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DeviantArt account above. There's fanart for my fics in the folders.

Since joining my writing and experience has increased with all the support and ideas I've encountered through my time here. Many fan fictions have been done on different things, and though I do have lots of OCs, I make sure the story does not center entirely on them unless its a background story like with my ROTG stories.

On my Devianart Account I've uploaded art that has a few things to do with my fanfictions. There are also videos based on some of them listed below.

Character profiles below, for my OC from written and planned fics.

I've always loved reading fanfictions and there's a number of writers I love to bits who write excellent ones, that really keep to the characters.

I love What-if scenarios, I hate Mary Sues (who I have encountered numerous times. I've bought a figurative shotguns for any I see) And annoying stereotypes.

(There are funny stereotypes, though.)

Like I said before I love What-if Fanfics and it's the main reason I go looking on this site. But despite all of the awesome (and not so awesome) folk here there's some possibilities that haven't been explored.

If you want something done, DO IT YOURSELF.

I write stuff cause I like writing stuff. Nuff said.

People never read my stories, though...well, some people do and they're great.

I wrote a fic for Rise of the Guardians, and I made a video based on it. Here's the link- it turned out better than I thought it would:

Here's the video for the fic 'Pirates and Survivors' I talked about earlier. Had way to much fun making this. Here's the link:

I wrote a fic for Garfield about him and Nermal. The video based on that was in a father-figure multicrossover I made. Link:

Youtube sorta mucked up the quality. Story in video's a little different from the fanifc.

My Characters have been worked on alot before making into a story as of the start of the year, since I've been sharpening my vocab and writing skills since I started on this site.

Ratchet & Clank OC'S

Ickabar Locksher:

Name: Ickabar Locksher
Age: Last seen at age 27
Fur: Purple-brown (result of combined recessive genes of both parents)
Height: Average
Eye Colour: Pale Blue
Family: Unnamed birth parents, Raymas Lars and Percival Tachyon (foster/adoptive brothers)
Homeworld: Fastoon
Profession: Writing/Composing Music, different jobs around the place excluding engineering.

Talents: Good ear for music, good with using a wrench as a weapon, dancing, drawing, fast on his feet.

Traits: A bit of an oddball, clumsy and bizarre. Very caring and compassionate and always up for a laugh, looking on the brighter side and cheering people up. Loves crazy dares and music. Cares deeply for family and friends, loves playing pranks on his rivals.

Flaws: Despite being a lombax, he is incompetent with mechanics, engineering and building, his clumsiness gets in the way of other works. He is somewhat of an outcast among other lombax peers and as a result only has a few close friends. He's known to be very oblivious at times despite liking to state the obvious.

Notable appearance traits: Only two stripes on each each as apposed to the common three. Slightly skinny.


Ickabar Locksher was abandoned on the steps on the Lombax Council Building barley a day after his birth. He was sent to live in a caring home and was reared alongside his foster brothers, Raymas Lars and Percival Tachyon. During his early years he was a social outcast from other lombax children because of his lack of interest in mechanics, his closeness to his two 'weird' foster brothers and bazaar like of dares, explosions and zombies. He looked to Percival and Raymas for support and comfort and was the cragmite's partner in crime when it came to pranks, get-back schemes or simply robbing the cookie jar past bed time.

Ickabar was notorious among the lombax community as being reckless, crazy and daring, often seen running at full speeds off buildings and activating his hover boots before hitting the ground. He was easily perceived as annoying or stupid for this. In truth.

When his brother Percival vanished from the face of the planet after an argument with Raymas, Ickabar found himself alone as he drifted away from his eldest brother's side because of the topic of said argument. Soon after, Raymas left Fastoon and though he kept in contact, Ickabar found himself alone among unfamiliar peers.

Soon enough, however, Ickabar slowly started to join in more with the rest of his kind, and though he was still labeled as the oddball of his kind, he found friends in Leo, Daveed and his old childhood rival Mgive. During his early adult years he tried to locate his foster brother Percival to no avail, and as he moved on with his life he had no idea of the intentions the crag mite had for his kind...

