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Author has written 10 stories for Psychonauts, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Supernatural, Homestuck, ParaNorman, Kane Chronicles, Sherlock, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人.

A Wholocked Brony, a young fantasist, with interests in the Supernatural and the Magics of Friendship who occasionally is Homestuck and bored so she writes stories to pass the Time with made up Adventures.

My Tumblr: authorloremipsum

Anytime somebody reads my profile, I squeal with delight. Because, I love all my readers, profile or story.

A little about myself: Okay, maybe a lot.

I mostly right adventure, a little mystery, but not much romance or horror. Because I haven't dealt with any! Talk about lame.

I'd just like to go out and say, I am a Psychonut. A Psychonauts fan, player, and story teller. Psychonauts led me to this site, and to the three way crossover that is my first story. "Mysterie Kids" and no that's not a typo. It's not!

I am also A huge fan of all Rick Riordan's books, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Lost Hero. All of it! I'm proud to say that I've re-read all three series twice. And to all the other Riordan fans, in the new paperback copy of Serpent's Shadow, there's a Percy Jackson Kane Chronicles short story written by Rick Riordan himself!

I have to admit, I am a bit addicted to Doctor Who. Currently watching season five on Netflix and I really recommend it to any sci-fi fans. To be brutally honest, it was My Little Pony that got me addicted to the Time-Lord's brilliant show because my friend told me about Doctor Whooves and Derpy and the Tardis. And not knowing about any of I wikied it and guess what popped up. I then begged my dad to let me watch Doctor Who 'cos he used to say it was to scary for me, luckily he said yes! And here we are today.

Doctor who: longest running sci-fi television program, been playing since 1963, and its 2013. Take that Star Trek! (No offense intended to any trekkies)

And speaking of colorful magical mares, I've got what I like, and you have what you like. And for those of you who say "I can't talk about it because my friends will think I'm girly" here's my reply to that:

Friends who think what you like is stupid, ridiculous, lame, or for little girls, aren't really your friends. If they dislike it, but they don't hammer you for liking it, those are proper friends. And if they like it, whatever it is, if they like it too, those are the best kinds of friends. The ones who you talk about what you like openly. Don't go hide in a closet, find somepony you can share your brony-ness with and enjoy it. Spread the word! Don't hide what you like! Love and Tolerate. If you believe this, turn it into a copy and paste chain.

I recently started watching Supernatural, and though the show has given me minor paranoia, I LOVE it. (Even though I'm only on season 2) this show is by far the creepiest thing I've ever watched but also one of the coolest. Doctor Who and Sherlock notwithstanding.

Sherlock Holmes, the single greatest detective in fiction history. Don't you tell me someone else is, because I bet they can't give you your life story by looking at you. I believe in Sherlock Holmes!

I've read all seven Harry Potter books, and it only took me a month to do it! Not sure If I'll be writing HP fan fiction but, whatever. The books rule either way.

Portal, both one and two are the bestest most clever games ever! I've played them both and though I haven't beat number two, I officially love Portal. Wheatly... sniff...

1 h4v3 0ff1c14lly b33n suck3d int0 H0m3stuck. Th3 w1ld w3b c0m1c h4s th0r0uly c4ptur3d my 4tt3nt10n. 1 m4y 0r m4y n0t wr1t3 HS f4nf1cs, but f33l fr33 t0 dr0p m3 HS rp's. F1n1sh3d 1t, w0w, n0w 1 c4n s33 why 0th3r f4ns 4r3 s0 1mp4t13nt, cl1ff h4ng3r 3nd1ng.

I need a Homestuck Buddy! All my friends are MLP and DW, which is fine and good but I've got no one to bounce Fandomstuck and Homestuck ideas off of! If you happen to like me, and Homestuck, please drop me a line!

And maybe someone who is also interested in Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin. I've started watching that and despite how intense it is, it's really cool. But, if you're going to check it out, be warned. There is a lot of blood and violence, and I mean alot alot.

