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Name: Cubby (I hate my real name, don't ask XD)

Age: 17 (Reaching legal adulthood on December 8)

Likes: Writing, Drawing, Reading, Staring at walls and ceilings while lying on the floor, Yummy Food, Listening to Music, Watching cartoons/anime/TV/movies, Playing Silent Hill, Snow, Plotting fanfics that I'll probably never write XD

Dislikes: Math, especially Trigonometry as of late, Guys who act like immature little boys all the time, Country Music, Coconut flavored things, Kids at school who say that all you draw is "Weird anime porn", Unbearably sunny mornings

Profile: Hi, my name is Cubby and I'm an eccentric writer. Well, at least I hope to be a professional eccentric writer or an animator when I'm older. I've been asked to post my fanfics on this site again so I thought I'd go back to the old account and revamp it. So far, everything is going smoothly. I hope all of you out there enjoy my fanfics and have fun reading them.


1. Most, if not all, of the fics I will be posting will be based on my OCs. If you don't like OCs, then don't read any of my fics.

2. Don't flame me. Honestly, if you don't want to read something of mine then don't. I"m not forcing you to so just keep your nasty comments to yourselves, please.

3. I tend to forget a lot of words or make typos in my stories, so if something sounds weird then just let me know and I'll fix it.

4. I'm a serious Silent Hill fan so don't ask me any questions unless you have quite a bit of time to kill.


Yes, if you want me to write you something then I will. Or at least I'll try to fit it into my schedule. Just give me the content/pairing/whatever and I'll do my best with what I have, loves.

Things To Come

1. Push Push (Lady Lighting) - A Darkwing Duck fanfiction about Megavolt and Mischa Rode, two childhood friends falling in love with some crime and lightbulb liberation on the side. MegavoltxOC

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