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Author has written 5 stories for Bleach, and Naruto.

Basically, I just read fanfiction until I got bored one day, made an account and decided to try my hand at making stories. Just an average Fanfiction writer, nothing special.

The Type of Stories I like (and What I dislike)


-I really like all kinds of Fanfiction, whether it's drama, romance, action, etc. I only ask that it's well-written and legible, and that it doesn't involve standard cliches and tropes. I try to uphold myself to that same standard but if a story requires the use of a cliche (This happens a lot; there are too many stories on this site to be super original), then at least try to do something more with it. I don't want to read what's essentially the same story over a hundred times, and I really don't want to read the same badly written story over a hundred times.

-Certain AUs are fine. I think some AU's (High School Fiction, Normal Life Fiction, etc.) completely defeat the purpose and are very cliche. I like Naruto because of the Ninja wizardry bullshit, not because I want to see them in a normal setting that used in... about a thousand other stories.

Romance, Pairings, etc.

-Like I've said, I can appreciate a good romance story. I can even say that I like a few pairings and that they may (Keyword: MAY) affect whether I read them or not (Ex. I really dislike Kagome and Ginny as characters, so I rarely read fics that involve them. I don't like the canon Naruto pairings because I feel like they didn't make sense with the character development, so it's rare that I read them. I also like FF7xFF13 because I like CloudxLightning). But it's a bit nerve-wrecking (Hint: Annoying as *) that pairings basically govern stories and how people view them. That's not saying people should stop pairing characters off, but can we focus on the story first?

Those elements that I like and dislike? I can completely ignore in favor of a good story. I don't believe authors should just add pairings because they feel like no one will read it without them. Make sure the story is unique and interesting before you start pairing characters off. If the pairings don't add anything to the story, then don't add them to it.

-I'm not a huge fan of Yaoi, Yuri, or Harem stories. Not because of homophobia or anything, but because the majority rarely come off as being particularly good or they fall into a lot of typical cliches;

Majority of Yaoi stories typically involve characters who are not actually gay. It's never explained why they suddenly changed preferences, and for the sake of the author, we just have to pretend that they have been this way all their lives. I find it hard to believe that Ichigo and Grimmjow have some kind of sexual tensionwhen we know he tried to peek at Rangiku, embarrassingly denies being given erotica by Lisa, and blushes from Rukia's peachy butt. This isn't me saying he can't be gay; but give me a explanation for why he is now when I know he isn't.

Majority of them also write as if everyone in their universe is gay. If Naruto and Sasuke are together, then Kakashi and Iruka are gay, Itachi's gay, Kiba's obviously gay, Neji and Gaara are also gay, and all girls have no problem that every male around them is gay. If they do, then they are bashed to all high-hell, or they're gay too. Can this choice of being gay create some kind of tension or have some negative downside? It feels like authors try to avoid having tension and problems so that they can imagine a world of sunshine and rainbows where society's not judging them and everyone's a tolerable individual. Especially when we know that's not all true.

And I'm not even going to start on Mpreg.

-Yuri essentially devolves into the same thing; the only difference is that Yuri is more for girl-on-girl action than for any true meaningful story (Don't get me wrong; as a straight man, I'm all for it). But that girl-on-girl isn't fair to all lesbians.

-Harem is just like Yuri; there's nothing meaningful about it, it's just the thought of "Let's put the main character/oc with as many hot girls because...!". Emotional investment in these relationships are practically non-existent. Every girl in this story is completely tolerable of the fact that they have to take turns and that they share their love with other women. I don't know many women in this world who are like that (Most of them, in fact, have problems with cheating). I also don't know many harem anime that are like that, as the main character typically never picks and the girls are fighting over him the whole series.

You're bad with women. I understand. Making Naruto bang every girl in the universe will not get you laid.

Character Development

-I don't like overpowered, god-like, unnecessarily dark (The "Grays" or "Dark Grays" usually just as bad), or bashing for almost the same reasons as above; they're usually badly-written and they fall for the same tropes and cliches.

If a character is overpowered or god-like, then give them a build up to that. They have to lose some and win some. Characters who suffer and fail come out better overall when they finally succeed. We like those bad-ass moments (Dangai Ichigo, Sage-Mode Naruto), but they have build-ups and drawbacks for a reason.

Bashing is pretty bad; the author comes off as immature and being unable to write a good character because they succumb to their emotions. It's okay to not like characters that everyone typically hates, but try to make them better overall characters instead of just shitting on them. As I said earlier; I don't like plenty of characters (I typically hate the same that many other don't like), but bashing them is baseless and demeans your writing.

Dark stories, I think, comes off as the worst. It's basically bashing, but it devolves into character assassinating really hard. Naruto doesn't need to get revenge for how Konoha treated him nor does Harry need to hate Dumbledore because he 'manipulated' him. Last time I checked, that's what makes some of these characters.

