magical energy will feel sorrowful, weak and drained.

Sunfire Cape: A cape with billowing flames. Burns whatever that comes into contact with it. Can be turned on or off to prevent mundane objects to be burned down.

Locket of Iron Solari: This magical locket can boost defensive abilities, and with a flash of light can produce a mini divine shield that can absorb limited amount of damage. This recharges by absorbing ambient mana.

Frozen Heart: A protective plate made out of extremely cold ice that is placed at the chest area where the heart is. Since Amumu is dead and doesn't feel the cold, he can place it under his bandages for protection without anyone knowing the wiser or feel uncomfortable. Whenever a person that Amumu deems as enemy comes into a certain distance of him, they will feel an unexplainable chill that unnerves them.

Warmog's Armor: Armored vest crafted out of vines and plants. It is very much like leather armor, that serve only limited amount of protection. It has magical properties that increase natural healing for the wearer though, and massive boost of stamina and health.

Gnar the super hyper active ancient yordle is friendly and fun loving whenever he is not angry. He has problems communicating with people, but thank's to one of Lulu's accidental spells, he can finally talk and understand other people. Be careful not to anger him!

Gnar's Items are

Trinity Force: A trinket with 2 yellow blades (Zeal), an Azure Blade (Sheen) secured on a wooden hammer with a wooden handle (Phage). Grants myriad of abilities to whoever wears this. And yes, it looks really awkward, but at least its not a weapon!

Bloodthirster: A great sword with an irremovable blood stain that can changes size depending on Gnar's mood. It is not quite as big when he is mini, but when he is angry it becomes the size of Trundle's club.

Randuin's Omen: Tower shield made of unknown substance. Enemies can easily end up staggered when their attacks are blocked by it, and when worse comes to worst, they get bashed by it and become slow and sluggish.

Spirit Visage: Armor that grants more protection to magic than physical protection. Also speeds up all healing.

Zephyr: A sword shaped pendant that has the power of the wind. Speeds up the wearer considerably.

Bloopers Alert*

1. Annie Learns Pyroblast!

Annie: Hey pretty lady Can you teach me that fire spell that blew off the Abomination's face you shot off just now?

Jaina: *slightly disturbed by how cheerfully the little girl worded such a gruesome death* Well... Its called a Pyroblast, and not everyone can learn it since its a hard spell to master. You have to - *insert long slew of magical instructions, with some hints of what is correctly done such as 'caster must concentrate' or 'not too much of this and not too much of that', which bores Annie to tears* you understand little one? Pyroblast is by no means a simple-

Annie: Pyroblast! *executes a perfect Pyroblast that blew off another Abomination's face, also cutting Jaina's impromptu magic lesson short* You see that Tibbers? *lifts and angles the teddy bear straight forward so he can see the devastation his master just caused* Its not as hard as pretty lady made it out to be.

Jaina just stands there flabbergasted gaping like a fish.

2. Amumu surprises everyone with a Consecration mixed with Curse of the Sad Mummy

Veigar: Amumu! Now is a good time stop those freaks from moving in!

Amumu: Right! *Cue a big yellow circle indicating the activation of Curse of the Sad Mummy that binds every enemy as well as dealing holy damage over time*

Arthas: What!? Did I just see an Undead use consecration!?

3.Lulu's hilarious Wild Growth

Lulu: Hmm... Hugify! *Uses Wild Growth on one of the Draenei Paladins surrounded by a group of Abominations*

the Draenei Paladin suddenly grew triple his size, and continued to grow bigger and bigger... Until even Cho'gath at his largest would have felt a bit small in comparison. The fighting all around seized with this change of events. Said Draenei Paladin reacted quickly and decided to stomp the Abominations around him flat, and went off to stomp some more undead down the ground.

Until Gnar accidentally clipped his footing with one of his boulder throws, which made the big Draenei Paladin lose balance and collapse onto the army of undead, wiping out 70% of the enemy army and sending all the other undead scattered and running.

4. Veigar strikes fear into the hearts of... Murlocs?

Veigar: Yehahaha! BEHOLD MY EVIL POWER! *Casts Fear repeatedly on the Murlocs*

Amumu was not amused when the murlocs trampled over him to try and get away from Veigar.

Lulu: Hey stop that! You are hurting Amumu! *shoots several moonfire and roasted the Murlocs*

Annie: Ooooh, Roasted Fish! *Uses Incinerate to burn a group of Murlocs, but ended up burning them to dust* Awww...

- Game & Game, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim & World of Warcraft- Deathwing's Bane

Our most esteemed Dragonborn was bored enough to mess around with the Wabbajack, and ended up creating a portal into Azeroth by pointing the staff of madness to a cheese. At first he was wary of this portal in the middle of his house in Whiterun that still hadn't fade away after several days. He talked to Sheogorath and Uncle Sheo told him about how the portal is a one way ticket to a different world. Having nothing else to do after defeating Anduin and bored out of his mind (he pretty much completed the whole game 100% and DLC with all skills and perks at max), stepped into the world of Azeroth carrying most of his possession inside an enchanted pouch with unlimited space.

(OR have Azura talk to Elune, and have her send Dragonborn over instead.)

Nozdormu was predictably upset by this new anomaly in the timeline, Alexstrasza was afraid of him exuding an unidentifiable aura that is neither life or death along with the countless unintelligible sounds from Dragon souls, Ysera was troubled because she couldn't walk into his dreams, Malygos was enraged that he used magic. And Deathwing? Well Deathwing is writing his last will.

-Optional-: Dragonborn end up becoming the new Lich King after defeating Arthas. With the impossibly powerful strength of will through accumulation of dragon souls, as well as letting Frostmourne sever one of the many dragon souls within him (probably Anduin, haha) instead of his own, remain uncorrupted. Got rid of most mindless undead with a few exception made by people from other kingdoms to still have some around to be treated as free practice dummies, and built a kingdom with the sentient undead like the Forsaken and Ebon Blades, as well as allowing people to join the undead after his approval.

-Optional2- After defeating Deathwing and absorbing his soul, the Dragonborn became the new aspect of the Black Dragonflight. The Dragonborn 'persuaded' the dragons to become earth dragons again. Then he tried his best to bring Onyxia back into the light, in who he later marries. He later became the executioner to all the rouge dragons (Hi Malygos) who refused to keep balance of the world and absorbed countless dragon souls and humongous power. Later he was crowned king of all dragons after unanimous vote from all the other aspects.

-Game & Anime, Bayonetta & Fate/stay Night- In the Hands of the Creator

It has already been several years after the Holy Grail war, and Shirou became one of the top enforcers within the clock tower. One day on an assignment in America, he stationed himself in a small church right at the outskirt of New York. There, he found an extremely tall lady dressed in a white nun outfit of peculiar design resembling hippy outfits... strangely woven out of hair if Shirou's structural analysis did not lie to him.

One night, Shirou woke up from a magical disturbance in the night, and heard several crashing sounds and gunfire coming from the graveyard in the church. He ran out in full gear only to find Enzo on the ground scared sh1tless, and Rodin standing casually over an open coffin casket, while invisible shock waves and seemingly ethereal feathers fly about. Shirou's gaze rested on Rodin, and his instincts told him to run far far away. Shirou and Rodin underwent a tense conversation while Bayonetta was having her fun with the angels in the graveyard. The big flying Applaud came over and tried to take Enzo away. Although he couldn't see where the enemy's exact location, Shirou intervened by sending some projected blades flying into the air hoping it would stop the Angel. Rodin was surprised with the weapons that came out of thin air, and even more so when the Angel was harmed. Bayonetta came over to kill the Applaud, but alas, Enzo's car was still damaged in the process because Bayonetta kicked it over the edge of the hill and it landed on the car.

In the Gates of Hell, knowing Shirou is aware of the supernatural to a certain degree, Rodin saw no problem with sharing about Angels, Devils and other information. At the mention of Rodin's weapon crafting abilities, Shirou grew intrigued and they struck a conversation over various weapons and their properties.

Shirou will then get dragged by Bayonetta along the journey into Vigrid as a tour guide, since Shirou has been there before on another assignment from the clock tower. With the magical glasses he got from Rodin (after trading some Japanese Sake, and giving him some projected weapons that he warned would degrade and disappear altogether after a while, in which Rodin said it was perfectly fine to him, since he just needed those weapons for new ideas to brainstorm), he became an effective fighter when fighting angels with his projected weapons.

At the end of the Jubileus fiasco at Vigrid, Shirou officially detached himself from the Clocktower and lived in Bayonetta's town and become an employee at Rodin's bar full time. Rodin enjoys his company immensely, and together they crafted lots of interesting things. He met Dante the devil hunter in the bar sometime in the future when he was serving him drinks as Enzo and Dante were playing cards, and found a comrade in 'Horrible E-grade Luck' seeing Dante losing every time from just a simple game of cards.

Despite Rodin once having equal, if not more power than Jubileus, he is very carefree, and tried his best to regain his power through the help of both Bayonetta (cough cough PLATINUM TICKET OF DOOM cough cough) and Shirou. Rodin felt obligated to teach Shirou about the ways of the Lumen Sages, especially after hearing about his relationship with 'King Arthur' (Rodin couldn't stop himself from laughing at Enzo and Luka's expression when they found out Arthur was actually a girl in disguise. Rodin himself knew of course, and actually had a small hand in creating Excalibur since the Lady of the Lake came to him to seek advice on weapon making). So Shirou became the only Lumen Sage after Balder's demise.

With the help of Rodin, Shirou became a very powerful individual with mighty magic. He had trouble learning them at first, with his mind still shackled by a Magus's concepts of magic. But soon got a hang of it with tips and advice from Bayonetta and Jeanne, as well as Luka who believed Shirou was trying to make things too complicated. Through this he finally unlocked his pure magic potential and has the power on par with Bayonetta and Jeanne, individuals who could destroy the Creator Jubileus.

When Jeanne went down into hell because Gomora went out of control, Shirou stepped in and did his best to preserve Jeanne's body with a copied Avalon. Rodin was once again amazed, and appreciated Shirou's effort which saved him countless bottles of rare magical potion. The copied Avalon was doing a very fine job once its power was reinforced by Rodin who had some of his divine powers restored thanks to the Platinum Tickets, and didn't degrade for a very long time.

-Game & Anime, Trickster Online & Sword Art Online- Trickster VRMMO

After the SEED was spread across the internet, someone decided to create a virtual reality game. Whomever that found the ultimate objective of the game: The treasure of Don Cabalier, will also gain several million gold in the real life, so it became a popular game really quickly. The person who created the Trickster Virtual Reality Online goes by the name of Don Cabalier, but he is recently deceased. The CEO of the Megalo company (the company that controls the game) is his brother Don Giuvanni. Kazuto and Asuna decided to take a spin and dig around inside the game, finding out Don Cabalier copying Kayaba Akihiko by saving his consciousness inside the game data before he died also didn't help easing his mind any bit.

Now with Animal Ears and Tails (or other Traits), our main cast goes through the adventure of finding the lost treasure of Don Cabalier, in order to win the grand prize of Trickster Online and discover the truth behind Caballa Island.

Some important things about this story:

1. Since the incident with SAO, all Virtual Reality games now have a very strict age limit of 15 and above.

2. Players can come back to life after dying, or be resurrected. There however is the penalty of reduced EXP from monster hunting for a few days in game time, as well as losing portion of wealth and EXP. Skill EXP are still gained normally during this time.

3. Most common Skills are learned through skill cards, and they are categorized into different types. People cannot learn skills from another type. However, skill cards can be manually created by the Player to make up new skills exclusive from the common skills as long as they have the material. So if you make a 'new skill' that has the exact effect of another skill from another type, you can still technically learn skills from other types. In this case, those skills will be slightly inferior than the original (Cure that heals 20% of a person's health is a magic type skill, recreated through custom skill card creation it will be called First Aid that heals only 10% instead and is possible to be learned no matter what type you are)

4. Boss can drop exotic items and skill cards. Bosses will respawn and are not mandatory in finding the Treasure of Don Cabalier unless it is the requirement to complete a certain main quest. An example of exotic skill cards are summoning monsters to help you fight depending on which boss you killed (One of the Tutankhamen exotic skill can summon a Sphinx, while the exotic summon skill from Tombeth summons Arachne). All Boss can use the ability 'Banish' to send players back to the closest town, and the exotic version of this card is Teleport: 'Town Name', like Tutankhamen will drop a Teleport: Desert Beach card, and whenever you use the skill will be transported to Desert Beach.

5. The Player's perception of time is altered. And 3 days inside Trickster Online is 1 day in the real world. There are Day and Night, with some items or quests or mobs that only appear during a certain frame of time. Holiday patches are automatically applied whenever the holidays in real life time happen, and the holidays event last for a whole week in the real time, which is about a month in game time.

