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Name: Why do you want to know?

Age: Whose asking?

Race: Sadly human.

Looks: All that's is important is that I like my looks.

Location: In a whole in the ground. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort. :-]

Favorite colors: TARDIS blue, royal purple, emerald green.

Language: I'm a native English speaker from America. Though I speak some French and Italian. I'm in the process of learning French, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic, and Turkish. I also sign ASL. (American sign language)

Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Powerpuff girls, Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra

Favorite Movies: The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland(original and 2010), Rise of the Guardians, the Harry Potter series

Favorite Books: The Hobbit, the Harry Potter series, The Diary of Anne Frank, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Series of Unfortunate Events

Favorite Animes : Ouran High School Host Club, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Death Note, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Fruit Baskets, Pokemon, Sword Art Online.

Favorite Music Types/Groups/People: Paramore, Green Day, Bowling for Soup, Blink-182, Billy Joel, Starkid, Taylor Swift, and Broadway!

Favorite Anime quotes:

“It’s not trash. It’s a home for a hamster.” Tamaki, Ouran HS Host Club

“You boys, are the homosexual supporting cast.” Tamaki, Ouran HS Host Club

“For your information, I was up until 5 a.m. you morons, which if you hadn't noticed makes me a little less than happy about being woken up... Okay, enough with the commoner shtick. If you formulaic halfwits feel like wasting all afternoon on worn out old clichés, go right ahead and suit yourselves.” Kyoya, Ouran HS Host Club

“That's enough, you two. Leave assault and battery to the professionals." Kyoya, Ouran HS Host Club

"When you two are done releasing sexual tensions, we have got a meeting we need to finish!" France, Hetalia

“It’s a cloak, no?” France, Hetalia


"Am I Catholic... or Protestant? God I don't know!" England, Hetalia


"It feels like we're summoning a devil or something!" America, Hetalia

"We don't need parachutes, there's snow below! Vodkaaaa!!!" Russia, Hetalia

Italy: "I didn't know you were telepathic!"

Germany: "Yeah, that and I read idiot." Germany and Italy, Hetalia

"When I look into all of your stupid faces, I think of how much fun it will be to pound them into dust!" Russia, Hetalia

“Yes, my lord,” Sebastian, Black Butler

“I’m simply one hell of a butler.” Sebastian, Black Butler

"I am simply one hell of a deer." Sebastian, Black Butler

“That’s not wrong… you fought to protect your world. Isn’t that good enough? No one really thinks of others, you will lose everything if you can’t keep up. After all, justice in this world is just a bunch of principles made by those with power to suit themselves. Only two kinds of people exist in this world: those who steal…and those who are stolen from. So then, today I just stole your future. That's all.” Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler

“Day into night, sugar into salt, living to dead, and dark blue into gold. Thats what makes a Trancy butler.” Claude Faustus Black Butler II

“No. I won't abandon hate. If I do, nothing would be left of me.” Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler

“If it's your wish, I will follow you everywhere even if your throne crumbles, and your shiny crown turns to rust even if the bodies pile up endlessly, above the bottomless pile corpses beside you as you lie softly down, I will be until I hear the words "check Mate”! ” Sebastian Black Butler

1. Kyoya

2. Hunni

3. Haruhi

4. Tamaki

5. Renge

6. Hikaru

7. Kaoru

8. Takashi (Mori)

9. Eclair

10. Kasanoda

What would you do if...

1 woke you up in the middle of the night?

What do you want, Kyoya? I'm trying to sleep... You don't see me waking you up in the mornings, do you?

2 asked you to go out with him?

Hunni, your sweet... But no thank you.

3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?

Haruhi? At least knock first...

4 announced he's going to marry 9 tomorrow?

Tamaki we've been through this before. You. Don't. Need. To. Marry. Eclair!

5 cooked you dinner?

Thanks. I guess.

7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

That means that I have been living with little money for most of my life for no bloody reason... unless he just found out.

8 got into the hospital somehow?

