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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Seven Realms series, Demonata, and Ranger's Apprentice.

WARNING: I CUSS, only a little. Minor ones. Like damn, hell, crap, freakin', and shit. Anyway...I AM A BETA READER!

Hi!!!!! Let me get to you straight, don't play with me. I have multiple personalities. One of them is bubbly, strict, down to earth, crabby, sad, and evil. I'm a great lier, I could hide everything and you won't even know! I might even commit suicide one day! Just kidding just kidding, though, with my personalities you can't know. Also...Sadly, I have found out that I am on the like hood of A.D.D.

Okay, either you are here because you are bored, you want to know why Pikachu is eating a heart (cough cough it's my heart!), or you want to know about me. I'm guessing it's all of the above.

Well, the reason why Pikachu is eating my heart, is because he stole it from me! Oh come on, haven't you watched Pokemon? Ash always say "Pikachu, I choose you!" Yeah, it's kinda gay. Well, Pikachu, he wanted a girl, not some boy so that's where I come in the picture!

Now, if you are bored, I can entertain you with some riddles!

What goes up but never goes down?


There is a white house, a greenhouse, and a yellow house. A man with green eyes live in the greenhouse. A woman with a yellow hamster lives in the yellow house. Who lives in the white house?


What keeps on coming but never comes?


Okay, in this phrase, there is a secret word. What is the word? (Hint, pay attention to the surroundings. There must be a reason why it's there.) Here's the phrase:





A blondie suspects that her husband is cheating on her, so she goes to buy a gun. When she comes back in the night, she finds her husband and a beautiful red haired girl in the bed together. The husband begs her not to kill herself, but the blondie says, "Don't worry, you are next." The guy stifles a laugh and mutters, "You're so stupid." Why would the guy say that?


A guy lives on the tenth floor of a hotel. Everyday in the morning, he would go straight to the lobby and go to work. When he comes back in the afternoon, he would go to the seventh floor and walk 3 flights of stairs. When it is a rainy day, or there is a lot of people in the elevator, he would go straight to his room. Why is that?


What is something that can kill you, which the rich doesn't have, but the poor has plenty of?


A horse is tied to a five meter long rope. There is a pile of hay 6 meters away, but he could still manage to reach it. How is this possible?


Pretend you are the bus driver. On the first stop, 29 people get on. On the second stop, only 1 person gets off. Nobody else gets on or off. On the third stop, nobody gets on or off. On the fourth stop, 6 people get on and 7 people gets off. On the fifth stop, 12 people gets off and only 2 gets on. On the sixth stop, everybody gets off and nobody gets on. What color is the bus driver's eyes?


What goes around the world, but stays in the corner?


Okay, now some funny stuff or jokes or whatever you call it. Some crap?

These words are spelled the same when they are put backwards. Race car, Bob, deed, level, pip, rotor, civic, pop, madam, eye, nun, radar, toot, and noon. Although, if you write noon in caps only, if flipped upside down, it will still spell noon. Just like swims! The same thing goes for these caption. (Hey! Obese boy! Eh!)

If you say random words to a person, they will often stop what they are talking about and talk about something else.

I would like to help you out today. Which way did you come in?

When everything's coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.

Whatever it is that is eating you, it must be suffering horribly.

If you want to be thin, hang around fat people.

A guy walks into a bar...OUCH!

We consider too much the good luck of the early bird, and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman could ever have. The older the woman, the more he is interested in her.

The moment when you read a page of a book, but have no idea what you just read.

Shutting down the computer then realizing you need it again.

I remember staying up until midnight was hard to do, now it's just a bad habit.

When you have to stare at a text for five minutes to figure out what to reply back.

Excuse me all you tabs, which one are you playing music?

I live in my own little world, but that's okay, because I know everybody here.

Sign in Chinese Pet Store. "Buy one dog, get one free flea."

The most precious thing we have is life, but it has no trade-in value.

I love being married. It's great to find the one person you can annoy for the rest of your life.

I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. I am perfect.

Ookay...I think that is enough. Well, -sigh-, here is the part where I tell you about me...First though, I will put random things about me!

I don't remember things. I have to write them down, study them, put something funny in it, or don't remember it! In fact, I have so many tabs (music, book, email, this, games, etc) that they are so tiny but the x is so big that I would sometimes quit this tab. And maybe I was in the middle of writing something, and then x! It's gone, and I can't freakin' remember it! God...It's horrible.

I can crochet and knit!

I am an incredible writer! If you don't believe me, check out my stories! If you don't like it, review, if you do, review! Damn you all, I just want your freakin' reviews!

I stay up until 12 o'clock and wake up at 6 AM. I go CRAZY in the morning! It's just a bad habit...

I love reading!

I hate people who can't spell or put U as in you or TTYL. Gosh, it's freakin' annoying! You are not in Elementary school anymore, you are in freakin' above!

I hate people who don't try. Unless it's trying to see if you can not die if you fall of a cliff. Then that's just stupid.

I hate the word hate but I can not live without it.

I can always be your friend.

Never say never!

Oh god...There are like a freakin' millions of people on here! How do you get on my profile? Are you stalking me or something? If you are, I feel special because that means you like me! Well, continuing on...

Let me tell you who I am.

I'm the person who is nice to everybody, see the good side of everybody, the one who jokes with everybody, the one who makes you smile...I will never unfriend a friend unless they are hurting me really bad. If you throw a punch at me every now and then, I"ll laugh about it later, and be mad at you now, but there's no reason why I should hate you.