6. Sword arts and Weapons level similar to SAO exist because the SEED that was used to make Trickster was originally used to create SAO. Weapon Levels can be increased by using the weapon more often. Like how a person with lv1 One hand Sword will have a harder time fighting someone with lv20 One hand Sword. Sword arts can be incorporated and changed into new abilities if mixed with the skills from Trickster Online. Sword Art is a common skill that can be used as long as the user has the corresponding weapon equipped, regardless of type or class. Even though you can technically still use Sword Art as a Magic Type, the effectiveness is poor when compared to other types. In compensation, all Sword Art performed by Magic Type users have increased range and no action freeze set backs. Power Types using Sword Art will have their plain damage increased, Sense Types have increased critical chance and less motion freeze Set back and cool down and they have ranged Sword Art when wielding guns that function the same way as a Magic Type using Sword Art, Charm types will induce various status effects, or have increased chance of inflicting status effect from the one existing in the Sword Art (Like a Power Type using a sword art that has 30% chance of stunning the enemy, when a Charm Type use it, it will be 60% or more. Skills that only deal damage will somehow be able to inflict poison or other things if a Charm type used them).

7. Several Classes are limited to certain types. What Animal a person chooses to be are no longer restricted or related to Types or Classes. (Like Sheep and Dragon don't have to be Magic type anymore, and Sheep won't be restricted in learning elemental magic only until the 3rd job change) There are also new classes that did not exist in the old Trickster game, such as Warrior, Knight, Berserker and they are obviously limited to Power types, and so on. There also exist some secret classes (like Ninja with increased agility, or Drill Maniac with increased effectiveness in drilling), but they grant you permanent titles which passively increase your stats that will always be active whether or not they were equipped, so you keep your original class, as well as sell you special skill cards called secret skills that cannot be traded to any one else, and cannot have their effects be recreated through custom skill card creation.

8. The Cash Shop filled with special items that are only available with real money has been disabled, and instead it became a shopping mall filled with ultra expensive super items that can be accessed by holding the Shop Medallion to teleport into. They will not go short on stock, but since its soooo incredibly expensive, not many people have them. You can also purchase new portable homes and furniture as well as clothing, alter appearance etc. You cannot Alter Gender or Type. You can buy a Class Switch Coupon, but you will lose all the skills you know (included exotic skills or secret skills), with all the skill points given back to you.

9. The Level Cap is 500. The TM level has no Cap, but technically it cannot reach over 999. You will still gain skill points, but the level will stay to be 999.

10. Various Crafting skills are also available to players, such as black smithing, cloth crafting, alchemy, cook, Jewel Crafter for accessories, Tamer for Pets etc. Only Black Smith can Refine items, while only Alchemist can Compound Items. Increase effectiveness and success the higher level they have in the certain category of crafting skills. High Level Black Smith can perform Temper, and High Level Alchemist can perform Item Fusion that can make an item's appearance change but retain the stat and effect of another item. Jewel Crafter can make sockets for compounding on items with High Level Jewel Crafter having more success doing so. Tamers can train Pets for other players and High Level Tamers can reinforce pets, as well as Breed pets or hatch eggs. Pet fusion is not available in this game.

11. Trickster as a game is not as big as SAO and that tower with 100 floors. The Tower of Chaos is not related to the main quest, thus it is not mandatory to complete it. So it will not take several years in the real world to free the players. It will be quicker with the quickest being 6 month but will never take longer than a year.

12. The Game can be observed, edited and patched by the outside world. But due to a malfunction in the SEED, and there is a bug where a player would suddenly be unable to log out for a certain amount of time, ranging from a few hours in the real world, or a full day in the real world. The moderator can't shut the server down or log people off when the bug occurs. They also cannot directly interfere with the game by logging in as GMs, but they can punish players through the program, so Laughing Coffin or other similar cases will not happen to terrorize the game. The people from Megalo Company can still control the NPCs however, and they can create various NPC that will make things easier for players if worse comes to worst. Announcements can still be made without problems.

13. To complete the game, the player must finish all 12 episode and the quests in them, discover the truth about Caballa Island from finishing the episode quests and becoming a true Trickster, have all 3 secret space maps, have a soul guardian from completing the first secret map and its quest for enlightenment, possess the Secret Vault Key from finishing the second secret map and its quest, Find the location of the Secret Vault from the third secret map and use the Vault key and utilize the power of their Soul Guardian to open it.

Kirito is a Panther, Asuna is a Jaguar, Argo is naturally a Rat, Silica is a Dragon, Agil is a Bear, Lisbeth is an Otter, Klein is a Red Panda, Sinon is a Kangaroo, Suguha is a Tiger. Yui is going to be treated as a Pet Item and can join the battle as a pet.

Possible types and classes for everyone:

Kirito - Power, Sword Master or Berserker

Asuna - Power, Knight or Duelist. OR Charm, Dancer.

Argo - Power, Martial Artist. OR Sense, Spy.

Silica - Magic, Elementalist or Minstrel. OR Charm, Singer.

Agil - Power, Warrior. OR Sense, Combat Merchant.

Lisbeth - Power, Warrior. OR Sense, Combat Merchant.

Klein - Power, Sword Master.

Sinon - Sense, Engineer or Gunslinger.

Suguha - Magic, Elementalist or Minstrel or Priestess.

Sword Master- Uses swords, are not limited to only one sword. Good agility and slightly lower than average durability, main strength is high damage potential.

Berserker- Uses any kinds of weapon, uses Rage instead of Mana for specific abilities. Abandons all defense to have a massive boost in offense during certain circumstances. But otherwise has higher than average durability, a bit slower than average agility and balanced offensive strength that can be increased by sacrificing durability.

Knight- Mainly uses swords or Rapiers. Higher than average mobility, but otherwise a perfectly balanced class for Power type.

Duelist- Incredible Agility off set by slightly inferior but still higher than average power, and low durability. Best known for their multi-hit skills.

Martial Artist- Can equip knuckles and hand guards etc. that augment hand to hand combat. Balanced Agility and offensive strength, but slightly lower than average durability.

Warrior- Can use any kinds of weapon, but usually stick to two handed weapons. Very high durability with healthy offensive strength but abysmal agility.

Spy- Expert in tricks and sabotage. High Agility, average power but low in everything else. Superb critical chance and good dodging. Has several unique stealth skills as well as some poison skills. Every player also has the passive Enemy Information skill, too be able to know how much HP the enemy has and what status effect they currently have. Spies have High Enemy Scan that shows them exactly how much HP, MP and other information about the monsters. They can know the number of abilities the enemy has, but won't know what those abilities exactly do until the enemy use it. Once they do use it, the Spy will know all the statistics related to it.

Combat Merchant- Have you ever played Ragnarok Online? Merchant class characters can pull a cart around with them that can store items in it, and use it for battle by slamming it into enemies or do other funny things like sacrificing 1000 gold to do strong damage, throw items at enemies to deal damage or throw healing items at allies to heal them. They have passive haggling skills to either increase or decrease costs from shops.

Engineer- A tinkerer who uses machine construct and gadgets in combat. Bombs, stun guns, machine gun turret, and all different kind of things.

Gunslinger- specialization in using guns. Has the longest attack range in the game, but each attack has a certain cool down treated as a reload. Low level gunslingers will be interrupted during the reload.

Elementalist- Uses elemental magic. Choose 2 out of 5 elements. Pretty much the same as the Bard in the original game.

Minstrel- Uses song magic that have different elements depending on the song. Players can learn lots of songs but only equip 10 song with 5 being offensive magic songs and the other 5 being supportive at the same time during combat. You can switch songs during combat although it will take time.

Priestess- Specializes in supportive magic, but has some Light Elemental offensive magic. All magic users can use Cure that can heal up to 20% of a person's health, but Priest and Priestess have Heal that heals up to 50% with lower cool down than the normal Cure and Group Cure that heals 20% to a group. Also has spells like Protection and Barrier to increase ally defense, or Sharp Eyes for accuracy and at higher level some slight bonus for critical hit, Fleet Feet for dodge chance, Empower for attack etc.

Dancer- High agility with highest amount of dodge chance in the game, usually uses small weapons like daggers. Abilities mainly cause Confusion on the enemies when attacking them. Also has some supportive buff dance, but can only actively use 1 at all times. To use another dance will replace the effect of the previous one.

-Game, Bayonetta- In the Eyes of the Sovereign

It was several decades after the events of Bayonetta 2.

Loki, now age twenty, is a University student at day, and the famous gambler "Aesir" in the night cities of United States. A new transfer student named Rosa Redgrave came sashaying into HIS gambling club room, and demanded for a game of cards. Aesir never turns down a challenge, and they gambled multiple games, from cards to chess to other games, with no one being able to claim a true victory. As they soon ran out of time, Loki called out for a cease fire since he had an appointed game at the Casino that night. Rosa thought he was making up excuses to chicken out, and demanded that he take her along. Loki turned the situation on her by saying that "You will need to dress for the occasion, My Lady." and dragged her out to a shopping spree, Rosa was not amused. Rosa then teased Loki on his choice of 'fashion', "I'm not going with you if you're wearing THAT monstrosity of a suit."

The Elders of Lumen and Umbra caught wind of Balder and Rosa's affair, and just as they were to announce the punishments, Aesir interfered. He stated that the two of them will become the keys to save the future, and granted them his protection. Balder and Rosa officially joined the Balance Keepers, and shortly after, Cereza was born. Aesir searched for Rodin and employed him to work for the organization.

Luka is one of the Lumen Sages that had above average power and talent. Jeanne is the heir of the Umbran Throne. Cereza befriended both of them, and due to her unique heritage she was able to use the power of both Light and Darkness. However, the majority of the Denizens of Paradiso and the Infernal Demons of Inferno did not wish to form contracts with her. Madama Butterfly was curious to what changes Cereza would bring, while the Fallen Angel Kazbiel who turned into a demon took an interest to her nature. Cereza frequently summons Harmony through her angelic powers, but had no specific angel contracted to her at all times like Madama Butterfly, although she did catch the eyes of Cassiel.

Luka has an animal form, which is a jungle cat, and a Harrier.

-Game, Dragon Nest- You are the Prince of Lagendia

Edan the Priest, during his Trial to become an Inquisitor, received a red ruby ring with a golden skull emblem placed upon it from his mother in which she stated it was one out of the pair of rings owned by his father. Wearing it on his person ever since, he fought bravely against the onslaught of the Dragon Followers and their armies. After finally defeating the King Feather who possessed both Red and Black Dragon jewels with his friends, he gave chase with the help of Merendiel and arrived in an area of Anu Arendel.

King Feather after that intense defeat from the New Seven Heroes (Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Academic, Kali, Assassin) in Saint Haven was gravely injured. Despite his conditions he still moved forward and retained his wish to acquire the Monolith. Merendiel tried her best to dissuade him, but failed. During the conversation, the ruby ring on Edan's finger was slowly glowing brighter and brighter, until the glow caught the eyes of King Feather. King Feather ignored his grievous wounds through rage and sheer force of will, moved towards Edan and tackled him onto the ground with a choke hold so quickly that any other man might have thought he flew.

"Where. Did. You. Get. That. RING!?" King Feather's voice grounded dangerous and slowly, word by word, until it turned into a feral snarl at the word 'Ring'. Edan thrashed on the ground helplessly and somehow managed to choke out an answer. "Eclair... Mother..." in which King Feather's response was another lightning fast action, but this time falling back and away from Edan. Edan gasped and coughed on the ground, while King Feather was staring intently at the glowing ruby ring on his own fingers.

After finally regaining his composure, Edan looked up and found King Feather sitting on the ground right in front of him, just a tad bit too close for him to feel comfortable, with his fingers fingering a glowing ruby red ring identical to the one Edan is wearing now. Edan was mind blown, and stuttered out a sentence "M-Mother gave me this ring and told me it was once owned by my Father..." King Feather's eyes stared directly into Edan's eyes. "Then it seems that I am your Father. I was the one who gave that ring to Eclair... Oh my sweet Eclair..." King Feather's eyes were filled with longing.

Edan was trying his best to wrap his mind around the fact that this man in front of him who was rightfully over one hundred years old, conquered and almost united the entire continent of Lagendia, an old relative to the Royal Family of Cassius, started all this messed up Dragon Cultist nightmare, indirectly started the Black Dragon Raid from 50 years ago, harming Velskud extremely deeply who has became a friend to him despite their rocky past and had revealed his past to Edan, hurt Geraint through his machination over Bishop Ignacio, destroyer of countless lives and main culprit of the Second Black Dragon Raid that happened a scant few hours ago, was his father.

(I theorize your birth! Edan! Since all Priestess of Darkness by all rights and purposes were infertile, they shouldn't have been able to produce you in the first place! Which means either they no longer had eggs or the specific organs needed for birth are gone with no trace whatsoever, or their eggs became so different that no normal human sperm could have made it react. Since King Feather had a Dragon Jewel, he isn't quite human. Plus having the power to conquer the whole land of Lagendia shouldn't make him normal even without the Dragon Jewel.)

King Feather however collapsed on the ground from his injuries, and Edan was fighting himself over whether or not he should heal him. Merendiel begged for Edan to heal him. "Please, my Prince! Save him!" Merendiel seem unfazed by the fact that King Feather had a son. Edan moved a bit closer to his Father, and saw that he was still conscious.

"You look so much like her. The hair, the eyes..." King Feather murmured, reaching out a palm to touch his 'Son'. Edan flinched away slightly from seeing those clawed fingers, but held his ground and avoided his Father's gaze. "Look at me." Edan obliged, and what he saw was a dying man, a broken man who was his father lying on the ground. Edan started to try and heal him, but the injuries were too severe for him to heal completely. King Feather wouldn't die right there right then, but if something doesn't change soon, he wouldn't have more than a few day's time. Having healed a lot of people before, Edan knew that the healing process more often than not felt painful to others, but his father did not grunt or even look uncomfortable. All he did, was continuously staring at Edan, unnerving him greatly.