How? Did you break a bone during a kendo match or something?

9 made fun of your friends?

Bitch, don't you have something better to do?

10 ignored you all the time?

Kas? Did I do something wrong?

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 do?

He'd get his family's police force after them. (And then charge me... Bastard)

You're on a vacation with number 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

He'd get Takashi to carry me to the nearest hospital.

It's your birthday. What will 3 give you?

She'd get me a simple card. Maybe make me a tiny cake.

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 do?

He would flip out while someone else saves me. :-/

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 do?

She would probably comfort me afterwords.

You're about to marry number 10. What's 6's reaction?

He would laugh. Kas and I would not mix well...

You got dumped by someone. How will 7 cheer you up?

Hug me and then go to beat them up more than likely.

You're angry about it afterwards, how does 8 calm you down?

I really don't know... Maybe give me a hug?

You compete in some tournament. How does 9 support you?

She doesn't.

You can't stop laughing. What will 10 do?

He'd stare at me. Maybe I would stop.

1 is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

Because Kyoya is my favourite character from the show.

The Ouran Alphabet

A is for Academy, which is where the Ouran students attend

B is for Boy-Lolita, which is Mitsukuni Haninozuka

C is for Cosplay, which the Hosts do every day

D is for Debt, which is 8 million yen

E is for Emo Corner, which is Tamaki's depression spot

F is for Female, which is Haruhi's birth gender

G is for Guy, which Haruhi has to dress and act like to pay off her debt

H is for Hikaru, who is the confused one of the Hitachiin Twins

I is for Innocent, which Honey claims to be

J is for Jealousy, which Hikaru expresses towards Haruhi and Arai

K is for Kaoru, who is the sweetest of the Hitachiin Twins

L is for Love, which is the feeling that Hikaru doesn't quite understand

M is for Mori, who is the strong and silent type

N is for Nekozawa, who will put a curse on you if you don't watch your back

O is for Ootori, which is a big name in the medical business

P is for Puppet, and its name is Belzeneff

Q is for Quiet, which basically describes Mori

R is for Roses, which every Host Club member has in their own color

S is for Swimsuit, which the Hitachiin brothers would like to see Haruhi wear

T is for Tamaki, who considers himself as the "King" of the Host Club

U is for Usa-chan, which is the name of Honey's stuffed bunny

V is for Vocals, which Renge uses a lot

W is for Wonderland, where Haruhi got stuck.

X is for X-Ray Vision, which the Hitachiin Brothers wish they had.

Y is for Yaoi, which the Ouran show has a lot of thanks to the Hitachiin Twins

Z is for the Zuka Club, which Haruhi was almost forced to join

If you have never heard or seen the Ouran Alphabet before until now, copy and paste this into your profile

Tamaki Prince Type:

You are French

You’re a very romantic person

You flirt a lot with girls/boys.

Easily fooled by things that wouldn't fool most.

You're overly eccentric in everything you do.

You care about your family deeply even if they don't return the feelings

Your birthday is April 8th

You're slow when it comes to your own feelings.

Total: 4

Kyoya Cool Type:

You wear glasses

You are known for being "evil"

Your favorite foods are anything spicy

You excel in everything you do

Your birthday is November 22.

You hate waking up in the morning.

You never like to do anything unless it has a benefit

Total: 4

Hunny Loli Shota Type:

You're the shortest out of your friends.

You love cakes and sweets.

You have a stuffed animal that has special meaning to you.

You are/have taken a martial arts class

You are close to your cousins.

You look a lot younger than you are.

You're born on February 29th

Your favorite subject is math

Total: 2

Mori Wild Type:

You're the tallest out of your friends

You only talk when you need to

You're protective of people you care for.

Your favorite food is Japanese food

When bad things happen you tend to blame yourself a lot.