Raymas Lars:

Older Foster brother of Ickabar and Tachyon. He is in fact a few years older than Percival Tachyon, who was once his foster brother and friend alongside Ickabar Locksher, an orphaned lombax boy.
Raymas was one of an unknown race that resembled reptilian/fish like humanoids. He bore green and brown skin, large brown eyes and a nimble body. He had sharp, broad shoulders and thin limbs.

Raymas was a stern, calculating and no-nonsense person, even since his childhood. Many viewed him as a solitary, smart and stern person. Though his heart was in the right place, sentimental things weren't really his main point and this led him to becoming distant from his two foster brothers as he grew older, and becoming less close to them as a brother and more as a second-father (though in truth he's always been) Percival and Ickabar were closer to each other than they were to him- or in at least it seemed that way to the eldest foster brother.

Years later, when Ickabar was an adult, Tachyon returned and lay waste to their home. Ickabar vanished from Fastoon after fleeing his old friend's forces. Alister Azimuth mentioned that he did not see Ickabar leave through the portal when the lombaxes took refuge behind the Court, and some doubt he left Polaris. But either way, he was never seen again. Raymas now lives in solitary and hasn't been seen in many years. He had never confronted Tachyon for what he did, though why is left unknown.
Only Raymas, who arrived too late to stop Tachyon, truly knows what became of Ickabar Locksher.

Mgive. (Mih-G-eye-v)

A usually friendly but stern lombax, Mgive is your typical engineer/builder who grew up in more rural parts of Fastoon. He is younger than Leo but older than Daveed. He is rather judgmental and can easily pick fights, accompanying his short temper with a dry wit. He had a few friends, though is considered quite anti-social, but his morality and heart are in the right place.
He may get into disagreements with the elder though does view him as a good comrade.


A young orphaned teen who was a family friend to Mgive and Leo prior to their city's destruction. He joins them on their quest to find other survivors and leave Fastoon after they were left behind by the others. The Kid is a shy, thoughtful and compassionate youth who wanted to delve into politics- to make a difference 'without holding a blaster in his arms.' He had a sister and brother-in-law who died in the chaos, and is trying to find his little nephew (his eldest sister's son) before leaving Fastoon.


A veteran of the Lombax Praetorian Guard, Leo was a good friend of Alister and Kaden prior to the fall of their city. At some point there was a fall-out between him, Alister and the Praetorian Gaurd and he left for reasons he doesn't reveal.

However, Despite being in the army, Leo shows himself to be a friendly, generous and gentle man who always helps though in need. He prefers quiet things and was once a Professor of Geography before joining the army in his earlier years. He is older than Alister by a few years, and has no known family. Despite being a very good person, he keeps things to himself. He is good with weaponry and is very strong- though he isn't very good with flying ships and his good nature sometimes holds him back from getting things done- and sometimes this leads to poor decisions.
Instead of leaving with the other lombaxes, the former army-man followed Kaden in hopes of helping him, but was separated. Later he ran into the Kid and later Mgiver. They set out to find Daveed's nephew and escape the now barren Fastoon before Tachyon finds the survivors.

Spyro the Dragon (Classic) Oc:


Name: Jaquese (Pronounced Jak-oo-ese or jshackooeese) Otherwise known as Jaq.
Race: Dinosaur/ Similar to a Rhynocorus Riptosaurus (perhaps a hybrid)
Age: 8-10 years.
Skin: Red
Horns: White
Height: Er...a little less than half the size of Ripto (He's teeny) XD
Parents: Unknown.
Hometown: None (traveler)
Skills: Powerful magic, gifted from birth over elements and spells.
Faults: Weak sense of smell for a dinosaur, small and vulnerable, cannot control magic without aid or deep concentration. Can loose control of them when angered or upset.
Good traits: Friendly and cheerful, modest, shy and compassionate. Usually polite.
Bad traits: Cheeky, naive, can make very bad decisions, can say things offensively when not meaning to. Nervous and a little timid.

Likes: Traveling, sneaking around, magic, annoying Ripto (and getting away with it) meddling when he wants to, playing tricks, helping people out, chocolate and treats.
Dislikes: Yelling, Ripto, snooty dragons, scolding, being scared, being patronized.

