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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto.

I also use the penname Starsaphire so you may have been one of the lucky few who received a review from me under that name, before I joined up.

Anyway, welcome to my profile. I hope you enjoy my stories and reviews. I always welcome any constructive criticism or feedback so don’t be shy. Also if you just want to talk about a fandom, in particular Naruto and its beautiful Uchiha clan, you are always welcome! I have been dying to talk about this fandom as I don’t know any other fans and I’ve been watching the anime for three years now and reading the manga almost as long.

Update 18/8/13 - Covet - Chapter 2 finally updated! A Wish Fulfilled is currently on hiatus but I'll try my best to come back to it. To all the reviewers (especially the guest reviewers like Bre who left an amazing review that I can't reply to personally) - thank you so much and I haven't forgotten the story. I am starting University shortly and have a lot of prep work for that so updates will be infrequent for a while, but I really do appreciate all the reviews and feedback I get and it does really inspire me to keep writing so don't be shy! Also keep checking out my DA page as my degree is going to be in Illustration so you might see a few more pieces of fan art here and there!

Brief note about me.

I act, write and draw. I’ve been reading fanfiction for years now, but always had reservations about writing my own. Still after reading some of the wonderful work on this site, I realised it’s a great way to improve your skills and connect with some very talented, like-minded people. One day I hope to share with you my original work but for now enjoy the fanfiction.

I’m a Sci-Fi/Fantasy girl but I also like mythology and comparative religion. If you are interested in this and are an anime fan I recommend youtubing Crispin Freeman’s Anime Mythology trailer. He is very interesting and insightful and not to mention hot! Just what you’d expect from Itachi Uchiha’s voice actor.

Some of my favourite works include Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and Melanie Rawn’s Exiles series.

I’m also a big anime fan (as you might have noticed!). I love Naruto, Bleach, Fruits Basket, High School Host Club, The Vision of Escaflowne, Witchhunter Robin, Last Exile, Scrapped Princess, Yugioh and the Studio Ghibi films.

I have too many favourite movies to name but the one I love at the moment is Thor/The Avengers – Loki is amazing (I have a not so secret weakness for sexy anti-heroes!) Labyrinth and Legend also have to get a mention.

As for TV series it has to be Sci-Fi – BSG, Stargate, Farscape and Babylon 5. I'm also a fan of period dramas as well.

Soundtrack for 'A Wish Fulfilled.' (I have included links where I can, but just search YouTube for the rest and let me know if you find others that remind you of the story or of Kishi's manga.) Please note - no copyright infringement intended!

You can use a lot of these for various chapters.


Naruto Shippuden OSTs (obviously!)

I recommend The Emergence of Talents and Kokuten for fighting, Naruto track - Anger for Jubi/Kyubi and Girei and Eye of the Moon Plan OST for Obito.

Chapter 1 - I also listened the amazing Bear Mccreary's soundtrack to BSG Season 3, tracks - Storming New Caprica, Refugees Return, Violence and Variations and Someone to Trust.

Chapter 2 - Eye of the Moon Plan OST is great for when Obito is manipulating the blocks.

For the rest of the chapter, I listened to Future World Music Mix. You can play around with this playlist but below are the songs I particularly liked.

Damnum et Triumphus – Obito’s love for Rin and the world he will make because of her.

Celebration – Naruto and Obito face off.

Path to Divinity – General epic background music. I also like to think this conveys both Obito and Naruto’s struggle and conviction for their different goals.

Timekeepers – Epic, triumphant music – the Dome of Light.

Flying High – Could be a more techno version of the starting battle in Obito’s other dimension.

A World of Dreams – The title says it all – Obito dreams of his beloved.

Birth of a Hero – The confrontation in Chapter 1 and the battle in the other dimension – Chapter 2.

Future World - Eerie, epic fighting music.

The Arrival – Ten Tails!

The Chosen Ones - Obito and Naruto battle. I love this song and I can see it working for a lot of the story and for the Shinobi World as a whole.

Chapter 3 - look at the above.

Chapter 4 - Girei extended and Killer Tracks - Nation Rises, which can be found at 17 mins on this mix, which has some great epic action themes.

The band Amorphis have some great tracks as well and 'Her alone' IS Obito/Rin

I will try and update this as I go along. Have fun!

Writing Style

1) Like the Naruto manga/anime, I do switch perspective a lot to get different characters thoughts within a scene. Please let me know if this works for you as a reader? I can’t promise to change but it helps to know if the storyline is clear or if people are getting confused.

2) I try to use the Japanese suffixes and words as much as possible but sometimes I do switch for variety like using ‘Kyubi’ and ‘the Nine Tails’ for example.

3) I take my translations of the manga from various places so if the words vary from what you have read, please remember that and just take the general meaning.


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