Your birthday is May 5th

You're not much of a leader but more of a follower

Total: 3

Hikaru Devil Type:

You and your sibling have a strong bond

You're a very cynical person

You like to mess with your sibling

You're the oldest sibling

Your birthday is June 9th

You like Italian food

You get jealous easily

You don't make friends easily

Total: 4

Kaoru Devil Type:

You like to play games

Your favorite subject is English

You enjoy cosplay

You're nicer than your siblings

Your birthday is June 9th

You're very forgiving

You'd rather give someone something and go without to make that person happy

You like playing tricks on people

Total: 4

Haruhi Natural Type:

You don't care about trivial things like appearance

You're tight with money

You get along with guys well

You're blunt about everything

You're an excellent cook.

You have a hard time understanding love

Your birthday is February 4th

People feel like they can open up and talk to you easily

Total: 5

Result: Haruhi. Damn right.

Ouran High School Host Club Quiz

1. Who do you think is most like you in personality? I'm not really sure. I find a little bit of myself in each member of the Host Club.

2. Who would you date? Kyoya, Tamaki, or Haruhi.

3. Who is the cutest? Why? Honey because small is cute and Haruhi because of reasons.

4. Who's personality do you like best? Kyoya’s because he’s very mysterious, smart, and can be sarcastic and Haruhi because we are very similar.

6. Who should Haruhi have ended up with? Tamaki. No argument.

7. Which depressed Tamaki is your fave? The one when he is making hamster homes.

8. Fave Tamaki-ism? Calling Kyoya 'Mommy'.

9. Fave Hitachiin prank? All of them.

10. Your fave cosplay that they did? When they dressed up as girls! I couldn't stop laughing! Or the time when they dressed up as knights.

11. Fave back story? Tamaki and Kyoya’s friendship backstory

12. Fave episode? No. One does not simply chose a favorite episode. (But if I had to chose it would be either Kyoya's Reluctant Day Out or And so Kyoya Met Him.)

13. Did Honey surprise you with his fighting skills? Nope. I have a friend whose little brother is a black belt.

14. Who hates Kyoya and why? I have no idea.

Ways to Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down.

2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice.

3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that.

4. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In."

5. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso .

6. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write For Smuggling Diamonds"

7. Finish All Your sentences with "In Accordance With The Prophecy."

8. Don't use any punctuation

9. As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk.

10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

11. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go."

12. Sing Along At The Opera.

13. Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme?

14. Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area And Play tropical Sounds All Day.

15. Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend Their Party Because You're Not In The Mood.

16. Have Your Co-workers Address You By Your Wrestling Name, Rock Bottom.

17. When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream "I Won!, I Won!"

18. When Leaving The Zoo, Start Running Towards The Parking lot, Yelling "Run For Your Lives,They're Loose!!"

19. Tell Your Children Over Dinner."Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go."

20. And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity...Copy and Paste this into your profile!


Germany taught me work should be done with patience
America taught me it's ok to have fun
Sealand taught me to follow my dreams
Canada taught me that there are times to be quiet, and times to speak up
Prussia taught me to be myself
France taught me that love is a powerful gift
Romano taught me to stand up for myself
England taught me that manners are important
Russia taught me that it's what inside that counts
Japan taught me that peace is very important
Finland taught me that it's better to give than receive
Italy taught me that even when everything is dark, just smile and you'll be fine

Write down your 10 favorite Hetalia characters in no particular order then answer the questions!

1. England (Arthur)

2. Japan (Kiku)

3. Germany (Ludwig)

4. Italy (Feliciano)

5. Spain (Antonio)

6. America (Alfred)

7. Hungary (Elizabeta)

8. China (Yao)

9. France (Francis)

10. Canada (Matthew)

1 woke you up in the middle of the night?

Arthur what the hell!? Waking me up at *looks at clock* 1:30 in the morning... British gentlemen my ass!

2 asked you to go out with him?

Well that's unusual... But okay.

3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?

Get the fuck out. And learn to knock!

4 announced he's going to marry 9 tomorrow?


5 cooked you dinner?

Thank you, Toni!

7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

Yay!! I'm related to Elizabeta!!!!

6 was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

Awwww! You're so adorable when you're not being loud and obnoxious!