Found under strange (and slightly cliche) circumstances as a newly-hatched infant on a doorstep, Jaq was raised by unmentioned foster carers before setting off and wondering the realms, looking to control his overpowering, destructive magic. Since dinosaurs are not know for being very in touch with magic, a hatch-ling with such gifts didn't go unnoticed and he soon came in contact with some dragons. At first Jaq was wary of them, and distrusted their kind as most dinosaurs did and viewed them as 'snooty' (and to this day he still does) but soon learned to get along with them. However, they could only help him control his powers to a certain extent, so Jaq can only conjour small fireballs and spells without harming himself or others.

At first, upon learning they could do no more, Jaq was ready to leave until the dragons decided it would be wiser to keep an eye on him and advised him to remain nearby. Jaq reluctantly complied, though can always be spotted wandering from place to place.

He met Spyro in a canyon while the later was tangled in an old trap and released him, and the two have been on aloof yet slightly friendly terms ever since. Jaq enjoys riding on his back for fun, and has helped the dragon defeat a few threats now and again, the most common and ironically threatening one being another dinosaur, Ripto.

Ripto began hating the dinosaur child moments after the boy accidentally provoked his temper, and after the boy helped Spyro defeat him, the wizard has despised him ever since. After helping defeating him a few times, Jaq now wonders around Artisans and Avalar, playing, practicing magic, and helping out with problems now and again.

The dragons hope he is keeping himself out of trouble.


Joseph Mgeeth:

Age: 10 years old.

Hair: Blond, straight, parted fringe.

Build: Thin, lanky, weak in muscle.

Eyes: Hazel Brown.

Features: Sharp chin, crooked teeth, husky voice, round nose, large ears.


He is all in all a friendly, good hearted person, but who is inexperienced and vulnerable to the world at the beginning of the book. He can misunderstand people- on more than one occasion.

Unsure of himself and others; Distant and solitary due to upbringing. Stubborn, though will act polite to almost everyone to avoid conflict. Quiet, observant but very naive to the world and easily upset and angered. Takes out said anger on furniture. (He hits it) After he meets the Guardians be becomes more open and friendly due to their kindness.

(I wanted to differ him from the cliche dreamer protagonist who wants to be a part of something big and wishes for things like to be a hero or go on an adventure...Jo is none of these. He's the kind that gets thrown into conflict through a series of events that he didn't plan nor want to happen. I hope I made him different enough, Nor is he the reluctant wise-guy who refuses to do so. He gets into a situation and decides he has to do something because its what he has to do, though it may seem a little mature. But that's one of his personality traits I guess, and C'mon, characters need some good traits without being classified as a Gary Stu/Marty stu)

Jo Mgeeth was born to English parents and thus has an English accent. His parent moved to a town in America that is left unnamed. He grew up with 'passive' parents who weren't very involved in his life and to whom he was very distant with. He had a bad relationship with his father and brother, though had a good one with his sister and (previously) his mother.

He did not believe in the Guardians at the beginning of the story because of his upbringing and was on the naughty list because of his bad temper. Despite this he is quite polite, but only to those who are in turn polite to him.

He is very unsure about himself and his destiny, and as to not spoil the story I will not say why. He is also very unsure of his believes.

Jo is good friends with the Guardians, especially Sandy (who becomes somewhat of an uncle-figure). He sin't as close to North or Bunnymund and has a good friendship with Tooth.

He is an enemy with Pitch, but sympathized with his once after hearing about his past in the fic. Despite his sympathy and slight pity, he grew to hate the Nightmare King on some occasions

He is the fist child in centuries to be able to see him.

Notable Flaws: Naive at times, easily upset and unsure of himself. Bad-tempered sometimes and distant from other children (at the start of the book, anyway.)

Hauna the Witch:

Age: Around her mid/early twenties.

Hair: Black and straight.

Eyes: dark brown.

Build: Thin and small. Round face and Asian features. Has freckles along her cheeks and paler skin than most Asian people, hinting to the idea of her having a white parent.

(This character is a supporting character, though I did put time into her. I've always had her as this almost cliche no-nonsense person, but we've all met someone like her more than once in life. There are stereotypes and cliches for a reason, not that I'm saying my thoughts on her are that bad. She's an alright character...but only in on story. Mentioned in others at the best.)


Though a good person all together, Hauna is a solitary, sharp-toned woman with a blunt and critical nature. She's not the nicest person in the world and has little patience, even with her familiar. Despite this she has a good heart and has good intentions and is loyal to Alecvander. She regards him with respect and Jo with the same views.


