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Feel free to skip this little rant if you wish, the rest of these notes regard me or story updates. Jimli :)

I saw that the creator behind DmC said that classic Dante wasn't cool anymore, wasn't relevant to fans today. I disagree.

We connect and continue to connect with Dante, Vergil, Nero, Lady, Trish, Lucia, Sparda, Eva, etc.., because we feel them, we find the places inside that each of those characters represent, and they give those places faces and voices. If they had truly become irrelevant, we wouldn't still love the games, the rest of the media, and the characters themselves.

We have not outgrown them.

As far as his argument about 'uncool', that is an unfair label and judgement. Cool is always what you perceive it to be. I propose that he felt the need to change the characters and story, not because they needed a fresh perspective, but because he himself did not connect with them. Which, on the surface is fine. If you don't connect with someone or something, it isn't a crime. But taking something and warping it completely away from its origin and meaning in the name of 'refresh' or 'cool' is a crime, one against the hearts of those to whom it matters the most.

As of 11/05/12:

These things are always so awkward for me. ;P.

Name's Jimli. I've been perusing this site anonymously for a while, thought it might be a good idea to actually participate.

I'm 31, female, live in the U.S., Missouri, specifically.

I'm a gamer, an avid reader, I dabble in art of all sorts, and I'm a music lover. I don't watch a lot of TV anymore, but I'm religious about The Walking Dead, I love Supernatural, though I got way behind on it, and I watch Bleach every week.

I'm a substitute teacher, which is kind of like a glorified babysitter, but I really enjoy it.

Any questions or comments regarding myself or my works will be answered.

For those who are interested, I have a deviantart account under GraceJamesLee, which is mainly filled with pictures of my jewelry so far.

Yeah, this sounds really colorless, even to me, but I'm more reactionary than explanatory. XD.

As of 11/18/12:

So, I thought I'd throw a little more info out there.

For those who hadn't noticed, I love the Devil May Cry series. I've beaten all four games at least once on normal. My goal is to finish my second playthrough on normal, then move on to hard. No, I'm not particularly interested in the new DmC.

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. I have the vast majority of his books in nice hardcovers.

I like the Drizzt books.

I adore The Legend of Zelda. In fact, I've beaten Ocarina of Time four or five times, 100% completion thrice. I've also beaten Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker.

I love fairy tales. Originals, retellings, even cutesie watered-down versions like Disney's.

I'm a history nut, and a grammar Nazi.

I like rock, alternative, grunge, j-rock, metal, but also classical, and a smattering of pop, rap, and electronica. I'm not fond of country/western, which is too bad, because where I live, that's more the norm.

I have, besides subbing, a twice-a-month gig at a local dance hall, collecting door money, and two separate house-cleaning jobs. I'm also perpetually broke.

I love puzzles, riddles, and games of all sorts, and I am rather good at them, if I do say so.

Math comes as easily to me as breathing. When I sub for the math teachers, I usually do the worksheets. Nerdy, I know, but there is also the practical purpose of having the answers if my kids need them. Yeah, I know. Nerdy.

Okay, that's about it for me right now.

To anyone and everyone who's reviewed, favorited, or just read my stories, thank you!

To authors and/or stories I'm watching, reading, waiting for, please, don't leave me hanging!

;P Jimli

As of 11/24/12:

Okay, with regards to James Grace Lee Black. For any who have read "Kindred Spirits", and started "Another Time, Another Place", you most likely noticed that the same name and basic description is used for my OCs.

I actually have a pretty good reason, and it isn't laziness, or self-insertion.

I start stories off a concept, scenario, or sometimes scene in my head. James Grace Lee Black is kind of this default character I created for stories. I find it easier to make sure the plot works if I'm not concerned about the characters. (It's one of the appeals of fanfic.) I know her personality, description, likes, dislikes, what she'd say or think, etc. In short, I know her very well, and can write her well, flaws and all. Sometimes, she's only a sort of stand-in until I tweek out the charcter enough to make her completely different. Lily in "Quiet Beauty, Roaring Beast", for instance. James "stood-in" for her while I worked on the story, until I got a better feel for Lily.

Okay, so why leave James in the other stories? Well, I really liked some of the puns and interactions written around her, and I think that she's a good foil for both Vergil and Dante. Her natural personality has suited those stories really well.