And for any who were wondering, I AM A GIRL!

I am working towards the goal of writing one million words. That is a writer's ultimate goal, to write good stories and reach one million words! (PM me if you want to know the total right now.)

I am making a promise to all you readers, that when I take a break from updating for a certain time period, I will do double updates or make up for it with extra mini stories.

My motto is:

Write as it comes to you, don't force it, have a plan but not to much, don't try too hard to impress.

Trust me, it happens.

It really does. :P Derp.

Favorite Quotes:

"They've got a cave troll!"- Boromir, Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring-movie

"Fantastic!"- 9th Doctor, Doctor Who

"Allons-y!"-10th Doctor, Doctor Who

"House of life, fussy old magicians who hate our family because dad was a bit of a rebel, whom, by the way, you could take a lesson from."- Sadie Kane, The Red Pyramid

"Hey! Those were my Doctor Who specials!"-Ash Mistry, The Savage Foretress

"Why spiders? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?"-Ronald Weasly, The Chamber of Secrets-movie

"Louder!!!!!" "*deep breath then very quiet* yay," "Gah!"-Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony, Sonic Rainboom

"Anderson stop talking, you lower the IQ level of the whole street."-Sherlock Homes, Sherlock, A Study In Pink

"Sam, I don't mean to be rude, but your girlfriend is a *!"-Dean Winchester, Supernatural, not sure the episode, will check

"Gallifrey falls no more!" -The War Doctor, Doctor Who Fifteith Anniversary, the Day of the Doctor

"Reverse the polarity of the normality flow! I got it!"-Me

Current Story and Statuses

Adventures in Time 4 hiatus: indefinite

Planned Stories

Fandomstuck Minis (no plot, posted randomly)

PM me for details.

Stories I want to be written but I can't write myself

please let me know if you found/wrote them

Dipper and Mabel Winchester's great uncle goes missing while on a hunt, and he hasn't been back in a few days. While insisting he'd given up hunting for good, Dipper and his sister set out to find him. (Gravity Falls X Supernatural with the twins as the Winchesters)

John Watson used to be John Egbert, Sherlock Holmes used to be Eridan Ampora, now turned human. After the events of sburb they were given new lives on earth. And neither knew who the other used to be. But, after a case involving sixteen other missing people who are suspiciously familiar turns up, all the dark secrets come tumbling out. (Sherlock x Homestuck post Sburb AU)

Breakfast Club X Homestuck crossover with Eridan as John, Equius as Andrew, Kanaya as Claire, Terezi as Allison, and Tavros as Brian. Five young trolls get stuck in Saturday detention, and despite their different blood castes and personalities, they have more in common than expected.

A 50's Homestuck Outsiders/Grease-ish Humanstuck AU with everyone on Earth in the Fifties with the Midnight Crew as a rival gang to the Highblood gang. (Eridan, Gamzee, Equius, and Vriska) And the chaos that ensues.

Attack on Equestria- an Attack on Titan pony parody with the cutie mark crusaders as Eren, Armin, and Mikasa.

More stuff about me:

TV show(s): Doctor Who or Firefly

Cartoon: Gravity Falls or My Little Pony

Movie: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Book: Beautiful Chaos

Song: Waiting for the End, Linkin Park

Youtube Series: Doctor Whooves Adventures by Pony in a Box Productions

Doctor: Ten

Companion: Martha Jones (h8rs b h8ing her, she was awesome!)

Doctor Who fan song: Bad Wolf by Forest Rain

Sherlock Soundtrack: Pursuit

Web comic: Homestuck (obviously)

Troll: Feferi Peixes or Karkat Vantas

Ways to make your stories funny:

Irony, use it when things start going wrong

Make your characters look stupid, meaning, confuse them or something of the like

Sarcasm, almost ever sentence when someone is upset

Ridiculous monsters/creatures, for instance: a giant rainbow blob who feeds off of mental energy but looks like the candy worms

Misplaced sayings, say a normal sounding sentence at the wrong time

Villain names, make them absolutely crazy

Immaturity, make the oldest character act the most like a kid

Fears, make them irrational like scissors or rocks or paper

Jokes, use original ones or over-used ones and make there be a few really bad ones

Titles, name chapters and stories things like: Yoda in Tweeds

Cliche Sayings, "What could possibly go wrong?" or "How can this get any worse?!?!?!"

