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Author has written 18 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Yu-Gi-Oh, Legacy of Kain, Forgotten Realms, Final Fantasy IX, and Misc. Anime/Manga.

I'm kinda knew at actually posting my work. Mostly I just hide from the lawyers who will sue me because I have no respect for copyright laws. I know they just crawled out of the sludge and I hate to be critical of other life forms but... GOD I HATE LAWYERS!

My favorite stuff to write about is Yugioh, FF7, FF9, and other stuff that only idiots like myself know about.

My stuff is always full of violence and anger and heartbreak and death and occasionally romance (even though I suck at it)and pain. I like the words 'and' and 'pain'.

I'm addicted to caffine. If something in my writing is crazy then blame it on either the spell checker(I always spell things right it's the damn computer that's wrong) or the guy who invented caffine. It makes me hyper.

I'm a video game junkie too. I play all these games that nobody has ever heard of or is out of style. I love N64 and Super Nintendo!

I talk way too much and I haven't even had my first soda today. I get hyper really easily.

Must stop typing...

A couple months later...

Wow, I never knew how many people liked my work! My editors, AKA my friends, keep telling me to publish stuff then one of them suggested FF.Net and I am blown away by how many reviews I've gotton begging for more work from me.

A couple more months later...

Now that I have 15 stories up I feel like a real author. lately I've been sinking into a kind of neo-depression. I think this is my fault because I take things too litterally, and when my mom says I need to lose weight (I'm 5'7'' and only 144lbs!) i take this to mean that she sees me as fat and is putting me down. (sigh) Depression is a bad thing... If you know someone who's depressed give them a hug believe me, it works.

In other news, I've recently been broadening my horizons by writing more than just Forgotton Realms fiction. I started a Legacy of Kain story (Cold Fire Phantoms) and I'm playing with an idea for a Jak 2 fic.

Finished reading Anne Rice's Blackwood Farm last night. Was a very good book with sad and unexpected ending. Started thinking about a fanfic for The Vampire Lestat, and then I remembered that we're not allowed to post Anne Rice fiction. (grrr) I wonder why that is... (sigh)

I realized a while back that I have never given a description of myself before. I suppose I'll do that now.

Real Name : Jessica
Sex : Female
Age@moment : 16
B-date : Dec. 18, 1987
I have long, brown hair with remnants of blonde highlights that I got a year or so ago.

My eyes are so dark their almost black but if you shine a flashlight in them the brown shows up as well as these odd gold rings in my iris.

As far as complexion goes, I am kinda pale because I don't go outside a whole lot.

I don't like sunlight, loud noises(except for thunder), or hot weather. Also not fond of fast food hamburgers, I prefer Taco Bell to MacDonnald's.

But I love books, video gmes, animals, thunderstorms, rain, sushi, and spicy food(esspecially Spicy Octopus Sushi, drool...)

I have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister, and I live in Oregon, though I won't be here much longer.

I have self-inflicted schizophrenia (meaning a doctor will probably say I don't have it but my brain has convinced itself otherwise), which gets really bad when I'm alone. Currently I have 19 different distinguishable personalities.

Other than that, there's not much else to say about me... so... yeah...

I can be contacted through any of thethree e-mail accounts below :

I love getting e-mail but don't expect me to reply right away as my internet time is very limited.

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