There are/will be some differences between the two versions of her in these two stories.

In the end, however, I'm not defensively justifying James; if you don't like her or my usage of her, don't read the stories.

Oh, yeah, and my profile name is actually a pun on her name (I told you I like puns).

And yeah, her name smacks of Mary Sue, (even she is aware of that!), but she was named (by me, not "canon-wise", if you will) after some specific people, for specific reasons. I think she introduces herself Omarosa-style more to poke fun of herself, and her name, than anything else.

At any rate, thanks for a bit of indulgence, and thanks to my readers for your support and encouragement.

A special thanks to Be Rose. You were my very first reviewer, and have read and reviewed both of my completed stories. I genuinely appreciate and enjoy your comments. (As well as your stories.)

Jimli ;P

As of 12/12/12:

I would like to thank everyone for their patience regarding "Another Time". I didn't want to try to post anything that wasn't complete, partially for the very things I feel guilty over: the constant edits, reposting of chapters, the long waits, etc... To my defense, I thought the story was complete the way I had it, but I came to realize that it wasn't quite as good as I wanted it to be, so it needed the overhauls it went through. Thanks to all the readers, special thanks to favorites and reviews, and an especial thanks, again, to Be Rose. You know why ;P.

I have a few things I'm working on, but I'm a little stuck on most of it, so I can't say I have anything remotely post-ready. I do have one I'm eyeballing for posting. I'll proof it a few (zillion) more times, and maybe try it out on you guys in a few days.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or if you just want to say hello, PM me; I'll get back to you soon!

Jimli 8D

As of 12/16/12:

I have my newest story posting; I hope everyone enjoys it. The title isn't much, but it'll make sense in the end.

As ever, I welcome questions, comments, hey-how-are-yous, etc... Just PM, or review a story.

Hmm. I'm seriously considering changing up my 'art'. Perhaps different pictures for each story? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Jimli :D

As of 12/21/12, 23:42 :

Yay! Happy Armageddon Everyone!

Jimli XD

As of 1/13/13:

I am pulling Thief of the Mist, for the few who have actually read it. I am reorganizing it into a larger tale, which is to be called 'The Omnium-Gatherum'. The two chapters that had been posted, Thief of the Mist and Stolen! will be largely as they are now, perhaps a few extra details thrown in, but mostly unchanged. I haven't written the whole tale out yet; I am, in fact, still hammering out some of the plot points. I will start posting the story when I have it finished, or nearly so. Sorry for any (probably minor) inconveniences, but I think it will turn out fairly well. For any who actually read it.

With regards to That's What's Left. I'm still writing (I promise!), but I caught up with my writing point at the end of Part IV. I'm experiencing some smallish issues with Part V, mostly what I think of as quality control. I've not written a lot of action before, and that is what a lot of Part V is. I don't know if I'm being unduly picky, second-guessing myself, or if I'm justifibly hedging (gods know I don't want to be comparable to Devil May Cry 2!), but I want to get some distance between my posting point and my writing point, as well as make sure I feel right about the story. It won't be abandoned, and I hesitate to use the word 'hiatus', but it very likely will be slow going. Any thoughts, questions, or comments you may have are most welcome, and will be answered.

Happy (belated) New Year to everyone!

Thanks for all the favorites, follows, reviews, and PMs, from anyone and everyone! I love the feedback! To all other readers, viewers, or visitors, thanks to you as well, even if you aren't very vocal, I appreciate the attention.

Jimli ;P

As of 1/24/13:

Working on next chapter of That's What's Left, I promise!

Jimli ;P

P.S. Seven Days...

As of 1/25/13:

(six days)

As of 1/26/13:

Five days...

As of 1/28/13:


For anyone currently reading 'That's What's Left'... I'm pulling it... Kidding, of course! Actually, I have a few ideas for the story that simply can't be shoved into the plot, or that are mentioned in story without full scenes written, or that are things in the story, told from a different perspective. Would anyone, mayhaps, be interested in these 'titbits' (tee hee) as vignettes? No, they will not replace the chapters, they will be posted separate from the main story, and with careful consideration to which chapters are posted, so that there are no spoilers. Truthfully, I'll probably write them anyway, I merely wanted to know if I should post them.

Thoughts, anyone?

