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"Who is the croooooooowd
That peers through the caaaaage

As we perfooorm heeeere
Upooon The Staaaaaaaaaaaage!" *Headbangs, defeated*

... Oh, didn't see you there. Good day, m'lady. *tips hat*

Raidou, here.

What's up:So, uh, my creativity came back. But not for fics, mind you. I've been writing other random things and some music, which makes me think heavily about quitting writing fics altogether. That's still going on, I'm writing lyrics and riffs, and that's being a lot of fun, and I'm getting some plot ideas for fics, but I really don't feel motivated to post them at all. Also, I've been really into Vampire Masquerade and Fate RP's lately, and that's also fun. I don't think I'll be committed to updating anything again, which you'll see below if you do plan on reading through this profile.

About my main fics:

Persona 4: The Chaos Within: Persona 4 past the first bad ending, where a lot of twists happen and it's different as hell. My main fic. I usually have fun writing it, adding elements... working with it is just fun, but it can get extremely frustrating at times. Like it is now. It's the persona 4 sequel to Nightly 7's Blood Lust. It's supposed to be my main focus, since things are heating up and the planning for the whole damn fic is done, but I can't be moved to put words into paper because I feel it's pointless. So, even though I promised time and again, I will drop it. But I will post one last chapter, explaining how things were supposed to go. So... yeah. :T

The End Of The Line: Big ass 'original' plot that ties together Chaos Within, Nightly 7's 'Persona 3: Bloodlust', and adds two more acts to the P3/4 duology. Full of mysteries, and stuff. This is on a hiatus, since it's going to have a counterpart, which is going to be cowritten by Nightly7. And you know what he's up to, right now. This one's not seeing the end, either, nor is its counterpart leaving the realm of ideas. I might treat it the same way as CW, but that'll take a bit of time.

Seasons In The Abyss: Naoya Toudou enters the Halls of the Fallen and explores its secrets... and inhabitants. You can contribute with characters for this fic. It serves to expose the concept which me and Nighty7 have been using so much lately: The Fallen concept. Aside from Chaos Within, this may be the one fic that sheds the most light on this matter, so... why not give it a try? Warning: It ain't light. This is probably my third darkest fic. I dunno if I should continue it or not... but I think I won't.

Persona: Home Of The Brave: Real talk? This is me going crazy. A crossover between all games in the persona series (excluding If... because obvious reasons), exploring many environments and stuff. Even though I'm going kinda insane there, it's lighter than my usual stuff. I need to do some mad planning for it, basically script the whole thing before I touch it again. Call me OCD. Another one that's gonna get dropped. I had this plot ready, then I asked for some feedback, then I decided to work it all over from scratch with what I had... it became boring as time went on, knowing that I was changing it not for myself, but for someone else.

About my side fics:

Rhyme Without A Reason: Collection of whatevers that ended up scratched, but would be awesome if they worked. Or just a place for me and Nights to go crazy. Or rather, just a place for everyone to go crazy, as we take suggestions. You got a crazy idea? Too lazy to write it yourself? Is it awesome? FUCK WAITING FOR YOU TO GET IT ON YOUR OWN, X GON DELIVER TO YA! We may very well write it and put it there. As bummed out by fanfics as I am, this may very well be one of the only things I may update from here on, since it can be refreshing af. There's another chapter coming your way soon, with one of the scenes from Blood Lust that I chose to edit, but kinda set aside during my writing funk. I should finish it very soon and deliver it to ya.

Never Walk Alone: Loose plot in the middle of P3, which tells the story of 4 Gekkoukan students in their last day before summer break. Spoilers for profile readers: It's a horror fic. Basically, here's how it worked: the four kids would play the persona game and would end up in tartarus, separated from each other. Just that. I don't know who woulda lived, I dunno who woulda died, I hadn't put a lot of thought into it because, well, it was basically there, it didn't really matter. I dunno if Ill go back to it, but... prolly not.

Hero Of The Day: Persona 4, through the eyes of a curious Narukami that just wants to know people better. Won't be updated anymore. It's been so long, I don't even remember most of where I was going with that. I just know it was gonna be a quick run through P4's story, kinda like a dragon ball Kai, but it was gonna slowly turn a few curves until it completely derailed while Yu's narration still kept the same tone.

Twists included Narukami being the only one who could use the TV for the purpose it was intended besides the Midnight Channel, which was seeing only what one wished to see, and that'd be used to solve crimes ahead of time, find out truths about people, some which he may or may not be ready to see and accept. But he'd push through his opinions and act accordingly, going as far as preventing many plot points.

