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Author has written 5 stories for Bleach, and Naruto.

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: African American

Basically, I just read fanfiction until I got bored one day, made an account and decided to try my hand at making stories. Just an average Fanfiction writer, nothing special.

Favorite Stories to Read:



Attack on Titan

Harry Potter

Resident Evil

Assassin's Creed

Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts


Black Lagoon

Bleach x Naruto AU

Naruto x any anime/game(no Harry Potter)

DC Comics

Marvel Comics

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra

Devil May Cry



Cliches (Too be fair, some can't be helped as many things have already been done. But at least try to mix it up so I don't feel like I'm reading a story I just read a week ago.)

Completely Unreadable Grammar (Mistakes here and there are alright, definitely guilty of this myself. But when your story looks like a text message, or like you never took an English class once in your life...) Bruh

Yaoi (I'm straight and it's overused without any real context, no homophobia involved. They're also very uninspiring from the ones that I'd given a chance.)

Harems (Can't get girls to like you in school? Keep your social insecurities to yourself, please. Just make a damn good story that I can laugh and cry with, not at.)

Overpowered/God-like/Elemental Mage Fanfiction (For the sake of just being badass? Stop hurting my brain, please. Just make a damn good story that I can laugh and cry with, not at.)

Revenge/Hatred/Bashing Fanfiction (Keep your feelings about characters to yourself, please. Just make a damn good story that I can laugh and cry with, not at.)

High School Fics (The reason there are Ninjas in Naruto and Wizards and Witches in Harry Potter because it's part of the damn world for a reason. Just because your High School life is/was terrible doesn't mean I want to relive it with you through those characters.)

Harry Potter x Anything (Mostly Anime and Marvel. These things just don't mix.)

Mary Sue/Gary Stu/SI (I read Fanfiction because I'm a FAN of that particular FICTION and its characters. Don't care too much for you, so don't ruin the FICTION that I'm a FAN of with your presence, please.)

Plans for Current Stories:

Kill the Moonlight (Hiatus)

-Now, this is the real reason why I decided to add this section to my profile. I think it's pretty unfair to a lot of people who read it, but wondered why it ended so abruptly. And the reason was simple: I lost interest in it.

You see, I begin writing stories if I have a clear ending in sight. As I said in Quincy Craft, I already had the ending and several sections mapped out, but allowed the Manga to influence where I filled in the blanks until those planned sections. For Kill the Moonlight, I began it without really knowing what was happening, so I had short term plans.

I began getting lost about what I wanted to do around the time the Orihime Ishida Flashback arc ended, because that was as far as I planned before I started. And then I had to keep adding crap just to keep the story interesting, like suddenly revealing that Orihime was part of the Vandenreich using a plot hole I managed to find. And then I suddenly created some OCs that I really didn't want to do. I almost did it with Quincy Craft, but the appearance of Gremmy saved me from that.

Unfortunately, his appearance was like a year and a half after I had pretty much given up on Kill the Moonlight.

What is the Status of this story? I couldn't even tell you. I had plans to remake it, to either finish the OC Final Arc in a sequel, or just finish the story fully. I plan on at least leaving it up until that happens.

Quincy Craft (Complete)

-Some people might not have liked how it ended like that. Unfortunately, it ended like that. It's done. If I ever do anything to it, I may run through and clean up some grammar and dialogue.

However, I've been playing around with the idea of doing a series of behind-the-scene one-shots dealing with moments between Ichigo and the Stern Ritter during the small timeskip.

Trascender (Complete)

-It's definitely done. But as this was my first story ever, it's writing and plot points are terrible to me. It's the unwanted child that I try to hide in the basement from visitors. When I may try and remake it? I have no idea.

But it's ugly and it offends me, so I'm going to remake it one day.

Potential Upcoming Stories (Note the word potential, not guaranteed)

Heroes Don't Exist (Placeholder)

It's hard to ignore the promises you've made when you've tried so hard to them. War, and the actions made within it, can change a man entirely and twist his perspective of the world around him. How can someone like that become Hokage when they can't even save one friend?

Transient Chains (Placeholder)

The day that Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, died was the day that Naruto Uzumaki stopped giving a damn about this village and this world. But when the wicked plots of masked madman began to unfold and he finds himself at the center of it all, he realizes that he can't allow the hopes and dreams of those who still believe in him to fade away.

Small Trivia: This was a Naruto story that I actually started a few years ago called 'Hope Under Shadows' that I took down for being terribly written.

Naruto Ronin: The Rogue Ninja

The burning flames of an old friendship was never able to reignite and connections were never made in all the hatred. This is the state of the world that the daughter of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha, resides in and she never cared until a mysterious blond vagrant introduces her to its pain and, with him, aspires to change it and redeem the blighted name of her clan.

Moonlight Sonata

It's been two years and one month since that fateful day that Tatsuki Arisawa's closest friend has passed away, and her life lost its luster ever since. She never believed that she'd ever see him again, and definitely not in the way she had expected. Together, they seek to discover the truth behind his unfortunate passing and to recover the memories lost in the depths of time.

This is a re-imagining of Kill the Moonlight. If I get far enough into it that I decide to post it up, then I will subsequently take Kill the Moonlight down.


Do you remember him? The lone hero who saved everyone at the cost of his own life? They all do, and it settles heavily on their heart how they failed to save him. But when they are down at their worst does he jump into the bullring to protect them; even if he has become the bull itself.

This is a re-imagining of Trascender. If I get far enough into it that I decided to post it up, then I may take Trascender down. However, that depends the if the story uses too many elements similar to Trascender. I'm hoping to achieve:

-Better grammar.

-A more cohesive story with less OC elements. While I want the story to remain original, I want to use more things that are in Canon(or Anime). Certain characters, organizations, and plot elements might be taken out (Denego, Hoshihime/Kagura, OC Quincy, etc.)

-May not feature Yhwach as a main villain. All of my Bleach stories so far features him as the main villain, so selecting someone different (might not even be Aizen) is something I'm aiming for.

It's more than likely I'll keep Trascender up and simply fix the grammar, and make this an all-new story that is just a reimagining.

Quincy Craft: Watching the Throne of the Sleeping King

There are some things better left unsaid. But even while he sleeps the days away, the King of Heaven' hears all and knows all from outside and within. The words that were never said and the feelings that were never expressed shall be revealed for all to see...

Not a sequel to Quincy Craft, but a series of one-shots that take place between Epilogue Chapters 56 and 57. I started this to give me something to do while I still work on my other stories (Writer's Block), but also to show some other behind-the-scenes ideas.

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The burning flames of an old friendship was never able to reignite and connections were never made within the hatred. This is the world that the daughter of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha, resides in, but she never knew a thing about it until a mysterious blond vagrant offers to show it to her. With him, she aspires to redeem her Clan's tarnished name and restore it to greatness.
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Quincy Craft reviews
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