8 got into the hospital somehow?

Yao? What the fuck did you do?

9 made fun of your friends?

Francis, you should start running.

10 ignored you all the time?

Matthew? Why are you ignoring me? I recognize you as Canada, not America, and I'm nice to you. Was it something I said?

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 do?

Try and use black magic to stop them.

You're on a vacation with number 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

Hmmmmm... Maybe put it in a splint and wait for help to come.

It's your birthday. What will 3 give you?

Training stuff... Or food.

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 do?

He would run around in circles screaming "GERMANY!!!!" and get him to help.

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 do?

He would either laugh or comfort me afterwords. Or both.

You're about to marry number 6. What's 10's reaction?

Matthew: I hope you l-like fast f-food... And c-congratulations.

You got dumped by someone. How will 7 cheer you up?

She would find them and smack the hell out of them with her frying pan.

You're angry about it afterwards, how does 8 calm you down?

He would give me a panda plush and a hug. I like Pandas.

You compete in some tournament. How does 9 support you?

I don't know... Maybe he tries to distract the other players?

You can't stop laughing. What will 10 do?

Probs ask what's funny.

1 is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

Maybe he used a spell on me?

2 tells you about his deeply hidden love for number 9. Your reaction?

Okay... Don't know if I ship it, but okay.

4 loves number 9 as well. What does that mean?

This just gets stranger by the minute...

Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?

No I don't see it happening...

6 appears to be a player, he breaks many hearts. What do you do?

Stop. That's not a nice image to have for America.

You had a haircut and 7 can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

Elizabeta, do you need something from me?

Elizabeta: No. Just like your new hair cut. It makes you look cute!

Number 8 thinks he'll never get a girlfriend. What will you tell him?

Aw cheer up Yao! I know plenty of girls that like guys like you! I know that you'll find someone to share your love of cute things with!

Number 9 gives you a bagel. Do you eat it?

Sure! Bagels are good.

1 offers you a CD. Considering his tastes, do you listen to it?

Sure, why not?

2 suddenly goes emo. How does 8 feel about this?


Do you think 3 is hot? How hot?

On a scale of one to ten? An 8.7. He could loosen up a bit.

You spot 10 kissing 1. How do you react?

Well where are they kissing? If it's on the mouth that's kinda weird... On the cheek or forehead is fine though.

North Italy (Feliciano Vargas)

[x]You were bullied a lot in your childhood.

[x]You adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit. (PASTA)

[x]You're very happy-go-lucky.

[ ]You constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you're always away with the fairies.

[ ]You have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up.

[x]You're a good artist.

[x]You can be clumsy at times.

[ ]You have a friend you always depend upon if you mess up something.

[ ]If your life was in danger, you would do the typical Italian thing and say: "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I HAVE RELATIVES IN YOUR COUNTRY!"

[ ]You would surrender in a war situation.


Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)

[ ]You're very stoic and serious.

[x]Sausages are your favorite foods.

[ ]You like to walk your dog.

[ ]Your boss/principal/tutor/home-room teacher is a nut-case.

[ ]You love rules and think they should always be followed to a T.

[x]You think the world would be better if everyone played by the rules.

[x]You work very hard.

[x]Your alone time is your 'happy time'.

[x]You can appear tough but be very considerate towards people.

[x]You've had issues with money once or twice.


Japan (Kiku Honda)

[x]You're very mature.

[x]You think everything over before saying it.

]You believe in ghosts but aren't phased by the experience when you see one.

]You isolated yourself during childhood.

]You became very successful in a short amount of time.

[x]You are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the outside world.

[x]You can seem cold/aloof to other people.

]You're good at practical tasks.

[x] You need time to adjust to new people.


