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Greetings. It is 2015. I am 18, a young adult who has returned to Fanfic.net as an author. I can't promise that my work will be complete anytime soon, but i will try my best. Naruto really kicked my creative gears into action- so hopefully i'll be pumped up enough to actually take the time to put my ideas into proper literature.

I started this account when i was 15, and I took a picture of my 15 year old bio- just because, it's so entertaining. I also decided to keep the note i wrote below when I was 15 because it marks the time I decided to let myself be me. It was a pretty defining moment because since then, this website has become -not just an escape- but a platform for me to reach out to others who enjoyed what I enjoyed, in the same ways and just as much as i enjoyed them too. Let's face it, it's hard liking anything in the real world because humans and society just suck in general. And if you aren't an adult already, you'll soon realise that the world can become dull, grey and boring- so it's important to keep things that excite you close to your heart.

I'm a Malaysian through and through. I love to eat. College has brought our my recluse side- which is ample for fanfic writing. Don't get me started on society and its ideals. I have a simple mantra for life: Accept or Change.

Little note about myself and for anyone who's thinking about writing fanfic or just doubting themselves in anyway.

I've been reading fanfic for over a year now and I always dreamed of the day I would write and publish my own, and well, today, after i finish my profile, is when i post my first chapter.

It actually took a long time for me to start reading fanfic. I always thought it was some kind of lame exaggerated nonsense written by silly fans who couldn't accept reality. Boy, was I a real shit head. And I apologize to anyone who felt offended by that line. I dont think that way anymore. And if you think you felt bad, imagine how i felt for thinking that way. And how I condemned myself when i read my first fanfic. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. I dont know why. I look back on it to see how pathetically insecure I was. I kept the fact that I preferred cartoons over boys around my friends cause I knew they wouldn't get it. Some of them still don't. But then, i joined some sports activities, got better grades and i grew some self-confidence, self-esteem and a backbone. I still wasn't very ready to accept the fact that I ship cartoon characters..Until I found Tumblr. I found tons of blogs that made and reblogged posts about ships, otps and headcannons. I totally understood everyone of them. It really struck me when someone posted a confession post saying something along the lines of "It took me time to accept the fact that I love cartoons and I'm so happy that now I do." There was nothing wrong with accepting myself and the fact that I love cartoons. I felt relieved.

Now, I proudly admit to anyone that I'm someone who still loves their cartoons. I show off my collection of episodes to my friends, though they still don't care. I'm not afraid to reblog posts of cartoons, with thinking that "someone's gonna find out and call me lame."( lots of schoolmates follow me)

I thought reading fanfic over children cartoons was really stupid, lame and embarrassing cause nobody I knew did it. When you're a teen, everything you do and/or like that's against the norm just seem stupid, lame and embarrassing. Then it hit me, its not me that's lame, stupid or embarrassing, it's society, the norm and most people today. There's nothing wrong with me and there's nothing wrong with liking what you like.

So that keep that in mind and start writing today! :D

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