But with that aspect of 'just wanting to know everyone better', he'd slowly be waaay too much accepting of people's darkness, but he couldn't get the orb of truth no matter what because he only did that to hide his truth away from others. In the end, even though he can see Izanami's true form right before his eyes, no one else can, and no one believes she can be beat, even though Yu's powerful. Eventually confronted by everyone's voices saying that they should just let it end and go together, he just agrees to fade away, since it wouldn't be worth it to accept any other truth.

That whole fic was a parallel to a few people that I met before that had me thinking whether the power to see through lies was the equivalent of truth. Since the whole concept of P4 IS all about truth and lies, I began having fun, making allegories and such. In the end, I didn't get an answer to my question, but I did find an ending true to my style of sour stories.

The title used to be "Dreamless", but that was just because I couldn't think of a better one, and at the time the main thing that was going on was my inability to remember any dreams I had for whatever reason. When the idea of Hero Of The Day hit me, I was like why didn't I think of that before? XD Yu would be just that, the Hero Of The Day. As much as he was leading others and preventing a lot of harm, he was getting in the way of the development of many characters, including himself, which alienated him and the others from the hardships that would ultimately prepare them for the one trial that would set them for the future, kinda like when you choose to just put a bandaid in your problems instead of facing it head on and letting it turn to an experience. I kinda felt really good for having thought of that title. Alone, it took the parallels the fic drew to a whole new level.

But the fact is, I don't feel like writing it, anymore, so... yeah. You just read the outline I had for the story. I don't think I need to apologize to anyone, since no one seemed to read it, so that's that.

Unavoidable Battles: Battle one shots. What else do you expect? Updated whenever I give a fuck... Which I apparently did, at some point. You may recall that I did one of the Answer battles back in the day, more precisely the second match in the tournament. You know, Akihiko vs. Mitsuru and all that jazz. Well, I posted the first battle, which was Aigis and Metis vs. Junpei and Koromaru. So... yeah. Read it and tell me what you think. THis fic is updated randomly, so I may update it again, or something.

The Right To Go Insane: One shot. Persona 4, after the worst ending. Yu is bored out of his mind after being the lone survivor in Inaba. Complete. Go check it, if you like depression tales.

The Things That Should Not Be: I said I go crazy in Home Of The Brave, right? Well, not nearly as much as I do in these. These are heavier than usual as they deal with Shadows in real life situations. Mostly bad situations. Updated when I'm angry at something and wanna vent out on some fictional characters. :PP

I think that's it. Am I missing any...?

... Oh.

My Friend Of Misery: Fic I wrote long ago, telling the backstory of the character I came up with for a friend's story. Nothing much to it... It's a bit angsty, there's not anything special to it. Complete. If you read Days of Darkness and somehow didn't come across this, I suggest you go give it a read, but that's a rather small demographic. :P So Imma shut up.

About my planned fics:

Fatal Fury... something: It doesn't have a title yet. :T Yes, something out of the persona fandom. It sure has progress in the planning field. Things happen in Second South, a new level of ruckus is being raised, and all culminates into a new King Of Fighters tournament. Pretty basic outlining, but when I do get down to writing it, you'll see how uncommon it will be. A few new characters will be introduced, a new plot will be opened to explain the events, even some aof characters are gonna be in it. In fact, I don't think Fatal Fury is an appropriate title. Regardless... it coulda been cool. Or not... I dunno. Nobody reads my fics, after all. And I lost the document which had the plot for it, so... I don't think that's happening, anymore.

Heh, it had all kinds of crazy stuff going on. For one, the main teams would be as such:

Howling Wolf Team: Terry Bogard, Rock Howard, Billy Kane.

Silent Wolf Team: Andy Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Roy Burton (a new character)

Art Of Fighting: Robert Garcia, King, Marco Rodrigues.

Investigation Team: Blue Mary, Kevin Ryan, Joe Higashi

Tae Kwondo: Kim Kaphwan, Jae Hoon and Dong Hwan

The Danger ("Midboss" Team): Yamazaki, Freeman, Mr. Karate II (Ryo)

I think it had the Fatal Fury Team, with Duck King, Bob Wilson and Alfred Airhawk, and the MOTW team, with B. Jennet, Griffon and Gato.

It'd be crazy. I had the whole plot ready, but I lost the document. Every team had its own story and importance, I even had those non canon arcade mode endings on deck. Even some silly ones, such as Kim training the bad guys at his dojo, and some more serious ones, with Billy and Terry having a runback on the last boss' arena.

