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Hey visitor. The name's Takei. Not my real name obvious but the only one you guys will know here. Since you're here, you might as well check out my stories below. Brought to you by the insane mind that is Takei. Hope you enjoy. Obvious, you can see I'm a fan of Harry Potter and Bleach along with a lot of other books and manga. I swear, I spend most of my time reading manga, reading books, reading fanfiction, or watching anime. No wonder my mind thought up the idea for "Of Darkness And Light". Half my daydreams are the product by imagining what a fusion of two stories would look like.

Of Darkness And Light is my first story. A new style compared to most in the crossover section in hopes of making it unique. Best way to describe is the world of Harry Potter with the world of Bleach incorporated into it. The first year has been finished and there are a few chapters of the second year up there. I particularly like some of the things I've added like with Flamel and the Mirror Of Erised, and I do have more planned for it if I eventually return to this story.

Protector Of The Fairies is my current work, and is much more enjoyable writing than my previous story. Maybe it is because I started with a lot less canon stuff and could write to my heart's content or maybe it is because the two fit together better since they are both mainstream battle Manga. The basic plot is set in the Fairy Tail world with Bleach incorporated into it. Ichigo is the main character as you have seen and I've made use of a few other characters, some Fairy Tail while some are from Bleach. The first chapter is normal time and then chapters 2 to 19 are in the past. Chapter 20 brings us up to date and chapter 21 picks off where chapter 1 ended until 27 which ends the Fantasia Arc. Chapters 28 - 43 cover Nirvana which follows a similar plot to canon with big changes at the end. After that we enter Edolas's Arc, chapters 44 - 62, and it's not the same as what you are familiar with. Tenrou Island is from chapters 63 to Chapter 82 and has some similarities to canon. However some of the underlying stuff is a lot more important, from how some of the characters are growing to some of the secrets left to be answered. Chapter 83 to where we are now is the fifth arc, and is a bit of a mix between the Grand Magic Games, because I've wanted to do that since the start of the story, and the darker side of the Magic Council. I'm currently working on the fifth main arc of the series at the same time, as I'm quite far ahead in terms of writing, and am working my way through it slowly. Given enough time, I should be able to finish it and move onto the final arc where everything will finally come to ahead.

The Last Words is a small thing that I just did because the idea came to me and I wanted to try it out. Nothing big, merely a small scene and that's it. On the plus side, its the first thing I've finished, even if it is only about 1% the length of Of Darkness And Light, and that makes it even less when compared to Protector Of The Fairies.

I have other stories planned but they are currently in the planning phase, and by that I mean I occasionally think about them but not in much detail. Want to save them for after I've finished Protector Of The Fairies, at which point I will then release a load of trial chapters for stories and see which one or ones I may like to do. I've already got my eye on a Naruto one which has about 15,000 words done already from a while back. I may even try out a one shot at some point. I also have a few other crossovers I really want to try. Who knows what will come next.

You got any questions? You want something answered that you're unsure about? You can always send me a message here. I normally reply to all of them, and I response to most reviews so long as there is something I can say in the response to warrant a reply.

Anyway, till the next time. I've been Takei. Thanks for reading.


Of Darkness And Light - Arc 2 Hiatus. Protector of the Fairies - In progress. Grand Magic Games Arc. New chapters every Tuesday. The Last Words - Complete. Small oneshot.

Prospective Stories:

(Plots hidden as to keep them hidden. I just want to know what type of story people are interested in.)

Naruto Story - We're looking at Naruto mainly here with his family still alive and a completely different story to canon. There is a slight crossover with something but no enough to call it a crossover in my opinion. No silly bashing in the story and instead there is a plan for a conspiracy in the story. I've got a interesting twist planned with people and what they will be able to do. Not the kind of story with characters knowing loads of Jutsu but more relying on those strengths they have with the few known to them. One Piece/Fairy Tail - This would be similar to "Of Darkness and Light" in terms of a fusion universe. I have plans for a lot of One Piece canon which will gradually move into Fairy Tail canon. No big types of overpowered characters as One Piece characters are easily moved into Fairy Tail with how similar magic is to devil fruits. I could imagine the Straw Hat Guild travelling the world in the time between Fairy Tail being trapped in Fairy Sphere and the time the Spell finally breaks. Harry Potter/Iron Man - Need I say more? Regardless, it's another type of fusion universe story. A lot of the story is based on the films plot but incorporated into the Harry Potter universe with their characters becoming the Iron Man ones. Not sure how to classify it though for those searching for it. This also has the potential to lead into more stories like this with other characters from both universes, including stuff with Thor and Hulk with characters representing them in the Harry Potter world. Bleach/Magi - This is something I've been considering thinking about. I've fallen in love with the Magi series. The anime is amazing and the manga is equally as good. There is potential for a story with these two and could be something to consider in the future. Harry Potter/Magi - Set during the time of the 4th book, Aladdin goes to Hogwarts with his Magician friends. Likely a one book story but who knows. Any further would likely bring in his other friends who aren't Magicians. Bleach/Tokyo Ravens - Both series are nice and the basic idea could be having humans with spiritual power actually being more common than Shinigami believe in canon, essentially replacing Fullbring at other types of powers in exchange for this. Bleach/D Gray Man - A very likely chance I'll do this I hope. Likely to be a fusion universe style story though the timeline for Bleach would probably get moved back a bit to the time D Gray Man is set in. Bleach/Hamatora - A oneshot idea of the Hamatora gang ending up in the afterlife. Might be fun to write. Bleach/Persona - I love both series. Combine Bleach with Persona 3? Yeah, there's a lot of potential there. Mass Effect/Tokyo Ghoul - How could this not work?
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