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Author has written 4 stories for Kiesha'ra, and Mass Effect.

Changing things around. Dammit BioWare, stop infecting my brain with your awesome!

In the works (approximate order from most to least complete):

We Learn How to Climb (Mass Effect 2) - Thane is undergoing radical and invasive treatments for Kepral's Syndrome in a last-ditch effort to save his life. Shepard is worlds away, hauling ass up a Colorado mountain. If you're thinking 'WAT,' that's good. Watch this space--it'll all make sense eventually. Angsty, lovey, slightly fluffy Sheiros, plus more of my explications on why their relationship just works, weird and unconventional as it is. Now with 35% more Angry!Kolyat.

-working title- Light (Mass Effect 2) - A series of vignettes stretching from Thane's recruitment mission to just before "We Learn How to Climb." What happens when two world-weary warriors who ought to be dead find each other in the midst of a massive interstellar conflict? Lynne Shepard and Thane Krios are attempting to puzzle that out. Should all be from Shepard's POV, and will explore how she goes from trying to understand the alien lurking in Life Support (for all-important Crew Unity, of course) to needing him. It's a weird, windy, and often difficult path to follow, but they keep each other closer to the light, and that's important. Will include copious amounts of Sheiros, poetry, BFF commentary, a Last Will and Testament, abuse of canon time lines, Singing!Shep, angst by the bucketload and maybe some tasteful smut, if you ask real nice.


Familiar Territory (Hawksong) - She's a hawk, he's a cobra. In the aftermath of the truce between their races, an unlikely friendship blooms - but perhaps there's more to this sunset dance between two odd companions. Two OCs, fairly purple prose. Pretty imagery. Light and fluffy.

A Friend in All Things (Mass Effect 2) - Shepard wasn't expecting Garrus to confront her about her love life, past or present, but when he does it raises some important questions. Just a short drabble in which MyShep considers the choices she's made regarding Kaiden Alenko, and the one she's leaning toward with Thane Krios. As always, Garrus is there to make sure she's not going into it alone. Had to get it out of my system--basically just FriendFluff, plus my take on what might have driven Shepard away from Kaiden and into a relationship that is, let's be honest here, a LOT less conventional, and a lot less safe.

Movement of the Stars (Mass Effect 2) - That 1sentence thing from LiveJournal. FINALLY DONE. This was WAY more difficult than I expected! Includes every character I felt remotely confident writing about and spans a pretty large chunk of the ME timeline, though focuses mostly on ME 2. Lots of very poetic snippets exploring the emotions and actions of many, many characters an NPCs. Sheiros, some Jacob/Miranda, Gabby/Ken, and lots of BFF!Garrus.

Synesthesia (Mass Effect 2) - “So you’re boning the drell, right?” Shepard nearly spews her drink across the mess hall. Jack’s never been tactful, but Shepard’s pretty sure she planned this one just to see if she could get Special Grape Electrolyte Mix up the Commander’s nose. In which Jack and Shepard have a surprisingly candid conversation about... medical matters.

Back burner:

Hallowed Ground (Yu Yu Hakusho)- Demons living in the human world have it rough, so meeting another in the same predicament is always a bit of a relief. She's used to the comings and goings, happy to be what they need her to be... but this one's a little harder to love and leave. This one... lingers. KuramaxOC romance, but no dark past, no finding of herself, no special powers to discover, no "new girl joins the team!" Just a few needs fulfilled, a lot of waiting, and maybe a little love, once all is said and done. My only concession to cliches is that it's fanfic and she's probably a fox demon, just because that makes the most sense.

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Synesthesia reviews
A short one-shot in which Shepard and Jack have a candid conversation about drell-human relations. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Rated for language, somewhat tasteful discussion of things that grown-ups do for fun, and one tactless human biotic. Fun!
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1sentence challenge from LiveJournal. Spans many characters and a ton of the ME timeline. Mostly just poetic drabbles revealing little moments between, about and within some of my favorite characters. Some Sheiros, Gabby/Ken, Jake/Miranda and BFF!Garrus.
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