South Italy (Lovino/Romano Vargas)

() You love tomatoes

(x) You tend to say "dammit" and "bastard" to everyone, a lot

(x) You tend to get irritated easily

() You have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick out

() You hate French people

() You rely on people too much

() You would surrender in a war situation

() You often feel like people are after your inheritance

() You are lazy at times, and you are horrible at cleaning


The United States of America (Alfred F. Jones)

(x) You love hamburgers

(x) You think you're awesome

(x) You love to invent things

(x) You love going to the cinema/watching films/making films

() You can seem to be very brash to other people

() You have a tendency to stick your nose into other peoples' business

() You're terrified of ghosts

() You know aliens exist

() You tend to wear a bomber jacket all the time

() You wear glasses


The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (Arthur Kirkland)

() You like tea

() you were quite tough and troublesome as a kid

(x) You’re very sarcastic and cynical

() Your cooking is awful

(x) You love spiritual magical stuff, such as fairies, ghosts...

()...But you refuse to believe in aliens.

() You have tried doing black magic before

() You get drunk quite easily

() When you are drunk, you tend to be very unhappy

() You're good at embroidery


France (Francis Bonnefoy)

(x) You're very affectionate

(x) You think you have a great fashion sense

() You like wine

() You're the master of whispering romantic things into peoples' ears

(x) You love red roses

(x) When it comes to l'amour, you don't mind men or women

(x) You're very proud of yourself

(x) You love culture and the arts

(x) You're very flamboyant

() You say you're a gourmet


Russia (Ivan Braginski)

() You had a very sad childhood.

() You're very tall

(x) You have a tendency to switch between personalities

() You wear a scarf all the time

(x) You love sunflowers

()You love vodka

() You can seem intimidating to other people

() You're very strong

() You have a big nose

() You have a strange laugh that can scare people


Canada (Matthew Williams)

(x) You're often ignored by people

() You look younger than you actually are

() You love hockey

(x) You love polar bears

(x) You hate fighting

()You have one strand of curly hair like Italy

() You often get mistaken for someone else

(x) You feel under-appreciated

(x) You're bilingual

() You always carry a bear with you


Prussia (Gilbert Beillschmidt)

() You're quite mean-spirited

() You're a bit of a hooligan

(x) You're very loyal

(x) You're very good at tactics

() You hate Russia

() You love to fight people

(x) You can avoid marriages quite well

() You're not always taken seriously

()You like drinking

(x) You want to become stronger


China (Wang Yao)

(x) You're very mature

() You're very superstitious

() You're very religious

(x) You love pandas

(x) You love cooking so much that you nag if food has a certain pattern of tastes

() You love Hello Kitty

(x) You try to be a role-model for your brothers/sisters/whatever, but are never taken seriously.

(x) You work hard

() You're good at drawing

(x) You like sweets

6/10 for

Austria (Roderich Edelstein)

(x) You are very well-raised

(x) You're polite

(x) You love classical music

(x) You like cake

() You have a mole on your face

(x) You dedicate your time to your hobbies rather than what needs to be done right away

(x) You are a virtuoso/play very well on at least one instrument

() You've composed music before

(x) You tend to call people 'morons.'

() You wear glasses


Hungary (Elizabeta Hédeváry)

(x) You have a potty-mouth

(x) You like to wear flowers in your hair

() You used to be a very tough kid

(x) You're very reliable

(x) It's better to have you as a friend rather than an enemy

(x) You're very faithful

(x) Your speech and mannerisms can be considered very unladylike

() You and your best friend go together like chalk and cheese.

(x) You are graceful one moment and grinning like a maniac the next

() If someone yells that yaoi is going on somewhere, you will drop everything to run off to go and see it.


Lithuania (Toris Lorinaitis)

(x) You're very loyal

() You feel like your best friend drags you around a lot, but you both have a great time together

() You're very serious

() You have a lot of patience

(x) You think too much about philosophical stuff

(x) You get depressed when questioning the point of existing/the universe, etc..

() You're not very confident

()You were quite rebellious as a child

() You tend to let people walk all over you

() You're a born worrier


Poland (Feliks Lukasiewicz)

(x) You're very flamboyant

(x) You're quite hyperactive

(x) You can be quite goofy

() When you're depressed, you tend to rise out of it like a phoenix

() You're very wary of strangers

() It takes you ages to come out of your shell...

