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Hi. I am Lone Warrior2 and I have some information to share about myself. Where to begin? I am now 25 years old. I have dark brown hair that reaches my middle back and deep brown eyes. I'm also either a fat skinny person or a skinny fat person... however you want to view that. In other words I'm told I'm attractive but I am a little pudgy.

Recently I've become what I call "reluctantly" obsessed with the film "Warm Bodies". I have written fan fiction for it already , but I won't post it until I write a little more. I want to read the book before I start any big projects with it but I've got a couple plot bunnies I'd like to consider.

Current Projects -

Smile - Everything he sees revolves around terror. It's his job, he's quite happy with creating the frights on Halloween to make us jump in our own skins. Harmless fun is all. Or is it? Why was he chosen to be the pumpkin king? Has he always had this fate... even in life? What happens when the one who creates nightmares, is also the one to make them stop, permanently?

He saw it all, he watched them die. All that he could see now was a wasteland of blood and ashes. He sees a particular ash pile with a flower on top and tries to lift it up. It only sifts through his fingers. A curse, a terrible curse to make him realize what he's done, but never know the release of his own demise. Even though he could know nothing but sorrow, even though he mourned the loss of every drop of spilled blood, even though he felt no hope, all he could do was smile. (Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack centric)

Shadows: (The title is kind of pending, but I had to call it something.) He couldn't believe his eyes. Before him lay the most horrific thing he could have imagined. A silver glint emerged and his reflection stared back at him in shock. Did he really just do that? How could he do that? (Xiaolin Showdown, Jack Spicer centric)

Works soon to come (trailers -)

Being Strange Among The Strange - He didn't even have to tell her. The look in the haunted green eyes of her little boy asked all the questions she'd never be able to answer. "Mommy, what does it mean to be "Special?" (Beetlejuice centric, a series of one-shots)

Burned Photographs - He remembers every act she's done, exactly what she looks like, and what she meant to him. She was once the only one who cared about him but that seems to have changed. Years after their separation the pain finally catches up with him and he can't take it anymore. "I made a point to burn all of the photographs"... He remembers her... but whatsername? (song fic to Whatsername by Green Day, Beetlejuice centric)

Dear Angel - It was his fault. He didn't even realize that among the evils and demons of the people who called themselves "good" he'd found an angel, and when he lost her it had been he who was thrown out of heaven. (Syndrome centric, Mirage x Syndrome, songfic to Dear Angel by April Sixth)

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*Museum Piece* His death is filled with nothing but the need to cause nightmares, but what happens when he also becomes the one to make the stop, perminently. Left without control he becomes what he didn't intend to be and he can do nothing but smile. (EXTENDED HIATUS)
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*Museum Piece* This is a journey through the minds of a few anime characters. No names will be said in these fics but the anime it is from will be. Please understand that I have been writing these since I was 15, don't be discouraged that ch.1-5 aren't amazing. read pl
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“I have to forget and I’m sorry but I can’t do that with a Memory around.” Oneshot
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Missing reviews
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*Museum piece*Have you ever felt the desolation of loneliness? Abandonment? Look into the eyes of Goten, in an Alternate Universe no one has ever thought of before, and little want to. (More POV's to come, partner with Mabby) Rated PG-13 for suicidal tendancies (PERMANENT HIATUS)
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Ranma - Rated: K - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 178 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Published: 8/14/2003 - Ryoga - Complete
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