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Author has written 1 story for Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

(Caution: You are about to enter the author's pointless babbling zone...)

Status: Currently reading the whole (yes, whole) fanfiction stories of the Rurouni Kenshin series before I make one of my own (I only read Kenshin and Kaoru pairing. And, nothing more...)

I only read stories about my favorite couples and nothing else (i.e. Kenshin and Kaoru). And like a typical, rabid fan girl, I will make mince meat (to the character, not to the author *laughs*) who dares to endanger their relationship (i.e. Enishi, I REALLY hate him ((Forgive me, Enishi fangirls. I know to you all, he is hot but I think otherwise)). Anyway, there are some characters that I made an exemption as long as my favorite duo ends up together in the end (i.e. Soujiro) ((Haha... I am such a biased. ))

Update: Currently having a writer's block ... (Bittersweet Chocolate: Rune Factory) :L But, don't worry, I'm going to update it as soon as possible!

(Didn't expect my story has been tagged as favourites to other readers... * O * I am so happy! Thank you, guys for appreciating a story from a novice writer! :'DDD )

Anyway,if anyone is interested in reading stories created by myself, this is the link: https://www.fictionpress.com/u/868514/Tsukiko-Saito (I have the same pen name as in here in fanfiction.com).

Temporarily lazy to pour energy on my stories and to finish some of my artworks (THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, PROCRASTINATION!!!)

Although, I was unable to continue one of my works, both literature and art, I entered an art contest this November. I am currently working on my piece, this year(4 drafts and currently designing the characters' costumes). Hope I will be able to finish it before or during the deadline which was by the way, next year. (I am such a lazy bone at times, plus being a perfectionist, plus unable to focus an idea suited for a particular subject. That's why I was unable to finish some of my works...) (= _ =) *sigh*

Please review and message (if you want), much appreciated! :)

P.S. Forgive my grammar, English is my second language. I'm not professionally fluent at it and so far, I currently don't have a beta reader for any of my stories, yet.

I only showed my works to one of my classmates when I was in college and my family, particularly my sibling. Unfortunately, they, including her, don't have a thing for any of my works. So, I needed badly for someone to review.

Favorite Music Genre: Pop, Country, Classic, Classic Rock & Roll, Indie, and Instrumental

Favorite Music: Vocaloid, Hymmnos (Ar Tonelico), Winter (Paul Halley), Anime OP and Ending and Fly to Paradise (recently)

Favorite Anime Series: Rurouni Kenshin (as you all know... *laughs* So, love that series... :( ), Cyborg 009 (Love Joe and Francois a.k.a Cyborg 009 and 003), D.N.Angel, and Digimon 01 and 02. (That's all I could think of, for now... )

Favorite Manga Series: Rurouni Kenshin (as usual), Tenshi Ja Nai! (Made me swoon as I read it, many times *so many hearts* *coughs*), Penguin Revolution (*hearts floating on my head*), Kitchen Princess, Yoru Made Matenai, Beast Master, MeruPuri, Munasawagi Karute, Pump Up! and Pig Bride (That is also I could think of, for now... )

Favorite Movies: The Harry Potter Series, Rurouni Kenshin (Live-Action) (From the first up to "The Legend Ends" ((Hope they make the Jinchu Arc next... Come on people! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE THE MOST ANTICIPATED FINALE OF THE SERIES!!! GRRR!!!))

Some of the works of Studio Ghibli (i.e Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away), Back to the Future I, II, and III, Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton), and Sherlock Holmes ( Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes). (That's all I could think of, for now... )

Favorite TV Series: Doctor Who ( I stopped watching when David Tennant did not anymore portrayed as The Doctor because the character regenerated into the 11th Doctor. David Tennant is one of the British Actors that I have a crush on, used to be Daniel Radcliffe xD), Some of the 80's & 90's Cartoons and Reality TV Series ( Cow and Chicken, I. M. Weasel, The Legends of the Hidden Temple, etc.) The Scooby-Doo Series, Ghost Whisperer, Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb. (I still not outgrew my interests in cartoons and I chose to stay that way... :) )

Favorite Books: The Harry Potter Series and Seth-Grahame Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Favorite Video Games: (Yes, I still play video games, nothing to be ashamed about.) Nancy Drew Series, Cooking Mama, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Okami, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Pata Pon, Journey, the Ar Tonelico Series and Otome games ((too bad the majority are in Japanese and the consoles are PSP/PSV)).

Favorite Genres:

(in the fanfiction website) Romance (even though I hate to admit it), Supernatural, Fantasy, Horror (it depends...), Drama and Suspense. (It depends on the plot of the story) Humor and Tragedy

(in quotev) Dark, Romance (I hate to admit it), Fantasy, Supernatural, Drama, Horror (it depends...), Suspense and Yandere (MaleAnime Character X Female Reader Only). (It depends on the plot of the story) Humor and Tragedy

(In the anime/manga series) Romance (once again saying, I so despised to admit it. The reason is that I am quite a tomboy-ish girl who don't want to show to other people, she likes this kind of stuff and be bombarded with so many advice (i.e. my classmates *laugh*). I only listen to my family),

Gender-Bender (Mostly the males dressing up as girls, one of my weird tastes... xD ), Shoujo (mostly, I find it now, so frustrating because the majority of the population of heroines always and I mean ALWAYS ends up with a guy that has black hair, cool-type personae or cold-type personae. (kuudere (and/or dandere in Japanese) I mean... COME ON!!! Give the guys with light hair, sweet and cute-type personalities a CHANCE!!! GOD! >:(( ), and Reverse Harem (Another one of my weird tastes *laughs*)

(In the movies:) Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, and Action

(In the TV series:) Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, and Action

(In the books:) Mystery, Action, Suspense, and Fantasy

Disliked Genres:

(In the fanfiction website) Only Tragedy

(in Quotev) Only Tragedy

(In the anime/manga series) Harem, Tragedy, and most importantly Yaoi or Shounen-Ai, Yuri or Shoujo-Ai (I believe in traditional kind of love and relationship, and WILL always stay that way! >:(( ).

(In the movies:) (CHEESY) Romance and Drama, Horror, Tragedy, and Psychological Thriller

(in the TV series:) (CHEESY) Romance and Drama and Tragedy

(In the books:) Romance (i.e. The Twilight Series, I think I am one of the few girls who do not dare to read it, let alone touch the stuff xD), Drama, and Tragedy

About reviewing: I only made a comment to those stories who really, really touched my heart. (Forgive me, if I am a bit harsh or cruel... :( I don't know what to type about to those authors who made stories that have a satisfying end or to those who made, well... not so perfect... But, I'll try to comment others' works, next time.)

Physical qualities of men that may be weird to others but not to me: I have a slight fetish in a Shota in a manga/anime series (No! I am not a pedophile and SEVERELY against it!) but to males who are baby-face. I also prefer boys who are thin yet have a few muscles than to males who have six-pack abs. I DESPISED beefcake type of guys. I prefer nerds over jocks (I find guys with glasses are attractive... It depends...) and guys who chose brain over brawn.

In-Progress Works:

Life of a Rose (Ar Tonelico)

The Star and the Cross (Vocaloid)

Bittersweet Chocolate (Rune Factory 4) (Frey X ?)

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