(x) However, when you're used to someone, you're very chatty

(x) You're very forceful and stand at one end of the argument when it comes to your opinions

() You love pansies and corn-poppies

(x) You get up to lots of crazy antics


Result: Hungary, Austria, and France

The Jedi Code
There is no emotion;
There is peace
There is no ignorance;
The is knowledge
There is no passion;
There is serenity
There is no death;
There is the Force

The Sith Code

Peace is a lie,

there is only passion.

Though passion I gain strength,

Through strength, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

If you're one of those people who realizes that a frying pan is actually a sufficient weapon, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you have a tendancy to talk to yourself post this into your profile.

If you've ever forgotten what you were talking about in the middle of a conversation, copy and paste this into your profile.

If your profile is long, copy and paste this on it to make it even longer.

If you have forgotten what you were going to say, right before you say it, copy this into your profile.

There's nothing wrong with arguing with yourself. It's when you argue with yourself and LOSE it's weird. If you agree, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever done the opposite of what someone told you to do copy this into your profile.

Many writers don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're.' If you happen to understand this mundanely ridiculous fact, copy and paste this into your profile

If you have ever seen a movie (or show) so many times that you can quote it word for word. And you do at random moments; copy and paste this in you're profile

You Know That You Are An Author If...

You take the book you are reading EVERYWHERE.

You talk to yourself a lot.

You talk to yourself about talking to yourself.

When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else.

After uttering a profound peice of wisdom like that above, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow,this stuff is great for sugar highs..."

You live off of sugar and caffine

You'll check your e-mail every day of the week one week, and then dissappear off the face of the earth the next.

You're e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random.

When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it.

No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper.

You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense.

You start thinking about making lists like this and start giggling for no "apparent" reason

Your friends stopped looking at you funny for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago.

And FINALLY, the one way to tell if you're a good writer: You failed English 101.


Dated someone twice: No

Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes. He was a fucking dick and I regret dating him.

Been cheated on: Not that I'm aware of

Lost someone special: No not really.

Been depressed: Yes

Been drunk and threw up: ... No.

Nerds are cool. Nerds are smart. Nerds will one day rule the universe. If you're a nerd and proud of it, C & P into your profile and add your name to this list: Yendor Tyfo and Pinksaber13, WolvieGrrl, Triplethreat2, Triplethreat3, ARIL99

I promise to remember Harry Potter...

I promise to remember Colin Creevey the most hyper photographer ever and a true friend...

I promise to remember Dumbledore who was never afraid of death and loved his family...

I promise to remember Fred Weasley who will greet George in the after-life with the world's greatest joke and who went laughing like a true prankster...

I promise to remember Remus Lupin who was afraid to love but got there in the end...

I promise to remember Nymphadora Tonks who was always full of fun (Don't forget her awesome pink hair)...

I promise to remember Cedric Diggory who only wanted to make his father proud...

I promise to remember The Marauders who always managed to have fun (Mischief managed!)

I promise to remember Fabian and Gideon Prewett who fought like heros 'till the end...

I promise to remember Severus Snape who put his life on the line every day and who protected Harry for the love of his life...

I promise to remember Lily and James Potter who died to protect their only son...

I promise to remember Alice and Frank Longbottom who gave their health and sanity for the world's saftey...

And most importantly I promise to remember The Golden Trio and Dumbldore's Army who stood along side their friends no matter what and fought even more bravely than the Order of The Phoenix...

Oh yes, I promise to remember Harry Potter...

The trouble with real life is that there's no background music.

If you've ever ran into a door you obviously could have avoided, copy and paste.

If you think that the kids should stop chasing Lucky and leave the poor leprechaun alone, then copy and paste this into your profile.

If you ever read past two in the morning, copy and paste this to your profile.

-If you think you cannot live without music, copy this into your profile.

If you actually take the time to read other people's profiles, put this in yours.

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