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Hey! Yeah, you! The cutie who's reading this.

Did that get your attention? Good, now please forget about that awkward way of getting your attention.

My stories:

1. Pieces (Tokyo Ghoul fanfic) - Kaneki sacrifices himself to save Tokyo. When he wakes up he finds himself back to where everything began. Will he be able to change the fate set in stone for him? Time Travel AU. Strong Kaneki. Kaneki x Touka. status: ongoing

What types of fandoms in this site are you into?

1. Tokyo Ghoul - well obviously xD Tokyo ghoul has got to be the fandom that I'm most and currently am invested in. I've been in love with the fandom ever since and I've wanted to write a fanfic about it for so long.

2. Naruto - Naruto's another one of those that I'm very invested in. It also seems to contain a lot of the really good fanfics in this site whether it be a crossover or not.

3. PJO series - PJO is one of those books that I seemed to grow up with. And it's what got me into reading fanfiction. A lot of the works made by Anaklusmos14 (my favorite author in this site) were really brilliant and very inspiring.

4. Fate series - God I love the fate series. It may not contain a lot of fics but damn are the ones there really good. I've actually got a fate fanfic drafted somewhere but I never thought of publishing it since I don't know if I could really continue writing it.

5. A song of Ice and Fire - One of the best written fanfics I've read in this site is Dragons of Ice and Fire by serpentguy. Like holy shit is that thing really well written. A lot of the fics there are good reads too and theres quite the number of them.

6. RWBY - RWBY fics are really fun to read and they have a lot of fun crossovers.

7. BNHA - BNHA's popularity has spun some really good content from fans. Although it seems to be pretty hard to find a good fic since I find that it's hard to write a good story about a really op character who's made a lot of good choices in the main series. But the ones that find the right balance are really, really awesome.

8. FMA - Although I read a lot more crossover fanfics with FMA. FMA x HP is freakin insane. There's a lot of correlating concepts between both universes and the way authors mix them up is really good.

I admit I read way more than I would care to admit. These are just amongst the ones that I search for the most. I shit you not I pretty much read a fanfic about anything I read, watch, or play and that's a really long list.

Why the hell do you update so slow?

Well the stress of my modern office has caused me to go into a depression... Thumbs up to you if you got that reference ;) I happen to be a college student studying engineering so that pretty much explains everything. It's hellish where I study so I barely have a lot of free time to do anything, and when I do have some free time I find it really really really hard to be productive since it feels so good to relax sometimes. You feel me guys?

Any tips on how to make a good fanfic on this site?

I happen to have some that I am happy to share it for you guys :)

1. Good content attracts people - Now I wouldn't say that mine is the best but if you have a good story that people would love to read then you'd be making those people want to read your story more and more. And as the numbers grow up, you'd only serve to gather more and more people to await your next update.

2. Look for what's missing - If you read an unhealthy amount of fanfiction such as I do then you'd begin to notice things that seem to be missing in a fandom. My fanfic Pieces adopted a pretty popular concept which is what I like to call 'fix-it fics' which is a redo of the story only in a different take. A lot of popular fandoms where the main character starts out weak or the ending was tragic adopts this concept a lot and I noticed that there were barely any at all for the Tokyo Ghoul fandom.

3. Writing - Now the best way to keep people from dropping your fic is to have a decent writing style. There are so many fics out there that have this amazing concept but the way it was written turns off its audience. Make sure to re read your fic several times before publishing it. Make a format for the story that you could follow as a draft before writing your fic and if you're able to get a beta to edit your chapter even better.

4. Reach out to your audience - This is very important especially if you're starting out. Make sure to respond to reviews that ask questions and socialize with other readers/authors. It's called forming a network. Making people respect you and appreciate your work garners you consistent readers that recommend your work to others.

5. Make good summaries - A lot of us want to follow book summaries but guys this is fanfiction.net theres a lot of competition going on here. It is very important to give out what the reader wants to look for in a story just by reading your summary. Make sure to include tags that would attract a certain audience. Tags such as op MC, AU, Time travel etc... They make your reader know what they're looking for.

6. Shipping - A popular ship attracts shippers but an unusual ship is interesting. Let's face it guys, I appreciate OC stories I mean who wouldn't want to write about your character's influence on a certain fandom you love? But based on the shit ton of fics I've read, more often than not ships with the MC and another pre-existing character always gets more attention. It's just the type of medium that people look for in this site. But of course, don't let it stop you from writing!

7. Plan ahead - Don't go publishing a fanfic with only the beginning in mind, you'll only have a lot of trouble writing along the way. Always write your fic with the end in mind. What will lead it there? How am I going to write the next scene? Always make a draft for you to follow so you won't get a writer's block.

8. Set an update time - I wouldn't recommend this to everyone as the pressure may cause you to lose quality in your writing but... If you are capable of doing this then set yourself a deadline in which your audience can look forward for an update. This keeps the readers consistent.

9. Appreciate reviews(even the bad ones) - If there's a review that I appreciate the most it's the bad ones. Of course there's a limitation to this but for the reviews that critique your writing, how OOC your characters were, how confusing the plot seems to be going, don't be to quick to let those reviews bring you down and actually set your game up. Those reviews make you see what you're missing and what you could possibly improve upon. But the ones that really are flames, don't let those bother you too much, if your fic is good eleven times out of ten you're going to get a lot more positive reviews than negative ones.

10. Patience - I started out with a few people as my audience but over the course of a year it grew and expanded upon. My account was pretty much that of just a reader before I started writing. Over time your writing will get better and better the more effort you put into it. And sure the numbers may be low at first but if you keep it up you'll go far kid.

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