Basically, Terry's team objective was to clear this whole mess because Billy's sister was kidnapped. He began his investigation with Terry and Rock had come back to Second South with an invitation to a trio tournament in his hands. The other two eventually received their own invites, so they chose to form a team since they had shit to find out, as much as Billy hated Terry.

Roy Burton was the child of a boxer that was fighting on Geese's underground tournaments to get the money to sustain the kid, but was killed because he refused to throw a match that was really in his favor. So it was either lose and go home without any money or win and set the kid up for some time without needing to worry, so... yeah. There more characters involved in this little arc, and he had done just the same as Terry and Andy, going out of town to train the same style his father excelled at to get revenge, and when he comes back to investigate matters he runs into Andy, who senses all that revenge that was bound to take him nowhere. He agrees to help Roy look into things, and the team's story revolve around Andy trying to pass down what he learned along his life.

The art of fighting team was having some problems. Yuri had been taken much like Billy's sister, but Ryo didn't sit idly around: he roughed up a lot of people searching for her, but that ultimately got him taken in, as well, and he was blackmailed into fighting for the big bad. Sounds familiar? That's why Robert comes back to town and rounds up King and Marco to solve this shit.

The string of kidnapping continues as Kim's dojo is stormed and a kid is taken away. OF course Kim is kicked into gear.

Kevin and Mary were both investigating these matters when their paths cross. Why is Joe on their team? Because he told both Andy's and terry's team that he was busy with a muay thai championship, and they didn't yet know him just how wrong things are going in town. When Mary hits him up, he flies straight to Second South.

Yamazaki and Freeman were broken out of jail by the big boss, and were coerced into fighting alongside Ryo.

I won't go into much detail about who the big boss was, it's a really long story. :T but yeah, this idea exists, but it's never gonna become a story.

Devil Summoner: Geirin Kuzunoha the 18th: You see, my creativity for writing came back, kinda, and I've been thinking about writing a plot around the newest protector of Tsukigata Village. It wasn't gonna be anything major, it'd just show how the city's going and some sidequest like cases, but there WOULD be a mystery regarding the main character, and quite the handful of characters would be involved in it. I had (and I'm still having) fun planning it, thinking of all the possibilities of case files, characters to include, working with Victor and the Gouma Den, but... as fun as it is, I don't wanna post it here. No one will read it, and I'll receive no feedback, especially when I'd be posting it in the megami tensei section. So... I dunno, I'll just see how much fun I can have with this idea until it rots away, just like the one above. And it would tie into that Days Of Hope fic we (me and Nights) had going on, but that's pretty much dropped as well since I lost the will to write anything.

Co-Written fics:

Persona 3 Abridged: In Tatsuya Goddamn Suou's profile. Persona 3, on cocaine, and with a lot of mental diseases played for laughs. We're going to Hell, I know. Crack fic, worked on less than regularly.

Persona 3: Blood Lust: You know in whose profile this is. Persona 3, only crazy and on fire. You'll see how much when you get there. If you like the pairing Hamuko x Minato, you should definitely give it a read. Prequel to Persona 4: Chaos Within, kinda.

Persona 3: Fallen Messiah: You know the drill. It says persona 3 on the title, but it really involves P3, 2, and 1. Something rare, since not many people dare tread on P1 grounds, so... it might be interesting to go give it a read.

Basically, I am the P4 guy, and Nights (Tatsuya, Nightly 7, whatever his pen name is at the time you read this) is the persona 3 guy. If you want P3, he's the one you should hit up, and if you want p4... then I dunno. I got a few fics. Look somewhere else. Or read CW, if you will. But you won't, because apparently no one likes P4. Or dark themes. Or anything I do. I'm just a failed writer, tbh.

I have a problem.

Anyway, I occasionally help in some other fics, too. Just a nod instead of status update should do, so check the favorites list.

The song up there is... *sigh*... The Stage, by Avenged Sevenfold. Thing is, I hate A7X with a passion because reasons. But this song is just too damn good for me to hate. It's got a groove I never heard before, really compelling lyrics, and a cool videoclip, I... honestly can't hate on that. So here I stand, defeated, admitting that I like a song by A7X. Go listen to it if you like metal, by the way, it's awesome.

And about that Reversed Fortune song, I think I finished the rhythm part, if you were wondering. The name's gonna stay that way.

I think that's it. Later, stalker stranger. *waves*


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