Jimli :D

As of 1/29/13:


As of 1/31/13:

Yay! Happy birthday to me!

(Yes, that's what the countdown had been for...)

Jimli :D

As of 2/5/13:

For anyone I've been in direct contact with, I'm apologizing in advance for inadvertently lying to you. For everyone currently reading 'That's What's Left': I won't be working on my story for a little while. I lost an uncle this afternoon, and while personal tragedy may or may not be an excuse to cease certain activities, I actually find myself with a much more practical problem: I stare at my story, and I simply cannot write it. I am not abandoning it, nor will I indulge myself with the word 'hiatus', but I just can't do it right now. I'm sorry.

Jimli :(

As of 2/15/13:

I have resumed work on my stuff, both posted and not, and have, in fact, just finished writing another chapter to 'That's What's Left', and posted the previously unposted next chapter, 'Mission 03'. I hope that it is worth the wait for all you readers! Also, I just noticed, it is the biggest chapter to date. Enjoy! :D

Jimli ;P

As of 2/28/13:

Yay, me! The new chapter of 'That's What's Left' is up! You readers need to let me know what you think of it!

Reader feedback is very important. Not only do I try to address any questions posed, sometimes I even try to answer them within the story, but your thoughts can play a factor in things in the story. One comment in a review inspired an upcoming surprise, and another reader's self-answered question spurred my creativity into a frenzy trying to come up with the best unexpected answer I could. (Hopefully I did come up with something no one expected, or even dreamed of, but we'll find out!) Any questions or comments are always welcome, and responded to.

Jimli :)

As of 3/11/13:

New chapter of 'That's What's Left', as well as a rather unimportant correction on Mission 02, chapter 15, I believe. (I left off the section title, not a big deal to anyone but me, really.) One of the events in the new chapter was something I'd thought about, but only decided to do after a reviewer mentioned it. Many thanks to all my readers, reviewers, favoriters, and followers. I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle and hopefully that means quicker writing and updates! Yay! As ever, please send questions, comments, suppositions, etc... my way, I happily answer them all.

Jimli ;P

As of 3/20/13:

Firstly, Happy Spring! Too bad Mother Nature hasn't remembered yet. :(

Secondly, I am working diligently on 'That's What's Left', and I believe I will have the new chapter posted this weekend. :)

Thirdly, I believe I will be taking a break from posting anything after I have completed 'That's What's Left' That is not to say I won't still be working on stuff, I have lots of crap in the hopper, including seven or eight stories of varying lengths that aren't even named! I am assaulted by plot-bunnies everyday, and try to coax them into cages and keep them happy, but it's not easy. Some of them are getting quite vicious, and I believe that if I take a little break, give them some individual love, maybe they'll play nice. ;)

As always, thanks go out to all my fans out there, whether you are just following, or leave reviews, or hand out valuable advice, I love and appreciate you all. :D

Jimli ;P

P.S. So, is it just me, or does the site look...different...? *shrug*

Jimli ;P

As of 3/25/13:

As promised, I (just barely) got the chapter posted this weekend! I hope you all enjoy it. Naturally, I'd love a review to confirm that, or for any question or comment you may have. For any one who reads an older story of mine, I constantly monitor them for reviews and favorites as well, so don't think I won't notice if you leave a comment! For any non-story specific queries or concerns, please feel free to PM me.

Question for all readers of 'That's What's Left': which Order members should kick the bucket, by whose hand, how, and why? I won't guarantee any given ending for any given character, but I'd love to hear your thoughts; who knows what might come of them? ;) Hell, I suppose I'll broaden that to any other characters anyone wants to kill off, too.


Jimli ;P

As of 4/1/13:

Fun fact: April Fool's Day started after the addition of three months to the Roman calendar. April 1 used to be the first day of the new year. Only fools forgot that the calendar was changed. Get it?

Jimli ;P

As of 4/9/13:

I have posted the next chapter of 'That's What's Left'. Remember waaaaaaay back when, when I said the title wasn't much, but it would make sense later? Now is that later. (Hopefully.) In other news, I have other stories that have been demanding attention, though I'm really not sure what I'm going to do once I've finished 'That's What's Left'. Possibly some related vignettes, but I don't know that anything else is ready for posting. Heh, the last time I said that, I ended up posting the beginning of 'That's What's Left', so maybe something else will be posted on a whim.

