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My new account: Breelin

I'm sorry about Xiaolin Chronicles and Oxygen and Phosphorus, but I'm NOT going to finish them. If you want to adopt, PM me at Breelin. The adoption comes with all my story notes, I have them fully planned out just unwritten. If you just want to know how they go and how they end, also PM me at Breelin and I'll send you a detailed but still interesting briefing of how the story was supposed to go. If you want my fan shen gong wu, I'd be happy to hand them over to someone who wants them. I have close to thirty, all original.

Thank you, XS community, for all the great times.

Hi there! I'm Kelland, formerly known as revolutionarymind (but let's not pretend that name wasn't totally pretentious). Kelland isn't my actual name, that would be way cool, but I implore you all to call me that.

So, there's really not much to tell about me. I'm 16, and I share the same birthday as Christie Brown (kind of a hero to me), Rick Riordan (The author of the all-powerful PJO series), Draco Malfoy and Katherine (To you Vampire Diaries fans out there).

You are also free to use the Fan Shen Gong Wu I create and use in my story The Xiaolin Chronicles (listed below) as long as, you know, you give me credit for creating it (And PM me about it, I'd love to watch them in action!). I love talking about writing, so if you'd like a beta reader or just to spitball ideas for a story you need help with, feel free to PM me. It may not look it, but I have pages and pages of story ideas clogging up my computer, I'm just incredibly lazy.

I also like prompt-fics, so message me with whatever crazy ideas you've got and I promise to give it my best shot!

Favourite book(s): Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, I am Number Four (ten times better than the movie), Gone series, Divergent trilogy, Harry Potter, 13 Reasons Why, The Hunger Games, Artemis Fowl, Septimus Heap

Favourite movie: Sherlock Holmes FTW

Favourite tv show: Xiaolin Showdown

Favourite band/song: Billy Talent (WHOO CANADA!) with Cure for the Enemy. I can't listen to other artists anymore... their lyrics are too strong, nothing else stirs any emotion in me anymore. You'll thank me later.

Why does she keep spelling favorite wrong?: I'm not, that's how we spell it way up here in Canada, eh?

Profile Pic: I think the better question is: Why is Corey taking a mugshot? Because he stole my profile picture! AHAHAAHAAAA... sigh.

Fics in Progress

The Xiaolin Chronicles- Currently on unannounced hiatus, because I'm stuck with it. I know what's going to happen, but I'm thinking about just reposting it as regular Xiaolin Showdown setting and just eliminating the Ping Pong character, since when the actual Xiaolin Chronicles comes out, I'm probably not going to have gotten through the season I have planned out.

Oxygen and Phosphorus

She Loves me Not- I haven't posted it yet, but it's just a one-shot to get me back into writing... I wonder what it could possibly be about?

Fics Completed

The Return- It's honestly not that bad in my opinion.

Tales of Raikim- I may be adding chapters/making a sequel, just because I've still got a ton more ideas. Also may go under revision.

11 Days of Christmas

A Xiaolin Halloween- WARNING, do not read. (I know now you'll have to go and read it, but it's honestly incredibly bad). LOW QUALITY! Also may go under revision.

The Xiaolin Chronicles Fan Shen Gong Wu

The Jade Staff- A golden staff with swirling vine designs along the hilt, topped off with a green crystal that pulsates with light. Ping Pong's Signature Shen Gong Wu, this powerful staff allows the user to resurrect an ancient and deadly plant relative of the Heylin Seed, only to be controlled by dance.

The Mind Marionette- A golden string puppet, with a variety of crystals adorned where the vital organs are. It can be cast on a person of the wielder's choice. That victim is bound to do whatever the puppet does until released.

The Iro Iris- This Wu looks almost like a multicolored, magic wand made of glass, with a rotating eye on the point that seems almost alive. When activated, it shoots a white lightning from the iris that turns the targeted object a random colour.

The Location Lizard- ?????

The Silver Horn- ?????

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