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Konnichiwa minna-san! ^_^

I am, by nickname, Navy Blu...
The name I happen to use as a trademark in all my works.. Although none of them are based on me personally, as of yet anywayz.. ^_~

Most pplz call me Spook, so whichever you feel...

Video games: The Legend of Zelda; Threads of Fate; Thousand Arms; Tail Concerto; Mario! XD; Super Smash Bros.; Mario Kart! w00t!

Movies: Silence of the Lambs; All Dogs go to Heaven; Sailor Moon R, S and SuperS; The Theif And The Cobbler; Oliver and Co.; Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy kicks a$$!); X-Files; Lion King I & II; Spirited Away.

Series(Anime): Sailor Moon; Shamanic Princess; Inuyasha; YuYuHakusho; Card Captor Sakura; Slayers; Record of Loddos War (Deedlit rocks!); Yu-Gi-Oh!; Kirby! Back At Ya!; Tenchi Muyo!; Revolutionary Girl Utena; Outlaw Star.

Series: X-Files (w00t! Mulder ish secksay! XD)

Other: Music (Singing!); singing; writing (duh); reading; going to the best board EVAR! (ack! the 1337ness!! lol) Zelda Infinite's Message Board! (Ph34r the Almighty! GR!! (Goddess Rinoa)... Oh, and, if I -must-.. Thanks to Deku Kirby for referring me to this link once for some question of mine... Anywayz, thnx..

About moi: I'm a.. *starts the line-up..* MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)/DD (Disociative Disorder), social anxiety, depression, suicidal (not because I -want- to.. Just my 'chemical imbalance' or whatever the phuck it is...), bipolar, insomniac and some slight compulsive disorder sufferer... LoL! Quit looking at me like that!! *WHAP*

^_^ ..I like gothic music, btw... And I am a total fangirl of Keaton (the foxish creature in Zelda OoT (as a mask) and MM (as mask and himself)) and Fox Mulder (X-Files)!

And I'm a bit of a Alex(ander) Krycek fan, too!

Gotta love the three! XD

Later days!!

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