Unique quotes, like saying "We may need a holocaust cloak and a wheelbarrow," as a reference to the Princess Bride when your characters are looking for stuff they need.

Mary Sues, they always make good cannon fodder.

Or you could always use the default, write about something so ridiculous that its hard to read without laughing.

A website in case you ever need noise, but not music, sound, but not words.

Just try it.

Oh, and for writing to music that actually helps, try using the soundtracks from said show, movie, cartoon, etc. Helps get you in the mood of the scene your writing.

I need a blog...

Like, no joke...

You people are brilliant. I mean it. You sit there taking the time to read my, little tiny me, my profile. My complaints, fangirling, useless info, and I want to say thank you.

All of you are fantastic, brilliant, marvelous, cool, unique, stunning, amazing, extraordinary, creative people And thanks to each and every one of you awesome people.

we now return you to your regularity scheduled profile.

I have made a discovery that will change the world of Doctor Who! Sort of. There is a Children in Need special for Doctor Who, an earlier one, between "Parting of the Ways" and "A Christmas Invasion". But how is there an episode nobody knows about? Because nobody cared that much for the first season.

But I'm spreading the word! This is the episode, watch it if you wish:

And when you are done, copy and paste it onto your profile and spread the word! There is a secret episode!

Thoughts and rambles of a fanfiction writer.

Entry 1, slash. I am in no way being rude to gay people when I say I dislike slash. It's perfectly alright, i just prefer character from wherever to stick to the norm they were created. They're a girl and there is no mention she is gay, keep her straight please. A guy who has admitted/been mentioned as gay, fine! ship him with other GAY characters please.

Entry 2, AU. Ok, whoever you are anonymous reviewer who keeps asking me to write my Doctor Whooves world where Rose stays after Doomsday, SHUT UP! I don't do AU's for that kind of stuff. Sure i might write an AU story but I will say it's AU, not change in the middle of an already work in progress. AU's are fine and dandy, only if everything else stays correct about the world. For instance, With Starlight In Their Wake, the first really good alternate Doomsday fic I've read. She did a good job keeping it linear, so kindly. DO. THE. SAME. Either that or stop bugging me.

Entry 3, polls. whenever I try to do a profile poll, it rarely ever works. I ask my readers for their opinions, no feedback. Not even in reviews. I do stuff like, which name is cooler for Derpy Hooves? barely any. I am completely convinced now that polls do not work. But I try to answer them if I know what their asking. So please, do us all a favor, answer the frikkin polls!

Entry 4, Superwholock. I will admit, the idea behind Supernatural x Doctor Who x Sherlock is a good idea, but, it just doesn't work. Too many heroes and not enough bad guys. But I'm in no way saying the mini-fandom is bad, but the fics where all the good guys team up, there's nothing that can stop them! Too over powered, or someone gets too much attention and someone else is left just watching utterly confused. But, if it were Superwholock in the way that each team met the other at some point but they never all met at once, that's fine. awesome even. Just, when writing something like that, try to keep it from getting over powered. 'Cos then it's just, "Oh look, another villain. Boring!"

Entry 5, anonymous reviewers. I love getting reviews as much as the next fic writer, but these drive me insane. I can't reply to them or say shut up i'm not doing as you beg me to. So, guest reviewers, unless your brand new, get an account so we can talk to you.

Entry 6, Doctor Who companion classification. What exactly classifies a companion as such? For me, there are two kinds. Visitors, and Companions. Visitor companions are like Jack Harkness, Micky Smith, Adam Mitchell, River Song, the characters that may travel for a while but aren't constantly there. Companion companions are like Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, those are all Companions. But this is just how I classify them, you can do it your own way.