Age: Early seventies.

Hair: Light grey

Eyes: pale grey/ scarred

Build: of average height (borderline small), withered slightly due to age. He has a round face and prickly beard. His back bends a little but despite this he remains white strong and firm. He has a few noticeable wrinkles around his eyes and face.

(Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking: The typical old man figure who's a mentor and teacher to the protagonist. And who doesn't hate those? No story has been told only once. I know people won't like the idea, but I always like writing Alecvander because he;s such a nice, but firm old man who knows all about the magic world and helps Jo to understand the powers that he processes. So sue me if he's too generic.)


At first Alecvander appears as a slightly unhinged, solitary and rude old man. In truth he is very sane, very firm and friendly old man who has much knowledge on magic and it's creatures. He holds the second sight; the ability to see through things and see magical creatures. He is kind and good-hearted and wants whats best for Jo. He despised Pitch, whom he encountered in his younger days and refused an offer from. This resulted in him loosing his eyes and therefore most of his powers, but not his knowledge.

Notable Flaws: Not quick to act and sometimes isn't the best at planning as his past plans have gone wrong before. Rather paranoid about precise carefulness at times.

He had a grandfather-grandson relationship with Jo and loves him dearly as he has no relatives (living) of his own. He is a good friend of Man in the Moon. He does not knew the Guardians well enough to become friends but is respectful towards them.

He is Jo's mentor when it comes to the Second Sight.

Tyzatray, the Witch's familiar.

Age: Unknown. Mentally, in her early adult years.

Eyes: Pale Blue.

Fur: Dark brown/ red-purple hue. Black patches around her eyes.

Build: Rabbit Doe; Slender and quick, healthy. Has black, rune-like markings on her ears, white lining wrapped around her for-paws and a wrist guard-like piece of armor on one of them.

(I've always loved rabbits and I like the idea of having a different familiar from a cat. I had Tyzentray differ throughout earlier planning, but her personality basically remains the same. She's one of those sarcastic, irritably people who do have a heart but aren't as social as people may like them to be.)

Peronality: Loyal, easily annoyed, sarcastic and rather cold to those she doesn't like. Very irritable. Protective.

Tyzantray, better known as Tyzan, is a strange rabbit who is Hauna's familiar. Known to be able to out-stare a cat, Tyzan is a sarcastic, easily irritated doe who doesn't like much people other than Jo and Alecvander. She isn't too fond of her mistress, Hauna. She despises Bunnymund.

Notable Flaws: listed above.

She is a good and loyal friend to Jo and gathers herbs and other things for spells. She is kind to Alecvander and Jo, and very protective of the boy and makes sure to keep an eye on him wherever he goes.

Anguish, The masked spirit:

Age: unknown. He appears as a Boy around 14/15 years of age.

Hair: Black, curling. Parts in the middle at the fringe, hangs like curtains. Much like Jo's.

Eyes: Hazel-brown.

Build: Average Height, thin and spindly. Freckles adorn his pale skin, especially around his cheek and nose. Skin is tinted blue. Years a dark grey mask, though had notably sharp features.

Has an a slight Irish/slightly English accent.

Hinted to resemble Pitch in the prologue called 'Shadow at the Sides'


Not much can be said yet, but it appears he is a determined, quite individual who is friendly towards the Man in the Moon and Jo. He is seen watching over the boy for unknown reasons, and is an acquaintance of Death. It is unknown why he is called Anguish.

Not much is known about this mysterious spirit, other than he has a connection to Jo and he is known to both Death and the Man in the Moon, and appears to be a part of Death's plans.

He is said to resemble Pitch, though differs from him greatly.

Ayveris, The Spirit of the Thaw/ Spring Bunny:

Age: Eight years old.

Hair/Fur: Dark grey, black tipped ears. A black marking in the shape of a sycamore leaf on his back.

Eyes: Large, reddish brown.

Appearance: Has 2 different forms:

1: Small form; Tiny, rabbit kitten-build but retains eyes on the front of his face like a pooka. Arms are tiny and feet much bigger.

2: Large mode/form: Resembles Bunnymund in shape and appearance, though different face and colouring. Arms are longer and thumbs are opposable; Legs longer and he no longer walks on all floors. The size of a normal, eight-year old child.

