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Hey-hey! I'm lunafrak, your author for this fanfiction account, and I'll be your guide!

I have an account on DeviantArt under the same name

WARNING: If you choose to look at my gallery you WILL come across spoilers for future stories

EDIT: 2-17-13

Oh wow, uhh; it's been a while. Things have changed around here, and I should probably make some kind of update :I

It's not that I don't write fanfictions anymore, it's that the main ones I would have submitted on here aren't at the front of my 'to-do list'. Fanfictions such as 'Bound to You' and continuing Lucinda and Trigger's journeys aren't my main concern right now. Unfortunately, I'm behind on playing the KH games, and not only that, I've lost most of my interest in the current series. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the first game, and Chain of Memories is alright; but from 2 on, I just can't get that same feeling. As much as I love Lucinda and Trigger and would love to continue their journeys, I have other things on my mind; mainly the fact that I'm currently enrolled in school, majoring in baking and pastry arts, the other being that I have another story on my mind (I'll get to that in a minute).

Also, getting back onto the subject of fandoms, my most prominent one at the moment is in FF7, but doesn't revolve around a very popular character. I did have a fic called 'Cause and Effect', based around Prof. Hollander getting into a problem and meeting several original characters. I ended up scrapping that fic and naming its replacement 'Fine Filth'. But since I'm such a slow writer (as anyone who was reading CotH during its progress knows), it's only on chapter 2. I have ficlets up on DevArt, but they're more for my own fun than anything.

The same goes for 'Where is my Life Guide?'. I haven't gotten back into Digimon for some time, and this fic still doesn't have a full plot outline (lol neither does 'Bound to You', though). And 'Sneak' was always rather meant to be a one-shot; however, anyone interested in the plot is welcome to use it as a 'prompt' of sorts if they wish *shrug*

However, that one story I talked about that I'm writing (albeit slowly) and I've started working on is an original story that I've been posting on DevArt (I have pics to go with it on there) and Fictionpress (also under the name 'lunafrak'). It's called 'Bequest'; if you're interested in any of my fanfictions, please feel free to check it out and leave any comments/critiques.

Sorry about my lack of productivity on here. There might be a few pieces to upload in the future, but until then, maybe someday I can start posting again on 'Bound to You', or 'Intertwined', or maybe I'll find a new fandom in the future

Fanfiction list:

Completed fics

Kingdom Hearts - Children of the Heartless: Written in 2004 (I had just turned 16) for Kingdom Hearts. I'm really proud that it's been fairly warmly received. In it, Riku finds a princess named Lucinda trapped in the crystal waterways. He revives her and her best friend, a half-hearted Shadow named Trigger, and discovers that she is the niece of Ansem. Maleficent becomes interested in her knowledge of the Heartless, but Lucinda won't indulge her the information, so Maleficent sends Riku to do the job.

This fic is still (in my mind) waiting to be edited like whoa. At one point I started adding cursing, and I think I've gotten most of it taken out. I also need to extend that first chapter (I had once before, but then that laptop died :I). And with the way it was written and the changes made in the KH series itself, it needs a good polishing (at least to me it does)

Kingdom Hearts & Gargoyles - Sneak: Organization XIII seeks out David Xanatos in the Eyrie building, recognizing him as a Nobody - oneshot

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Redemption: Ansem the Wise doesn't disappear with his decoder machine; instead, he is nearly killed after shoving Sora out of the way of an attacking Xemnas - oneshot

Final Fantasy 7 Compilation - She Used to be Mine: Professor Hollander has to send a letter to Gillian concerning the Jenova Project nearly a year after her escape; instead he sends a letter filled with memories of their past - songfic, oneshot

Fanfiction list


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Bound to You: The first (and currently only) sequel to CotH. Lucinda and Trigger continue their journey to find Riku with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, only to have their paths split by a stranger named Bullet and Lucinda's continuously deteriorating state, thanks to old and new injuries.

Final Fantasy 7 Compilation - Fine Filth: Professor Hollander has discovered Genesis' powers and has recruited him and Lazard in their attempt at bringing down Shinra. Behind the scenes of this 'resistance' are Angeal's new family and the effect of his departure on them, Hollander's continued unrequited feelings for Gillian, and a test subject from the slums who isn't quite sure of who she is or what she wants.

Final Fantasy 7 Compilation - Intertwined: A story following the lives of Reeve Tuesti and his once-college crush, Chastity. After their separation when she graduates, they eventually reunite under Shinra's roof, but with new obstacles to overcome.

Digimon - Where is My Life Guide?: Yukio Oikawa is newly divorced, and he and his ex must now break the news to their young daughters. This fic hasn't been worked on in years, and while there are ideas, I don't see it being continued soon.

Kingdom Hearts - But I'll Get Up Again: Follows the relationship between a young Ansem the Wise and an actress through the years of his becoming ruler of Radiant Garden through the betrayal of his apprentices and becoming DiZ.

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A young woman is given the chance to leave the hardships of the slums behind. Life begins anew; yet each beginning bodes an eventual end. Creative liberties taken with materia; canonxOC in later chapters
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Redemption reviews
Ansem looked as Sora approached with his friends in tow. His heart full of remorse, he knew the Key-Bearer was the only one capable of ending the chaos: "Sora, the rest is up to you. And Roxas, I doubt you can hear me, but... I am sorry." ONE-SHOT A/U
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