Edan tried to take the armor off and heal some more, but remembered what Velskud had once told him how someone who absorbed the Dragon Jewel, will be encased in scales and armor of the dragon. Those scales and armor became a part of the person just as much as they were limbs. So Edan dejectedly stopped healing him. King Feather was quiet and passive during all this time, not uttering a sound. Edan tried to stand up and get away from King Feather, but found out he couldn't unless he wished to stumble and fall down after a few steps; the healing took out more of him than he had realized.

"Tell me about yourself." King Feather's voice intoned. It was a rich rumbling sound, and felt more solid than mere sounds as if they were physically existing objects instead. 'The words of a King.' Edan realized, having made friends with Cassius III, he had access to some royal journals and remembered how it was described that a true king's voice sounded very different to others. Edan not finding any reason to refuse, proceeded to tell King Feather about all he could remember. Such as the first memory he had was under the cupboard of a stair inside an Orphanage, because there was no more room for him to live in; the Patron who told him about someone finding him in the forest inside a beautiful basket (which she had to sell in order to help the Orphanage meet ends with all the children) with the name 'Edan' written on a piece of paper. He looked King Feather in the eyes and told him that he often wondered if he had parents, and if his parents loved him. The King's face remained impassive, but a twinge of something briefly flashed past.

Edan continued his narrative about how he joined the Cleric at a young age because he did not want to impose on the Orphanage. Training to become a Cleric, he also mailed the money he earned to the Orphanage whenever he could, until one day the mail was returned, stating that the Orphanage was destroyed in a raid. Edan told him about his friendship with Cleric Jake who later became his Foster Brother, and how Jake secretly became a Dragon Cultists, as well as how he was forced to kill the only family he ever had because they stood on the other side of the war. Edan's tone started to became negative as the words tumbling out of his mouth became sarcastic and more angry, but he didn't want to care. Edan mockingly told King Feather that he must know all the rest of the story, because all of the rest involved his subordinates. Edan humorlessly described the events over Rose's abduction and Elena's invasion of Carderock Pass, and about Ignacio's ritual to resurrect Leviathan and subsequent death of Geraint, and so much other things that happened for the past year.

Close to the end of the narration, Edan said "And now I am sitting here, talking to a man who is supposed to be my father, who is rightfully over one hundred years old, conquered and almost united the entire continent of Lagendia, an old relative to the Royal Family of Cassius, started all this messed up Dragon Cultist nightmare, indirectly started the Black Dragon Raid from 50 years ago, harming Velskud, hurt Geraint through his machination over Bishop Ignacio, destroyer of countless lives and main culprit of the Second Black Dragon Raid that happened a scant few hours ago."

Edan then turned around facing King Feather directly, his face morphed into an angry snarl. "WHY!?" He screamed. The sound heartbreaking and somewhat desperate for an explanation.

King Feather looked at his son's eyes which are threatening to burst into tears at any moment. He closed his eyes and began to tell his own story. How he grew up all alone in a castle as a young boy, with no one to befriend him, also questioning whether or not his parents ever loved him. How he once learned some Ancient/Holy Magic but not enough to be counted as a member of the Cleric Order. How he unwittingly conquered the land of Lagendia when he went on adventures after adventures, simply to fill the gaping hole inside his heart. All the lands swore allegiance to him, and knowing that his own father would abuse this situation simply because he was his son, he killed his own father and took up the throne. He was in the middle of writing the official treaty of peace when a jewel he found on his adventure suddenly flashed brightly, and a vision came upon him. How he found the truth about the world created by the Goddess, and knowing the hearts of man, would ultimately doom all existence. Knowing that he should not delay any longer, he went on another journey to try and stop the end of the world. He stumbled upon a dying dragon, and took the dragon jewel. How King Feather came to the conclusion that only creating a new world for all to live in is the best solution, and how he created the Dragon Cultists with this goal in mind. He knew that darkness is not always evil, and light is not always good; so he recruited several questionable people to his cause. Prime example being Ignacio, and Karahan.

Edan told him "You are a fool, Father... The road to hell is often paved with good intentions"

King Feather replied "I know now, Son. And I regret many things that I have done, but for the good of man kind-"

Edan interrupted him heatedly "So killing countless people is for the good of man kind!? Do not justify your horrible actions, Father! You know better than that, don't you?"

King Feather "... That I do."

Edan "... What do we do now, Father? I cannot take you to my friends, neither will I follow your path to fight the goddess. But, I wish to be with you."

King Feather "Even when my actions condemned millions of lives these past hundred years to death?"

Edan "...Yes"

King Feather closed his eyes "... Its not as if I do not understand how you feel. I too, would have turned heaven and earth to earn my parent's affection. My dream was always to have a family who loved me. I did all that I ever did all because I selfishly wanted my family to be able to live in peace, in a perfect world."

Edan "Then you were misguided, Father. Nothing more, and nothing less."

King Feather "I suppose you are right."

Edan "Father, you said that you managed to earn the respect of all the kingdoms in the past, and could have made a long lasting peace. I realized that my influence are also very far reaching. What if we do it my way and make peace, instead of your way?"

King Feather "... Very well, son."

-Anime & Anime, Natsume Yuujinchoi & Kamisama Hajimemashita- Another Human Land God!?

Nanami was surprised to hear from the gossip mill one day that another Human Land God has appeared. Its said to be a shy boy with several powerful Youkai familiars helping him manage the land. There was also something about 'the book of friends' that she keeps hearing, but it all flew over her head. She was simply too eager to meet this new person who shares the same (miserable) fate as her! Tomoe was not thrilled to find Nanami bouncing off walls just so she can meet this new Human Land God.

Natsume on the other hand, was panicking. He was just returning another Name to one of the Youkai, and walking outside for a breath of fresh air that he found a person collapsed on the ground. Being the kind person that he is, Natsume helped him up and invited him into his home. As it turned out the person was a mountain god, and he bestowed his Mark, Land and Powers to Natsume, deeming him worthy. Madara was furious to find out not only had Natsume once again naively invited a non-human into his home again (Some Youkai cannot enter residents unless invited), but he has become a God now. Seeing no other choice, Madara appointed himself to become Natsume's familiar.

Natsume's friends were shocked in hearing him saying that he became a mountain god, and even more so when they found out there actually was a shrine there. Natsume had no choice but to explain everything to the Fujiwara, his relatives that were kind enough to let him live with them, about the situation. They were very understanding and told Natsume that even though he is moving out, he will still always be welcome to stay with them. Natsume was really touched.

When moving into the mountains, the local Youkai all became curious to see Natsume walking into their territory. With most Youkai having seen or heard of him before, they just let him be. It was not until he started to get closer and closer to the shrine, did they realize something has changed. Natsume asked for the local Youkai to spread the news around, as well as tell them that he possesses the Book of Friends, and wishes anyone who has ever had their name taken, to come and retrieve them under one condition; bear no ill will and their name will be returned with no strings attached.

-Anime & Anime, Card Captor Sakura & Yu Gi Oh Zexal- Sakura's adventure in Heartland

Sakura moves to Heartland after a phone call from Eriol telling her that strange things are happening in that place. With Eriol's advice, Sakura converted her cards into the cards that are used in a popular card game called 'Yu Gi Oh'.

Follows the general story line after the second movie, Sakura will move to Heartland after Syaoran leaves and Eriol calls her. Then will follow the YGO ZEXALX story line. You may throw in elements from other anime, games, cartoon, etc. at your own discretion. But refrain from channeling too much Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Kero can transform into his true form as well as card form now. He can fly around in his plush doll form, because most of the residents of Heartland will think of him as being an advanced robot. Due to Yue's essence now being sealed into a card, Yukito Tsukishiro is now free of Yue's soul.


1. Sakura having a unique deck made out of Sakura Cards.

Sakura's Deck - Total 53 cards, and this deck is unique in the sense that there are no magic/trap cards and only monsters who can be treated as magic/trap cards depending on the situation. This is true except for 9 cards: the 6 major elementals Light, Dark, Windy, Earthy, Fiery, Watery; as well as Hope and the twin guardians Kero and Yue. These will only be monsters.

You may come up with your own effects, or look at the effects I have come up with. Some of them are pretty decently balanced, while others are too over powered (but I was too lazy to change them).

The humongous list of cards, as well as my other story ideas are in my profile page. Since it would be a gigantic dump I decided to post this one idea here.

2. Following both CCS and YGO ZEXAL canon, no major character changes. The story will start from the first season of YGO ZEXAL.

3. CCS and YGO ZEXAL exist on the same timeline, with the events of CCS happening in a very undeveloped area in the eyes of YGO ZEXAL.

4. Sakura's key/staff transforms into her pink duel disk when she duels. Her summonings can (but not normally required to) exceed the virtual reality, and interact with the world as if the things she summoned were real.

5. Sakura can see Astral. And is usually scared witless whenever Astral appears out of nowhere, since she will still think he is a ghost after knowing him for a while.

6. Sakura MUST be a newbie at the game when she first appears, and gets better at the game as the story advances.

Possible Suggestions:

1. Tomoyo can tag along, and learn to play YGO. Her deck will obviously be one of the "Melodious" archetype.

2. Regardless whether Tomoyo decides to tag along, she will generously 'gift' (read: forcefully make Sakura accept her generosity) Sakura a sizable house in Heartland. If Tomoyo does come along, Sakura and Tomoyo will live in the house together.


1. Sakura's presence causes the entire story line derail from the original YGO ZEXALX plot line. (Note: You can alter the plotline to a degree, but please nothing like Sakura becomes a Barian or anything too ridiculous)

2. Tomoyo falling in love with anyone (Note: Tomoe already loves Sakura more than she feels she should, kindly stop playing with her heart)

3. Syaoran staying at Heartland for a long time(Note: Visits are permitted, and sometimes if you want to have Syaoran help Sakura, he can stay for a while)

4. Syaoran learning to play YGO

5. Eriol or anyone who knows Eriol's true identity interferes without Sakura asking for any help

Clow Spirit: The Firey

Lv7 FIRE Fairy 3000/1500

You can Special summon this card from the hand or graveyard by banishing 1 FIRE element Clow Spirit monster from your hand, field, or graveyard. Once per turn, destroy a face up card on the field, and deal 500 LP damage to your opponent; your opponent cannot chain with this effect. The ATK of this card is halved the turn its effect was activated.

Clow Spirit: The Watery

Lv7 WATER Fairy 2000/2000

You can special summon this card from the hand or graveyard by banishing 1 WATER element Clow Spirit monster from your hand, field, or graveyard. Once per turn, destroy a face down card on the field, and deal 500 LP damage to your opponent; your opponent cannot chain with this effect. This card cannot attack the turn it activated its effect.

Clow Spirit: The Windey

Lv7 WIND Fairy 2000/2000

You can special summon this card from the hand or graveyard by banishing 1 WIND element Clow Spirit monster from your hand, field, or graveyard. Once per turn, change the battle position of a monster card on the field and negate its effect until your opponent's next Ending Phase. This card cannot attack the turn it activated its effect.

Clow Spirit: The Earthy

Lv7 EARTH Fairy 1500/3000

You can special summon this card from the hand or graveyard by banishing 1 EARTH element Clow Spirit monster from your hand, field, or graveyard. Once per turn, target 2 monsters on the field and switch their ATK; if at least 1 of the target monster is controlled by your opponent, they must attack using the targeted monster during their next battle phase. This card cannot attack the turn it activated its effect.

Clow Spirit: The Light

Rank 7 LIGHT Fairy 3000/3000

(Level 7 Clow Spirit Monsters x2)

Your opponent cannot chain a card to this card's special summon. If this card leaves the field, you can banish 2 LIGHT monsters in your hand, field, graveyard to special summon this card on your field in defense position. Once per turn, detach 1 Xyz unit to activate one of the following effects: Destroy a face up card on the field and deal 1000 LP damage; your opponent cannot chain with this effect. OR Target 2 monsters on the field and switch their ATK, then increase the ATK of all monsters you control by the half of the highest amount until the ending phase.

Clow Spirit: The Dark

Rank 7 DARK Fairy 3000/3000

(Level 7 Clow Spirit Monsters x2)

Your opponent cannot chain a card to this card's special summon. If this card leaves the field, you can banish 2 DARK monsters in your hand, field, graveyard to special summon this card on your field in defense position. Once per turn, detach 1 Xyz unit to activate one of the following effects: Destroy a face down card on the field and deal 1000 LP damage; your opponent cannot chain with this effect. OR Change the battle position of a monster card on the field and negate its effect, if the target monster leaves the field it is banished instead.

Clow Spirit: The Hope

Rank 7 LIGHT Fairy ?/?

(Level 7 Monsters x2)

This card gains x100 ATK/DEF for each card in both player's graveyard. Once per turn, detach an XYZ unit from this card and activate different effects depending on the elements of the detached monster of the xyz unit; your opponent cannot chain to this effect. FIRE: Destroy a face up card on the field and draw 1 card. WATER: Destroy a face down card on the field and draw 1 card. WIND: Target a monster on the field and Negate its effect, and decrease its ATK/DEF to 0. EARTH: Target a monster on the field, and gain the ATK of target monster; the ATK of Target monster is halved. LIGHT: Draw 3 cards and special summon a 'Clow Spirit' monster from your hand. DARK: Banish 3 cards on the field, your opponent's hand or graveyard. When this card does not have any Xyz unit, target 2 cards in the graveyard and attach them to this card. Cards attached to this card through this effect are banished once they are detached.