Entry 7, angst/feels. normally when i watch something, i know what to expect. not the situation with Supernatural, no, that's all brand new. and finishing season one, oh, my, gods. I was literally ready to scream, but thank goodness for netflix or i'd be dead. metaphorically, not literally. I now know what it feels like to watch something with new eyes, and how it feels to watch everything crumble into bloody dust.

Entry 8, Coincidence? I think not! Okay, today I was taking a math test, geometry with triangles and stuff, and guess what one of them was labeled? S-P-N. O.O I nearly squeed in class, in the middle of a test, while being dressed as Katniss for Halloween. And then, I check my email when I get home, one of the supernatural stories I've followed got updated. See what I'm saying? It was fate! (Or maybe a- shutting up now. Please excuse my stupid geekiness)

Entry 9, I have a pony problem. I seriously need some help. I cannot stop turning characters into ponies! I've already done Doctor Who and Sherlock obviously so what does my ultra dweeb brain say? Do the full deal and make it Superwholock, so now, Ive got a starting version of SUpernatural with ponies. And oh my god i can't do it but i have to at the same time! It's really hard, and i need a break. I even ponified the actors for Doctor Who! Filly Piper, John Barrowmane, etcetera. Help me.

Entry 10, HAPPY FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having a major fan attack right now, google has two really cool google design things for doctor who, I am completely allowed to be a fan girl today, and, just to add onto it all, the fourth season of my little pony came out today! And they shouted out to each other, Hasbro and BBC, on their blogs and in the theaters, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


Entry 11, Donna What now? Okay, I saw on tumblr and wen to check. So, after journey's end and the end of time, Donna ends up marrying a guy named Sean Temple. Well, I ran Donna Tempus (Latin for Temple or something) Noble through google translate and guess what? It translated to woman, time, lord. Lady time lord. Holy crap they so planned that.

Entry 12, confidential. Instead of aimlessly searching through YouTube like we all do at one point or another, I find myself watching Doctor Who confidential more often than not. Of course this just labels me as a mega nerd but sometimes the behind the scenes is so much more fun than the actual episodes. Getting to see David Tennant as a normal human being, it's awesome. Watching them goof up and play cards, the cyber men dancing in the park crying, "I'm free as a bird!" And walking K9. I love it, it's my own Tardis travels backstage.

Entry 13, Fans. I have probably never said this before, and don't tell any one who hasn't read my profile, but I would absolutely flip out, turn a somersault, and explode in my seat if anyone sent me something based on my stories. comics, art, videos, etcetera. I would be so happy, like, pinkie pie levels of joy. SO, any of you lovely internet users spot something based off of, (or completely different you just think id think its cool) feel free to drop me a line.

Entry 14, Best Christmas Evar! I say this because, special plays from groups online, I got a doctor who movie, a DW 50th magazine packet thing, new converse, nerdy pajamas, a special designed mlp Comic with doctor whooves on the cover, and books! Lots of books and notebooks! And, I got to spend Christmas in the northern part of my state in a cabin with five other members of my family? 2013, my favorite Christmas.

Entry 15, Fiftieth, Finally. I watched the Doctor Who fiftieth today. I liked it. It was, touching, and just plain awesome. It was funny too. But I can see why people say it's bad. Kind of a cliche storyline. But, the ending with all thirteen Doctors there to save the day? I'd watch that a thousand times over. Hello Doctor, Doctors? two? THREE? "All my nightmares have come true." Not really.

Entry 16, Torture. I read a torture!fic today. And I liked it. I, freaking, liked it. What's wrong with me? I won't say who, but this person was literally almost dead by the end and I was enjoying it. There is something seriously wrong with me. Anyone else have this problem?

Entry 17, Season 3 Sherlock. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT

I haven't actually seen the new episode, Empty Hearse, but i did read the transcript. and, let me just say, epic. Sherlock, well, we definitely know he's human now, no denying it. and John? well, i cant blame him for trying to kill sherlock three times. but being stashed unconscious under a soon to be bon fire was definitely not cool. all in all, i liked it.