(I always had this character in mind and always liked him. I had the idea that with Jack Frost getting out of hand with winter, making it too long and all with his recklessness, someone would have to take control of spring and help it along. And thus Ayveris, usually called Ayver, came into being. He is more of a supporting friend character like Hauna, though more important by far. Despite his looks, Ayver is NOT a pooka, or at least, not a true one. Why will be explained another time.)

A small rabbit that resembled that of the fabled pooka, Ayveris is the spirit and bringer of Spring and the Thaw. A quirt, soft spoken and timid individual, Ayver is a good friend of Anguish, Hal and Ducky and was taken into the older of the three's care when he was little.

Despite being timid in most situations, Ayver is determined to get his job done and can have a short temper around some (usually his rival Jack Frost and others that try to pet him too much) And will defend himself if necessary. Despite these good traits, everyone has flaws: His being his naive personality and gullibility. Usually he finds himself in tight spots because of these with no-one else to blame but himself.


Mary Mgeeth: Jo's sister. A good, kind girl who has moved out of her home after reaching adulthood, she loves her youngest brother dearly but feels that she can't help her other family members as they go down their bad-natured paths. She is overprotective of Jo and worries often, and is very anxious. Not the best at judgement.

John Mgeeth: Jo's dead wight older brother. A sloth-like, bulky teen, John is mean to his little brother and doesn't seem to care about him that much until towards the end. He does indeed care for Jo, but not enough as he should have. He is known to be lazy and resembles his father.

Mr and Mrs Mgeeth- Jo's parents. While Mr Mgeeth is uncaring and cold towards his children, Mrs Mgeeth is known to have been more caring and loving towards her children before falling into a tired, strained lifestyle. She provides money for the family and works late hours. She is passive towards her youngest son, but still odes care about him.



Age: Young adult.

Fur: Light, fair. Creamy/ fawn in colour.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Build: Small and physically week. Clumsy; Runt of the litter. Prone to illnesses more than other rabbits.


Timid, nervous and bad tempered; Sweet, kind and caring towards her friends but firm and cold towards her enemies. Not too brave and is rather helpless in combat. Skilled in healing.

Clementine is a small rabbit who finds herself as a castaway on the sea after the land she was on collapsed and broke apart. She is a kind individual but is scared often. She is useless in combat due to her weak build and easily frightened nature.

She makes friends overtime with people, but can be oblivious to some things. She is good at healing and can be firm and short-tempered if the need arose. She is a cup is half empty sort of person sometimes and is anxious about most things.


Age: Adult, not young but not old.

Appearance: Dark blue with tan underbelly.

Eyes: Dark brown, narrowed.

Build: Tall for his race, typical build of an armadillo (short, bulky and quick)


Argeth is infamous for his sarcastic, blunt and almost rude attitude. He is cold and critical and usually had his arms folded. He is easily annoyed and very hostile to those he doesn't like or doesn't know.

Despite this he warms up to people who knows he can trust and whom he begins to like, and brings forth acts of kindness and other things resulting from this. When he was younger he has a similar personality but less cold and calculating. He is very anti-social most of the time. All in all, he is a good person.


Age: In human years, around Eleven years old. Maybe even ten.

Fur: Dark, black with white underbelly.

Eyes: Bright green. Most noticeable feature.

Build: True to his species, he is large compared to most children and rather bulky. Despite this he is very small compared to Gutt, who is also an ape of his species. His head-fur falls over and covers his right eye and annoys him often, and he has soft, young features and white, slightly crooked teeth.


Cocoum is a out-going and all together friendly boy but loves to irritate people and is slightly sarcastic. Due to not having parents, he usually pulls pranks and gets away with it and is not afraid to talk back. The only one able to keep him in control is Gutt.

Despite his carefree, fun-loving nature, Cocoum is kind, lonely and rather mournful because of his past. He loves to annoy Gutt and is usually after attention from him and others.

He is good friends with Argeth.



A small, mute kitten who once lived under the Brooklyn Bridge, Toby is a mysterious yet friendly person who befriends Jazz once night after the latter saved him when he ran into trouble. He is timid and refuses to speak, and is extremely distrusting of some people.