Twin Guardian: Cerberus

Level 7 LIGHT Beast 2800/2000

You can special summon this card from the hand to your field if you have at least 1 FIRE, EARTH and LIGHT element 'Clow Spirit' monster in your graveyard. Once per turn, you can pay 1000 LP to destroy all cards on the field except this card and Twin Guardian: Yue.

Twin Guardian: Yue

Level 7 DARK Spellcaster 2000/2800

You can special summon this card from the hand to your field if you have at least 1 WATER, WIND and DARK element 'Clow Spirit' monster in your graveyard. Once per turn, banish up to 3 cards in your graveyard to banish up to 3 cards on the field.

Clow Spirit: The Silent

Level 4 DARK Spellcaster 0/2000

This card is changed to defense position when normal summoned, special summoned, or flip summoned; and cannot be changed into attack position by any means. Once per turn, negate the activation of a spell or trap card; this can be activated in either player's turn. When this card leaves the field, draw 1 card. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Change

Level 2 DARK Fairy 200/0

You can tribute this card and target a monster on both player's field, then exchange control of them. This card can be activated as a magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Dream

Level 4 DARK Spellcaster 0/2000

This card is changed to defense position when normal summoned, special summoned, or flip summoned; and cannot be changed into attack position by any means. Once per turn, target a monster and flip them face down. FLIP: Draw 2 cards and discard 1. This card can be set and or activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard. (The flip effect is still activated if you set it down first)

Clow Spirit: The Erase

Level 4 Dark Spellcaster 1500/1500

Once per turn, you can target a card on the field and banish it, the card is returned in the same position during the end phase; this effect can be activated in either player's turn. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard. You can discard a card from your hand when this card in your graveyard to return a card you control that is banished to your deck (shuffle it afterwards); this effect can be used 3 times in one duel.

Clow Spirit: The Illusion

Level 2 DARK Fairy 0/0

Once per turn, activate one of the following effects: target a monster on the field and gain its ATK/DEF and effect until the ending phase; the turn this effect is activated this card cannot attack directly. OR target a monster on the field and reduce its ATK/DEF by 500 for each card your opponent has in their hand. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effect of the monster's second effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Sleep

Level 3 DARK Fairy 0/1000

Once per turn, target a monster on the field and flip it face down; the card that was flipped face down cannot change its position as long as this card is on the field, unless done through a card effect or being attacked. This card can be set and activated as a continuous-spell magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Time

Level 4 DARK Spellcaster ?/?

When this card is summoned, reveal the top 5 cards in your deck; then arrange the 5 cards in any order that you wish and place them back to the top of your deck. Whenever a monster is revealed or a 'Clow Spirit' monster was summoned, increase the ATK/DEF of this card by x100 to the same number of the levels of those monsters. This card can be activated as a magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard. (You can look at the top 5 cards then arrange them as you wish)

Clow Spirit: The Flower

Level 3 EARTH Spellcaster 0/2000

Once per turn, you can negate the attack of a monster; this effect can be activated in either player's turn. During your ending phase, if this card is in attack position, increase your life points by x400 the number of cards you have in your hand. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Libra

Level 1 EARTH Rock 0/0

Once per turn, add the ATK and DEF of a monster together, then divide it by two and deal half of the number as LP damage to your opponent. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Lock

Level 1 EARTH Rock 0/0

Once per turn, target a card on the field, if the targeted card is a monster then it cannot attack or change positions and its effect is negated; if the target card is a face down card then it cannot be flipped, if the target card is a face up magic/trap card then the effect is negated. All of this lasts until the next ending phase. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Loop

Level 1 EARTH Fairy 0/0

Once per turn, when a card effect has been activated, copy the effect of the activated card and activate it. This effect can be used on either player's turn. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects you can set it back down again. (Super Imba version of Scrap Metal Scarecrow!)

Clow Spirit: The Maze

Level 5 EARTH Rock 1000/2000

Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) to your opponent's side of the field by Tributing 1 monster they control. While this card is on the field, whenever a card is placed onto the field send the a card from the top of the controller of the placed card's deck to the graveyard. This effect will not activate in result to any action of the player who controls a 'Clow Spirit' monster. This card can be set and activated as a continuous magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects.

Clow Spirit: The Mirror

Level 2 EARTH Rock 0/0

Once per turn, when a card effect that would target a card on your field is activated, you can change the designated target. When you take damage you can send this card from your hand or field to the graveyard and deal the same amount of damage to your opponent. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Sand

Level 4 EARTH Spellcaster 800/800

Once per turn, target a face down card on the field. The targeted card cannot be activated until your opponent's third ending phase; there can only be 1 card sealed through this effect, you can seal another card but the previous card will be unsealed. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Shield

Level 4 EARTH Rock 0/3000

Your opponent can not attack any other 'Clow Spirit' card except this card. During the Ending Phase, switch this card to attack position if it was attacked this turn. Once per turn, you can target another monster card on your field and equip this card on it. As a equip card, the equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle but you take 500 LP damage whenever it is attacked. This card can be set and activated as an equip-able trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects.

Clow Spirit: The Arrow

Level 4 FIRE Warrior 1800/0

Once per turn, you can halve the ATK of a monster you control on the field, and the monster who had its ATK halved will be able to attack directly; this effect lasts until the ending phase. When this card leaves the field, randomly discard a card in your opponent's hand. This card can be activated as a magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Fight

Level 4 FIRE Warrior 1600/1500

Once per turn, target a monster on your side of the field and increase their ATK by 600 until the ending phase; this effect can also be activated during your opponent's battle phase by paying 600 LP damage as a cost. When this card as a monster leaves the field, equip this card onto a monster you control on the field and increase its ATK by 600. This card can be activated as a equip-spell magic card with the same effects of the monster's second effects (Equip it onto a monster for 600, and once per turn you can give it an extra 600, or save yourself by adding 600 during enemy battle phase)

Clow Spirit: The Power

Level 4 FIRE Warrior 2500/0

This card cannot attack directly. Change this card into defense position after it attacks; and if so, you cannot change the position of this card until your next standby phase. Once per turn, you can target a 'Clow Spirit' monster you control; until the end of this turn the target monster gains the ATK of all 'Clow Spirit' monster on your field except the target itself. Monsters other than the targeted monster cannot attack during the turn you activate this effect.

Clow Spirit: The Shot

Level 3 FIRE Warrior 800/800

Your opponent cannot attack this card so long you have another 'Clow Spirit' monster on the field. Once per turn, you can deal x400 LP damage to your opponent for every card you have in your hand. Discard 1 card in your hand after resolving this effect. This card can be activated as a magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Sword

Level 1 FIRE Warrior 1000/0

You can tribute a monster card on the field to increase the ATK of a monster by 1000. This card can be activated as a equip magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects.

Clow Spirit: The Through

Level 4 FIRE Spellcaster 1500/1500

This card is unaffected by trap cards and their effects. Once per turn, target a 'Clow Spirit' monster on the field and activate one of the following effects: That face-up monster is unaffected by Spell effects this turn. OR That face-up monster is unaffected by Trap effects this turn. This card can be activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Thunder

Level 4 FIRE Thunder 1900/0

This card can be special summoned to your field from your graveyard if you have no monster on the field. Neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them. During either player's turn, when your opponent would Special Summon exactly 1 monster: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy it. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Twin

Level 2 FIRE Spellcaster 800/800

You can tribute this card on the field and target a monster on the field. Gain a Twin Token (lv1 FIRE 0/0) on your field and increase its ATK/DEF by the target monster; this effect can be activated during your opponent's turn. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Big

Level 3 LIGHT Spellcaster 800/0

You can tribute this card on the field and target a monster on the field. Double the ATK/DEF of the monster until your opponent's third ending phase and the target monster deals only a quarter of battle damage; this effect can be activated during your opponent's turn. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard. While in the graveyard, you can banish this card and your opponent will receive double damage (battle and effect) for this turn. This effect can only be used once per duel.

Clow Spirit: The Little

Level 3 LIGHT Spellcaster 0/800

You can tribute this card on the field and target a monster on the field. Halve the ATK/DEF of the monster until your opponent's third ending phase; this effect can be activated during your opponent's turn. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard. While in the graveyard, you can banish this card and you will receive halved damage (battle and effect) for this turn. This effect can only be used once per duel.

Clow Spirit: The Create

Level 1 LIGHT Spellcaster 700/700

Once per turn, you can special summon a Level 4 or below 'Clow Spirit' monster from your deck to the field. When this card leaves the field, add a Level 4 or below 'Clow Spirit' monster from your deck to your hand. This card can be activated as a continuous magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects.

Clow Spirit: The Glow

Level 1 LIGHT Fairy 500/500

Once per turn, you can flip a face down monster face-up without triggering its effect, and reduce its DEF by 500. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard. While in the graveyard, you can banish this card to flip all face-down monsters on the field face up (effects are activated). This effect can only be used once per duel.

Clow Spirit: The Return

Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster ?/?

When this card is summoned, return all cards in your hand into your deck and draw 5 cards. Whenever a monster card is drawn, you can choose to reveal it and increase the ATK/DEF of this card by x100 to the same number of the levels of those monsters. This card can be activated as a magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Shadow

Level 4 LIGHT Fiend 0/1900

This card can be special summoned to your field from the graveyard if you have no magic or trap cards on the field. Neither player can activate magic cards without setting them down first. During Either player's turn, if a magic/trap card was activated, you can tribute this card to negate the activation and destroy it. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Sweet

Level 1 LIGHT Fairy 0/1200

Once per turn, place a Sweet Counter on all monsters on the field. Monsters with 1 Sweet counter will be unable to attack directly. With 2 Sweet Counters the monster cannot activate its effect. You can tribute this card to destroy all monsters who have 3 sweet counters on them. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect, send this trap card to the graveyard to destroy all monsters who have 3 sweet counters on them.

Clow Spirit: The Bubbles

Level 2 WATER Fairy 0/1500

When this card is on the field, monsters cannot be targeted. Once per turn, when you have less than 3 cards in your hand, you can draw cards until you have 3 in your hand. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect.

Clow Spirit: The Cloud

Level 3 WATER Fairy 0/1500

When this card is on the field, magic cards cannot be activated. Once per turn, when you have more than 5 cards in your graveyard, you can draw 1 card. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect.

Clow Spirit: The Rain

Level 3 WATER Fairy 1500/0

When this card is on the field, trap cards cannot be activated. Once per turn, when your opponent has more than 3 cards in their hand, force them to discard until they are left with 3. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect.

Clow Spirit: The Freeze

Level 4 WATER Fish 700/1400

When this card is on the field, monsters cannot be special summoned. Once per turn, when your opponent summons a monster, you can discard 1 card and force the summoned monster into face down position. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect.

Clow Spirit: The Mist

Level 4 WATER Spellcaster 1500/1500

You can special summon this card from your hand to the field if you have less than 3 cards on the field. Whenever your opponent activate a monster's effect, they can discard 1 card, or have the effect negated. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect.

Clow Spirit: The Snow

Level 4 WATER Spellcaster 1500/1500

You can special summon this card from your hand to the field if your opponent has less than 3 cards on the field. Whenever your opponent activate a magic/trap card, they can discard 1 card, or have the effect negated. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect.

Clow Spirit: The Wave

Level 1 WATER Aqua 1200/0

When a monster is summoned, you can tribute this card and destroy all monsters on the field. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Wood

Level 4 WATER Plant 300/2300

Your opponent cannot special summon monsters that are Level/Rank 5 or above while this card is on the field. Once per turn, you can decrease the DEF of this card by 500 and special summon a Level 2 or lower 'Clow Spirit' monster from your graveyard to the field. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect. When activated as a trap, place 4 Wood Counters on this card. Once per turn you can use 1 Wood Counter to summon a Level 2 or lower 'Clow Spirit' monster from your graveyard. Destroy this card when there are no Wood Counters on the field.

Clow Spirit: The Storm

Level 4 WIND Spellcaster 1800/500

When a magic/trap card is activated, you can tribute this card and destroy all magic/trap cards on the field. This card can be activated as a magic card with the same effects of the monster's effects, and after resolving the effects is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Dash

Level 3 WIND Beast 1000/1000

You can special summon this card to the field when you normal summon a monster. This card can attack your opponent directly. Once per turn, you can return this card to your hand and normal summon another 'Clow Spirit' monster card in your hand. This card can be set and activated as a continuous trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects. (In the case of continuous trap card: Set it down, activate it, return it to hand and do another normal summon. Then you can set it down again.)

Clow Spirit: The Float

Level 1 WIND Fairy 800/800

Once per turn, throw a dice and search your deck for a 'Clow Spirit' monster whose level was lower than the number you got from the dice and add it to your hand; then return a card in your graveyard to your deck. This card can be activated as a continuous trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects.