I will feel lonely some times though. Just because I may be smiling and laughing at your insults, and I know you are joking, but it hurts inside. You don't know anything about me, and I don't plan on you knowing me. I have been hurt too much.

I'm the person who likes little cute things. Charms, sculptures, anything that is miniature and cute. I have to admit, I like some makeup like blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm. Eye shadow, eye liner, lip liner, fake eyelashes, no, it's too much. Something that is plain, but a little noticeable.

I'm the person who loves to read, write, learn, participate in activities, draw, be creative...You can count on me to spike something up and make an original. It annoys me how people don't even try. Putting a twist to stuff is what I am good at.

Before I go on and on, giving you lectures (which I call fun facts! Although it gets out of hand...), let me tell you about my family.

HELL NAW! I am not telling you my name, or where I live, or my sisters and brothers (as if I had any! I'm an only child you know! Maybe). No, let me tell you about my pets that I sometimes keep indoor forever!!!!!! (get it? I just said SOMETIMES, but added FOREVER in one sentence! I'm so manipulating.)

I have 6 dogs, Biqiu, Pingguo, Xinpian, Suwatte, Noney, and Altu. I also have a pure white cat named Momo and 15 fishies I won at a carnival!!!

Suwatte is a little Toy American Eskimo Dog. His name came from the language Japanese and it means "Sit Down." (Don't judge me on naming animals!)

There's also Altu! A Bearded Collie! Furry girl!

Your worst nightmares...Biqiu...A chihuahua. He's too barky, snappy, bitey (he bit me!)...Did I tell you he's a mutt which means one of his parents is a terrier too?

Ooh! Xinpian! Lazy ass! A Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a bit of a Dachshund. A he by the way.

Noney is an Old English Sheep Dog. She's lazy, but not as lazy as Xinpian.

Last of all, Pingguo! He's the oldest and most guard full dog ever!!! He's a Collie.

Now, MOMO!!!!!!!! She's a Munchkin cat and is so white, you would not believe how dirty she gets it.

Alright, that's finished! Time for yes and no questions!

Do you get good grades?


Are you Asian?


Are you racist?

Um, crap, this is a hard one. I wish there was a maybe. Well, I do refer to people as "Now go dance behind that black guy." or "That white girl is picking her nose." but I don't get mean and say, "White people/black people are stupid." I would notice their color, but I was once tan enough that I could be called black! Oh yeah, yes or no...Um...No!

Are you gay?


Are you bisexual?

I guess? I feel appealed to girls, but I wouldn't want to get bed with them. Enjoy their company, like guys, crap, this is hard. Actually, it's only hard when I make it hard. Well, I'll stick with no, because liking a girl's company may just be a friend type, so no.

Have you ever kissed someone?

I bet I can't say yes if I kissed my mom or dad. Well, surprise is on you, I have! Yes!

Have you found the one?

No. Boys around my area are stupid. I'll actually have a crush on them, if not for their stupidness. (Ah, I fall in love easily. No, you are not getting in bed with me, and no, you are not marrying me. If you make me happy, we'll see.)

Do you make up words?


Do you laugh at your own jokes?

Sad to admit, yes. Come on, the reason why I said it means that it must be funny.

Would you rather questions!

Would you rather

a) go back in time to meet your prehistoric ancestors

b) go forward in time to meet your grand grand grand grand grand children?

Would you rather

a) die and go to the worst place imaginable but all your loved ones get to live as long as they choose and have complete luxury

b) have all your loved ones and friends go to the worst place imaginable but you get to live as long as you want in luxury and get 3 super powers

That is all for now, but it'll be continued. Here is the progress on my stories.

Fun Festival!- It might go nowhere, or end up very short. It's just some crappy dream I had. I will probably only write 3 more chapters and that will be the end.

Heaven Is Now Hell- Love love love this story! Once again, an original story. I don't have time though, so it will be a month, two, or maybe a year to update if I don't get a single review.

We Had A Nice Meeting- I like this one, but I don't want to write something people wouldn't read. So, if YOU review, then I'll write a chapter! Easy as that. This story is on its way to being deleted. It's not so interesting anymore, but would put a smile on somebody's face. It's practically useless.

To Live Or To Die- I don't know when that one will be finished. My friend didn't tell me all of the story yet so I'm going to keep you and me in suspense! This might be on its way to be deleted. I'm too lazy to write more and it's practically boring. My friend have given up on writing it as well.

Dead, Gone, And Never Existed- It's going to be long, I have to say. It's going to have so many mysteries and drama and EEP! If I get more than 5 reviews, I WILL update every 2 weeks or maybe 1 week if I get more than 10 reviews. You can review twice, but not more than that.

Now here are my forums...It will be nice if you joined. In fact, it will be awesome!

World Wide, World Pain- A Demonata based RP where you make a brand new character and join in the world of pain, mysteries, death, whatever you want. It's your character, you could do whatever you want with it. Please join, it's really fun and original.

Harvest Moon LookALike- Just somewhere I could rant about which characters look like who. Hey, I have ADD so it's hard focusing and remembering. Plus, with my mind, I get all sorts of weird ideas.

If you like me, my profile, or my stories, please review, not PM, because PMing is just awkward for me if I don't know you.

I shall update, not often, but I should update. I forget a lot of stuff, so you can expect me to update.

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