Please let me know what you think of any of my stories that you read! I constantly check for new favorites and reviews on all my work, and believe me, nothing delights me more than finding a new fan, especially a vocal one. Even if you merely have a question, or if you don't like a story, let me know. I am always up for improvement, and I get inspired from the damnedest things in reviews and PMs.

Jimli ;P

As of 4/10/13:

I have posted a brand new story! It is a crossover, Devil May Cry and Supernatural, AU for both. If you read it, please let me know what you think! It is complete, and I will post the remaining chapters over the course of the next week or so. No, I haven't put off or given up on 'That's What's Left'; this little plotbunny hopped across my path, and quickly grew into a fat little rabbit. Hopefully, you will enjoy it!

And a big thank you to Be Rose for your thoughts, encouragement, editing, and insights. And editing. Especially editing. XD

Jimli XD

As of 4/11/13:

Long and long ago, I mentioned my deviantArt account, without making it easy to get to. *facepalm*

For any who are interested: www.gracejameslee.deviantart.com.

And yes, the story 'Quiet Beauty' posted there is the same one here. If there are any differences, the one here at fanfiction is the 'official' version, because it's undoubtedly better edited. The story 'Enter Argent' is at fictionpress, and my pen name there is Jimli, just like here.

Feel free to ask me anything you like, about anything you like, but be warned, I don't check deviantart as often as I do fanfiction. If you want to, you can just PM me here, even about that stuff over there.

Jimli ;P

As of 4/22/13:

I bought a really neat paint program for my 3DS, and have spent a few minutes here and there playing around with it. I finally managed to paint a rather passable bit of art to use for the cover of 'Quiet Beauty, Roaring Beast'. Go check it out, even if you've read the story. I'm rather proud of the picture. And the story.

For readers of 'That's What's Left', I apologize for not having an update yet. I could give you a rundown of where my time goes, but it would be quite boring, and would not make you feel any better about the delay. I am writing, however, and hope to have the next chapter up soon. In case you haven't been able to tell, the story is (finally!) winding down, and though I'll be relieved to have it finished, I'll be sad to say good-bye to it. There are a few things the simply could not be squeezed into the story which will become vignettes, but still, it will be done.

I have a few plotbunnies in the hopper (get it?), and they may well find their way to fanfiction eventually. I am working on a sequel to 'Always One More Time', angled more from the Winchesters' POV, which I hope the readers of 'Always' will find enjoyable.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Jimli :D

As of 4/23/13:

All right! Congratulations to me! I have posted the next chapter of That's What's Left!

Please enjoy, and make sure to tell me what you think!

Jimli :P

As of 4/28/13:

Okay, many excuses here, but bear with me. I have spent all weekend about 20 miles from my hometown at a Civil War reenactment. It was a ton of fun, but I also did nothing else. I briefly checked messages once or twice. That means I haven't been writing. On top of that, tomorrow I have work. Still, I promise to get back to the story as soon as I possibly can, and I do apologize for the delays.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, predictions, etc.., feel free to PM me. I happily respond to all messages.

Later! Jimli ;P

As of 5/13/13:

The last three weeks have been insanely busy, and I have had no time to accomplish anything online. Or at least, very little. I finally managed to squeeze in some time to get to work and have finished the penultimate chapter to 'That's What's Left' and posted the next chapter. I'm 99% sure that there is only one more chapter for me to write, and two more to post.

I hope you all enjoy Mission 09!

In other news, for those who have read 'Always One More Time', a sequel is in the works. It is partially written, is more case-oriented, and switches focus between the Winchesters and Dante. When 'That's What's Left' is finally complete, I will focus more on it and start posting.

A few other plotbunnies are clamoring for attention, and I will be working on them, keeping an eye out for any that might be post-worthy.

I will now shamelessly ask that my readers leave reviews, and feel free to ask questions or make comments of any sort. Thanks to all those who do, as well as my favoriters, followers, and viewers.

Jimli ;P

As of 5/15/13:

The last chapter of 'That's What's Left' is up, all that remains is an epilogue, which will also be up in a few days. I hope when all the chips fall, everyone will be satisfied with the ending. Please let me know what you think. For all of those who have been holding out, waiting until the end to give it your final judgement, now is the time to grab your wigs and gavels.