Clow Spirit: The Fly

Level 4 WIND Winged-Beast 900/500

Double the ATK of this card during the turn when it was normal summoned. Once per turn, when a monster that was destroyed would be sent to the graveyard, you can send it to the deck instead. This card can be activated as a continuous trap card with the same effects of the monster's effects.

Clow Spirit: The Jump

Level 1 WIND Beast 400/400

You can special summon this card from your hand to the field when you have another 'Clow Spirit' monster on the field. Once per turn, you can return this face up card to your deck and special summon another Level 1 'Clow Spirit' monster from your hand or deck. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the deck.

Clow Spirit: The Move

Level 1 WIND Fairy 500/500

You can special summon this card from your hand if there are no Level 4 or above monsters on your field. As long as this card is on the field, increase 500 ATK/DEF to all 'Clow Spirit' monsters on the field that are level 3 or below. Send this card and 2 other 'Clow Spirit' monsters on the field to the graveyard to special summon 1 Level 7 'Clow Spirit' from your deck.

Clow Spirit: The Song

Level 4 WIND Spellcaster 0/1600

You can special summon this card when a magic card was activated. Once per turn, you can discard 1 card in your hand to increase the ATK of a 'Clow Spirit' monster card by 1600 until the ending phase. This card can be set and activated as a quick-spell magic card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

Clow Spirit: The Voice

Level 3 WIND Winged Beast 1600/0

You can special summon this card when a trap card was activated. Once per turn, you can discard 1 card in your hand to decrease the ATK of a monster on the field by 1600 until the ending phase. This card can be set and activated as a trap card with the same effect of the monster's effect, and after resolving the effect is sent to the graveyard.

-Game & Game, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 & Touhou Project- The Prince of Darkness and the Scarlet Sisters

Remilia and Flandre Scarlet were just enjoying their tea with their subjects inside the mansion when Yukari came out of the blue and announced that the Prince of Darkness has reawakened. The sisters, being Vampires themselves, go completely starstruck and fan-girly in front of Yukari from the mere mention of his name; Remilia quickly found her composure again and questioned Yukari in what does the Prince of Darkness reawakening have anything to do with them? Yukari simply smiled, and sent the all important members of the Scarlet Devil Mansion falling into a gap opened by her that connected to the world out of Gensokyo.

Arriving at Zobek's headquarters, the sisters were very infuriated by Yukari. This did not last as they were dazzled by the interior of the place. With their sensitive hearing, the group heard the screams of humans begging for help and made their way to a locked room. Meiling decided to bust it open, and the sight of Dracula himself bathing in the blood of his victim was bore for all to witness. The Scarlet Sisters began drooling on the ground from the 'magnificent sight' before them while the others (except Sakuya, who was familiar with blood and gore) watched with distaste. Dracula collapsed once again and Zobek stepped in.

Remilia with her ability to Manipulate Fate, gleamed the future and acted accordingly when talking to Zorbek, giving nothing away. She introduced the members of the Scarlet Devil Mansion without telling Zobek their abilities or specialty.

Remilia: My name is Remilia Scarlet, I and my sister Flandre Scarlet came to pay our respect to Dracula, the prince of darkness. These are my friends and servants; Sakuya Izayoi our maid, Patchouli Knowledge our resident sorceress, and Hong Meiling the Gate Guard.

Zorbek: I welcome you, all of you to Castlevania City. As you can see, please pardon my old friend as he is still indecent from his recent awakening.

Remilia: Understandable; I doubt I could keep myself together after just waking up from a millennium year of slumber.

Zorbek: It seems that you too, are a vampire. Its been a while since I've seen your kind; they have went into decline a long time ago.

Remilia: My sister and I along with Lord Dracula are possibly be the last existing vampires now. My family was the last one to perish in the vampire hunts before we moved into a pocket dimension. You, the Shadow Lord of Death, would know that wouldn't you?

Zorbek: ...

Remilia: The fates have decreed your demise at the end of Lord Draclua's Journey.

Zorbek: *frowns* And what do YOU, little girl; know of fate?

Remilia: My sisters and I were different from regular vampires. Somehow despite my parent's undeath, they have conceived us and gave birth to us. Thus, we were born with special powers. I possess the ability to manipulate fate. And by extension I could see the uncertain future.

Zorbek: And what IS the future?

Remilia: That is for me to know, and you to find out. I could do you a favor and avert your fate if you will allow me to tag along.*Remilia is lying as she does not have THAT much power to actually do it, but is manipulating Zorbek to get what she wants: an awesome adventure; Zorbek couldn't see through this lie.* After all, we have many talents that will ease this journey along the way.

-Game & Game, Phoenix Wright & Ghost Trick- Haunted Court

During one of his visits to Europe, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey met Sissel, a strange black kitten that Maya claims to have an extremely powerful soul. Sissel proceeds to talk to the humans by possessing Maya. And then, an accident happened nearby, where a famous actor was killed in a car crash. Sissel tried to save the actor but accidentally brought Wright and Maya along.

-Anime & Cartoon, Campione & Danny Phantom- God Slaying Divine Beast originally by ForgottenFables

The author has decided to discontinue it, but I would want to see it continue! So I am posting this here to anyone who is interested.

After the false alarm in Japan, Danny and Yuki return to Amity by using Danny's portal. They, along with Sam and Tucker plan out how to prank every single person in the SSI after Danny scouted the SSI by discreetly opening a portal and scout around while invisible. Danny then decided to pop into the office of the head of SSI, and tried to make some things clear with the agency.

Danny told the Agency to be truthful about their intentions in the future, treat him as an equal (no groveling, no treating him as if he is an ascended being, but also no belittling like a child. Just plain human interactions). Danny asked them if they wish to include him into the SSI. The head said yes, and Danny listed out a few things he would like to fulfill and ask them to help him in return. 1. to do their best to shut down the GIW 2. promote peace between human and non-human (especially ghost) 3. clear the name of Danny Phantom 4. DP is to be his main identity for the public.

However, Danny did not feel mollified by the deception this time, and told the head to be prepared for some mass prank-ing in the coming week. The head paled from thinking how a Campione who could appear out of no where and go invisible could do in terms of pranks.

While that was going on, Sam was sleeping her bed room, and the potted plants inside her room started to grow out of control and filled almost half of her room. When she woke up panicked and the plants grew even more. Thankfully, she managed to reach her phone and contacted Danny for help. It turns out after being controlled and gifted power by Undergrowth Sam has gained powers of her own.

-Cartoon & Game, Danny Phantom & Warcraft- Lich King Phantom

After ascending the throne and becoming Ghost King, Danny lived on for many years, until ultimately the end of the world came around in 24XX. Looking no more than 20 years old, Danny sought out Clockwork for advice on saving as many people as possible. Clockwork reluctantly told Danny that he could move the entire ghost zone to another world called Azeroth, but it requires a sacrifice of immense power. The only individuals who meet this criteria were Clockwork himself and Danny; Nocturne or Spectra under a 'nightmare/misery boost' in the size of the entire population of ghosts might barely make it, but the alternatives were not available due to those two being locked tight in Danny's dungeon.

Clockwork revealed that it was his time, for he was the keeper of time on Earth. If Earth was to perish, then it doesn't matter whether he escapes to another world or not, he would die as well. Danny gave him a tearful goodbye and asked if Clockwork could make it so that the ghosts in his dungeon don't follow them to the new world, and Clockwork said yes.

Danny quickly made an announcement to the entire Ghost Zone, and told them that a giant portal which will send everyone to a new world will open in three days time and that there will be terrible amounts of big shaking, so they should watch out for breakable objects.

Clockwork locked the criminals in Danny's dungeon in a time out and dragged them out to the human world that was falling apart. He sent the Ghost Zone into the Twisting Nether and connected a portal from Ghost Zone to Azeroth. After that, he disappeared into motes of light. Danny felt his Father figure and dear friend for the past 400 years perish and openly cried. News spread and all the ghost became somber over the sacrifice of Clockwork; but this mood did not last for shortly the Ghost Zone began to shake and most of it was also disappearing into nothing. Mass panic followed and Danny told all the ghost to gather around his castle for protection.

After three grueling days, they finally made it to the Twisting Nether situated very closely to Azeroth. Various portal were connected. Danny personally checked out every single one of them and all the portals went to most of the major places in Azeroth. Danny checked the portal in the Far Frozen last, and came out to Northrend right above the Icecrown Citadel just as Arthas was battling Tirion Fordring and champions of Azeroth.

Feeling the evil power from Arthas, Danny intervened when he saw Tirion sealed in a block of ice. He attacked Arthas and blasted him back.

Nozdormu was experiencing excruciating pain from the time line falling apart due to the Ghost Zone's coming into Azeroth History. Frostmourne wasn't broken by Tirion Fordring.

Danny fought toe to toe with Arthas, and managed to glean the fact that he was an evil king who had the power to turn other people into undead and bind their souls to him from all of his gloating. Danny activated the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire and got a massive power boost that killed Arthas.

He freed the souls locked inside Frostmourne without breaking it, and as the spirit of Terenas Menethil stood over the dying Arthas, he told Danny to take up the Helm of Domination and become the new Lich King. Knowing that having this evil power would corrupt any normal human being, Danny equipped the Helm and took up Frostmourne.

The first thing he did as a Lich King was release the souls of all the undead. What he didn't expect was a population boom in Ghost Zone where most of the people who held onto strong obsessions became new denizens. Sylvanas in particular held on a strong obsession towards revenge towards Arthas. But with Arthas dead, and a big majority of the Forsaken moving on with only a small portion remaining as ghosts, there wasn't much for her to do.

-Anime & Game, Blue Exorcist & Devil May Cry- Change the World

Dante and Vergil become instructors at the True Cross academy. Yukio being responsible for them, now has a permanent migraine due to both of their eccentric behaviors. Rin is having a blast socializing with both of the Sparda brothers though.

Wow, this has so much possibility I don't even want to spoil this by adding unnecessary details. If you are going to write this, definitely tell me.

-Game & Book, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch & Harry Potter crossover- Professor Oliver

A grown up Oliver accepts the job offer to become a professor to teach students in Hogwarts about DADA. Having defeated a Dark Lord back in the second country, it was a piece of cake for him to undo the curse on the DADA position. Acting as a counselor, he also discreetly heals people's hearts, but was absolutely startled to find Harry's heart on the verge of utter destruction.

Ni no Kuni & Kingdom Hearts

Oliver stumbled across a young teen and a duck and dog, on the street one day... He also faced against what seems to be creatures without hearts...

Title: Blessed by Isis

-Book & Anime, Theodosia Throckmolten & Yu Gi Oh-

A grown up Theodosia travels to Egypt for her annual meeting with the last Pharaoh, until she heard the news about the resurfacing Millennium Artifacts, with all of them seemingly gathered towards Japan. What is this dueling monster game about anyway? Looks more like a different version of those Egyptian death games back in the day...


1. Theodosia playing a "Gravekeeper" deck, or having a completely original deck that still follows an Egyptian theme

2. She is pretty bad at the game at the beginning, but pulls through with her luck.

3. Theodosia has mastered Egyptian magic, and is a quite powerful individual in terms of magical prowess. She can go toe to toe with Atem and Maric in a direct confrontation.

4. Can see Atem/Yami Yugi and tell the difference between Yugi and Atem when they switch.

5. Comes around during the Battle City arc.


1. Theodosia knowing Atem's name. (Atem's name was completely lost, there was no way Theodosia could have known)

Avatar: The Last Air Bender & Game of Thrones

Arya Stark's dance teacher is not the former first sword from Braavos, but a certain Avatar's wife on a diplomatic mission in Westeros. Water dancing lessons couldn't have gotten more interesting! And according to her new master, there is actual air, earth and fire dancing too!

Avatar: The Last Airbender & Elder scrolls 5: Skyrim

Failing to subdue Azura,Zuko fleed from his known world to escape execution, and ended up falling into Skyrim and into another execution! Zuko bended Alduin's fire to save as many people as they could, and together with their guide, ran for riverwood. Zuko is the Dragonborn.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn -- Dark Night, Dawn of Salvation

Zelgius did not die after his final duel with Ike, because Micaiah refused to just let him die like this. Becoming a general under his new queen, Zelgius has to deal with all the drama of court as well as atoning for his past sins...

Fire Emblem: Fate -- Invisible Pain

He couldn't leave them behind... His brothers and sisters died and died, again and again, yet he doesn't want to give up, he CAN'T give up... The choices are tearing him up on the inside, but he mustn't show... He will continue to go back until there is only one path... a path where no one would die again...

A time loop story where time repeats endlessly between the Hoshido and Nohr storylines until the MC finally finds a solution to the conflict.

Fire Sword: Invisible bonds of Fate

Fire Sword, by Mataras

After settling down on the world of Fire Emblem Awakening, Kirito decides to experiment with magic in order to open a way back to the world he originally came from. He successfully traveled to another world... sort of. A fic where Owain, Inigo and Severa who take on the Aliases Odin Lazward and Luna respectively, are replaced by Kirito Asuna and Yui. Like Owain turning into the Dark Mage Odin, Kirito also becomes a Dark Mage. All three of them are in the Nohr kingdom. Asuna grudgingly wore black because her preferred white outfits are all frowned upon; much to Kirito's glee.

Klein (who may or may not have lived after the events of Fire Sword...) along with Silica and Leafa end up in Hoshido. Klein becomes Ryoma's right hand man due to his superb swordsman skill (Kagerou and Saizou protects Ryoma from the dark while Klein does so much more publicly).