A witty and usually stammering wise guy, Kip fancies himself the leader of his small trio made up of himself, Bluedoo and Cha-Cha. He is a smart kitten but rather rash and hasty, and is known for having a bit of a temper. He is a short, grey kitten with a notably dark patch over his right eye. He usually is the one left with the task of giving an alibi. He is rather distrusting of others.


A blissfully clueless and innocent kitten, young Bluedoo prefers to follow Kip and Cha-Cha without taking any leadership on himself, mostly because he wouldn't be very good at it. He's very sweet towards people and usually doubts some of Kip's plans. True to his name, Bluedoo is a dark blue-furred kitten wearing a tattered scarf around his waist. He is known to love snacks.


Named after or having named it after himself, This kitten's name is derived from his little victory/ happy/pass time song that he chants whenever he feels necessary: Cha, Cha, Cha-cha-cha!

Cha-Cha loves music and dancing, and can be seen humming under his breath or drumming on nearby objects whether their noise is present or not. He sports reddish-pink fur as is said to be tall for his age. He is not very bright, in fact some would say he is 'below average intelligence but he makes up with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. He never seems to be unhappy.

???? Kitten:

Not much is known about this small and mysterious kitten who hovers in the background, only that like Toby, he bears yellow fur but perhaps also have black in his colouring. He is usually seen nearby Toby and may be a relative due to their similar appearance.


Bravestarr: Mundy, Kerr Quin & Thundah

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"This is the story of Ickabar Locksher, Percival Tachyon and Raymas Lars- three foster brothers raised on Fastoon. Their story, like many, began happy, but's ending was not." Set Before the demise of the lombaxes. The years after Tachyon's birth, the lives of those who were once close to him, and the days leading to an inevitable end. PLEASE READ AUTHOR'S NOTE.
Ratchet and Clank - Rated: T - English - Family/Tragedy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,199 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/27/2013 - Published: 3/11/2013 - Percival T. - Complete
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ONE-SHOT: Sequel fic to 'To Borrow a Sceptre' "As Ripto's search for his sceptre becomes a little too destructive to Avalar, a certain scepter swiper must return it as promised. That is, if he can sneak past Gulp and Crush on the way, and avoid being fired..."
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ONE-SHOT *Pre-Ratchet and Clank* Years before the attack on Fastoon, a young Percival Tachyon and his foster brother Ickabar spent most nights like this one chatting like brothers do. Despite being a lombax, Ickabar is as much of an outcast as he is.
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ONE-SHOT. "A Long time ago, he'd been Percy. "
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ONE-SHOT: Follow-Up of 'But I Know the Truth' "The first ever living being to be successful restore from cryogenic suspension, and Dr IQ was around and alive to see it. He'd never felt more proud. But...soon after, very soon, that feeling began to fade. To Put it simply, the duck just wanted to go home" Professor IQ'S thoughts on the one he revived from Cryogenic Suspension.
Looney Tunes - Rated: K+ - English - Sci-Fi/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 675 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Published: 5/16/2013 - Daffy Duck - Complete
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Ice Age - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 40,402 - Reviews: 119 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 3/9/2013 - Published: 11/16/2012 - Gutt, Squint - Complete
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Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 14 - Words: 30,329 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 2/2/2013 - Published: 11/22/2012 - Pitch, Tooth - Complete
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Jack Frost and Bunnymund, run into the little, rabbit-like Spirit of Spring on separate occasions. Ayver (or Ayvie as Jack has named him), is the young bringer of the thaw, who is new to the world but knows that he should have kept far away from the mischievous winter spirit...him and his idea of 'fun.' Set during Pre-Movie and Post-Trailer scene. NO pairings.
Rise of the Guardians - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,565 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 25 - Published: 11/22/2012 - Bunnymund, Jack Frost - Complete
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Madagascar - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,745 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 11/18/2012 - Published: 11/17/2012
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...'Pop goes the weasel.' Krai, a tiny weasel boy, finds his best and only friend Marshall, the delinquent sloth, has been dragged by a pterodactyl into the dangerous world of dinosaurs below. Now he's faced with the deadly task of bringing Marshall home as his fretful past resurfaces to test his nerve. It doesn't help that the older weasel helping him is seemingly insane...
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