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Hey guys :)

My name is Serena, but you can call me Oxycodone, Oxy, Serena or S.

I'm 19. I'm a pre-law student.

I love writing and photography. I especially enjoy writing fanfiction, especially for HP fandom.

Just one clarification: I do not respond to reviews via PM unless they are very long and/or detailed, or you are asking a question. But I do try to review or at least favorite, at least one of your stories if you have reviewed a fic of mine.

I also do not like it very much when you follow or favorite my fics without reviewing. Reviews are really the only thing that keeps an author going, and (BTW this is by no means a threat or a ploy to get more reviews - I'm simply stating the facts) if one of my fics does not get a sufficient amount of reviews, it's a strong probability for me to abandon that fic. If it's for a challenge, I'll try to keep going, but even so, most of the time I simply do not have enough motivation without reviews.

Now enough of the serious stuff. On to my favorites...

Favorite music: Anything, really. From Nirvana to Florence The Machine, from Garbage to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, from Pink Floyd to Vast. Anything and everything in between.

Favorite movies: God, too many to list. To name a few: Léon: The Professional, Pulp Fiction, Sleepers, Thelma & Louise, Scarface, Fight Club, American Beauty...

Favorite books: Harry Potter (duh), all Dan Brown books, anything and everything disturbing and twisted, like Chuck Palahnuik books or Factotum by Charles Bukowski. Catcher in the Rye, Less Than Zero, American Psycho (what can I say, Bret Easton is good.), Requiem For A Dream... As far as classics go, Anna Karenina was amazing. I also love the plays based on ancient Greek mythology stuff, like Antigone by Sophocles etc. Gossip Girl and some vampire stuff would be my guilty pleasure (definitely not Twilight though - at least Gossip Girl is ironic. Stephanie Meyer seriously thought she was writing something serious and important. God.) Oh & as for fantasy books, Lord of the Rings trilogy is a cliche but very good and The Hobbit is even better, both right up there with my beloved Harry Potter. You know what, I'll just stop now. Just don't get me started on books ever again, I'll never shut up.

Favorite color: purple

Birthday: August 8th

Zodiac sign (yeah I believe in horoscopes - go on, laugh): Leo

Favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. Maybe some How I Met Your Mother as well.

What I'll read or write: Anything. And I mean it. Incest, murder, smut, rape, pedophilia, drugs, self harm, suicide, abuse... You name it, I'll write/read it. Actually the more dark and twisted, the better. And if I'm writing it - I can't guarantee it'll all be moral and stuff. You might feel I'm "glorifying" some horrible taboo stuff. Consider yourself warned. As a plus side, when I'm picking the ratings of my work, I play it pretty safe, so if the rating is low, there is probably nothing disturbing at all.

Favorite pairings:


Lily Luna/Teddy - OTP, either as unrequited love on Lily's part or a forbidden affair.

Bellatrix/Rodolphus - OTP, in a completely twisted relationship where Bella is in love with Voldemort and they both cheat with different people.

Bellatrix/Voldemort - not quite OTP, but close enough.




Sirius/Lily - not quite OTP, but close enough.



Draco/Luna - not quite OTP, but close enough.

Any and every kind of Blackcest.

Twincest - as in Fred/George. The Patil twins are just boring.


Tom Riddle Jr./Ginny - twisted diary stuff.

Tom Riddle Jr./Druella - why Druella resents her daughter Bellatrix so much.











and so on :P

Gossip Girl:



Serena/Chuck - in a twisted, "Nate/Blair are happy and we can't have them, so let's fuck" kind of way. Plus the "universal taboo" of incest is appealing. Yeah, I'm twisted like that.

Vanessa/Dan - because they are both so dull, they just belong together.











Damon/Caroline - not really rooting for them, just the dark and twisted side of them appeals to me.




Least Favorite pairings:






Snape/Harry (a fic I read recently made me doubt that - if anyone's interested, PM me and I'll send the link !)

Snape/Hermione (ditto)





Harry/anyone, really. I just hate that guy :P



Rose/Scorpius - it's just Dramonie for less adventurous people. Which sucks even more than Dramonie, if you ask me.

Majority of Gryffindor/Slytherin pairings




Ted/Zoe and all other irrelevant women, really.

Gossip Girl:


Anything that involves Dan, Jenny or Vanessa. Urgh.



Anything involving Matt, Jeremy or Bonnie. Urgh.

Currently listening to: Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Dead Man

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and they lived happily never after reviews
Loves and passions of various Harry Potter characters. Lots of pairings, some weird, some not. Drabble collection. Warnings: I really don't know. Anything may pop up. There will definitely be slash, femmeslash and crossgen. There might be smut or incest. There might be some real dark stuff and an insane lack of fluff. We'll see how it goes :/
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Lycanthropy reviews
Teddy Lupin isn't a bad person, really. It's just the wolf blood in him that makes him do all that stuff at the full moon. Teddy/Victoire. Teddy/Lily Luna. Warnings: mentions of rough sex - nothing explicit - and infidelity. Dedicated to Anna.
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Rodolphus has been addicted to one thing or another since he was a kid. First it was drugs, to forget about his father's abuse. Now, it's his sister-in-law, to distract him from his wife's betrayal. Rodolphus/Narcissa. Mentions of Rodolphus/Bellatrix and Narcissa/Lucius. Implied Bellamort. Warnings: Infidelity, drug abuse, mild violence. Rated T to be safe.
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Moonlight Swim reviews
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Unique reviews
"It becomes a routine very quickly. Whenever he feels himself slipping away and Uncle Fred's presence surround him, screaming how he will never be good enough, he walks calmly into the bathroom and draws patterns on his skin." Written for s8rgrlhinata's Issues Competition. Warning: Rated M for self harm.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,305 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 10 - Published: 10/25/2012 - Fred W. II - Complete