Jimli :D

As of 5/19/13:

I have finished posting 'That's What's Left'. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing and posting it. At some point in the middle, I was hoping for 100 reviews on it, but it looks like I'll fall short of that. Still, 70 is awesome, more than I thought I'd get when I started!

Thanks again to everyone! I hope to have something to post soon; there are a few stories in the works, including that aforementioned sequel to 'Always One More Time', and a few one-shots related to 'That's What's Left'.

I'll keep you posted!

Jimli :D

As of 5/24/13:

I have posted a new story! It's light, fluffy romance with Dante, written for Zombi3gyrl, by request. Let me know what you guys think, yeah?

Jimli :)

As of 5/26/13:

Second chapter is up! Yay! Thanks to all those who have read, followed, favorited, and especially reviewed!

I am one review away from having a total of 100 reviews altogether! Yay!

Still looking over projects, and working on half-completed stuff. It's a long process, it seems. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on all the postings!

Jimli :D

As of 5/27/13:

On a whim, I put up the last chapter of Ex Libris, I hope everyone enjoys it!

I reached 100 total reviews! Yay! Next goal: 10 stories.

Jimli :D

As of 5/28/13:

As a point of curiosity (because I'm plagued with it), I checked out my profile page from a reader's viewpoint. Aside from any artistic complaints I have, I noticed I'd neglected a few fun facts:

I've seen dozens of anime, more than I care to list at the moment, perhaps later. I've also beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Chain of Memories Recoded, LoZ Phantom Hourglass, and Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. I played, but not yet beaten, a handful of other games. I've read hundreds upon hundreds of books. No, I will never list them all; I can't even name them all. I love medieval and Renaissance architechiture and art. I am a nut for spelling. I like playing baseball, but I really don't care for watching it, or any other sport. I love driving, maybe even too fast, upon occasion.

Feh, that mostly satisfies my need for improvement for the moment, at any rate.

Later! Jimli :)

As of 6/1/13:

All right, I'm posting a new story, a pure fairy tale somewhere between mermaid stories and selkie stories. It is completely written, though will probably be tweaked and edited during the posting process. I hope you all enjoy it!

For all my DMC readers out there, no worries, I'm still working on various other projects, still trying to get something ready for posting. I'll let you know, so keep checking back! Of course, if you're still curious, PM me, and I can give you a more details if you like.

Jimli :D

As of 6/2/13:

Second chapter of my fairy tale has gone up! Thank you to the handful of readers, including a few faithful DMC fans of mine for finding me elsewhere. I shall try not to disappoint.

Jimli :D

As of 6/4/13:

Third chapter of To the Sea is up!

To everyone keeping up with it, thank you! For anyone who likes it, and hasn't left a review, speak up! I love hearing from you guys! Even the ones that aren't completely positive, seriously.

Jimli :D

As of 6/5/13:

To the Sea, chapter four is posted! I'm still looking for those reviews everyone!

In the other news, I'm making some more progress on the sequel to Always One More Time. I need to come up with a title for it; calling it Always 2 or the sequel is already getting old for me. I'll let you know when I have an appropriate title!

A few, older projects have had some work done on them, although one or two of those probably will not be posted.

Jimli :)

P.S. I encountered an error in chapter two of To the Sea regarding the way succession works. It will be edited, for accuracy's and continuity's sakes, although it isn't a big deal with regards to plot. If you re-read the chapter that is great, if you decide to skip it, it won't matter a whole lot.

As of 6/6/13:

So, chapter five is now up. It is the shortest chapter yet, and you will all probably hate me after reading it. That's okay, just let me know, yeah?

Jimli :)

As of 6/9/13:

To the Sea is completely posted, despite the site's funky glitching on Saturday. I hope everyone enjoys the final chapter, and don't be shy about saying so, or not, whatever the case may be.

As for my other projects, well, slowly they go, but at least they go. When something becomes postable, I'll certainly mention it here. If I have never mentioned it before, I have a FictionPress account, under the same pen name, Jimli, with a single, sci-fi story posted. It is an old story, one I can no longer write more for; I simply lost the mindset required. Still, if you read it, let me know what you think. I may even consider putting it up for adoption, if anyone were so inclined.

