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Hey world, I'm Gilva! (formerly Man Geezium) Welcome to my profile page! If you're reading this, you are doomed for life! No, you cannot get out of this by forwarding to fifteen other people: there are no loopholes. It all goes downhill from here, and there's nothing you can do about it! Mwahahahaha!!!!

But seriously. Hi. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

I'm a very fast reader and a very, very, very slow writer :) Therefore, I do a lot of beta-reading and reviewing. It's a little nerve-wracking when I receive notes from my beta and reviewers, but I'm always so much more pleased with my work afterwards, so it makes me happy that I can do the same for fellow authors. Half the time reading their work is what breaks down my writer's block!

Availability (as a beta):

My final exam period will be over in mid-May, and I'll probably open up a few more spaces for the summer, since my part-time jobs tend to leave me with a gaping intellectual vacuum. If you're interested in acquiring my services, feel free to PM me now, but I won't be able to start working on any new projects until after finals.


For now, I'm only writing for Hetalia, because I like being able to use historical events as the backbone for my stories. Most of the time I prefer to read nonfiction, as well as, occasionally, older literature (I know, such a snob, right?). In case anyone's curious about my personal tastes, my favorite mainstream 'verses are:

All J. R. R. Tolkein (primarily LotR)The Bartimaus TrilogyHarry PotterPirates of the CaribbeanMonty Python (although I can't imagine writing a fanfiction for that... does it even exist?)Torchwood (and occasionally Dr. Who)Anything Stargate-related (mostly SG-1)My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicCommunitySouth Park (been watchin' it since I was 11... yeah, I was that kind of kid.)Most Joss Whedon stuff (but especially Firefly.)Avatar: the Last AirbenderSome Star TrekHetalia (obviously)Fullmetal AlchemistOuran High School Host Club (see? I can be girly!)Death Noteto be continued?

I actually read stuff outside my own fandoms all the time (although I haven't gotten around to finding them again and favoriting. I lurked for years before finally creating an account). Good writing is good writing, and you don't have to be a member of a specific fandom to appreciate it.

About me:

My penname. It is a mushroom. The end.

Okay, fine. Generally I'm not a fan of self-description because it so frequently devolves into "I have icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee..." (from the infamous My Immortal). However, when I come across a really awesome fic, it's fun to see a little of what that author is like. Not that I've written enough to have fans, but my profile gets at least a view a day according to FFNet's statistics, so I suppose I ought to do people the courtesy of saying something.

In the real world I'm a science person, and literature is the dessert of life. I could never write as a profession; my brain would become diabetic. I'm methodical and analytic, so you're not likely to come across any major plot holes in my stories, but I have to work hard to keep things from getting dry or pedantic (for example, minimizing the parenthetical rants, hehe). I'm cynical, but optimistic, so I tend to prefer deconstruction/reconstruction stories, especially in fanfic. I love parodies but hate parroties. I love angst but hate wangst. I love romance but hate shipevangelism. It makes me sad that some people can't tell the difference. Those poor, unsubtle souls.

Current favorite word-- Curmudgeon: a crusty, ill-tempered grouch; usually an old man. Origin unknown. (There is an International Society of Curmudgeons. Their URL is grumpy-people dot com. Their mission statement: "Be a professional grouch." I am officially satisfied with the state of the universe.) Runner-up: Cantankerous.


I, Gilva Lepista, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else. I have joined the review revolution.

But I only read good fics, so don't worry about flames. I've never understood that, actually-- why waste your time reading something that's terrible just so you can swear at it? Anyway, I almost always have some constructive criticisms, but all reviews I write are meant as compliments. Especially since this site does have a fair amount of bad fic, it's important to give the good ones the recognition they deserve.

Obviously, I appreciate the same type of in-depth reviews on any of my fics, but I won't demand them or anything. For years I was too intimidated to review any of the the true gems of this site, so I totally understand being a little shy about it. :) And one-liners are good too! All input is encouraging and helps me understand which parts are making the biggest impact on my audience, and which parts need a little work. And that helps me move forward with the story (wink, wink).

Current projects:

"Manifestations of our Destinies" (Hetalia), beta-reader Punmaster Extrordinaire

After nearly two centuries living under Russian rule, Lithuania has finally regained his independence. Unfortunately, he's in major financial trouble, so he travels across the Atlantic to the land of opportunity: America.

This is going a little faster now with the help of my extraordinary beta-reader. A big thank you to those of you who have reviewed, followed, or just kept up with it despite the epic slowness. I really appreciate it, and hope you enjoy reading!

Beta-reader for "Handled" (Avatar: the Last Airbender) by theAsh0

The last stronghold against the Fire Lord Ozai is the Earth-kingdom city of Ba Sing Se. Within its walls lives a young man named Lee, a simple tea-maker's nephew. But for some reason, he keeps dreaming that he is a phantom in a blue and white mask.

The first two chapters are up, so check it out if you're interested!

Projects on hiatus:

Beta-reader for "Untitled" (The Hobbit) by geometric-harmartia

While searching for his friends in the dungeons of Thranduil's castle, Bilbo comes across another prisoner: a young Easterling who has been nearly starved by the elf King. The kind-hearted Hobbit takes pity on her, and resolves to save her from her cruel fate.

Still in the early stages, but get excited anyway :D

Beta-reader for "Every Contact Leaves Its Trace" (Batman Begins / The Dark Knight) by Cansei de Ser Sexy

Ms. Cameron Reese is a stern, calculating young woman who talks little, and smiles even less. She takes a job at Wayne Enterprises so she can embezzle funds from the mega-corporation, but ends up finding far more than she anticipated.

This is an epic multi-chaptered fic which was originally uploaded almost a year ago. We're revising it, primarily for a smoother, more coherent narrative.

Finished projects:

None so far :)

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