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You have reached my profile. Be prepared to read a lot of random things that I have on here for no apparent reason :)


I am a reaping age person from America! I love to read a lot more than I like to write, and I mostly read Hunger games fanfic. If you are on here looking for an update to my story, a New Perspective, I am sorry to say the BlackBeltBookworm and I don't get much time to see each other, so a New Perspective is on indefinite hiatus.


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WOOHOO IM A GEEK!!! (Big surprise!!!)

Percy Jackson/Lost Hero

Jason and Reyna (Piper is a Mary-Sue. "Oh poor me!!! I'm beautiful, rich, and have a hot boyfrien")

Percy and Annabeth (Please go die a painful death if you don't support this)

Frank and Hazel

Silena and Beckendorf

Clarisse and Chris

Leo and Piper (Piper's Mary-Sueish traits aren't as obvious around Leo, and Piper's Mary-Sueishness makes Leo seem less weird)

Hunger Games

Peeta and Katniss (Again, if you don't support this, please go die a painful death)

Gale and Johanna

Cato and Clove

Finnick and Annie

Glimmer and Gloss

Glimmer and Marvel

Prim and Rory

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