Later, for now!

Jimli :)

As of 6/17/13:

Happy birthday to my dad! (Not that he'll ever read this, but still...)

In other news, I am developing a short tale within the AU of Always One More Time that shows how Vergil and his dear lover-my-love met and got together.

In other other news: regarding 'That's What's Left' views: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!! XD Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity for the meme! There are over 9000 views (sadly not REviews) for the story. That's just wild to me, folks!

In other other other news, though I have been plucking and plodding along with my fanfiction, I have had far more inspiration and progress lately with regards to other, non-fanfic related projects. There are only so many hours in a week, (168), and I have many more projects than I have time for. Alas and alack. :( Still, I'm making an effort, so I beg your patience. Good things will happen eventually, I promise.


Jimli :D

As of 6/20/13:

New story! It's...different than the others, in a few ways. I would like to know what everyone thinks of it, even if you don't quite like it, or outright hate it.

Jimli :)

As of 6/24/13:

I have posted a vignette prequel to 'Always One More Time' about how Vergil meets lover-my-love. I hope everyone enjoys it, but please let me know, yeah?

Thanks to everyone reading some of the older stories, favoriting and reviewing; it's very heartwarming!

Jimli :D

P.S. My tenth story! I think my next goal will be to earn 100 reviews on a single story. But only you can help me with that!


As of 7/12/13:

I have a new story posted! It is a sequel to 'Sand in a Sieve' (make sure you read that one first!) and titled 'Small Victories'. I hope you like it, but please let me know what you think regardless!

Jimli :)

As of 8/15/13:

It has been awhile since I've done much here, excepting keeping up with my PMs. I have been busy, still involved in my mysterious project. ;P I will be trying to catch up on the fics I read, and leave reviews. I am even fairly determined to leave a review per chapter. Considering the number of chapters I'm behind, this is going to take a while. I ask those authors for a little patience. And apologize.

In other news, I have undertaken a project to edit some older stories. Mostly, it will be clarification of dialogue and some punctuation errors that I only learned how to do correctly after posting some things. For all fans who have read these, I am not ripping down anything, just using the 'replace chapter' feature. Feel free to re-read, see if they read better, smoother. Also feel free to leave reviews. I have completed said corrections on the first six chapters of That's What's Left, as well as some editing on Small Victories. I have not yet done Kindred Spirits (which I know needs it!) or Quiet Beauty, Roaring Beast (ditto!). With so many lofty goals at hand, this will take time, too.

Jimli :)

As of 8/10/13:

I have posted a few snippet stories on my fictionpress account (also 'Jimli'). They range in tone, mood, content, and style (to an extent). If you have a hankering for something a little different, go see what you think. There are five of these, as well as the sci-fi story that has been posted there. Do let me know what you think when you read them!

Jimli :)

As of 8/24/13:

I have begun posting a new story, completely unrelated to any of my others. It is complete, about four chapters, and I'll post a new chapter every couple of days or so. I hope everyone enjoys this new tale which is called 'The Girl of His Dreams'. It is another Vergil story, though different from other Vergil stories I have posted. For anyone who has wondered, "Gee, Jimli, when are you going to do Dante stories?" I will only say this: I have an idea I'm trying to flesh out. I think it will be good, and it would be a lot different than my other stories in tone. I will also say that I do have two Dante stories posted. 'Ex Libris' (which was a request/gift) and 'Little Red' (which is a DMC/Fairy Tale) (which there should totally be more of).

Naturally, and questions, comments, etc, will be cheerfully answered, and I cannot even begin to express how much I love reviews and PMs.


Jimli ;)

As of 8/31/13:

I have finished posting 'The Girl of His Dreams'. For anyone who reviewed, favorited, followed, or just read, thank you. Although a few more thanks to those who do review, because getting feedback is nice. ;) I hope everyone enjoyed the story; personally, I thought it turned out quite nicely.

Jimli :D

As of 9/16/13:

I still lack the last part of That's What's Left, and To the Sea to edit, but it will happen. Eventually. I'm working on my rather mysterious collaboration still, and while it is going well, it is also going slowly. I am chipping away at other stories, hoping to have one in a postable state soon. I will post one new story today, though. It is a one-shot for now, though admittedly open-ended.

No, it isn't a Vergil story, nor Dante, though they both are mentioned...