With Kirito, Asuna, Yui, Klein, Silica and Leafa's help, Kamui chose to side with neither kingdoms.

Asuna: Why are you forcing him to choose between you? He loves both of you like the family you are to him!

Yui: The world ISN'T black and white no matter how much it looks like it! Living isn't just about the conflict between Hoshido or Nohr Kingdoms!

Asuna and Yui trying to persuade the Royal Nohr quartet*

Silica: Would you be happy if someone holds a blade to your family's throat, then having you choose which of your brothers and sisters gets to live!?

Leafa: It doesn't matter whether if you are related to him by blood or not, whether if he grew up with you or not! Family is Family!

Silica and Leafa doing the same with the Hoshido side*

Klein: This war is completely stupid anyway! If Kamui wasn't the center of attention here, I bet you would have had us (points to himself and the other 5 from SAO) choose between each other!

Klein standing beside Kamui, raising his katana and facing against Ryoma*

Kirito: But you know what? Screw that! I'm not going to choose Nohr, I'm not going to choose Hoshido. I CHOOSE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

Kirito standing on the other side of Kamui, pointing his blades towards Xander*

The other 4 from SAO leap away from Nohr and Hoshido, surrounding Kamui*

Fire and Storm.

-Anime & Game, Sengoku BASARA & Persona 4 cross over-


(P4U) As Yu Narukami defeat Hi no Kagatsuchi, he was sent off to a different world by the last act of spite from his enemy. The other members of the investigation team were all heart broken when they found out their beloved leader is gone forever. But Margaret showed up and told them that there is a way...

Margaret gathered everyone, and told them that they can make a decision. The rift that was torn open by Hi no Kagatsuchi when sending Yu Narukami away was shrinking, and will soon disappear all together by the end of June. They could choose to stay where they are but to lose the chance to ever be with him again, or to go where their friend is but never return to this world.

Yosuke's subpar grades fell lower and lower, Chie stopped training, Yukiko ended up breaking a lot of things when she is helping out in the inn, Kanji couldn't sew, Teddie stopped enjoying food, Rise drowned herself in the photos of her friends, and Naoto threw herself into work. They just couldn't stop thinking about Yu Narukami despite how painful it was.

The investigation team members were going through a very rough period. With their precious friend so cruelly taken away from them, and the way to reunite with him dangled right in front of them, they spared only minimum energy for normal day to day interactions. The normal people in Inaba believed that Yu Narukami died a mysterious death, and gives plenty amount of space to the teens who were his friends.

Eventually, they decided unanimously that they were going to where Yu Narukami is.

In the future, Inaba was sent into a frenzy when the teenagers all disappeared. They all assumed that in their grief of losing their friend, the teens committed group suicide. Only the family members knew the truth, Nanako still kept the cards she got from them during the farewell party, it was on the end of June - the last day they were in Inaba before they all left.

Yu Narukami finds himself in the north of japan, far away from Inaba (which was close to the middle of Japan). He employed himself at the inn inside a village, cooking food and serving customers. The inn was attacked by bandits one day, and he dispatched them with minimum difficulties. From then on, he would sometimes be employed by the merchants of the village to act as their body guard when transporting merchandise.

When going Sendai, the city founded by Date Masamune, he saw that there was going to be a tourney hosted by Date Masamune, which included various competitions such as sword fights, horse riding, wrestling, archery, and even an art & literature test (such as "who can make the best poem", or "who can identify the most number of classical master pieces") and a debate competition. Yu decided to enter the sword fighting tournament and debate competition.

After winning the sword fighting tournament (albeit at the skin of his teeth), he caught the eye of Date Masamune. And after completely demolishing his opponents in the debate competition, was asked if he was interested in a position in Date Masamune's court. Yu decided that yes, he was interested, and asked for a week to go back to the village and get his belongings and say his goodbyes.

(P4U) As Yu Narukami defeat Hi no Kagutshuchi, he sent off all the other investigation team members to a different world as a final act of spite. Yu Narukami with the help of the Velvet Room residents manage to track and follow his missing friends into a new world: The Sengoku Era of a Japan in a parallel universe. Everyone was separated because Hi no Kagutsuchi sent everyone off one by one, scattering the investigation team members all across the new world.The SEES members, as well as Labrys and Sho were all fine, and volunteered to help Yu search for his friends.

The Velvet Room provided the trans-dimensional travel service in exchange of the orb of truth. Since the Orb of Truth is a unique item, Igor warned Narukami that it was a one-time deal. If Narukami traveled to the world of Sengoku BASARA, then he will stay there unless something equally as powerful as the Orb of Truth was presented as a trading currency. Hearing this, the SEES, Labrys and Sho were discouraged by Yu since they must have a lot more things to do in this world. Margaret and Marie tagged along with Narukami since they were both worried for his safety, and were his attendants in the Sengoku BASARA's universe of Velvet Room. The Velvet room in Sengoky BASARA took on the image of a deep blue japanese style tea room.

Narukami Yu was found by Date Masamune and Katakura Kojuro, after waking up, they were quickly ambushed. Yu realized he could summon his Personas in this world, although Izanagi-no-Okami reverted back to Izanagi for some reason, and the other stronger Persona he could summon through the Wild Card were unavailable as well. Seeing Yu demonstrate his strange yet amazing powers, Date Masamune enthusiastically asked him to join his army. Having no idea what is going on, Yu decided to go along with it until he finds a better solution. He is mentored by Katakura Kojuro due to the fact that Yu Narukami simply couldn't handle wielding 6 katanas all at once, and because Kojuro reminds him of his uncle Dojima Ryotaro.

Yosuke Hanamura found by Sanada Yukimura and Sarutobi Sasuke, they too were ambushed, and Sarutobi Sasuke was especially impressed by Yosuke's fighting style, complementing that not many ninjas could pull those moves off as effortlessly as Yosuke makes it look like... only for Yosuke to say that he wasn't a ninja and never got trained by one, which slightly damages Sasuke's ego. Sanada Yukimura at first wanted Yosuke to join the army as well, but Sasuke quickly advised him to reconsider and have join Yosuke join the Ninja corps instead. Yosuke eagerly accepts the offer to finally become a real ninja. Undergoing rigorous training with Sasuke, Yosuke swiftly rose up the ranks in the Ninja corps because he was apprenticed under Sasuke. Some other ninjas remarked how Yosuke shares resemblance with Sasuke (brown hair, brown eyes, spiky hair, slim stature, similar names) and how their interactions make them both seem more like brothers instead of master and apprentice. Sasuke, as an orphan and sole surviving member of the Sarutobi clan, decided to make it official and adopted Yosuke, Yosuke was obviously flattered. With an ancient ritual passed down from the Koga ninjas, two individual people could share their blood and become blood related. Yosuke became an official member of the Sarutobi clan, and after the ritual was related to Sasuke by blood.

Rise wakes up inside Uesugi Kenshin's castle. Her intelligence quickly garnered many favors from Uesugi Kenshin, and grudging respect from Kasuga. Uesugi decided to personally teach Rise tactics and strategy, seeking to have her become the tactician of his army. It was child's play for Rise to command the troops effectively with her Persona giving her a mind map every battle. Posing as a Miko (shrine maiden) that possess powers of clairvoyance, her popularity also climbs inside Uesugi Kenshin's territory. After reawakening Kanzeon and later Kouzeon, she was revered as a holy maiden and Buddhist saint due to her unique connection to Kanzeon.

Chie is found in the woods by Maede Keiji as he wandered by. She was unceremoniously dropped onto Maede Toshie and Matsu's doorsteps. Following an irritated Maede Toshie, she chases after Maede Keiji. Going through a crash course of survival training ala Sengoku period style, she also gained battle experience as a wandering vigilant, keeping the peace and fighting injustice left and right as she travels.

Azai Nagamasa and Oichi take Yukiko under their wings. Yukiko repays this debt by saving Azai Nagamasa from his death, and inspires Oichi to become more outgoing and less depressed after the two of them became friends. Azai Nagamasa had Yukiko become Oichi's handmaiden, and she accepts. Yukiko became the god-mother of the three little princesses, Chacha, Hatsu, and Kou. Yukiko also inspired the three young girls, with Kou being the most affected out of the three while Chacha and Hatsu are only fixated about a few certain things Yukiko tried to teach them. Azai Nagamasa's eldest son Manpukumaru was slightly older than Yukiko, and quickly fell in love with her. Yukiko did not reciprocate his feelings due to her hope of returning to Yaso Inaba, but eventually caved.

Teddie was rescued by Tokugawa Ieyasu and Honda Tadakatsu, although Tadakatsu did all the rescuing. Being his usual cheery self, he often saved Ieyasu from his self doubts and lack of confidence, as well as beat back the people who treat Ieyasu cruelly. He forms a strange friendship with Tadakatsu. With his unique ability of ice manipulation and healing powers, he quickly caught the attention of Oda Nobunaga. Ieyasu quickly hastened his plans of escape, and managed to flee with his retainers as well as Teddie before anything bad could happen to them.

Kanji finds himself saved by Chosokabe Motochika when stranded on the sea. Although no longer acting like a gangster, he realizes that its still part of his personality, and quickly fits into the rest of Chosokabe Motochika's pirate crew. Having power over electricity he was able to save the ship from a nasty sea storm, stopping a lightning strike and diverting many others, before growing fed up and getting rid of the sea storm entirely. This caused Chosokabe Motochika to choose him as his second mate, and the other veterans in the crew caused an uproar. Quickly losing his patience over the bickering, Kanji lifted the ship's gigantic anchor and used it as a giant bludgeon to discourage further misbehavior, and made Chosokabe Motochika even more adamant in making Kanji his second mate.

Naoto wounds up in Mori Motonari's territory. She worked as a diplomat/spy that gathered intelligence for Mori Motonari. She was the first to figure out everyone's location, and contacted Rise. With Rise's power to converse directly into people's mind from far away distance, they arranged a time and place for everyone to reunite.

Alternate Version: Persona 4 characters replace the historical characters of Sengoku Basara entirely.

Yu Narukami meets a young Date Masamune, and serves him under the name of Katakura Kojurou

Yosuke Hanamura similarly meets a young Sanada Yukimura and becomes the ninja Sarutobi Sasuke

Yukiko is actually Oichi, the adopted sister of Oda Nobunaga

Kanji became a sailor and later ended up becoming Chosokabe Motochika the pirate

-Cartoon & Cartoon, Danny Phantom & Teen Titans crossover- Ghost Royalties

Danny and Raven are happily married, and their son, "Sam"uel T.(ucker) Fenton was born. With his father being half human and half ghost, and his mother half human half demon; Sam inherits both of his parent's powers. Ghostly powers, cryokinesis from his father, and dark magic from his mother. He also goes with the alter ego "Crow Phantom" when doing his job as a super hero. The inherited powers aside, he has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, although he suppresses it with his own powers and can activate or deactivate it at will. Crows are birds that signify "Change"; what greater change could there be but "Death"? Samuel however has zero perception of time, and has horrible time management skills, always being late to class or not realizing that a lot of time has gone by.

Danny spends most of his time inside the Ghost zone, now a flourishing world after many years of his reign. He has also created a team of super hero ghosts that serve as ambassadors between the human world and ghost zone, known as the "Ghost Emissary". The Ghost Emissaries help the super heroes on Earth out whenever they need it, most of the super heroes on earth have dealt with their ghost racism because they really like the Ghost Emissaries; Danny planned that by choosing very specific ghosts that are very unlikely to make enemies.

-Anime & Game, Katekyo Hitman Reborn & Persona 4 crossover- Vongola Persona Mafia

Inspired by: /6qrsQ.jpg

Sky: Yu Narukami

Storm: Yosuke Hanamura

Rain: Naoto Shirogane

Mist: Rise Kujikawa and Teddie

Sun: Yukiko Amagi

Lightning: Kanji Tatsumi

Cloud: Satonaka Chie

As Tsuna returns to his normal everyday life and leave the Mafia behind, Vongola scrambles to look for a replacement that could lead their Famiglia. They found it in the form of Yu Narukami. Reborn was immediately dispatched to tutor him, but after some time realizes that Yu Narukami was almost a perfect candidate for the next boss, Saintly understanding, Sagely knowledge, Heroic courage, Enthralling expression, Rock solid diligence. Except he has no knowledge in the workings of the mafia world. Reborn with his super spartan style of teaching, managed to make Yu Narukami catch up to everything in very short time.

By awakening the individual flames of the investigation team, they could manifest some of the powers that their Persona granted them, although they cannot summon the Personas directly. Yosuke with Susano-o are the embodiment of the storm, the same thing on Yukiko with Amaterasu as well. Yosuke has the strongest Storm flame in history, while Yukiko had the strongest Sun flame.

With the help of Vongola, the team realizes that Teddie's blonde bishounen body is actually an illusion constructed by Teddie's inner desire to be more like a human. Since Teddie lived inside a world filled with fog (almost the same as mist, except that its closer to the ground) he's ability to control mist flames was incredible, and because his entire body (both the toy bear and blonde bishounen form) is made out of fog/mist, he could manipulate it as he wishes. Also, because his entire existence is all about fog/mist, he is invulnerable to mist flame attacks and illusions. In fact, being hit by it only makes him stronger.

