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Hi, my name is Luanastar. Have a good day, make sure to eat your vegetables before you cross the road.

Now just to clear up any confusion, Awesome Sawss granted me complete custody of his profile, as he pursued other interests. So, here I am!

I am currently the author of the story titled "That Sylveon". A rather simple title, for rather simple tastes. If it appeals to you, please do not hesitate to check it out, and possibly leave a review as well. Thank you!

About me

I'm your standard fanfiction writer, maybe a little less. I have a knack for humor and romance in stories, so at least now you know. I may not be the most interesting person on earth, but I have a couple hobbies, such as:




-Everything on Television


As for my gender, I am a female. Although a little unexpected, I do enjoy most sports as the majority of males this generation would. On the other hand, I may also be what some would refer to as a "nerd", and I wouldn't really blame them.


Heyo, guys. It’s Awesome Sawss here. Just that last little tidbit on the characters as I had promised. I feel that a lot of things weren’t exactly mentioned in the story, and I thought that I may as well give you some nice little details on each of the main characters, starting with the protagonist. Imagine it as a small synopsis, just for you. ;D

Julley Solian-Breon – 16 years old:

Named after the month that he surprisingly isn't born in, Julley’s the shyest, most timid Umbreon that you’ll probably ever meet. While equipped with a weird voice in his head that keeps commentating on his life, he returns back to the high school that he dreads the most, seemingly able to find misery out of quite literally anything. As soon as he meets the new girl, a Glaceon, his life is then thrown into a rapid channel, as he struggles to cope with romantic competition, sexual tension and his annoying stutter.

Cassidy Blizzards – 16 years old:

This Glaceon finds herself bolting into class late on her first day of enrolling into West Latias High. Not the best way to make an impression. As soon as she lays her eyes on the sheepish Umbreon, however, she’s somewhat entranced by his ability to be incredibly awkward, in major contrast to her happy, upbeat usual personality. She’s soon able to claim the Umbreon as her own, but she had no idea that it was about to come guaranteed with the hate that she soon experiences.

Brendan Bee Bursyamo – 16 years old:

Despite being the antagonist of the story for the first couple of chapters, this Blaziken seems to be the author’s personal favourite. Brendan is the muscly, athletic, captain of the school’s battling team, capable of sending five swift kicks in the time that it takes you to say, “Ouch”. However, don’t let his strong facade fool you. Although he is driven by his hormones to occasionally flirt with Cassidy, the Blaziken soon takes a turn for the best by falling for Julley’s sister, Jasmine, as well as befriending the Umbreon. This turns him into a more humble Pokemon to the people around him. Surprisingly, Brendan is as strong as he is smart, contrary to popular stereotypes. At the age of 13, the Blaziken was considering of becoming a physicist. Although, that was eventually given up for a professional career of battling, soon turning into one of the world’s best fighters, only by the ripe age of 16.

Jasmine Solian – 16 years old:

If you’re in her bad books, your life is in serious danger. Jasmine is the radical Lucario who believes that everything must go her way, or else be victim to her sly abilities or her master level of battling. But, under that fur shining a brilliant blue lies the mind of a sixteen year old girl that has a big soft spot for Brendan, eventually claiming him as her boyfriend within a few days of knowing him. Unfortunately for Julley, he has to spend nearly all of his time at home amid close proximity to the ticking time bomb of a sibling, so just remember how good you have it.

Abby Disastra – 16 years old:

Now if you thought that Jasmine was bad, take a look at Abby Disastra, an unmerciful maverick of an Absol with her surname literally spelling your fate out for you. When it comes to battling, she tends to think first with her serrated claws, capable of cutting a brick in two with one clean swipe. The Absol absorbs pleasure from terrorizing young Julley, often in the most unexpected of ways. However, her forced love for the Umbreon causes her to realize what she’s been missing most, eventually leading her to her true(ish) love.

Bonnie Bursyamo – 16 years old:

Her family seem to have a thing for the letter B. Bonnie Bursyamo is the twin sister to aforementioned Blaziken, Brendan Bursyamo, only her middle name is sillier. Her interests include social media, music and battling, as well as her boyfriend, Francisco Tornupto. Her interactions with her brother don’t always result in the best outcomes, so it is advised to keep them well away from each other. Having Jasmine to accompany her is never a bad idea either.

Francisco “TYSON” Tornupto – 15 years old.

Undoubtedly the youngest of the bunch, Tyson is the cheerful, soft Typhlosion who has an affinity for nice hugs and hanging out with his friends, including his number one bud, Brendan. Possessing mediocre skills in battling, if you ever need a family man in your life, this guy is undisputedly your best bet.

That's all for me to fill your minds with, so smell ya later, gramps!

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