Entry 18, I Can't Deduce My Emotions. I just heard on tumblr the most adorable sherlock thing ever. It was a sherlock version of the song from frozen "do you wanna build a snowman?" But "do you wanna play deductions?" And I swear of I were time lord i would regenerated from the sheer adorable mess. It was so sweet, like incredibly.

Entry 19, Equestrian Cosmology. Here's how i think the sun/moon work in Equestria. Simply, Celestia moves the planet, Gaia, around, making it orbit because it is to lazy to orbit itself. Luna actually moves the moon herself, she moves the moon, Celestia moves the planet.

Entry 20, To Those Buttheads Who Think Christopher Eccleston Wasn't a Good Doctor. Shut up. Shut the frik up or I will throw you into a black hole and if you dare fight back out I will murder you with a Dalek. Or, I will murder you very slowly with acid or vashta Nerada. Or, I will set a thousand p-ed off Whovians on you. He was a fantastic Doctor, the one that resurected the show, automatically labeling him fantastic! Please copy and paste this, i need to go a murder a few h8ers.

Entry 21, Martha Jones Haters. Again, shut, up, people. I thought she was awesome as a companion. yes, there was that little speech at the end that some people say was selfish, and from one viewpoint i agree, but from another, she was telling him what she really felt. being honest. add that to the list, she is honest, brave, (traversing the planet even though everyone was out to get her) nice, clever, and on and on. Her timing was just off, if she and donna had switched places season wise, she most likely would've gotten the Doctor to like her a little bit more. So, all you SOB's who don't like her, dont' read my stuff.

Entry 22, Cancellation. I've seen numerous stories that simply read: discontinued or cancelled at the end. If your not finishing it, f-ing take it off so people dont get hooked on something that will never finish. It's as bad as Netflix's uploading schedule, and as annoying as watching a video load for ten minutes. That's why, if, big if there, if I cancel a story I remove it so no one gets all emotional and literally demands me to add more when I have no intention to.

Entry 23, Nostalgia and Fear. I'm looking around the internet and I see Danny phantom. First reaction: I loved that show. Second reaction: singing theme. Third reaction: wait, I'm fourteen in a month. Oh, my, god. I'm almost fourteen. I'm almost fourteen. High school. oh god.

Entry 24, Daleks. Now, anyone who has every seen doctor Who knows about the Daleks, how they despise anything non-Dalek. Well, that isn't as alien as you might think. Though it pains me to say this, I believe the tin can plunger and whisk wielding robot aliens are actually an allegory for the human race. think about it, think about all those people who hate Gays because they are different, think about all those racist jerks who do horrible things to other races/ethnics, think about all those sexist men who don't like woman being like them, all those butt heads who hate everykne who isn't exactly like them and shares their opinions and follows their religion etc, etc, etc. go ahead, skip this, consider it utter trash of some transgender black girl or something, but I will have you know I am straight and white and this is what I think of our world right now. Most of the people on this planet are Daleks, and those who aren't, well, those who aren't are almost exterminated.

Entry 25, Friends. I have found that when people speak up, saying they agree with stuff on my profile or spending me ideas,mew end up talking a lot more often than originally expected. So, if you're feeling especially lonely on her because no one reviews your stories or send you private messages, my door is open. As long as it isn't M rated or spoilers, I'll be happy to talk with anyone.

Entry 26, Hot Topic. Just trusting the numerous posts I have seen floating around on tumblr, and the obviousness of it, DO NOT BUY FROM HOT TOPIC THEY STEAL ART FROM PEOPLE! And now they're trying to make money off of homestuck when most of the $)!/ they sell isn't even theirs! So please, do the artists online a favor and DONT, BUY, FROM, HOT, TOPIC. I rest my case.

Entry 27, Sharpies. Did you know they're supposed to be stored tip down? It says so right next to the little AP logo thing near the end. Huh, makes sense.

