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Hey, whats up bros...and lady bros..if that's even a thing. i'm Staminaa, and welcome to my awesome page. I assume you are here cause you want to know about me *smiles*.

Well first off...i'm 18 yeah i know i'm old as hell XD. Umm...i love video games. I honestly play them every single day like a no life, and if i'm not on my game i'm either RPing with friends or just roaming the Internet. I'm a car lover and my favorite car is the Nissan 240sx, Mazda RX7, and the Nissan S15 (Kouki of course), My favorite games are Need for Speed, Call of Duty (the old ones and black ops 3), Halo 5, Destiny, Battlefield and i'm sure there are some other hidden gems in there XD. Uh...this is all i have for right now i guess. i'll be sure to update when i can. Peace homies.

My Theme Song (If i had one):


My Call of Duty RP Character (Subject to change depending on what kind of RP it is)

Name: Jacob West

Age: 29

Callsign: Hornet

Team: Ex-MRF, Ex-Ranger, Ex-TF 141, Not part of a group as of now

Personality: Jacob is a nice and relaxed person. Although nowadays he can be a bit of a sarcastic asshole sometimes, he is friendly to both new and old members of his team, being one of the guys to show them guidance. When in battle he is mostly the quiet and small-talking kind of person just to out there and complete the objective and get out.

Appearance: 6'6, fair skinned, he as dark brown hair that is messy and has the sides and back of his head shaved, he has blue-green eyes, and has a beard stubble. For his body he wears a black tactical shirt with a light black tactical vest and a dark blue jacket over the vest and the shirt that he spray paints different colors (but that depends on the type of environment that they are fighting in.), He wears dark tan cargo pants with black knee-pads and a matte black holster strapped to his right leg that is scratched up, he wears a mix of dark tan and black boots that was given to him by his older brother, He has a tattoo on the lower part of his his right wrist that reads "U.S. Rangers" but it's crossed out and as for the rest of his right arm it is now a nice and neat sleeve. And as for accessories. Jacob wears a black digital watch on his left arm and wears black Oakley gloves

Habits: He has a habit to tinker around with weapons and make them slightly better and beneficial (basically he could turn say a 3-round burst M16 into a Semi-Auto or Fully-Auto), he started to develop a slight drinking habit, but he can control himself, loves to shoot guns so he can mostly be found at the shooting range or the training area.

Favorite weapon(s): MK14, ACR, Kriss Vector, Honey Badger, M16, MP7, M1911, USP .45, Beretta M9, M240, CheyTac Intervention M200, MSR

Disliked weapon(s): AUG HBAR, Desert Eagle, P99, Type 21, RPK

Character they like: Ghost, Soap, Roach, MacMillan, Price, Nikolai

Character the dislike: Meat and Royce

Attachments he uses on liked weapons:

  • MK14 (ACOG scope, Extended Mag, flash hider)
  • ACR (Iron sights, Foregrip, Muzzle break or silencer)
  • Vector (Red dot sight, small forgrip, silencer)
  • Honey Badger (ACOG scope)
  • M16 (Armor Piercing Rounds, Iron Sights)
  • MP7 (Iron sights, silencer, green laser sight)
  • M1911, USP .45, and Beretta M9 (Nothing)
  • M240 (Extended Mag, foregrip, ACOG)
  • Intervention and MSR (Silencer, Sniper Scope)
  • Biography: Jacob was raised on a base that was around the outskirts of Northern Ireland. At the age of 14 he started to learn how to use guns and went through the military course they had at the base alongside his brother Alan who was 18. While his dad and his brother was at war, he stayed with his friends and they would go down to the training courses and train to become the next generation MRF soldiers. But, a few day later, his dad died from a bullet shot to the chest and his brother died from a mission known as "The Conspiracy" which was a terrible day in the United Kingdom. Jacob went through severe depression at the time, but then silently became infuriated and started training all day, every day, and got better with shooting guns and Hand-to-Hand Combat. at the age of 21, his friend moved to the United States and went to go join the Army Rangers. However Kobe decided to stay at the base, take over his dad's house and train. He then moved to the United States and joined the Rangers alongside his friend. Then, at the age of 25, after moving to the United States a few months later and after leaving the Rangers after the 1st modern war, Jacob then joined Task Force 141 in the fight against the Russians, hoping to put an end to this war and avenge the fallen along with a few others. but a few years later, TF141 broke off and now is no more. Jacob returned to his home in the US where he started to take new interests with things. He is currently slowly building a underground group of military personnel to form a group simply called "Section 95" also known as "9-5 Section Team", and their goal is to help prevent the next war. They are usually a silent team that gets in and gets out clean and unheard a ghost you can say

    Other: has a light Irish Accent that really isn't noticeable like it was back in the days of TF141

    Another Call of Duty RP Character (Subject to change depending on what kind of RP it is)

    Name: Shaun Miller

    Callsign: Reaper

    Age: 29

    Training: Two years of being part of SAS and then a year in the Marines

    Personality: When people normally meet Shaun for the first time, he can look slightly intimidating. But despite that, he proves to be a nice person. He loves to communicate with his teammates in battle but sometime he rather stay quiet. He is also somewhat caring at times but doesn't really show it all that much.

    Appearance: Shaun is 6'0 with bluish-green eyes and dark brown scruffy facial hair with dark brown messy hair to match. Shaun wears a black skullcap along with a mask that has a hand-painted pattern of the lower part of a skull on it. For his uniform, he wears a back casual jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms and has a black tactical vest that holds a decent amount of ammo as well as some of his explosives. For his pants, he wears dark tan cargo pants with two sidearm holsters attached to each thigh, and he wears a pair black boots similar to Merrick and Keegan. He also wears dark tan/black Oakley gloves and a watch on his right arm

    Habits: He has a small habit of using akimbo pistols on breach and clear situations and has a habit of chewing gum..especially on missions.

    Special skill: He is a good rifleman and he is pretty good at hand-to-hand combat.

    Other: He could usually be seen bringing a Remington R5, SA-805, MTAR-X, or USR to combat alongside with his pistols which is a pair of P226 handguns. He wears his SAS and and Marines patches on the left sleeve of his jacket.

    Story: Shaun was born in Michigan where his father was based. Shaun never knew his mother, which left him in the care of his father. His father was in the Rangers for a good 5 years and then went to the UK and joined the SAS for 2 years before returning to Michigan, While in the UK, Shaun learned a bit of combat from the SAS which led him to joining the SAS and then the Marines. Then when "The Event" happened he witnessed his father die in front of him. Shaun was still in the Rangers when the event happened. While fighting in combat, his commander saw the good in him he was offered a position in the ghosts. He's been in the ghosts for quite a while now.

    Battlefield 1 character (CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS/COMING SOON)

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