Rise is similar to Gokudera Hayato, having multiple flames but with Mist being her primary one while without a storm flame. She has a wide range of abilities and tricks, but lacks raw power, and is the person mainly in charge of intelligence and espionage.

Reborn: Oi, siscon.

Yu: Yeah, Reborn?

Reborn: What's up with you and your guardians all having a pair of glasses, but never wear them?

Yu: Oh, those... they are special gifts from Teddie, he was the one who made them.

Reborn: One of your mists? And you said he made them? *snatch the glasses from Yu's pockets*

Yu: Hey! Be careful with that!

Reborn: *Ignores Yu* Hm... interesting. They are constructs made entirely from mist flames. What do they do?

Yu: They let us see through the fog in our adventure inside the TV.

Reborn: Ah~ Then I wonder if its possible to make you all immune to mist flame illusions.

Yu: Probably dampen the illusions, making them less effective and believable instead of letting us become completely immune.

Reborn: I will have to snatch your Teddie and let our flame science department strap him on a lab table for experiments someday. He is way too interesting.

Yu: Please don't!

-Anime & Game, Katekyo Hitman Reborn & Persona 4- Vongola Persona Mafia ver. 2

The tower and the moon indicates that a great catastrophe and mystery will strike. Inside the train before Yu Narukami see's Rise's commercial, Igor did not feel that Yu Narukami was quite up with the task, and handed him a piece of blank paper that would help him. The piece of paper said "Home tutor that will raise your child to be the leader of the future generation!", and so Narukami contacted Reborn.

Reborn was watching the Sawada household right after dropping the home-tutor-advertisement-flyer in the mail box when he received the call, and instantly became wary. Doubly so when Narukami asked him to be his home tutor since no one has touched the mail box yet. Reborn quickly went to investigate and hopefully eradicate this loose end that got a hold of his phone number.

Reborn tracked down Yu Narukami just as he was walking home after meeting his uncle on the street near the murder case. And interrogated Yu on how he managed to get the flyer from half way across Japan. Yu knew little about the Velvet Room, so he telling him everything he could did not help much. Reborn then realized that Yu actually had sky-flames, and went on an investigation. Turns out, the The Primo's Sawada family branched out into a Narukami family, and no one knew that the Narukami family existed at all since Primo wanted to hide them away and stay away from the Mafia that way. Reborn stumbles upon a goldmine as he realizes that Yu Narukami has a lot more potential than Sawada Tsunayoshi, and contacted Nono.

Nono reluctantly allowed Reborn to train Narukami for the 10th generation, and let Tsuna live in peace.

Yu was quickly subjected to Reborn's spartan training as he goes through school, life, and the mysterious murder cases.

Reborn did not tag along with Yu, Chie, Yosuke when they fell into the TV for the first time and meet Teddie. However, he accompanied Yu and Yosuke when they entered and found Saki Konishi's world of Inaba shopping district. Seeing Yu's dying will when fighting Yosuke's shadow gave an excellent opportunity for Reborn to shoot a dying will bullet into Yu.

-Game, Final Fnatasy IV- Be Strong, Theodor

Golbeza was born when Zemus took control over Theodor after Cecil was born. But what if Theodor refused to be used by Zemus? Zemus forcefully takes over Theodor but he needs to stay strong... for his brother.

Theodor managed to defy all odds and conquer Zemus's will, and gained a lot of knowledge from this.

-Game & Anime/Mange, FF13 & RWBY crossover-

Living in the new world, away from the clutches of the gods, Lightning and her friends were happy. But a calamity struck that shattered the moon. She and her friend were then displaced into the future, during the times of RWBY.


Lightning Farron and Hope Estheim, Oerba Dia Vanille and Oerba Yun Fang

Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss, Sazh Katzroy and Snow Villiers


Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss, Oerba Dia Vanille and Hope Estheim. Team SVNH (Savannah) or Team HVNS (Havens/Heavens)

Lightning, Fang, Sazh, Snow Team SLFS (Selfless)

Serah has a weapon that can change between a bow and sword, Noel's dual sword can change into spears, Hope's boomerang can be controlled directly and they can be used as short blades if he is using the sharp ones, while Vanille's rod can be used to smack people or by using the extending ropes and hooks to harass from afar.


Serah: Space Manipulation (Eidolon: Eden or Exodus)

Distance Manipulation

The ability to change the direction which gravity or space pulls objects within a certain area

Portal Creation

The ability to distort the fabrics of space to inflict damage to the targets

The power to compress space. for various purposes, such as constructs or blasts.

Spatial Displacement The ability to take an entire section of space and relocate it

Expanding 'time' by expanding space.

Noel: Time Manipulation (Eidolon: Chronos)

Accelerate, slow and/or stop time to others while being able to move freely.

Temporal Rewind to reverse the effects of recent events

Expanding 'space' by expanding time.

Vanille: The energy of "Death"

The power to decide, determine and manipulate the cause of death. But in this case, Vanille can manipulate the "energy" of death to inflict damage and pain instead of directly causing death.

Hope: Telekinesis

Weapons: Serah, Her sword-bow from FF13-2

Noel, Spear and sword.

Vanille, special rods with hooks and wires. Has trouble with range. Can transform into a cannon.

Hope, six bladed boomerangs that can be controlled remotely (also aided by his telekinesis ability to do very fancy movements). Has a gun strapped on his leg, and with at least two boomerangs can turn into a gunblade.

Yuel: I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but the world is in peril. Our world has detached ourselves from the gods, but not every other world have done the same. One of the worlds close to us is currently in danger, and if we let it be, the destruction will spill over.

Noel: What can we do?

Yuel: I can send people over by opening a gate. But the gate needs to stay open, and that leaves the possibility of foreign attacks open as well. A group will stay here, in our world, watching over the gate, while another group goes to the other world.

Yuel: Of everyone one that is present, Serah, Noel, Hope and Vanille are the people best suited to enter the other world. I have a bit of power in the other world, and I will arrange it so that all of you will attend a school for protectors called "Signal". Keep the fact that you are not of this world a secret.

Yuel: Your bodies will turn a bit younger because my powers cannot completely transfer your essence's, but that will be alright. Take the time to learn and get accustomed to the other world.

-Game & Anime, FFX-2 & RWBY crossover- Team PYRL in position, it's show time!

At the end of YRP's last mission, they found a strange broken Machina on the top of the tower. It is a beacon created in the times of Zannarkand, powered by pyrflies that will guide the way to the door of another world. Lenne uses her connection to the Songstress Garment Sphere and calls out to Yuna in a dream, warning them that since the beacon is now activated, no one knows what will come through that door. Team YRP and the Gullwings come together once more and try to uncover the mystery about the door in the sky, and why pyrflies seem to be attracted to it.

When the Celcius flew through the mysterious door in the sky, Yuna's Songstress garment sphere automatically breaks, and Lenne materializes much to everyone's surprise. Lenne has no idea why this happened, and when the group wanted to head back, they could not find the door again. They are now in the world of RWBY.

Team PYRL stands for Pyrefly.

Yuna and Lenne are both summoners who can call on the power of Pyreflies, which are crystalizations of the energies of the world and can store thoughts, images, sound, memories, and when focused enough, living creatures like fiends and people.

Lenne is a senior summoner and is very good at manipulating Pyrflies, Yuna is doing well for a rookie (rookie summoner: someone who could only send pyreflies and call aeons).

Yuna loses her Songstress dress sphere permanently.

All four of the ladies have different specialization despite sharing all the same dress spheres.

1. Songstress: Yuna 'used' to be able to sing AND dance at the same time, now only Lenne can do that since Yuna lost the sphere. Rikku is good at dancing and her dance debuffs/buffs are effective, but isn't so good with singing, while Paine is good at singing but isn't good at dancing.

2. Gunner: Yuna is the best gunner, with Rikku next and Paine third, Lenne can barely land a shot on a target. Yuna can fire with high accuracy and fire rapidly. Rikky can fire rapidly, but her aim isn't superb. Paine's aim is superb but she can't fire rapidly.

3. Thief: Rikku is the best thief, with Paine second and Yuna third. Lenne can run fast but that's about it. Rikku is very swift and deadly with the blades while also good at stealing. Paine is good with the blades but isn't very good at stealing. Yuna isn't very great with the twin blades but is good at stealing.

4. Black Mage: Lenne is the best black mage, Yuna is second, and Rikku and Paine tie as third. Lenne has the largest amount of spells that can be utilized including Ultima and Flare. Yuna has everything except Ultima and Flare. Rikku does well with Water and Thunder spells while Paine is good with Fire and Ice spells.

5. White Mage: Yuna is the best white mage hands down. Rikku is second, Lenne is third and Paine comes last. Yuna has lots of experience as a white mage during her pilgrimage and is capable of casting Holy. Rikku can cast all the buffs, but her best healing spell is Cura and can only heal one at a time. Lenne can heal everyone perfectly fine with a Curaga but only knows two buffs: shell and protect. Paine knows a bit of everything but isn't exceptional in any department.

6. Gun Mage: Paine is first, Rikku is second, Yuna is third, Lenne is fourth. Paine has the most amount of blue bullet skills. Rikku has the most data on monsters, such as knowing their weaknesses and strength. Yuna is better at Fiend-Hunting. Lenne is trying to catch up.

7. Alchemist: Rikku is first, Paine is second, Yuna and Lenne tie as third. Rikku has the most experience in mixing things, Paine has lots of experience handling the potions and items as she knows a lot about first aid and combat items. Yuna and Lenne can throw things accurately and shoot fine.

8. Dark Knight: Paine is first, Yuna is second, Rikku is third, Lenne is fourth. Paine is very powerful as a dark knight, Yuna has a knack for Arcana magic. Rikku can swing the weapon just fine but can't cast many Arcana spells. Lenne is only good at casting Arcana spells.

9. Samurai: Rikku is first, Paine is second, Lenne is third, Yuna is fourth.

10. Lady Luck: Everyone is equal since the abilities mostly depend on luck. Lenne's dress sphere is a "heart" theme.

11. Berserker: Rikku is first, Yuna is second, Paine is third, Lenne is fourth. Rikku is nimble and hits hard, Yuna becomes very scary when enraged, Paine is patient and calculating.

12. Trainer: Everyone has their own niche. Lenne gets a leopard.

13. Mascot: Everyone has their own niche. Lenne gets a chocobo suit (imagine chocolina from FF13)

-Game & Anime, Touhou Series & RWBY crossover- Gensokyou the Eastern Wonderland

Gensokyou can no longer exist on earth, so Yukari moves the entire gensokyou to another world. They ended up in the east of Remnant. The resident of Gensokyou didn't mind being in Remnant at first, until they realized that these strange black creatures called "Grimm" can infiltrate the Hakurei Barrier. Yukari decides that she should send people outside of the barrier to investigate the source of the Grimm, and find out about the living conditions of the people of Remnant.


Team Human: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya, Izayoi Sakuya

Team Scarlet Devi: Flandre Scarlet, Patchouli Knowledge, Remilia Scarlet, Hong Meiling

Team Snowy Spring: Yuyuko Saigyouji, Cirno, Alice Margatroid, Youmu Konpaku

Team Yakumo: Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, Chen Yakumo

Team Hourai Moon: Fujimura no Mokuou, Keine Kamishirazawa, Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya Houraisan

Team Rabbit Rabbit: Reisen Undongein Inaba, Tewi Inaba, Seiran, Ringo

Team Spider Lily: Komachi Onozuka, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, Yuuka Kazami, Medicine Melancholy

Team Youkai Mountain: Aya Shameimaru, Nitori Kawashiro, Hatate Himekaidou, Momiji Inubashiri

Team Shrine & Temple: Kanako Yasaka, Suwako Moriya, Byakuren Hijiri, Shou Toramaru

Team Dream Rhapsody: Tenshi Hinanawi, Iku Nagae, Suika Ibuki

Team Palace of Earth Spirits: Satori Komeiji, Koishi Komeiji, Utusho Reiuji, Rin Kaenbyou

Team Desire Spirit: Toyosatomimi no Miko, Mononobe no Futo, Kaku Seiga, Soga no Tojiko

Team Mask Youkai: Hata no Kokoro, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Nue Houjou, Kogasa Tatara

Team Shining Needle: Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Kijin Seija, Sekibanki, Kagerou Imaizumi

Team Lunatic Revenge: Junko, Hecatia Lapislazuli, Clownpiece,

-Game & Anime, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne & Blue Exorcist crossover- Blue Nocturne, alt titles: The Demi-fiend and the son of Satan, Nocturnal Blues, Child of Satan and Lucifer's Chosen, Half-baked Cookies, The half demon and the half fiend

The demi-fiend Naoki Kashima restored the world to its former state, however unusual powers from the underworld rewrote the history of Earth, and made it so that demons and devils existed alongside humans for a very long time. Naoki must attend True Cross Academy to learn more about the demons and how to fight them, but will he be safe if anyone finds out his status as the demi-fiend?

Naoki lives with his relatives in Tokyo since his parents were both dead, Naoki works at the restaurant that Father Fujimoto wanted Rin to interview in. Rin just got accepted. They feel a strange kinship for each other, and during work, Rin works out the food and the cooking, while Naoki works with the costumers at the front because Rin's temper is better suited to work at the back; Naoki doesn't mind. Naoki was following Rin home when Rin was stopped by the guy possessed by a demon. Naoki punched the possessed man away and he witnesses Father Fujimoto's Exorcism and was told to leave and forget everything, but decided that Rin is in too much danger for being targetted by demons. After all, Rin has no experience fighting demons while Naoki, despite his powers being diminished, had plenty.