Entry 28, Doctor Who and Party Planners. For those of you that don't watch mlp, and those who do, there's a pony named Cheese sandwich in one of the episodes. I took a look at him and literally I kid you not my first thought was: oh hey, it's the fourth doctor! Of course, that's when I had no idea who Cheese was, and now I do, but still, the similarity is striking. Seriously, take a good look at Lissy Strata's fourth doctor reference sheet, then imagine cheese sandwich in that outfit.

Entry 29, Actors' Singing Voices. You know the videos. The ones that everyone is saying stuff like "omg I didn't know he/she could sing!" Well, the bad thing about wanting to be an author is that no one will watch a video of you rocking it on Saturday night live and say "omg I didn't know JK Rowling could sing!" Because they won't recognize you as well as they would an actor. They'll just say something like, "oh hey, that person can really- oh , wait, that's the author of my favorite book? Weird!"

Entry 30, Sherlock Season 3. I am having a great internal conflict. Whether or not to watch season three or save it for the rest of the summer to watch later. SAME is happening for season seven doctor who which Netflix has also put on. And season four MLP. I am freaking out as a fan girl and trying to decide. ANY advice?

Entry 31, Fandomstuck. I'm kind of worried about when I finally post my fandomstuck story. Are people going to get mad at me for making it not completely about fandoms? Are they going to flame me for inserting fandoms I like and thought would fit the role? Are they going hate the fact I'm trying to make it like the original Homestuck but with my own spin on it? I'm conflicted about whether or not I should even post it before it's done, because I don't want to abandon it... I don't know.

Entry 32, Equality. White people, black people, transgender, gay, straight, rape victim, feminists, racists, polictical members. Can't we just f-c-I-g get along? Like seriously, how hard is it to act like we are in third grade again and just ask nicely? Or maybe learn to play with others instead of making the new kid feel awkward? How About treat all the little girls and boys the same no matter what they like? Bullying is illegal on the school level, but clearly it isn't on the national level. I think this goes for everyone when I say, stop bullying. Rant, over.

A Supernatural poem I found online by k8y411, thought it was worth sharing and by no means is it mine.


When salt was for seasoning, not for a barrier

when flickering lights lead not to something scarier,

when ghosts were from movies, not shadows of the dead,

when there was no such monster hiding under the bed,

when holy water was sacred, not for torture and tests,

when demons were fiction, not people possessed,

when iron was a mineral, not weapons and chains,

when tattoos meant expression, not a way to keep sane,

when exorcise was only said with the "e",

when latin was a course, not a necessity,

when angels had halos, not a penchant to smite,

when grace was a name, not a blinding white light,

when a colt was a horse, not the world's greatest gun,

when fake IDs were for bars, not for life on the run,

when zombies were from games, not croatoan,

when sulfur meant chemistry, not time to get goin',

when Hell was in Michigan, not of pain and of fire,

when siren meant ambulance, not exploiter of desire,

when silver was for jewelry, not a method of ganking,

when knives were for cooking, not vanquishing and shanking,

when crossroads meant intersection, not a place for a deal,

when home meant a house, not a nice set of wheels,

when trunks held your bags, not a hidden arsenal,

when EMF meant science, not the supernatural,

when fire was for warmth, not burning dead bones,

when hunting didn't mean ending up alone

Fanfiction buddies:

Twilight Joltik

Cyclon One



Golden Keyblade

Well, that's my profile. Hope you lot found my rambling non-obnoxious and my advice helpful. But, until you work up the courage to PM me, this is the Wholocked Brony signing off.

Allons-y! And Bro-hoof /)(\ if you're a brony. If not, hive-five for you. (Insert High five symbol here)

And please, to reduce your boredom, answer the poll porfavor

Wholocked, away!

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Crossover - My Little Pony & Sherlock - Rated: T - English - Crime/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 19,743 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 2/17/2014 - Published: 7/2/2013 - Sherlock H., John W. - Complete
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