The story is called The Gentleman Escort. I hope you enjoy it, but you can assuage my concerns by leaving reviews. (hint, hint)

Jimli XD

As of 9/25/13:

I have fixed the rest of 'That's What's Left', as well as some lingering errors in three other stories. Such is the fun of editing. The only story left to edit is To the Sea, which I will try to get to in a timely fashion.

Please enjoy the clarified versions, and do let me know what you think. I put too much effort into this process not to have feedback. :D

Jimli :)

As of 10/3/13:

First of all, the date, 10-3-13, how cool is that? Secondly, I have finished the edits on That's What's Left, with only my fairy tale To the Sea left to do. Which brings me to thirdly, I have a new fairy tale called Too Beautiful. It is a lighter, funnier story than To the Sea, and I hope you will all enjoy it. You could always review and let me know. ;)

Jimli :)

As of 10/7/13:

I have just posted chapter two of Too Beautiful. I would absolutely love to hear everyone's thoughts on it! Some time in the coming week, I shall endeavor to edit To the Sea.

Jimli :)

As of 10/12/13:

Sorry about not keeping up very well here. Too Beautiful is now to chapter 4! Hooray! To anyone out there reading my stories: thank you, and please let me know what you think!

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As of 10/15/13:

I have posted the next chapter of Too Beautiful; I hope everyone enjoys it!

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As of 10/17/13:

I have finished posting Too Beautiful. The last chapter had a bit of a hiccup at first, but it should be fine now. It is long, the longest chapter of the story, and I hope it is to everyone's satisfaction. Please let me know what you think!

Jimli :)

As of 10/21/13:

Despite all of my recent worries of lack of inspiration, I had a cute little story fall into my lap. It is called Playtime, it is (unusually) a Dante story, and I'd love to know what you think of it.

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As of 11/5/13:

I have another story in the mix right now, it won't really be like the others, in a lot of ways, and I believe it will be related to Playtime, though a lot less fluffy. I also have another idea shaping for a different story, also related to Playtime, but fluffy once again. I find myself a little busy with real world things lately, though, so it may be a while before either of these are written and posted. Or I might surprise us all with how quickly they develop. You never know.

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As of 11/9/13:

I have finally made the edits to To the Sea. I hope that those who have already read it find it smoother and more enjoyable. I hope those who haven't will ignore the fact that it was ever incorrect in the first place. XD

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I am dreadfully sorry I haven't done much here lately. Aside from what work I had been doing, and only recently restarted, on a few choice projects, there were the holidays, then I moved to my own, quite wonderful apartment, as well as started a new part-time job. Everything was also greatly impacted by my temporary lack of internet, which has been rectified.Woven in-between there, I also began dating someone, a very charming, wonderful guy that I devote a lot of time to. Now that I'm mostly settled, my place feels more like home, and my work schedule is fairly gelled, I will restart my writing, both on my larger projects that I've been occupied with, and smaller ones that could see the light of day much sooner. I have a few ideas brewing related to my two stories about Dante and his son Tony, and some other things which I'll be far more secretive about.

At any rate, for any who have been wondering whether or not I'd fallen off the face of the Earth, that answer is, not quite, not yet.

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I pulled Playtime and At the Park to incorporate them into one tale, which will have periodic updates, though I can't guarantee how steadily. To everyone who had left a review on those, I saved each and every one of them, since they meant so much to me. I hope you will take the time to read the longer story, called Scarier Than All the Demons in Hell, which includes as chapter three a new story with Dante and his son Tony.

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As of 1/25/14:

The latest chapter of Scarier Than All the Demons in Hell is written, though I've not posted it yet. I hope you enjoy it.

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As of 2/27/14:

I have been somewhat negligent about my profile, I'll warrant that. If someone wants to complain, feel free. PM and rant at me all you want. ;) I have posted a new story, another DMC/fairy tale crossover. I haven't decided whether I enjoy being the only one to write in that crossover or disappointed that no one else does...

In other news, I'm losing my job tomorrow. Yay. If anyone wishes to hire me, I could use the fresh income. ;)

At any rate, please enjoy the new story, as well as the older ones. I have a few things I'm working on, none of it close to completion. I will endeavor to keep this profile updated on any new chapters or stories.

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