But I don't think there isn't any good in dark/gray stories at all. If it's well-explained how the hero descended into evil or if the reason for it is something other than "Isn't angry Main Character cool!? It's great that he snaps and kills all the characters I don't like!", then it can be a good story (ex. If Naruto's life is set to parallel Tobi's or Pain because he lost Sakura/Sasuke/Hinata, then something interesting can happen).

-OCs are a hit or miss; OCs are bad to me when they are designed to replace major characters or positions. That isn't to say that they can't be important, but OCs should never break an already existing stone (that is, replace a character's role). To have characters like Naruto/Ichigo break character by falling for a character, or to have the story centered around them, isn't my cup of tea (I will forever hate Trascender and Kill the Moonlight because of this). I'd rather dig deep into the depths of the Manga and Anime and select filler characters or characters with minor roles (Like with Tetsuo/Ryou/Gina in Quincy Craft).

With that being said, I also know from experience that sometimes an OC needs to be there. A knife punctures my heart every time I have to make one. That is why I tend to follow these four things when I have to do so; Reincarnation, alternate version, human form, and manifestation (Making Koibito Kurosaki and descendant/reincarnation of Karin, Suriel as the Arrancar of "White", etc.)

-Self-inserts are bad. You see, I like Naruto/Bleach/Harry Potter, etc. I like the characters of those stories. That is why I'm a fan.

Unfotunately, I don't care about you nor am I interested in your fantasy of being with any of those characters. I'm interested in your portrayal of those characters that I like. That's why I like Fanfiction. But not you.

Plans for Current Stories:

Kill the Moonlight (Will be re-imagined to Darkmoon Sonata

-Now, this is the real reason why I decided to add this section to my profile. I think it's pretty unfair to a lot of people who read it, but wondered why it ended so abruptly. And the reason was simple: I lost interest in it.

You see, I begin writing stories if I have a clear ending in sight. As I said in Quincy Craft, I already had the ending and several sections mapped out, but allowed the Manga to influence where I filled in the blanks until those planned sections. For Kill the Moonlight, I began it without really knowing what was happening, so I had short term plans.

I began getting lost about what I wanted to do around the time the Orihime Ishida Flashback arc ended, because that was as far as I planned before I started. And then I had to keep adding crap just to keep the story interesting, like suddenly revealing that Orihime was part of the Vandenreich using a plot hole I managed to find. And then I suddenly created some OCs that I really didn't want to do. I almost did it with Quincy Craft, but the appearance of Gremmy saved me from that.

Unfortunately, his appearance was like a year and a half after I had pretty much given up on Kill the Moonlight.

What is the Status of this story? I couldn't even tell you. I had plans to remake it, to either finish the OC Final Arc in a sequel, or just finish the story fully. I plan on at least leaving it up until that happens.

New Status: It is now in the Process of being re-imagined as Darkmoon Sonata. Will be taken down as soon as it posted.

Quincy Craft (Complete)

-Some people might not have liked how it ended like that. Unfortunately, it ended like that. It's done. If I ever do anything to it, I may run through and clean up some grammar and dialogue.

However, I've been playing around with the idea of doing a series of behind-the-scene one-shots dealing with moments between Ichigo and the Stern Ritter during the small timeskip.

Trascender (Complete)

-It's definitely done. But as this was my first story ever, its writing and plot points are terrible to me. It's the unwanted child that I try to hide in the basement from visitors. When I may try and remake it? I have no idea.

But it's ugly and it offends me, so I'm going to remake it one day.

Naruto Ronin: The Rogue Ninja (Current Hiatus)

The burning flames of an old friendship was never able to reignite and connections were never made in all the hatred. This is the state of the world that the daughter of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha, resides in and she never cared until a mysterious blond vagrant introduces her to its pain and, with him, aspires to change it and redeem the blighted name of her clan.

-Accidentally lost the data for this right now. I still have a head canon of the events ending the Raining Village Arc, but I will have to end it there and separate it into a sequel.

Potential Upcoming Stories (Note the word potential, not guaranteed)

Kingdom of Hollows

Hueco Mundo; a deserted world where the night sky remains forever eternal. Under that pale moonlight, the Hollows rage and dance in the dunes to reach its glory. He didn't want any part of it, but he wasn't given much of a choice. It's in a Hollow's nature to battle, after all.

Quincy Craft: Kaiser Gesang

We sing for the king slumbering on his throne. When the darkness dawns, we sing so that he may recover his light. After nine hundred years, his heart will return. After ninety years, so will his knowledge. And after nine years, his power. Nine months to awaken. And only nine days to recover what was lost.

Sequel to Quincy Craft, so it will be hard to follow this one if you haven't read the first.

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