Father Fujimoto took both of them back to the Monastery. Within the Monastery that Rin lives in, Naoki was told to wait outside the room while Rin and Father Fujimoto talked. Naoki heard screaming and shouting, busted the door, and saw Satan possessing Father Fujimoto while Rin is stuck in the Gehanna Gate. He blasted him with Hama, hurting the demon greatly, allowing Father Fujimoto to resurface. Satan retaliated and sent Naoki through the wall. Rin pulled out Kurikara but was very hesitant in killing Father Fujimoto. Naoki walks through the crumbled wall with his tattoos glowing, he attempted to summon a demon through the Gehanna Gate. Daisoujou responded to his summon and together they blasted Satan with two Hama. Seeing that it was effective but not strong enough, Naoki commanded Daisoujou to blast with Hamaon instead. Satan was eventually expelled from Father Fujimoto's body temporarily and Rin slashed Satan with Kurikara, saving Fujimoto. But Fujimoto's body was still dying despite magical healing, so Naoki had Daisoujou extract his soul for safe keeping, keeping it in a charm.

Rin now wears a charm that has Fujimoto's soul sleeping in it. Neither Naoki or Daisoujou know when Fujimoto would wake up. Rin clutches it in his hands during the funeral, with Naoki standing nearby. Mephisto shows up after Rin uses the phone and asked to join the Knights of True Cross in order to kick Satan's ass. Naoki and Yukio were with him on the car ride.

Naoki was not impressed with the Demon Summoning Class. He told Mephisto as much and said he would rather be taught by his greatest enemy - who is at least a truly competent summoner - than an insincere teacher like Igor Neuhaus. Mephisto decided that it was a great idea to ask Hikawa to teach summoning. Hikawa comes as a teacher to the cram school and buries the hatchet with Naoki, stating that since the world remains as it is, it proves that the reason of Shijima has failed, and only the demi-fiend could have defeated him. They're still far from friends though. Hikawa commanded the students to immediately forget about anything they have ever known in traditional demon summoning; because all of the information they received was curtailed and censored by the exorcists.-Game & Anime(?)Web Original Animation, Don't Starve(plus DSTogether) & RWBY- Shadows and Roses

Remnant is a world connected to The Constant (World of Don't Starve) but does not exist within The Constant.

Wilson and co. (will be referred to as the W Gang) managed to get out of The Forge as battle-hardened warriors, but they fall into Remnant instead. Shadow Queen Charlie follows them out, realizes that her power has grown weaker - previously she was omnipresent, every shadow, every sliver of darkness is her. In Remnant, she has to consciously exert these powers to achieve her previous feats, and it is time-consuming.

All of the W Gang somehow had their physical ages reversed. Wilson, Willow, Wigfrid, and Winona became teenagers. Wolfgang, Woodie, Wickerbottom, Wes, and Maxwell are young adults. Webber and WX-78's original ages are indiscernible, Webber became a spider faunus with legs growing out the side of his head, and WX-78 remained unchanged. Wendy still in her still young teens.

Being in the Emerald Forest, they were fighting groups of Grimm when Ozpin and Glynda showed up.


Wilson: The ability to create corporeal images from memories, requires intense concentration if he wants the images to move.

Has great knowledge capacity, especially in science and medicine. Gained a good amount of knowledge on magic during his time in The Constant, and working with Maxwell.

Willow: Flame immunity and absorption, much like Nora's semblance but on fire instead.

Very impressive survival skills, experts on explosive and fire weapons and keeps a stash of gunpowder at all times. However, the gunpowder is often given to someone else for safekeeping (Wickerbottom or Wendy in most cases) in case of low-sanity shenanigans.

Wigfried: Very good overall combat ability.

Could strengthen items and equipment by giving them specific names. Battlecry and other forms of encouragement can increase the spirit of others. Still refuses to eat anything non-meat.

Winona: The best when it comes to machines and technology. Could remotely control them, to a degree.

Able to string together attacks much more tightly than others. Make things or build things much more quickly than others, often helps Ruby in weapons projects.

Wolfgang: Mighty. Enough said.

Woodie: Transformation into Werebeaver, and has Lucy the Axe.

Ruby is the only other person that could talk to it, much to everyone's surprise. Munches on wood or wooden furniture when low on sanity and hunger.

Wickerbottom: Hand-made books have magic. Wilson and Maxwell are the only others who can harness their powers.

Has started making entirely new types of books after being in Remnant. Still has insomnia; but Remnant coffee can actually put her to sleep, ironically.

Wes: Able to create balloons and use Ballonamancy with a thought. Could attach balloons to fly, but very dangerous since most hunters have guns or other long range weapons.

Also is very stealthy, people often don't notice his presence at all.

Maxwell: Standard shadow powers from the Don't Starve games, and advanced shadow manipulation. The only person that can use Codex Umbra.

Also able to use stage magic like they are actual magic - vanishing from one wardrobe to another, pulling out things from a hat, duplicate decks of cards, etc. But only works with stage magic that is standard, staple, and commonly known.

Webber: Spider powers similar to Spiderman, and can talk to spiders.

WX-78: Still gets overcharged from electricity. Eating mechanical parts other than gears can also upgrade him but in different ways and categories.

Wendy: Actual Necromancy. Could raise the dead, albeit temporarily and cannot be done repeatedly on the same person.

Can talk to ghosts and spirits, can still summon Abigail. Can strengthen Abigail by focusing on her; vulnerable and open to attacks during this state.

Teams and Partners:

Wilson Wigfrid Willow Winona, Wilson is the leader. Wilson partners with Willow, Winona with Wigfrid. Could attend Beacon Academy since their physical age is within the range.

Wolfgang, Woodie, Wickerbottom, Wes; Woodie is the leader. Wolfgang partners with Wes, Woodie with Wickerbottom. Could attend Beacon Academy but might be too old to be first years.

Maxwell, WX-78, Webber, Wendy; Wendy is the leader because Maxwell is disliked by Webber and pretty much no one in the W gang wants to work under him. Maxwell partners with Wendy, WX-78 with Webber. Unlikely to attend Beacon Academy due to age restriction on Maxwell being too old and Wendy too young, WX-78 being a robot.


Wilson x Ruby, default, subject to change, but unlikely.

Maxwell x Charlie; default, subject to change, but unlikely.

Wickerbottom x Dr. Oobleck; default, subject to change, but unlikely.

WX-78 x Penny; default, subject to change, but unlikely.

Wigfrid x Roman, the dramatic ones

Winona x Mercury, the snarky ones; and Mercury doesn't mind have beautiful women touch his legs

Wes x Velvet, the quiet ones

Webber x Coco, the fashionable ones; Webber loves formal parties because he can show off hand-made clothes and designs, Coco and fashion needs no explanation

Wendy x Oscar, the troubled ones

Wolfgang and Woodie like the Malachite twins

Willow is into girls in this story, not sure who to pair up with; she would get along with Nora but I'm not breaking off ReNora!

-Game & Anime(?) Web Original Animation, Final Fantasy X & RWBY- Remnants of Spira

Yuna defeated Sin, and Tidus jumps off the airship, he sees the image of Jecht, his father, Auron, the man that practically raised him, and Braska, Yuna's father in the sea of pyreflies... When he awakens, he finds himself lost once more.

Ver. 1: Tidus and the other three adults wake up on a beach, and they realized everyone except Tidus are ten years younger than they're supposed to be.
Ver. 2: Tidus wakes up in Vale, but Braska wakes up in Atlas, Ject in Vauo, and Auron in Mistral. No change in physical age.

Tidus: the usual capabilities he presented in FFX, plus elements from Dissidia Final Fantasy games if necessary or if they will spice things up.
Jecht: Likewise. Also can use his "Aeon" form when Braska is channeling energy at him.
Braska: Proficient with White and Black Magic. Prefers fire spells. Spending a long time in the farplane has granted him additional knowledge. Has been able to work out that the "Final Summoning" is basically summoning by using life energy of the summoner as a cost. Substituted it with magical energy and constantly loses MP while he "summons" and make Jecht transform.
Auron: Also stuff from FFX, and stuff from KH2. Add a bit of DFF by referencing the moveset of Cloud Strife or Garland.

Fall of Vale might go a bit differently with Jecht transforming into his Aeon form."Freaking Again!?" Tidus complains as he hides in a cold and damp cave in the wilderness.

-Game & Anime(?) Web Original Animation, Trickster Online (2014) & RWBY- Don Caballa's Menagerie

The eight tricksters have completed Caballa's treasure hunting game, and have become one with the whole island, gaining functional immortality. They act as guardians of the island now, and have protected the island for a whole century. Outside of the islands, a great calamity struck the world, plunging it into eternal darkness... Caballa's spirit appears before the tricksters once more and suggests that they put the whole island into sleep, to wait for the day that the danger has passed. On the day of the "Great Slumber" the whole island went into an enchanted stasis-like sleep.

An uncountable number of years later, the eight tricksters woke up in Remnant - its what the denizens call the world now. They gaze upwards at the shattered moon, and realized they were young again, to the age when they first arrived at the island...

-Anime & Anime, Boku no Hero Academia & Read or Die (R.O.D)- The Substitute Teacher

After the destruction of the British Library and saving Junior from being turned into Mr. Gentleman, Yomiko Readman was having trouble finding employment. Naturally, she just had to get more books even though her funds were running low, and who else but famous author Nenene Sumiregawa would pay for those books? While they were shopping, a villain attacked the district, but Yomiko was too engrossed in a book to care... Until Endeavor came around and caused much collateral damage. Yomiko was extremely incensed, to the point of attacking Endeavor in the streets. Their fighting was at a stalemate until Best Jeanist showed up to intervene, making Endeavor head back first while he tries to calm down Yomiko.

Yomiko eventually decided to visit Musutafu personally to let Endeavor have a piece of her mind. On the way, she stumbled upon more bookshops and even went into the Library to borrow some books. But turns out, the book she wanted was only available in U.A Highschool library. She sets out for the school, posing as a substitute teacher, entered the library, but was stuck when asked to show her identification to borrow the book. Nezu passed by just then and told her that if she didn't receive her identification then they can go and get it right now... Nezu leads Yomiko back into his office and told her that her trying to pose as a substitute teacher to borrow books wasn't right unless of course, she actually BECOMES the substitute teacher. Yomiko agreed right away, anything for her books after all, without knowing that this was a school for superheroes. (She simply thought Nezu was a dwarf man wearing a rat suit)

Yomiko, as usual, performs her duty as a teacher splendidly but was extremely eccentric... which meant that she fits perfectly into the school. She stood in for various teachers who were on missions or injured and was liked by many students. Though she always goes a bit nuts during English Literature class, constantly trying to assign a whole soccer field's worth of books as homework the students adamantly refuse and cut it down to three books.

-Game & Game, Persona & Fire Emblem crossover- PQ3: The Three Professors

The grown up protagonists of Persona 3 4 5 ended up in the world of Fire Emblem three houses. Minato teaches the Blue Lions, Yu teaches the Golden Deers, and Ren teaches the Black Eagles. Hilarity Ensues as basically all students end up having a crush for their respective professors - and maybe even crush on the professor of a different house. Meanwhile, a terrible plot threatens to plunge the realm to war... except, the invasion on the academy failed SPECTACULARLY with Death, Truth, and Rebellion crushing the enemies to a pulp.

-Game & Game, Baldurs Gate 3 & SMT3 Nocturne crossover- I AM THE BUG INSIDE YOU

Naoki Kashima chose to rebuilt the world from the Conception, and went about his everyday life as a highschooler, college student, and finally, Adult Salaryman. Though the events of his highschool years as the demi-fiend scarred him, secretly he wished for something exciting to happen and break the monotunous life of Japanese Work Culture. His wish was granted as he got snatched by Mind Flayers, and this time another kind of worm was placed into his head.

Featuring Noaki Kashima that went with a magic build in Nocturne who classes as a Conjuration Wizard in BG3 and summons a horde of SMT demons to fight by his side, every companion freaks out.

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Remastered version of this story is up! I dropped the Devastating consequences title. the remastered version is (Becoming Vasto Lorde Remastered )Thank you! FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! Disclaimer: I do not own bleach. please review the remastered version. i would love input!
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Elsa couldn't breathe as the statement hung in the air. The room spun as the words replayed themselves in her mind. This was her fault... She felt his cold hand place itself over hers. 'It'll be okay,' he said. Blue met blue as she found herself believing him yet again. 'I trust you.' He smiled at that. [TEMPORARY SUMMARY UNTIL I'M CREATIVE ENOUGH TO WRITE A PROPER ONE :p]
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I was alone. Alone and hated in my village. Until my mentor found me. Until he trained me. And he taught me a valuable lesson. That Nothing is True, and Everything is Permitted. Who am I? I am Naruto Uzumaki. And I'm an Assassin. NaruHina, OCAnko. Rated M for blood, language, and hinted sexual situations. Some Kakashi, Jiraiya, and possibly Sasuke bashing, and Hyuuga clan bashing.
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