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Author has written 17 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, Harry Potter, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Men In Black, Escaflowne, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Torchwood, True Blood, and Pitch Black / Riddick.


*Mature Content Links are located at the end of Profile Information*

Unless otherwise stated, all fiction is beta-ed by the wonderful lady who has been my best friend for more than fifteen years: Werewindle.


Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Red (of such a striking shade that I had people accusing my grandmother of dyeing it when I was six)
Eyes: Hazel, mostly in the gold spectrum
Location: The Desert of Nevada (as of 7/10/14)

*Special Note to all would-be flamers*

I do welcome constructive criticisms, however, if you are planning to do so, be aware that I do ask questions and expect prompt replies (within a week). Otherwise, it will be considered polite flames, at which point I will take to tearing apart your character. Sorry, but if I'm to improve or correct errors, perceived or otherwise, I need feedback.

Time to Parse the Profile... Quick Notes

I play WoW, and I'm not ashamed of it. My main is Frakir. My beta and I have a dedicated guild for all of our toons on the US-Tichondrius server, Cheechakos. (This is not a miss-spelling and yes it does mean something.) Not an obsession I am currently indulging.

Making me even more of a geek: I started learning how to fix lua programming code for my very out-of-date WoW add-ons. (On top of my interest in learning: HTML, CSS, Java, ... whichever I think I might actually use.)

My book collection has been blossoming like mad! I now have over 1000 books, but my library needs serious sorting. (Another of those ugly RL projects that interfere with the creative process.)

My "makeup" consists of various, original earrings. I have many, many, many earrings, a few bracelets, and a couple dozen necklaces. The earrings venture out of the house the most.

My Ships

Buffy/Angel: Spangel

Escaflowne: VanxDilandau/DilandauxVan, VanxAllen/AllenxVan, FolkenxEries, DrydenxMillerna

Gundam Wing: 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3, 5x6/6x5, 1x2x5(any combo), 5x6x13(any combo), when I'm feeling het: 1xDorothy, 6x9, 5xSally

Harry Potter: Snarry, Drarry, HarryxLucius/LuciusxHarry, DracoxRon, HarryxThe Twins(either or both); Het: NevillexLuna
Side-note: I have not cared much for the portrayal of Harry Potter in the movies beyond CoS and thus when I write anything, it will be from book canon. I might mix it up a bit if I'm looking for a specific plot device, but mostly not.

House, MD: Hilson

Smallville: Clex, Collie

Stargate Atlantis: McSheppard, RononxTeyla

Stargate SG1: O'NeillxJackson

Torchwood: Janto, Towen, Grhys (even with my severe dislike of Gwen's character, I can tolerate her when Rhys is available to temper her)

Yu-Gi-Oh!: YamiYugixSeto (Prideshipping)

As those are the most likely pairings you'll see, I'm gonna stick with those series listed. And avoid going into my various crossover pairings.

Pairings I find detestable: BillxSookie (True Blood), HarryxGinny/HarryxHermione/HarryxRon (Harry Potter), Gwack/Gowen (Torchwood), Spuffy (BtVS), SweetsxWick (Bones), Yami_or_YugixTea/SetoxJoey puppyshipping (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Huddy/Hameron (House, MD)

OLTD Special Note (updated 6/24/12)

Informational Chapter: LJ the - moon - sword post: 5988

One Legend, Two Destinies will be rewritten at some future date and completed. However, Xander or Wardrobe will be completed first before this venture is even attempted. Sorry for those who have been looking forward to new chapters. Hopefully I will be able to tackle this project sometime in the near future. Thank you for your patience. And I would have kept to this plan if my damn muse could be good and stick to Xander but no!! It's more interested in having me start the rewrite. *mutter* I blame my ten year high school reunion.

Specific Warning for likely character bashing qualities

There are some characters that I will rarely accept as being good and/or helpful, remain stagnant, or otherwise seem to make random changes in series that really make no sense to me.

Willow Rosenberg, sadly, as the magic became her identity seemed to transform into a fanfic on steriods rendition. Don't ever expect to see this version of her. Gwen Cooper was not the heart of Torchwood (cheating on Rhys, with Owen, whom she knew Tosh was interested in?). She defied Jack every step of the way and caused problems because she was just as she accused Rhys, blindly stumbling in and thinking she was right. She also seemed to change radically for no apparent reasons at every break between series. Rex Mathis was a homophobic jerk and I will never like him as a character, period. I am glad that Jack could annoy him as much as possible. Temperance Brennan, for a "smart" person, never seems to evolve. I have watched every episode so far and have only seen her really start to change after getting pregnant. No grasp on the world. Hermione Granger has the same type of flaw. She can be helpful, but can't seem to connect. Anya Jenkins (?) doesn't ever seem to notice the connections between things. Grudgingly, with my current crossover story, I have begun to appreciate her character even if I am actively removing her from the plot line. Go figure.

TV Shows that make my brain go melty bits and not in a good, mushy way

American Dad, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Two and a Half Men(with Ashton, loved Charlie), Rugrats, Survivor, Lost, Charmed(the later seasons: I think the writers got tapped and rehashed old plots from Prue and applied them to Paige), Married with Children, That '70s Show, Seinfeld

Recent Fic Updates

Supremacy of the Suit, Chapter 3

Tiptoe Through Torchwood, Chapter 4

Can't You Smell That Smell?, One-Shot TW/TB
And the bug bites again...
Started replacement of OLTD chapter content

Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 9

Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 10
a swift chapter in apology to the previous disaster

Mistaken Identity, extra special second chapter
Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 11

Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 12

Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 13
(Early Thankgiving prezzie to all my wonderful reviewers)

Roommate Exchange, HP/Riddick xover
(no idea when future chapters will occur)

Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 14

Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 15
(so need to work on other stories, grr!)

One Legend, Two Destinies, Chapter 3
(working on four--erm, five if you count my sister fic to BBT-- stories at a time, shame on me)

Roommate Exchange, Chapter 2

08/22/17 (gulp! Honest, RL is a complete tosser!)
Xander's Green Eyed Obsession, Chapter 16
(Plans are to have the next chapter up by next Friday)

I may actually get all of these updated too, but its a ways off.
My beta Werewindle tends to keep her website up to date so venture over. /werewindle
I have a Yahoo!group. If you wish to see what's going on, please join up. /group /twin_swords /join (not up-to-date, at all)
I also have a livejournal account.
Archiving has begun at Teaspoon (Exclusively Doctor Who/Torchwood related content): /viewuser.php?uid=16842
(Teaspoon: unlikely to remain posting due to their grossly inaccurate proper grammar/punctuation guidelines)

Mature Content Linkage

Xander's Green-Eyed Obsession

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