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Hello! My name is Erica, I live in Texas, and I have brown hair and green eyes. I love Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, Harry Potter, Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, and Teen Titans.

I write poetry, parodys, one-shots, and I'm thinking of trying my hand at songfics. I would write a full-length story, but I am terrible at forming plots.

My favorite Harry Potter pairings are HG/SS, HG/DM, and HP/GW. I also like GW/TR One-Shots and HG/RL.

My Favorite Teen Titans pairings are Star/Robin and Rae/BB.

Poetry by me:

Of Two Minds

I'm flooded with another's thoughts, that mine are put on hold
My body's seized by someone else, my eyes grow icy cold

I focus on the sultry smells; I taste the balmy air
My lips part and I shiver as a breeze blows through my hair

But nothing stops the feeling that I'm being torn apart
The silence of the nighttime even fails to slow my heart

The peace that I project from every pore does not suggest
Another, not so pleasant, girl awoken from her rest

Yes, I greet my next-door neighbor, smile at the passer-by
Display calm in my demeanor, never letting on that I
Put a new and darker meaning into "being of two minds"

A New Path

I have walked the beaten path
And found it rough beneath my feet
I've seen the light through foreign eyes
And found that it was not as sweet

I know that riches can be found
In secrets whispered in my ear
I know that only can you live
If you refuse to live in fear

So forge your way through the lush, green grass
There's nothing for you here
Make a road for those too weak
And don't look back my dear

I have more, but I don't really feel like typing it right now. It would take lots of time and space, and you're probably bored of it already anyway.

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