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I love to make LONG chapters and one-shots. Drawing is actually my true passion.

"life is like my bedroom, its cluttered and most of the time I have to search for what I'm looking for..." -Me

"spy's sapping my sentry!"- RED engineer

"I'M NOT JEALOUS!...I'm just socially challenged" -idk

"hey detective? what sets of the metal detectives first: the lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?" -john MCclan, die hard 2

"of course I'm out of my mind! It's dark and scary in there!" -unknown

"If I ruled the world, everyone would be hamsters that walked on there hands and and treated me like a turkey
and the tooth fairy would be my mom" -my friend

"bow chick a wow wow" -tucker, red vs blue

I DO NOT like trollers, and that's a fact.

Hey! I have artwork!

If I could I would hug the shit out of everyone and give everyone there own bottle of faygo...

If I could eat only on thing, it would be taco's...

If I could get un-addicted to homestuck- it would happen...

If I could replace the president with a women- It would not be my mother...

If I had internet I would never step outside every again...


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