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Heeeyaaaa :D Shi here, Just writing and stuff!


Things I like:



Guitar... ing

The Youtubes.


Okay, so here's something cooleo. If my life was a movie, apparently this would be the soundtrack. You put on some sort of playlist on shuffle and put the songs that come up in the slots. Well, I'm using a youtube playlist.

Opening Credits: Pokémon Advance Battle Opening Full (Seems good -)

Waking Up: You Me at Six - Loverboy (Hmmm... This movie does not seem like It'll be a happy movie...)

First Day At School: The Lion King 2 - We Are one (...Okay then... Well I guess it sorta makes sense...

Falling In Love: You Me at Six - Reckless (Dafuq?)

Fight Song: Over The Hedge - Family of Me (...)

Breaking Up: The Lion King - Can you feel the Love Tonight (I wish I could swap Falling in Love with Breaking up...)

Prom night: SSS Warrior Cats Intro (...Really?)

Mental Breakdown: Nickelback - Photograph (Maybe I get lonely and miss the past?)

Driving: Pokémon Master Quest Opening Full (I like how one of the lines is 'I stick to the path that I choose xD)

Flashback: Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love? (I guess that I am thinking back to my first relationship.)

Getting back together: Nickelback - How you Remind Me (That's nice

Wedding: Nilesys Outro Song (End of the wedding?)

Birth of Child: Pokémon Johto Journeys Opening Full (Right now? Really?)

Final Battle: The Calling - Wherever You Are (REALLY?!?!)

Funeral Song: The Lion King - I just can't wait to be king (It's a little late... Don't you think?)

Final Credits: Fracx & Aura - 1st Dimension (This seems all right!)

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